2014 Social Media Predictions: Wrap Up of Top 10 Stars, RIPs, Marginals & Rebounds

As the list of 2014 social media and content marketing predictions winds to a close, what can organizations really take to the bank this year?

2014 Social Media Predictions

Download this complimentary report  of the Top 10 Rising Stars, RIPs, Marginals and Rebounds from an academic perspective that attempts to winnow the wheat from the chaff. In addition to rationalizing the hottest trends in social media and content marketing, we also examine the comeback potential of traditional media caught in the social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) tsunami.

Synthesizing over 200 expert predictions from the social media and content marketing world, we concluded the following. 

2014 Social Media Predictions:

Top 10 Stars, RIPs, Marginals & Rebounds

So have we missed anything? Please share your comments.


103 thoughts on “2014 Social Media Predictions: Wrap Up of Top 10 Stars, RIPs, Marginals & Rebounds

  1. Groupon in Marginal category:

    Based on current situation in the marketing world, I would place Groupon in Marginal, Radian6 in Rising stars and DIGG in RIPs. This is because while Groupon has some cool deals and people are still buying those deals, there is very little chance that this would grow into something phenomenal because there are many similar sites now and the concept has really lost its touch. When it was initially introduced, it meant a lot since it was a novel idea. People loved to see deals but eventually it dawned on them that they were purchasing many deals without even needing them, also some of the deals were never honored by businesses and people were swamped by similar websites offering even better killer deals. This has led to the virtual demise of Groupon which will still exist but stay on the side as a marginal and the same goes for all websites promoting similar concept like Amazon deal of the day and eBay deals.
    We must understand that what Groupon does is called Flash sales which means sales are made in a flash and once the deal is gone, it’s gone. Its biggest competitor is Living Social which is run by Amazon as Amazon has 35% stake in the company. Over the years, Living social and Amazon have become the kings of Flash sales and it is believed that if they fail or decline than Groupon would rise as number 1 in flash sales again. All that sounds great for a company like Groupon which had been doing excessively bad till last year when they had to fire their CEO. However Groupon is still not the rising star by any chance. For one it was once the rising star and lost its status when other companies came forward with similar deals and some of them were bigger than Groupon in terms of reach and deals. Secondly the idea of flash sales doesn’t sit well with everybody. People tend to buy spa deals or restaurant deals which they might never use or may later find frivolous. Traditional buying will never be beat by something like flash sales because people like to take their time to think about what they are buying instead of being pressured into buying within minutes. For this reason people like to stay away from these sites and hence Groupon will do well but on the marginal side.

    Radian6- Rising Star

    Radian6 is the new thing and will definitely be placed in the rising star category because of the popularity of social media and the fact that people cannot keep checking into ten different social media sites to get latest updates about their business. It is good to be able to see all the news and latest updates with one application and hence Radian6 is the in thing. It is also going to be the next big thing because of the fact that it is a cloud technology and this technology had already made a place for itself among internet users and technology lovers.
    A rising star is something that people can look up to, enjoy and see the value in for a very long time. Radian6 is the very much the rising star because it is based on a technology and idea that people can no longer do without especially big and small businesses that need to manage their social media content. Instead of trying to go to each individual site and see how people are commenting on business related posts and what is the update on each new post made by the company, cloud technology of Radian6 allows companies to view everything through one software and also make any changes, updates, responses right then and there through one click.
    What makes it even more important is the fact that it is now being run by salesforce, one of the most rapidly growing companies of last few years. Salesforce knows social media inside out and by acquiring Radian6, it has proved that this platform has the potential to grow into something much bigger. Salesforce knows what is meant by social media management and it is now giving Radian6 its patronage so it can grow bigger, better and much stronger.


    I will place DIGG in the RIP category because it is going down and “dead-on-arrival” stage at this moment of its product life-cycle.
    DIGG is already down in the drain because it lacks value and originality. It is basically a way to get all social media news and information which to be very honest is not something anyone wants unless it is about their own business. The difference between DIGG and Radian6 is not only the technology but the content on which this technology is based. While Radian6 is concerned about you and your business, DIGG is concerned with whatever is happening in the social media world which in itself is very mind boggling since information overload is something people seek to avoid as best as they can.
    There is nothing too outstanding about DIGG. In this world of serious social media competition, it is important to come up with something that makes a technology or service stand out by offering something new, novel or different. Sadly no such thing was seen in DIGG which was once a flash in the pan success but now its growth is receding and its declining in popularity. The fact that Twitter and Facebook are consistently being used on the site for sharing news also lowers the popularity of DIGG because eventually its twitter and Facebook that people really care about, it is on these sites they will be posting comments and likes.
    Digg this was a voting system that allowed new information to get enough votes so they would make it to the homepage of this website. However soon people realized that it was basically a lottery and littering their website with possible “digs” in the hopes of making it to the website was nowhere as effective as simply letting people share news on Facebook and twitter. This sounds like the demise of Digg and it is definitely the start of its end.

    By Leonardo

  2. Groupons – Rising Star
    Groupon is classified as a rising star; this medium has made it easy to purchase services and products at a discounted price. Groupon has collaborated several businesses to display and promote their value to the consumers, which is extremely effective. I have not taken advantage of their services; however, I feel that the purchase timeframe and usage timeframe put on the Groupons will detract from the number of potential clients that could be made. No one wants to be told how to spend their money. Groupons is making great strides as a company and they are evolving. Because we have become a society of mobile apps, companies like Groupons will continue to grow.
    Foursquare RIP
    Foursquare was the beginning platform of how we now checking-in on social media. With the creation of this app, members were able to post their whereabouts, which is a way of creating connections with people. Foursquare app allowed people to post reviews of the business they were visiting. Apparently, Foursquare was around before Instagram and Twitter (for me it came as quickly as it went). Not a popular apps because not many consumers have heard of it or used it. Most of these social media apps can be duplicated. They must stay relative and innovative. With the investment from Microsoft into Foursquare, will they be able to rebound?
    Social Fingerprinting – Rising Star
    Social Fingerprinting is currently being used by many companies globally. Social fingerprinting is improving processes to help companies implement management systems in a credible, pragmatic, and cost effective way. Technology that improves how processes are measured for a company is invaluable, because it aides in the streamlining process so improvements can be made to the services and bottom-line.

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  4. Social Fingerprinting
    2014 Prediction: Rising Star
    Social Fingerprinting is considered a Rising star because of the vast amounts of Social media sites. Employers have the ability to use social fingerprinting to track their reputation online. They also have the opportunity to archive the negative reactions or opinions about their company and come back at later date to check for changes. This is great because a vast amount of people use social media to voice opinions concerning products or companies, but there are so many social boards that it is very hard to keep track. Being that this new technology offers employers a way to track this, it definitely would be considered a rising star.

    2014 Prediction: Marginal
    I would label Groupon as Marginal because many people still use Groupon to check for deals. It may not be a first resort but it is at least an after thought to consider savings or deals. Companies that use Groupon use it to promote their company and draw others in using savings via discounts and coupons. This company is marginal in my opinion because companies are utilizing other resources via social media to promote their company’s discounts and savings. Word of mouth will definitely allow this company a little more business life. Groupon charges a fee as well to companies using their services. I believe eventually companies will shy away from this service and use other advertising mechanisms.

    Augmented reality: Rising star

    Augmented reality (AR) is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaningful content in your everyday life. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, sounds – directly on top of items in the world around us (LaYar). I would label augmented reality as a rising star because it would take technology to a whole new level. Consumers would enjoy this technology because of the realism. Mean we already have real world videos, love streaming, and real time social media communities, but possessing the ability to connect digitally, as real as it gets is great. This technology can help the print industry as well as telecommunications. I believe augmented reality will have serious adaptation when it really gains more popularity.


    LaYar (2014).What is A.R? Retrieved from https://www.layar.com/augmented-reality/

  5. Foursquare: RIP

    I am placing Foursquare under RIP because I feel it came, barely conquered and now it’s gone. I for one never got hooked on foursquare but I know a few friends that used it on a daily basis to “check into” places. Initially, there was a lot of hype around the application but it quickly died down. Besides the checking in factor, Foursquare provides no value to the application market. Instead, applications such as Instagram and Facebook now have a “checking in” feature that allows you to not only check in but attack a picture to it or a text post. They used the feature introduced by foursquare and enhanced it to not only capture a market share but eliminate Foursquare down the road.

    Groupon: Rebound

    I am placing Groupon under Rebound because when the application was initially introduced it was the hot new application everyone was ranting and raving about it. Now Groupon’s hype has faded but I feel that they are in the process of making a comeback and rebounding back into the top application of its kind in the market. While the hype around Groupon may have diminished due to competitors capturing a share of the market, Groupon may be making a comeback through permission based emailing subscriptions. This technique is a great way for Groupon to capture consumer’s attention and comeback for its brief hiatus and so far I think it’s been successful doing so. Out of all other discount websites and application, Groupon is the one I hear most of my friends talking about. That sounds to me like a comeback.

    Social fingerprinting: Rising Star

    I am placing social fingerprinting under rising star because I believe it’s not only increasing in popularity, but in value and importance to the market as well as society. Social fingerprinting is most certainly the first of its kind and is adding value for personal entertainment as well as professional background screenings. Social fingerprinting is growing in the market and is providing traces on their whereabouts, internet activity and their social media habits. Additionally, social fingerprinting is being used as security in the phone of using fingerprints to unlock your personal phone. Social fingerprinting not only has so many uses but it adds value on so many different levels that it’s obvious it’s a rising star.

  6. Social Fingerprinting- RIP
    Foursquare- Star
    DIGG- Rebound

    I am placing Foursquare in Rising Start because it proves SoLoMo services. This put them at a competitive advantage. The fact that users have access to profiles of local connections of places that they are most likely go to and user generated content from people they might actually know is how Foursquare will thrive. They prove the social, local and mobile services which make of a complete package to place them in the forefront.

    I am placing Social Fingerprinting in RIP because such services are being to be taboo. It is an online tool that helps companies manage their social media presents. They help companies to manage their reputations and image online. Social media management is being such a necessity for companies that more and more it is included in certain position job descriptions. The necessity to intergrade social media into the company’s culture has grown to the point that outsourcing is no longer an option.

    I am placing DIGG in Rebound because they were able to transform themselves in to a news aggregator. They went from being a social news website allowing users to vote article up or down, to effectively gathering and sharing relevant content across social media. Users want someone else to do all the hard work for them, DIGG is cutting the search time down.

  7. 1. I am really excited about augmented reality; therefore I am placing it as the number 1 star in 2014. The reason why is simple, virtual reality and a three dimensional approach to marketing is clearly the next step in leveraging technology of today’s marketplace. For example Google Glass technology has become increasingly popular, and I believe it will really take off in the approaching years. Because of this technology, (and other wearable technology that is similar), I believe augmented reality is positioned perfectly to capitalize on the market curve. It seems to me that those “in-the-know” believe augmented reality is the wave of the future as well because the major players, (such as Google and Facebook) are all buying companies which allow for augmented reality. Specifically, Google bought and developed the Google Glass technology and Facebook recently purchased Oculus, a company that develops headsets which allow for three dimensional experiences for the user. Because of the actions by the major players, I expect Augmented Reality to be a sure star in the near future.

    2. I would list Groupon as a Marginal. Groupon has been struggling to stay current over the past few years, but I foresee another spike in popularity before they eventually become obsolete. The reason I see a spike is based off of timing. Based off of their business model, they may be positioned perfectly to capitalize on some of popularity augmented reality will soon receive. I can see Groupon running real-time deals that are integrated with some kind of augmented reality technology. In fact, Groupon has tried a similar initiative in the past, but failed based on the timing of the rollout. Some may remember Groupon Now. Groupon Now was an intiative Groupon and Foursquare partnered up for where businesses offered daily, real-time promotions on Group On. As previously mentioned, the initiative failed because at the time, there was not supportive technology. Although I question the leadership of Groupon, the timing for a similar initiative is certainly better with augmented reality technology about to hit the market. I do not see a long-term solution for Groupon, but I do see a short-term run of success, thus they will be classified as a Marginal.

    3. Finally, I see Foursquare as a RIP. The reason is simple, not much value and for the platform and questionable leadership. Consumers are past the point of “checking-in” and quite frankly, I do not see how Foursquare provides value to the marketplace besides after that. I believe that “Friend-Of0Mine” marketing is a superior version of marketing products and services, thus Foursquare has a supportive model to that type of advertising, but it has been years since Foursquare has hit the scene and they have not added value to their platforms since. Because of this reason, I question the leadership and expect foursquare to become obsolete in the near future. They are classified as a RIP.

  8. - Groupon (Rising Star)

    In my opinion I would consider Groupon to be classified as a rising star, It is, and has increasingly become a platform where one can easily purchase things such as item, Tickets for events, Hotel reservations, weekend getaways, cruises, all inclusive excursions, basically anything you can think of within a broad variety of categories that you can think of at a reduced price. It is on the rise because of the simplicity and effectiveness of the platform which has proven to be extremely effective. They simply allow busineses through their platform to easily connect with customers that weren’t aware of the services that are offered and take it a step futher by providing a discounted price. I feel as though they are making greats strides as a company but all of this is only the tip of the iceberg. In the direction and speed in which technology is heading, the sky is the limit for a platform such as this one.

    - Foursquare (RIP)

    In my opinion, I would place Foursquare in the RIP category. I personally have never bin a a fan of of the foursquare platform so maybe my opinion may be a little bias. Though they were one of the first to enter the market offering individuals the opportunity to login to their account and check in at there current location. It soon became a hassle and a thing of the past when platforms such as, Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Instagram now offer theirs users the exact same function while there already in the app posting a picture or simply just updating their status which most people do religously already, requiring them to not have to logon to a separate platform which only offers a few functions to do so.

    - Augmented Reality (Rising Star)

    In my opinion, I feel as though augmented reality should definitely without a doubt be placed in the category of rising star. It is a form of technology that can be used in several different areas. It can be used socially, personally, for business as well as goverment usage. It is currently not as wide spread as it is going to be a this point but it will definitely catch fire so to speak when consumers as well as business as well as government and private sectors realize the usefulness as well as the profitabilty of the platform. For example, airports in Dubai already have systems as such in place that gives you directions and answers specific questions, which decreases cost of labor as well as increasing customer service. With this platform, communication as we know it will change drastically for the better.

  9. Social Fingerprinting
    Social fingerprinting falls under rebounds. This is because is a form of digital fingerprinting that measures how the company is doing on social grounds, a factor that the social media trends analysis report classifies as currently rebounding. Companies are increasingly interacting with their customers online, a platform that presents an important tool towards collecting information on their status in the market. It does so by reviewing the company’s perception both internally and externally during the analysis of the supply chain.

    I would like to place Digg under rising stars because based on the Social Media Trend Analysis report; it falls into the social network aggregation group. This is a news aggregating company whose main purpose is to find news in topics that are customized by the users, trending issues across the social and political divide and other issues that have gone viral on the internet. The platform allows for tracking of their user preferences in order to present relevant information while studying the social behavior and character, which can be collected from their ever-growing profiles.

    I am placing Foursquare under the rebounders section of the social media trends because it is based on SoLoMo (Social, Location, Mobile), a marketing concept of the social media that is currently experiencing a steady rise. This is the result of marketing companies targeting location specific clients for their products as opposed to the traditional marketing of a product to a wider pool. It is a social networking service that is location-based in that users use it to indicate their presence in a certain location using the check-in tool it features in its user interface. It falls under the rebounders section. Its rebound came around with the incorporation of geo-location data into mainstream social networks, which allows social networking sites to target users in specific locations when pushing certain location-specific products and services from companies.

  10. Foursquare:
    Foursquare, a once popular application and now considered to be abandoned by many should be placed under the R.I.P. category. When the application first launched in 2009, users were all about “checking in” on foursquare and competing with others to win the “mayor title” of popular hangout spots. Certain retailers even used the app as a promotional tool and would offer discounts and sometimes give away free items when customers checked in to their establishment. However, Foursquare’s success was short lived. When other applications such as Facebook and Instagram grew more popular and remained innovative, Foursquare fell behind. Foursquare has shown no signs of improving or reinventing themselves to be considered a rebound.

    Augmented Reality:
    Augmented Reality is a rising star based solely one key element: innovation. Before reading Dr. Jim Barry’s blog I had only heard the name augmented reality, but after doing some research I believe it is “the next big thing.” We are all about the new technology and how it can enhance our lives. One big way it is helping users is by connecting consumers with companies in a futuristic way. The younger generations especially, keep waiting for the year when living like the “Jetsons” becomes a reality. Augmented reality for example, can help me take a piece of IKEA furniture and see what it would look like in my living room before I even purchase it and bring it home, or even give me a virtual tour of what my home remodeled would look like. Augmented reality can improve our lives and I believe we will be seeing it used by many more companies in the near future.

    When Groupon first launched users were crazy about the application and over time it almost seemed as if it was nothing more than a fading trend. However, I would place Groupon under the rebound category because I truly do believe it is a making a come back. As stated in the blog, permission based emailing subscriptions are making a rebound as well and this will assist Groupon in growing their user base. Based off your interests, location, and pasts purchases Groupon can notify users via email as well when a great deal they believe you’ll enjoy is posted. I personally had the application when it first came out but hadn’t used it much until recently. Every few days I’ll get an email showing me between 3-5 deals pertaining to my liking. I usually end up purchasing at least one deal a week from Groupon now, due to those emails. They have also expanded as well and continue to link up with more companies, which ultimately means more great deals for users.

  11. I will be categorizing Groupon, Augmented Reality and Foursquare.

    Groupon – rebound

    I am placing Groupon under rebounders because although the company has been struggling, as A Barry (2014) states on the top 10 rising stars mobile commerce is on the rise. According to Barry (2014) shopping will become a mobile experience and there is more technology to come to accommodate the mobile shopping experience. “According to Google, 84% of smart phones shoppers user phones while shopping. I believe as long as Groupon Hires better leadership, and keeps up with the technology necessary to adjust to everyday users they will survive. My prediction is that they will be rebounding although they must change their model somewhere another because all many companies strive to build brand loyalty Groupon defeats the purpose. Customers are becoming more elastic with goods and services by looking for a better price. And while Groupon offers a great experience for the users companies are starting to lose loyalty customers and replacing them by switchers. This company and was launched in November 2008, but became public by October 2010 and it has gave the opportunity to millions of businesses to be place on a mobile market.

    Augmented Reality- Rising Stars

    I’m placing of Augmented Reality under raising stars because this computer-generated sensor input that host sound, video, graphics and GPS data is the new crème de la crème. Berry ( 2014) sitting on his article talked and rising stars also predicts that micro video sharing sites are in the growing period. Disney technology allows us to stay in real-time and with environment elements such as sports scores on TV during a match and multitasking. With the new Google glasses lounging this year, and smart watches being purchased the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable. Since we were little kids were used to watching the Power Rangers, 007 and pretty much anything that was futuristic and looked cool. This new technology called Augmented Reality is giving us exactly that. Pulling graphics out of your television scream your computer display and integrating them into real world environments it’s a virtual reality. The technology is changing the way we view the world or at least the way it’s users see the world.

    Foursquare- RIP

    I’m placing foursquare under RIP, because I believe there’s technology out there and other sites and applications that already does what foursquare does. To be honest I have never even heard of foursquare or any of my friends. Although their mission is to help you find places where you could be with your friends and hang out in this case word-of-mouth is utilized more often. It is not a bad concept, I just feel that since I havent heard anything of this company and I have never seen any type of banner add or people talking about then it has two options it either dies out or grows.

  12. I. Rising Star: Social Fingerprinting

    - I’m placing Social Fingerprinting under rising star because I believe its value is increasing as it’s social media importance and presence grows, not only for entertainment, social interaction and leisure, but mostly due to its increase for background screenings, specially for marketing needs. Everything we do online leaves a trace of our identity and creates our online reputation that ultimately can be used to categorize individuals by their interests and likes. As “Cookies” are dying and have no territory on mobile devices, Social Fingerprint could take the “cookies” spot in providing condensed reports on specific person’s web traces and social media outputs. This software will only help increase its demand and eventually help in grouping hyper-focused targets, adding tremendous value to any company that wishes to expand or monitor their consumer’s traffic.

    II. Rebound: Groupon

    - I’m placing Groupon under rebound because I believe the model has potential to find success by being repositioned into a different target market which could stabilize the company by bringing in a new consumer and participating business niche. Even though this can be considered a forced reposition due to the loss of majority of its initial members, Groupon has been successful overall since its debut about 6 years ago. If the company utilizes its consumers demographic changes to its favor, rather than conflicting with its original values transmitted, and becomes only a discount site popular for turning destinations into big sales event, it could rebound into a redesigned business model targeting a broader demographic with its massive business discounts.

    III. RIP: Foursquare

    - I’m placing Foursquare under RIP because as an active user, it just has lost meaning or functionality. All other social media have improved and added the checkin functionality incorporated within, no need to open a different application to checkin in a restaurant or to have your Facebook linked to Foursquare anymore. At the beginning Foursquare rapidly grew as a social media option, but the company didn’t know how to make it sustainably profitable but also didn’t innovate other than the ability to earn badges and provide a list of locations you have been.

  13. I am placing Foresquare under the rebound category. It will be interesting to see how Foursquare incorporates its location based social networking site and its Yelp!-like review system into other social media platforms. Given the move towards more social local mobile (SoLoMo) platforms, Foursquare’s anticipated improved mobile services will prove to be either their turning point or demise. Due to other social media sites, such as Facebook, offering a similar check-in service, Foursquare must differentiate their services and make themselves a pertinent player in location based marketing.

    Groupon, on the other hand, falls more in line with the rebound category. Groupon falls in this position because they currently sit as the position leader in flash sales and have demonstrated relevance in a value economy. In fact they continue to engage and appeal to local merchants and small business which are two market segments America promotes the growth and stability of. Based upon Groupon’s ability to attract both small and local business in addition to large market contenders the destination platform offers a board channel for promotions. Although Groupon’s specific purpose may well limit the platforms relevance and growth, in comparison to social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter which will continue to adapt a more customized approach to targeted audiences.

    Finally I am placing DIGG in the marginal category. As DIGG does a great job aggregating news from around the internet and presenting it on its page, they must continue to adapt to their customers interests and needs. Due to the nature of their page, DIGG skates a fine line between the marginal category and the RIP category as many similar sites have found themselves failing to contend. Additionally they may lose users to competitors to other reputable sites which focus and source news. Meanwhile, DIGG made an effort in recent years to revert their site back to how it originally began. With this reversion DIGG will need to employ help from top social contenders like Facebook and Twitter to gain awareness and grow their following.

  14. I’m lukewarm in terms of social media activity. Not being completely disconnected though, I go through phases where I post actively and then loose interest in social media for a short span of time. That being said, some of the platforms we were asked to evaluate were unfamiliar to me, as were some platforms and technologies that other students posted.

    1. Augmented Reality – Rising Star
    It’s what the movies have been steering us towards since science fiction films came about. Life imitates art. Did anyone watch Minority Report? The fingertip glowing gloves Tom Cruise uses to control the hologram/computer system in the film were talked about for years after the movie came out. Even though they were a fictional gadget, the gloves promised an unprecedented level of interaction with computer systems. Back in 2010, MIT students started playing around with “glove mouses” for class projects (Dischinger, 2010) and with Oculus VR (mentioned by Gabriel Urrutia above) and gaming technology such as Xbox’s Kinnect (which allows the user to control the Xbox with his or her body), one can assume that AR is not only on the rise, but that we can’t wait for it to happen.

    2. Digg – Marginal
    Not being familiar at all with Digg, I had to go on the site and was confused by the mix of articles. Some sounded legit, others (“Why Blue Chicken Looks So Strange”) were just crazy. Their main page comes off as a fusion between the Onion and the New York Times. It took a little more research to figure out that what’s displayed on the main page are trending articles. With the advent of content “curating” versus content creation, Digg could be a very useful tool to the Content Department within Social Media Marketing Departments, as well as for Creators within the Social Technographics Ladder. Looking at their traffic statistics, they seem to have a healthy amount of visitors but an improvement in segmenting the audiences they’re trying to reach in order to better direct their product would make their services more relevant to content curators and creators.

    3. Foursquare – RIP
    Never having been a fan of “checking-in” through social media sites, I’d heard about Foursquare but never knew they were all about letting people know where you’ve been or where you’re going. When bigger platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to tag a location to a picture or status update, the task of “checking-in” through Foursquare seems superfluous. Perhaps a model that combined Foursquare and Groupon’s offerings could be helpful, especially as Social Fingerprinting becomes more relevant, but as it is, Foursquare, like travel agents, is becoming unnecessary in social media communications.

    Dischinger, Ashley; MIT students create wireless mouse gloves for class project. Future Web. Retrieved from:

  15. Augmented Reality

    I am placing Augmented Reality under Rising Stars because this is a new technology that allows people to interact face to face with reality through the digital world. Nowadays people and businesses are changing how they used to do basic things, from working out to selling products, the world is switching to digital world because it has been probed how convenient and effective it can be. Now, talking about augmented reality specifically, I believe it changes the way how people perceived the digital world. I believe that 2D obsolete computers and phones are about to vanish and this new technology will just arise. Big companies such as Apple and Android are already working on it, and when the technology finally is available to all people, I have no doubt that the laptop I am using right now will be extinct, and we will be using a laser projected keyboard to write a letter and talking to other people on the phone with a projected image of this person. That is just where society is going.


    I am placing Groupon under RIPs because in theory the idea sounded good but in reality they don’t offer a specific helpful deal at the moment. In other words, in my personal experience, when I first heard about the app and what they offered, I thought it was a great and useful idea, that I could find good deals in something I could be interested in doing or buying at the moment. However, in practice is another story, I never found anything useful, interesting or convenient and I think this failure is related to the sources they are using to offer the deals. Some consumers are even considering the deals to be from bad quality companies. I consider more effective the Amazon Local deal offers, because they offer directly to the consumer a deal they know that person may be interested in, is available near them and the sources are recognized and trustworthy. For example, a few months ago I did some research about paddle boarding and after a few days I received an email from Amazon Local offering a package for this activity from one of the most recognized companies offering this service in Fort Lauderdale and it was a good deal. I guess consumers are now more practical and what is more practical than that?


    I consider DIGG to be a Marginal because even though its popularity was arising a few years ago, they did many changes that wasn’t well received by the consumers. Moreover, nowadays many other news and stories sources are available online and has the same social media sharing feature as DIGG, and they are actually more popular locally and globally, such as Youtube, other websites from local news, blogs, etc. They do have interesting stories and news and it is practical that you can choose the topic of your interest and that is why I still believe they will be around, but it is not something as unique as it used to be.

  16. The three social medias chosen are Augmented Reality, Affiliate Marketing, and Foursquare and are categorized as follows.

    Augmented Reality – Marginal
    The reason this type of social media is categorized as marginal is because I believe society is not sure what to think of it yet. We have the innovators who are testing the product and blogging or YouTubing their thoughts on for example Google Glass. People are curious to see what the product can do but are still determining how it can fit into their daily lives. It may be a product that is too advanced at this time and people fear the ramifications of using such a product. Society is still working their way through mobile devices. I’m sure in the near future developers will determine how augmented reality can adapt to social networking and enhance its capabilities.

    Affiliate Marketing – Rebound
    This type of social media is categorized as a rebound because in my opinion, a few years back people didn’t fully understand its capabilities. To me, it was a mere annoyance and felt somewhat phony when someone was telling you to purchase a product/service through a link on their website. I’m sure that when you know the person you are purchasing a product from, you are more inclined to help them out but when I see a link to purchase a product through any websites, I would much rather go to the product website directly. I feel this social media is on the rebound because it’s slowly reinventing itself in the minds of consumers. If this social media is marketed correctly and hidden in a sense that you don’t realize you are making commission for someone else then it is definitely on the rebound. The way I see this working is for example, Instagram (IG), I have seen many users promote products they love and seeing a visual of the product makes me more inclined to purchase especially when I am a follower of their IG page.

    Foursquare – Rebound
    Foursquare is categorized as a rebound because although at the initial introduction of this social media seemed promising, it quickly lost traction. I remember first downloading Foursquare because of the “hype” but I quickly deleted it once it served no purpose in my life. Other social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram are utilizing the GPS tracking but haven’t reached in what I think has a lot of potential. My experience with “checking-in” is with a small Japanese restaurant that gave free dessert if you checked-in to their restaurant. Foursquare seems like an unnecessary third step when I can just check-in on my popular social media apps. However, I do believe it has the potential to grow if it can re-brand itself and give its users the perception that their getting value from using it.

  17. Groupon (Rising Star)
    In my opinion, Groupon is a rising star. Groupon has become synonymous with a bargain. Offering massive discounts on everything from everyday supplies to local events and vacations. For consumers, it has been allowing people to take advantage of experiences that they otherwise would not have been able to afford. For vendors, it has helped to boost sales for several small businesses. Groupon is a major player in South Florida alone. For instance, every festival in South Florida sells majority of their tickets on Groupon. Tickets that are normally expensive, are discounted over 50%. Therefore, attracting a larger crowd. However, one way that Groupon could improve is to do a better job of vetting the establishments (especially in the service industry) who are posting deals to the site. In several instances, I have seen businesses sell Groupons but did not anticipate the increased volume of customers. As a result, they did not have the capacity to handle the traffic, and thus looking bad to potential new customers.

    Augmented Reality (Rising Star)
    While the technology is still maturing, Augmented Reality looks to be the future. With the emergence of smartphones over the last several years, consumers (and people in general) have come to enjoy the luxury of instant gratification. Augmented reality will allow anyone with a device to get instant feedback on anything from the weather to the amount of availability in a hotel with just the aiming of the device. Therefore, allowing consumers to make on-the-spot decisions for many aspects of day-to-day-business. I am very interested to see how this integrates into everyday life

    Foursquare (RIP)(Marginal)
    I completely understand the concept of Foursquare and personally think that it is a great idea. However, I don’t think that it gained nearly as much traction as it could have. I feel that its largest “enemy” was the Facebook “Check-in” function. Facebook had the benefit of already having a multi-billion person daily user base. Why use a completely different app when Facebook has the same functionality? Not only can consumers check in on Facebook, but you can write/read reviews, and see how many of your friends have been there. Also, I feel that Foursquare faces stiff competition from Yelp. Yelp is seemingly more popular and updated than Foursquare in my opinion and is therefore a more reliable option for making consumer decisions.

  18. Groupon RIP
    When considering Groupon for this discussion, I never really thought about the progress or regression of the company in terms of sales and customer retention. I just knew it was a website in which I could visit on a daily basis and possibly get a good deal on local restaurants or events. The concept behind Groupon was amazing, attracting customers by creating appealing prices on opportunities that some may not be able to obtain at regular price. But recently, I personally have seen a change within Groupon as far as the products and services they offer. They have gone from quality products that give beginner companies the ability to jumpstart their business, to a shortage of businesses and more products because customers began to rely on the Groupon’s instead of being continuous regular customers.

    Social Fingerprinting Rising Star
    This is definitely the first time I have heard anything about this new method of relieving job seekers from the nightmare of potential employers finding them on social media outlets. When it comes to job applications, employers have been more intrigued as to finding out who their potential employees actually are behind the resume paper and references. Some have resorted to the easy and quick method of finding information on someone, by ‘Googling’ them. This is a scary thought for job seekers due to the fact that we are all not really aware what actually is floating around on the web with our name attached to it. With social fingerprinting, customers are able to filter what information is seen by a series of screenings. I feel as if this idea is going to blow up rapidly due to the immense growth within the social media community and can be very beneficial to those who are seeking a fresh start in their lives and want to make sure their name represents that.

    Foursquare RIP
    The quick rise in popularity with the app Foursquare was a great kickstart to the art of ‘checking-in’ on social media. With the creation of this app, members were able to post their whereabouts as well as who they were with in order for their friends to be aware. Personally, I never was into publicly posting where I was at most times of the day, but for some this was a way of creating connections with people and also sharing information in regards to reviews to restaurants, gyms, clubs, etc. Like all popular items, Foursquare was then duplicated and rendered into other popular social media outlets which eventually killed Foursquare in the social media world. The ability to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to ‘check-in’ instead of using a third party is much easier for consumers and makes Foursquare relatively non-useful.

    Barry, J. (2014, January 13). 2014 Social Media Predictions: Wrap Up of Top 10 Stars, RIPs, Marginals & Rebounds. Edutainment. Retrieved , from http://blog.socialcontentmarketing.com/2014-social-media-predictions-wrap-up-of-top-10-stars-rips-marginals-rebounds/

  19. Groupon – marginal

    I am placing Groupon under the marginal category. Despite its unfavorable beginnings, the company still have a big opportunity to succeed if it finds the right mix. With the growth of smartphones users, Groupon is focusing on Mobile Commerce and Social Local Mobile strategies.
    The company’s executives have recently invested millions of dollars on marketing resources such as, affiliate marketing, SEO, and display ads. Groupon has also expanded its online retail presence, evolving from a daily deal website into a searchable e-commerce marketplace.
    There exists the probability that small businesses will take advantage of this mobile friendly platform, in order to offer their best deals in real time to users found nearby.

    Foursquare – Rebound

    Due to the lack of context in the original Foursquare location based platform, the expectations of growth were very low. Today, small businesses can invest on the new Foursquare’s self-service advertising product to promote their services to the 40 million users. These companies can discover who are their most valuable customers and reward them for their loyalty. This way they can keep them coming back and have a better chance of displaying good reviews on the platform.
    “Over 1,000 advertisers have been participating in a beta trial that been running since last summer. The aim is to get all of the 1.5 million businesses already enrolled in Foursquare’s ecosystem to start spending money there. If a substantial slice of them do, it would have a huge effect on Foursquare’s revenues”. (Forbes, 2013)

    Social Fingerprinting – Rising Star

    I definitely believe that Social Fingerprinting must be placed under the rising star category. As creepy as it might result to internet users, it will be of great help to companies to measure and predict behaviors.
    By analyzing customers’ behavior, companies will have enough information to decide what the best social media platforms are, to catch their current and potential customers’ attention. This will also help them to customize their content to these specific platforms.
    Having access to this data will give companies a better prediction of the ROI, which will be more demanded than ever in 2014.

  20. Four Square –Rebound

    I would categorize FourSquare under rebound. The company is currently facing fierce competition from fellow location app, Yelp, Inc. Yelp recently partnered with Yahoo, Inc. in order to display its reviews and listing on the Yahoo search engine. Microsoft has invested in Foursquare and its location data will appear on Bing and on its Windows phone. Microsoft has also shown interest in the value of data acquired by the company. Foursquare is still struggling to monetize the usage of its review platform to companies. Foursquare has the potential to become the lead-reviewing app; its appeal to users is the ability to write short, quick reviews as compared to yelp where users usually prefer longer reviews. Companies will continue to show interest in location based services as this gives them the ability to continue to further cater their marketing efforts on an individual level rather than to a target market. In my own comparisons of both applications, 33 of my Facebook friends use Foursqaure as compared to 31 on Yelp. Seems like a pretty close race at the moment (Griffith, 2014).

    Augmented Reality-Marginals

    I am placing augmented reality under marginals because it certainly has the ability to take off in every sector of business but it largely depends on consumers’ usage of Google Glass. Companies such as Layar are already utilizing augmented reality by simply looking at a magazine page, such as Glamour, and a video or advertisement will appear. In addition, the company is also promoting the usage of augmented reality for tourism, entertainment, and real estate. This tool will impact marketers’ ability to further target consumers visually and locally through Google Glass. Once again the design and consumer perception of Google Glass will impact this trend. (https://www.layar.com/glass/).


    I would categorize Groupon as marginal as it offers users vouchers from struggling companies. Some of these companies fail, and the voucher is no longer valid. Groupon promises to reimburse users in the case of business failures, but this nonetheless results in a loss of time to consumers. Groupon also requires companies to offer 50% discount on their products or services. Groupon has the opportunity to be successful if it partners with healthier companies and reduces its requirements on necessary discounts (Silber, 2014).


    N. Silber. (2014). Warning Groupon May be Dangerous to Your Wealth. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/norman-i-silber/warning-groupon-may-be-da_b_4894122.html

    Griffith E. (2014). What does the Yahoo Yelp Partnership mean for Foursquare?. CNN Money. Retrieved from http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2014/02/10/what-does-the-yahoo-yelp-partnership-mean-for-foursquare/


  21. Groupon: If it were solely up to the consumers, there is no doubt that I would place Groupon as a rising star. Millions of people have the Groupon app on their smartphone, checking daily for steals on products without stepping foot outside of the house and having the convenience of watching tv and shopping simultaneously. Unfortunately, consumers do not have sole influence, but Groupon becomes a RIP due to the low or negative profit margins it offers companies. It is sought after for deals and only that, demanding half off or more. Companies are hoping for repeat customers after using Groupon, however, consumers use these experiences as a one time deal. Soon, there will not be enough companies that are willing to accept such low profit margins.

    Social Fingerprinting: Social fingerprinting is extremely important, and is a rising concern for almost all companies. The majority of business nowadays is being done over the internet, requiring businesses to have a presence on the world wide web. To be a contender within the saturated market, websites must be created and apps must be offered. How consumers react to these things is crucial to a companies business, and increasing in influence. Social fingerprinting is a “program of ratings, training, and tools designed to help companies measure and improve social performance”. Obtaining this measurement and reacting to it by either fighting to maintain a high rating or increasing it, could make or break a company.

    DIGG: Not long ago did newspapers and anything printed on paper go “out of style”. Every piece of news, live or not, can be found on the internet and read over smartphones or tablets. With so much stimuli that has been entered in the generals person everyday life, focusing is a very difficult task. Therefore, even reading the news online became a task that took double the time it used to, where even online news was seen as a ‘drag’. DIGG, however, brings short and sweet to the game, which is why I am naming it a rebound. It brings current news that is excited and that can inform in half a page. Not only that, but with the added feature or being able to comment or ‘blog’, it attracts a higher audience.

  22. 1. Augmented Reality: Rising Star

    I would place Augmented Reality (AR) as a rising star because it’s an upcoming technology that looks very promising in the entertainment and gamming industry.
    Recent news have shown how engineers are working on augment reality glasses. The glasses allow for enhanced, 3-D holograms that allow you to touch move and manipulate images with your hands. These glasses have been compared to Google’s glasses, but they are very different because Google glasses are two-dimensional. Therefore, AR seems to be the future technology of these upcoming years.

    2. Groupon: Marginal

    Groupon falls under the marginal category because it is still part of the many discount-social medias available, but is it really the best one? There are many other similar discount apps available to the public.

    So which one is the best or not I think it depends on what the consumer is looking for. For example, if your looking for the best traveling deals on your phone, one of the top apps to use is Travelzoo. Travelzoo has been offering traveling deals for a long time and has been pretty successful. On the other hand, people might want to obtain discounts for good restaurants so instead of searching on Groupon, they can use the Savored app. So again, it depends on the usage.

    3. Foursquare: RIP

    Foursquare’s category placement is in the RIP area. Foursquare was launched five years ago and already many other social medias imitate Foursquare’s main attraction of checking in at a certain place in real time. Social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all provide the ability to check-in at a specific place and share it with your friends.

    Foursquare can also help you determine places to go to get coffee, lunch, printing help, dinner, drinks, etc. However, most of us still rely on word-of-mouth or are heavy Google users (searches). Google does a very good job at surfacing structured data than apps like Foursquare and Yelp because they lack coverage.

  23. 1. Augmented Reality: I am placing this category under social media stars. It seems like augmented reality is going to make a splash this year. Already companies such as Google, and the Android platform have made a big deal about wearables. Google Glass is also another wearable that is gaining a lot of traction. The recent acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook has sent companies scrambling for an answer of what could be the next big thing. Already other companies, are looking for investors into what they think can be an answer to Oculus. Make no mistake, when Oculus was on a crowd funding website they reached their goals within days and surpassed by hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. This is the year for augmented reality.

    2. Groupon: I would have to say RIP to Groupon. A company that based itself on getting products for half price has become just that. Today Groupon is the dollar store of the internet. What was once an inexpensive way to get customers through your door has become the laughing stock of the hospitality industry. When Groupon grew too much their demographic changed so much it was affecting the atmosphere of restaurants. You do not see as many restaurants on it now, why? A lot of these restaurants started to lose their customers. Now Groupon sells chargers, supplement pills and other items that you might find on SkyMall. Groupon over exerted itself into the market and now it is paying the price. It has been becoming RIP for a quite a bit now.

    3. Foursquare: I am also giving Foursquare an RIP. Did it evolve passed “checking-in” and winning an award? Did it find a way to correctly monetize itself? Foursquare ended up where other companies without direction end up, “checked-in” the gutter. Foursquare thought by just checking in they would be alright. Now you can check-in on Facebook, Instagram and other sites. Why check-in on Foursquare anymore? Many customers do not want to open three apps when they enter an establishment. Facebook’s all-in-one status updated encompasses all of that. I see websites like Klout using a check-in system and giving perks to their highest Klout scores and check-ins as a away to gauge interest amongst top end influencers.

    1. I select the following categories:

      1. Groupon – I’m placing Groupon under marginal. Groupon is an application that it’s been growing over the years, has a lot of popularity and makes customers lives easier. Nowadays we don’t have to go to the mall to find that special gift, or event search online for deals at restaurants or entertainments. This type of applications, webpages offer a lot of tools for customers that don’t have enough time to search, even they can help us to plan the next vacations. As per Barry (2014) blog, the marginal are trends that maybe despair or may not. I consider that Groupon has the potential to continue growing in the market improving their excellent service and products offered.

      2. Foursquare – I place Foursquare as a raising star. Foursquare is a technically new application, launches in 2009, that allows users to check in at places, located business around and also text messaging. Foursquare allow users to incorporate the SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile), which makes this application integrate everything in one. This makes users live easier as is a self- help app. Also we can incorporate multiple features in one, which makes this application categorized under the umbrella of a rising star. As 2014 prediction, this type of applications has a lot of potential in the market. Social Network is growing fast and more everyday, new applications needs to catch up the fastest environment and crazy demanding live, that’s why this type of application will make life easier.

      3. Social Fingerprinting is a rising star. Social Fingerprinting is a program that helps company to track their results. Nowadays companies don’t track their ROI is a regular bases way. This new program helps them to measure and improve social media performance. Today social media play an important place in organizations, CEO’s now have to tweet and also keep track on the customer response base of the products or services provide by the company. With this new application, companies can track the results much easier. This is part of the fascinating advantages from the social media world.

      Barry, J. (2014, January 13). 2014 Social Media Predictions: Wrap Up of Top 10 Stars, RIPs, Marginals & Rebounds. Edutainment. Retrieved, from http://blog.socialcontentmarketing.com/2014-social-media-predictions-wrap-up-of-top-10-stars-rips-marginals-rebounds/

  24. As a current user of an affiliate marketing program, I will place affiliate marketing under rebounds and transformation. The reason is that affiliate programs use cookies to track sales, leads, and clicks. With the belief that cookies may be RIP soon, many affiliate programs can transform their current cookie tracker into more of fingerprinting, which in its best interest, will give these affiliates smarter data retrieval and unique characteristics not currently supported by cookie tracking alone. In addition, affiliate marketing relies heavily on banner ads and text links which can be transformed into “more native ads where the ad is disguised as editorial content” (Barry, 2014).More important, banners will become more engaged for increased interaction.

    Foursquare can also be placed in rebounds and transformations because location based services being expected to be transformed to SoLoMo. A Barry (2014) predicts, advertising targeted to your current location will give much more robust and predictive analytics with the introduction of geo-location data and spacial analytics. With this in mind, location based services will become more relevant to consumer interest and buying predictions, making its rise popular again, once it incorporates these new technologies.

    Social Fingerprinting is definitely a rising star because it is currently being used by companies in over 20 countries. The mere fact that is being used is one point to highlight, the most being that social fingerprinting is improving processes to help companies implement management systems in a credible, pragmatic, and cost effective way (CSRwire, 2014). Any technology that improves a measuring process in any way within a company is invaluable, even more so when streamlining the process can help companies achieve greater results. Social fingerprinting is basically a way to effectively measure or audit a company’s improvements in the now social world in which individuals and companies now thrive.

    Barry, J. (2014, January 13). 2014 Social Media Predictions: Wrap Up of Top 10 Stars, RIPs, Marginals & Rebounds. Edutainment. Retrieved , from http://blog.socialcontentmarketing.com/2014-social-media-predictions-wrap-up-of-top-10-stars-rips-marginals-rebounds/

    CSR Press Release. (2011, May 29). SAI Asks Companies to Find their “Social Fingerprint”. Retrieved , from http://www.csrwire.com/press_releases/31908-SAI-Asks-Companies-to-Find-their-Social-Fingerprint-

  25. Groupon (RIP)
    Groupon is definitely going in the RIP category. Although I have always been a fan of their business concept, in the recent months I have lost a lot of interest in searching for deals and discounts. This company first began as a cool way to get discounted prices right at your finger tips and always did an excellent job at grabbing my attention. After much research, I have learned about the history of Groupons most destructive investor, Eric Lefkofsky. Lefkofsky is known for his reputation of making companies appear as a big hype to the customers and before they know it, it ends up being a huge failure. “Groupon went on to become the fastest growing company hitting a billion dollars in reveue in just 17 months,” (Propper, 2013), a familiar playbook of Mr. Lefkofsky. After Manson’s recent departure, it is only time before Groupon ends up like every other company Lefkofsky has been a part of.

    Foursquare (RIP)
    I am placing Foursqaure in the RIP category because although it began as one of the coolest check-in tools, larger social media competitors entered the market and simply took all of the customers. Since Foursquare did not keep up with the trends or do anything special to keep its current customers interested, it is evident that less and less users were login in and checking into their locations using this app. Competitors such as Facebook, Google +, Yelp, Meet-up, and even Instagram, now allow their users to check into their location with their App as an addition to what they currently offer.

    Social Fingerprinting (Rising Star)
    Although I had never heard of Social Fingerprinting before, I believe after some research that this company has potential to grow and do well in the market if it is managed and executed properly. With so many people on social media, it is very difficult to make sure you keep a clean reputation so you can prevent anything from damaging your future career or dreams. This company could really benefit some individuals and make them feel safer about displaying all of their personal information on the web.

    Propper, B., (2013). Goodbye Groupon: Andrew Manson’s Dance with the Devil. Forbes. Retrieved from: http://www.theverge.com/2013/3/1/4043566/andrew-masons-deal-with-the-devil

  26. I selected Groupon, Foursquare and DIGG as social media.

    I would place Groupon under Rise and mobile commerce because Groupon is a website where you can purchase tickets, entrance for events or any other diversion online with reduction. Groupon’s mission is: “Groupon’s mission is to become the world’s commerce operating system. By connecting buyers and sellers through price and discovery, we have the opportunity to become one of the world’s essential companies, a daily habit for our customers and merchant partners.” (Groupon, 2014). According to Dr. Jim Barry, author of: “Top 10 Stars, RIPs, Rebounds & Marginals.” and Google, we know that: “84% of smartphone shoppers use their phones while shopping […] price comparisons or doing further research on a product while they are in the store.” This is why I believe that due to the nature of Groupon of offering discount on several products, more and more people will be using it.
    I would place Foursquare under Rebounds, location based services. Indeed, Foursquare is an application that allow users to share where they are, and allow them to find places near them where to go (bar, restaurant, club, mall, etc.). We can see on Foursquare website: “Foursquare helps you find the perfect places to go with friends. Discover the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in your area. When you’re out and about, use Foursquare to share and save the places you visit.” (Foursquare, 2014). According to Dr. Jim Barry: “with a growth in LBS usage, expect far more location-based ads” (Barry, 2014). Foursquare fit perfectly in this category due to the exact same nature of the application locating places to go and hang out for people.

    I would place DIGG under Rebounds, article marketing transformed to guest blogging. Indeed, this website is a place where people can read the main discussion on the internet, and diverse subject. There is an increase in blogging, internet webpages where people post comments, articles, etc. DIGG fell under this category. Indeed, according to DIGG’s website: “Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now. The Internet is full of great stories, and Digg helps you find, read, and share the very best ones. It’s simple and it’s everywhere: visit Digg on the web, find it on your iPhone, or get the best of Digg delivered to your inbox with The Daily Digg.” (Digg, 2014)


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    Groupon. “Our Mission.” Groupon Press. Groupon, n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2014.

  27. Foursquare (RIPS)

    Foursquare was very popular in last years but today people forgot this program because they did not improve their program. this product borned and reach maturity level and dead. Foursquare did not innovate their products. If Foursquare were capable of generating more information about its participants and can target the customer that checks-in.

    Groupon (Rebound)
    Groupon is rebound category. Their first time group on is very popular and lots of companies use to attract people with low prices. In past companies use groupon and make lots of campaign to meet customer and introduce their services to people. However, in currently companies do not prefer groupon because companies get their benefit from this program. In future, new business companies can use this program and lots of local business start use this program to find new customer. I think they have a great opportunity to find greater success in the near future with proper integration with other social media platforms

    Augmented Reality (Stars)
    This program offer future technology to people. Lot of people and companies start use this program and they have successful business. Bmw, Nissan use this program to introduce their new models. Google glass is very popular in these days, people like this technology. In future Google glass will increase the popularity of Augmented Reality by adding a layer of digital between real space and augmented reality.

  28. I am placing Foursquare under Marginals because when it first came out it was nice to link your location with friends and to let others know where you have visited so you can see other friends that have visited there as well. However with the amount of tracking involved and the lack of privacy in regards to your location, I think many are freaked out by these types of social location applications. Especially with all the information that has been in the news about the government using information from social media outlets and places like Google to track individuals. Some still utilize Foursquare, while others see it as big brother taking my information and using it as he pleases, and it is because of this that Foursquare has lost its glimmer although all has not been lost as of yet.
    I am placing Social Fingerprinting under the Top 10 rising stars because this is fast becoming a new strategy used by organizations to track the social behavior and the patterns of individuals socially. This information is then utilized by organizations to narrow or customize advertising specifically to that individual which in turn is used to advertise to the individual. With many individuals aware of tracking and this usually involves cookies, consumers have learned to get around using cookies or just plain turning them off. Social Fingerprinting is new and not many people know about it which makes it easier to establish and become a recommended alternative to cookies.
    I am also placing Groupon under Rebounders since Groupon was very popular during its inception into the online social realm. Things were well and Groupon experienced lots of growth socially through individuals looking to save some money. Now those sentiments still remain true however Groupon is resurging as a marketing tool that more and more struggling businesses are utilizing. Organizations that have experienced decreasing business and loss of consumers have reached out to the social couponing giant to do business with them in order to increase their bottom line and it appears to be working as many of these organizations are return customers of Groupon.

  29. Groupon- RIP

    When Groupon first came out it was known as a cool website where you can purchase things for a discounted price. It attracted a lot of attention not only for the discounts but also for the variety of things they had to offer like festivals, hot air balloon rides, spas, restaurants, and much more. However, as the years have passed, the popularity of the website has subsided as there are many competing websites. Also, now customers are aware that many of the deals are offered for start up companies or businesses that simply need the exposure but have bad ratings on other social apps. Groupon needs to change its current strategy in order to be considered a rebound, until then I must place it in the RIP category.


    DIGG is a unique website that publishes news that is trending in different types of categories ranging from politics, sports, science, etc., which appeals to all types of readers. However, there are many other websites and apps that either send you notifications when there is a breaking news story or you can simply go on popular webpages like Yahoo.com which has a trending section right on their homepage. DIGG needs to come up with a new strategy to put them on another level compared to these already existing popular sites and make them standout which is why I have put them under the RIP category as well.


    Foursquare used to be a very popular social media website where you would tag your location for your followers to see. However, I have seen a decline in people using this app as less and less people are checking in their locations. It simply is not trending anymore to tag your location on this app with other websites having the same feature. Now, people are more inclined to snap a picture and post it on Instagram and tag the location of the photo as apposed to opening another app just to check in their location. This website also allows you to leave reviews on the locations in which you have checked in, but a more popular website/ app for this is Yelp. This is an app that has become obsolete which is why they are also in the RIP category.

  30. Groupon
    I think in 2014 Groupon will be a RIP. Personally I like not only like Groupon but all the discount sites like Living Social and Couptessa, etc. It just seems like over the past couple of years they fell off the mark. Initially it was a fun way to buy services, items and experiences and even share them with friends. But over the years they stopped selling interesting or even valuable things and the customer service (my personal experiences) became very hit or miss. The concept for Groupon still is good but I think now the companies themselves are offering deals and using social media sites to market their products and deals. Also it has been rumored that Groupon keeps most of the money that is made and this leads to the companies being unhappy. If the customer does not buy something in addition to the coupon deal or become a repeat customer, it was not worth it for the company to advertise. It doesn’t really seem like Groupon will be able to rebound from the problems they are having. It is cheaper for the companies to advertise on their own.

    Augmented Reality
    I think Augmented Reality should be placed as a rising star because it offers users a combination of many different things all at the same time. People can use their cell phones to do all the things that laptops can do plus they can see it in front of them like a TV or 3d movie. People always like new technology and with the many different uses, AR will be a part of the future for sure. Right now people are still learning what it is so it is going a little slow, but once the general population catches on, it will be unstoppable. Not only can it be used socially. It can also be used for business, real estate, governments, etc. Less commuting will be needed once people can interact with each other in 3d.

    I think Foursquare should be placed under marginal. I like the idea of foursquare because it puts people in contact via their location. Location based services are definitely on the rise and a lot of older applications have started to include location tracking. Even stores and webpages track a person’s location (when allowed) so that they can offer products, services and deals to people that are nearby. The problem with all of the tracking and publicizing of a persons’ current location is that it can lead to many privacy issues as well as make them susceptible to criminals. This causes concern and is something that Foursquare should work on improving.

  31. I am categorizing “Social Fingerprinting” as a Star for several reasons. I have never heard of it; however after some research I found that it is used in over 20 countries by companies to measure their social performance. This helps the organization improve its efficiency as well as customer service. Employees can get feedback on their performance which allows them to work harder, hence improving management. I think every large corporation and small business should use this fingerprinting process or something like it in order to develop a closer sense of togetherness within the organizational culture as well as enrich consumer awareness.

    I love Groupon. Although I do agree that some products or services are not the “best,” as a consumer you must realize that anything at a bargain deal has its advantages and disadvantages. I recently encouraged a friend who moved to a new state to open her second nail salon to use Groupon to get some more traffic in her shop. It helps create brand awareness which can then help create reviews on Yelp which then increase clientele. Whenever I use Groupon I make sure to check the reviews for the product or service being offered before purchasing. I believe Groupon is also a Star from a business side and a consumer side.

    I am somewhat familiar with Foursquare. Ironically, I do not have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any social media profile for that matter. However, all of my friends and family do and I have seen them post Foursquare locations. I believe this lets other people see exactly where you are and what you are doing, but it also increases awareness to people who have never been to these specific locations. After some research, I found that this application could also be a cyber-stalker’s dream so I would say this company is a RIP. 

  32. The first thing for me to share is that I am not into social media AT ALL! I don’t even so much as have a Facebook or Twitter account. I do have a LinkedIn account though, that rarely ever gets used. I prefer to be unplugged and not Plugged IN. I know, crazy right…I actually think I am perfectly sane, probably because I am unplugged. With that said, I am unfamiliar with all of the companies listed and had to look up information thru the App store, company websites and Google to find out the necessary information to answer the question at hand.

    Social Fingerprinting – Rebounder headed towards being a Rising Star

    Just when I thought cookies were enough of a privacy violation, here comes a more sophisticated technology that can actually review information on my computer, including what software is on it and the size of the screen I am using, is just plain scary. Nevertheless, I know that the information or, better said, data collected is valuable to marketers. It really doesn’t matter if they have a clue of how to use the data or whether or not they evaluate if the data is relevant to achieving their marketing goals; what matters in this day and time is simply having the data. By collecting these types of identifiers in order to create a unique identity like a fingerprint, I believe that social fingerprinting WILL be a rising star. I am certain that cookies have NOT lost all their flavor either as I see vividly in my own browsing experience that marketers enjoy using my browsing history to advertise to me. Thus, (cookies)^2 a.k.a social fingerprinting is expected to be on the rise…it’s all about the data!

    Groupon – RIP

    I have never used Groupon. I asked around about this one and heard that they have a commercial now. I also learned that most people that use it are intense deal seekers and are not really people that are potential advocates or promoters of organizations and are only in for the great deal. My sister-in law mentioned a co-worker that won’t take his girlfriend out unless he can find a Groupon deal that fits his needs. My issue with Groupon is that Organizations are LOSING money on Groupon in an honest, though desperate, attempt to increase brand recognition and ultimate brand loyalty. In my opinion, this is just not the platform for this. They will definitely get plenty of TRYERS, but they will lose a LOT of money on customers that will never go above that level. Thus, I have categorized Groupon as a RIP. As marketers move towards evaluating the ROI on all their different marketing strategies, Groupon will definitely be one to let go of!

    Foursquare – Marginal

    I had not even heard Foursquare! I think the idea is great, especially for travelers. However, when moving about in your own town, I don’t know that the value is as great. I liked that one of the features is getting people connected, thought they have to 1) have the app and 2) be checked-in in order to make full use of this feature. Nevertheless, I think we are an overly technological society and could benefit from more “personal” interactions. Another feature that I believe other organizations may find appealing is that Foursquare tracks user reviews or opinions about the places they visit. Again, DATA is king to marketers of today; thus, this could grow with more B2B and P2P interaction. I rated Foursquare as Marginal, because with the right features, it could encourage more usage from consumers and businesses; but, on the other hand, it could be more of a fad, where it’s getting used this month, but the excitement has settled next month! Hence, it could go either way.

  33. Groupon -RIP
    Groupon started off as a great app. However, over the last couple of years the quality of products and offers has declined. Because of this, Groupon has experienced a drop in growth. The concept of Groupon seemed to be a great model to get new customers in the door, however, they seem to have failed at gaining and keeping repeat customers with their model.

    Social Fingerprinting – Rising Star
    I think this is a great concept and I expect it to do well. Though Social Fingerprinting, you can manager your online reputation. Rumors and falsehoods can affect future and potential jobs. Social Fingerprinting can help you manage and keep an upscale online reputation. I see this as a Rising Star because more and more people are becoming active in social media and more companies and reviewing FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc when looking at potential candidates.

    Foursquare – Rebound
    I feel that Foursquare has been slipping over the last couple of years just because they really haven’t kept up with the changes in social media and they haven’t seemed to be very will to evolve. However, I feel that Foursquare has the potential and the right business model to realign and regain some ground with new and innovative ways for uses to connect socially

  34. Augmented Reality (Rising Star)

    Technological advancements have evolved the way we communicate and conduct business and augmented reality is the next phase in this evolution. Augmented reality is the use of computer sensory input enhancing one’s current perception of reality. This technology is already in use with smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, and now smart televisions to name a few, but I believe we are just touching the surface with augmented reality. We’ve all seen futuristic movies where things are manipulated just by moving your hand in a certain direction or closing your fist to produce a specific action. Augmented reality will continue to be a rising star for years as younger generations become more adept with technology.

    Foursquare (RIP)

    Shortly after downloading the Foursquare app a few years ago I found the purpose of this app pointless. I would like to think that I stay atop of social media apps and have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr among others. I never found a benefit with Foursquare, and everything that can be done with Foursquare there exists a more popular app. I would think that if this app were marginal, a rebounder, or rising star, the app would carry more interest and clout among its competitors, but you rarely here of anyone inviting another to join Foursquare. I believe this app will become obsolete in a few years unless it can reinvent its purpose and offer a unique benefit.

    Social Fingerprinting (Rising Star)

    Social media has revolutionized the way we interact with other people and businesses. The added benefit of social media is that organizations can now use analytics to better understand behaviors of its customers through social media observations. In turn, better marketing strategies can be implemented through social media sites like Facebook. Social fingerprinting helps organizations better measure and improve social performance. This is a rising star because consumers heavily integrate social media into their lives and maximizing social media efforts will become more and more important for organizations moving forward.

  35. I am placing Groupon under Marginal because although it is still very popular, there are competitors offering similar discounts such as Living Social. Companies are also realizing that they can offer discounted packages and deals to draw new customers in and keep all the profits instead of sharing them with Groupon. I am a huge fan of Groupon and love all the great deals I find. You can specify your location and what categories interest you. This allows Groupon to cater its daily deals to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, Groupon is not quickly accessible. Yes, they have a mobile app where you can pull up your Groupon and have it scanned where you no longer have to print it out and remember to bring it with you. You do however have to wait until Groupon sends an email to let you know that you can now access your Groupon. Sometimes this can take up to 24 hours. So if I’m out and about and want to find a great deal spur of the moment, my first instinct is not to check Groupon.

    I am placing Radian 6 under Rising Star because social media just continues to grow and become more and more popular. Companies can rely on a program to gather all the information they need to better their products, services and company image. Radian 6 allows companies to monitor chatter from consumers in social media avenues. Companies are able to use key words and phrases to extract data and use tools to analyze the data in a way that is catered to them. This is great for companies that due not have tech savvy employees or the time to research through the various social media postings from consumers.

    I am placing Foursquare under Rebounders because in the ebook, Foursquare would be considered a SoLoMo with its integration of push notifications. Foursquare is a mobile app that allows you to check into locations, leave reviews and see who else has checked into the location. Foursquare was very popular when it first surfaced then gradually started to decline in popularity due to other options that can provide similar functions. This has caused people to become inactive users of the app. However, Foursquare has been coming up with new ways to attract its users back in. One of them is by using push notifications to help spark that engagement with the app.

  36. Augmented Reality:
    After doing some research on AR, I would categorize it under Rising Stars, because there appears to be a lot that can be done with this technology that many people are not aware of yet. For example, this YouTube explains the direction AR is taking in the future and the development with Google Glass and the AR contact lenses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdD5-woi_os Another YouTube that I found interesting further explains the capability of this technology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnRJaHZH9lo Right now this technology seems to be very simple for the masses. However, the latter video explains how it can become very useful with things such as checking vacancy at a hotel or real-time weather forecasts one would not normally be able to know just by looking at the building or the sky. This technology has great potential and many companies seem to be developing it which is why I will categorize it under Rising Stars.

    I will categorize Groupon under RIPs, because from my own observation, I think there has been a decline in usage for a while now. When Groupon first came on the scene, people would post about the deals they found on Facebook and Twitter. You would also usually hear about the great deal that someone found on his or her new haircut or the fun date night they had last weekend. However, I haven’t read or heard mention of Groupon in a long time. Many companies and small businesses are taking to their own Facebook and Twitter accounts to offer flash sales and daily deals. There are also other apps that feature daily deals and flash sales such as Gilt and RueLaLa (fashion deals, which is an aspect of Groupon) and websites, such as restaurant.com, that give you deals on restaurant gift cards.

    FourSquare is also a RIP for many of the same reasons as Groupon. I never downloaded FourSquare, but I use to see posts in my Facebook newsfeed from friends who had the two outlets connected. I have not seen one of those posts in a long time, because people can now check-in via Facebook, find daily deals via Twitter and other deal apps and websites and they can share real-time information via Facebook and Twitter as well. FourSquare and Groupon both started as great ideas that were taken and added on to other platforms (check-ins: Facebook, daily deals: Twitter) making the specialized site/app unnecessary.

  37. Groupon – RIP

    I am placing Groupon under RIP because despite its popularity like similar sites like Livingsocial, businesses are learning this “money saving” option is not entirely effective. If you are a startup company and you want to create some brand awareness, this could give some foot traffic in your door, but how many people are hoping to secure to come back? Businesses should focus on the real reasons they want people to come through the door, not those who come in to redeem the deal and then they are on to the next. Groupon needs to create more value for businesses and consumers. As a consumer, I have not purchased a Groupon deal in years mainly because the deals just aren’t what they were. There is so much competition out there; Groupon needs a better strategy for getting businesses (the right businesses) to sign on.

    Radian 6 – Rising Star

    I am placing Radian 6 in the Rising Star category because it is becoming widely popular in the social media world for listening and connecting with your audience. Ever heard of businesses with “command centers” or “news rooms?” These are all approaches that companies are taking to have the conversation right there in front of them, real-time, and in your face. Radian 6 is a great tool to listen to what people are saying about your business, seek out influencers, monitor conversation, and pin down your audience. This is among some of the insights that companies are recognizing to be widely important when they are coming up with their social media strategy. Connecting with your audience real-time is important, creating relationships 101. Radian 6 allows you to take advantage of that conversation, analyze it, and measure its success. This tool will give businesses the ability to see what their competition is doing and drive results based on interactions.

    Foursquare – Rebound

    I am placing Foursquare as a Rebounder because it is among some of the location-based apps that have evolved into a social network with many other capabilities. Foursquare is slowly tailoring their application to take advantage of its true potential – providing more than just check-ins, but providing businesses more opportunity with its functionalities. Businesses can invest in check-in deals, optimize their listing, attract new customers, and more. Foursquare has the potential to reach consumers in that key moment when they are making buying decisions, perhaps when they are searching for somewhere to go or somewhere to eat. This platform also enables users to leave reviews and upload pictures, but are users doing performing those actions? Unlike its competitor Yelp, there is no reward for leaving reviews and most people see Foursquare as a check-in platform, not a ratings and reviews app. It may reward you for checking in, but Yelp rewards people for being content creators – providing reviews and UGC to help earn credibility, eventually making you part of the Yelp Elite. Foursquare needs to come up with a better strategy to monetize with the current trends happening in the LBS world.

  38. Augmented Reality –

    I think this will be a rising star, because it has not really hit the market yet; not everyone know what it is, so it has not had a chance to really shine. I think this has the potential to make laptops obsolete. Imagine being able to display a digital keyboard from your cell phone onto a table and you can type on the table, like you are using a laptop and save it into a word document on your phone! No one would use laptops because the once convenient/small computer will be considered bulky and unnecessary.
    “The SixthSense augmented reality system lets you project a phone pad onto your hand and phone a friend — without removing the phone from your pocket.”(Bonsor). I think this is the start of something really great, Apple is starting to work on the digital keyboard and once they post their version, there will be plenty of copy cats selling the same thing so everyone can use the technology.

    Groupon –

    I think Groupon will be an RIP, because I do not see them selling quality products anymore. It started as a popular way to make fun purchases, but now it has become a dumpsite for failing products to get a temporary spike in sales. I know my most recent Groupon purchases evolved into a disappointment and reputable companies seem to be steering away from Groupon. I think the reason they are not getting quality customers anymore is because of the rumor that Groupon makes more than 50% of the revenue from the purchases; so, in theory it is a great way to get exposure of your brand, but in actuality you are taking on a new partner for about a month and businesses may be better off investing in a different type of advertising method.

    Foursquare –

    Foursquare is an RIP, because everything you can do with Foursquare you can do with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Foursquare allows you to check in while you are at public places which is great for consumers and companies because it is free exposure and allows people to refer their friends to fun/new places. But, this limited social media is obsolete by people checking in on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter more people are on those sites, so their posts will get a better response from friends. Also, you can post your own photos and messages on Facebook, twitter and Instagram so you are telling your story from your individual experience.


    Bonsor, Kevin; How Augmented Reality Works. How Stuff Works. Retrieved from: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/augmented-reality.htm

    1. 1) Augmented Reality (AR) – Rising Star
      AR should be placed among the RISING STARS because of the very present sense of realness it gives the user. It also satisfies their cravings for information and can be used on mobile devices in real time. Although it has been very flat or 2D in the past, it is getting better as it mixes with computer vision to create a virtual reality 3D world that gives the illusion of being there. Since it attempts to immerse users in the scene, it allows them to see the world the way it really is, and visualize the elements within a scene, giving users a clearer view of what is going on or what something, like a project, will look like before being executed. It allows for changes and adaptations, what-if scenarios, and a better “you are there” experience.
      Notably, where this technology seems to be possibly headed, in the very distant future, reminds me of the latter Star Trek series’ that had a holographic room where a crew member could run a what-if (technical) scenario for analysis or a “vacation” program and immerse themselves in a whole different reality without ever leaving the “Enterprise” space ship.
      AR opens the door to improved online marketing techniques, with possible 3D applications and experiences in real estate, games and entertainment, and hotel and tourism industries, weather forecasting, engineering, location recognition and direction finder, interior design, landscaping, and many other apps. However, since AR involves 3D there are still some problems with 3D technologies that need to be addressed for some applications. Viewing in 3D for long periods of time interferes with the human brain’s normal depth perception function, causing it to get confused when switching from 3D views back to true and normal world views. Thus AR is best suited for applications which only require short viewing.
      All in all, the prediction for AR for 2014 is that we will begin to see this technology utilized more and more in advertisements and short term usage applications since the experience it creates conveys more information, which customers can use to make decisions than traditional 2D technologies.

      2) Social Fingerprinting (SF) – Rising Stars:
      SF can be placed amongst the RISING STARS because it helps prevent online e-commerce fraud. In this world there is rising concern of identity theft, alternate and/or additional technology like this is very much needed to protect both personal and business reputations and finances. SF analyses social data retrieved from a variety of social networking websites and uncovers data patterns in user behaviors or friction ridges behind user posts. Comparing this information helps determine the genuineness or fraudulency of a social fingerprint.
      The 2014 prediction is that this technology will see an increase in usage since it helps online merchants detect genuine customers from fraudulent ones in real time, and do so at a lower cost than other traditional fraud detection technologies. This prediction is expected to be especially true amongst the numerous smaller online merchants. We also can expect to see more companies, like “Trustev” being formed that specialize in SF and charge for their services.

      3) Foursquare – Marginals:
      Foursquare is a real-time location based social networking site for the web and mobile devices. It has many personal and business applications. However, because of privacy concerns I feel that I must place Foursquare under MARGINALS. On one hand, location based services (LBS) are on the rise and certain businesses like traditional retail stores and restaurants are certainly taking advantage, blasting ads to mobile devices in their vicinity. But publishing one’s location is an invitation for criminal activity, like home burglaries.
      The 2014 prediction for this social networking site is as follows: The check-in mayor rewards add an incentive that other LBS based websites and applications may not have. This may be just what is needed to keep users repeatedly engaged since it makes Foursquare like playing a game. There is some psychology behind it. Foursquare takes advantage of the basic character or heart of all mankind; who is not up for a challenge? Everyone wants to be a winner! However, the privacy issues may eventually, if not dealt with, become more problematic than the fun use and advantages of Foursquare.

  39. Digg (Marginal)

    I am placing Digg in the marginal category, only because it currently is not offering anything unique. When I googled DIGG the following appeared, “The most interesting and talked about stories, videos and pictures on the web. Breaking news on Technology, Politics, Entertainment, and more! “. I can very well get breaking news on any of these subjects on various websites such as CNN, or even better I can get the same information and immediately share and discuss with friends, family, and coworkers on my Facebook or Twitter pages. Also, its current platform is boring, I love reading the news but nothing about its website grabbed my attention. I only rated it marginal because it is providing useful information and some consumers like simplicity, as suggested as DIGG has doubled its growth to 40 million since relaunch.

    Groupon (RIP)

    The concept set forth by Groupon was fabulous, though a few years ago. Currently, I do not know which is hurting this company more, the leadership or the fact that companies are coming up with their own marketing programs to save consumers money. One thing we learn in business is that the best products and services are usually successful because their offerings are not easily duplicated, in this case others have not only copied Groupon but improved on what the company offers. Also consider Groupon is losing customers, business owners, by the loads. Groupon is not helping generate new revenues with its coupons, therefore businesses are in fact losing money. Growth potential appears minimal and with so much uncertainty and competition, Groupon does not looked poised to rebound.

    Augmented Reality (Rising Star)

    Surprisingly, wearable technology has not taken off the way I thought it would but this is perhaps due to it still being in its early stage as no one company has mastered this area. However, when it does take off it will only benefit augmented reality even more and help propel it to the next level. When I think augmented reality I immediately think about the auto, medical, print, and gaming industries. This new concept will allow users to be fun, creative while businesses will be able to really go over the top with its marketing techniques. Augmented reality is all about engaging consumers and bringing new life to products, and doing so in real time.

  40. 1.) Augmented Reality: RISING STAR

    With the introduction of Google Glass, other wearable eye ware gadgets, and the growing trend of wearable technology, consumers will have the ability to augment real time information on what’s in front of them. Consumers gadgets are able to geographically locate where they are and send them relevant information augmented around their surroundings. For example, walking down the strip and thru the glasses, wearable tech, or even your smartphone camera, you can augment information on what you’re seeing in front of you. You’re walking past a store, and you see information about the store, sales, promotions, and even reviews being augmented on what you’re seeing. Looking at products, you’ll get product information, sales, alternatives, etc… Consumers can buy items when they see something they like.
    From a marketing standpoint, the ability to display whatever information as shoppers walk by your store, see your billboard, or your products, will allow you to engage your customers even more. For example South beach, as you walk along the strip, you have restaurant and store employees trying to get you to come to their restaurant all the time. With augmented reality, businesses will allow consumers to see reviews, menu items, sales, etc.

    2.) Groupon: R.I.P.

    I love Groupon, but over the past couple of years, the amount of good deals from business has dropped. I see more products being sold as if they’re a good buy, but being an online shopper, I see those exact same products being sold for much less elsewhere. Groupons strategy of offering discounted products and services can be a great way for business to get new visitors in their door, there’s no way for a business to ensure that the new customers, repeat customers, and spend any more than the face value of their Groupon. If they spend no more than their Groupons allow and never return, Groupon’s model has basically stiffed the business out of half the retail value of his merchandise. Back to my statement on seeing less and less businesses offering deals on groupon.

    3.) Foursquare: REBOUNDER

    With a $15 million dollar investment from Microsoft, Foursquare will be able to focus even more on social search and further develop the app and even take it in new directions. Some of the new tricks Foursquare has learned include predicting places people might want to visit or events and activities they may be interested in. The company also introduced a new ad platform for small businesses that want to market their shops to users of the app when they are nearby.
    A big focus for Foursquare going forward is passive engagement: It aims to serve up relevant recommendations based on your context — current location and known preferences — without you having to engage directly with the app. Similar to my rising star of augmented reality. “Microsoft will use Foursquare’s data to augment Microsoft’s contextually-aware experiences in several current and upcoming Microsoft products, including Windows Phone and Windows and will provide an even richer local search experience in Bing,”-Business Insider.

  41. 1. Groupon- RIP
    a. I placed Groupon in the RIP category because it started off with high potential and tons of growth. This app helps people save money and find deals with just about anything ranging from dining, vacations, and entertainment. Groupon is accessible through apps for phones and tablets and is also available on the Internet through a laptop or desktop browser. Many people are aware of the app but many people do not always use the app. Groupon is not nearly as popular as it was when it first came out and although there is room for a comeback, it would have to be a totally new and different strategy. This is unlikely because of the fact that there is not much you can change about discounts and deals. I don’t think there is much room for growth outside of the customers that are regularly buying deals through Groupon.

    2. Foursquare- Rebounds
    a. I placed Foursquare in the rebounds category because it was popular when it first launched, but then plummeted slightly. The app has become less popular because of the Internet requirements. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular. It is also becoming more and more practical because people are interested in location-based applications that allow users to check in at certain places and share them in their feed. When people see places that are being checked into a lot they will be more likely to go there and check out the hype. I think Foursquare is on the verge of a comeback!

    3. Social Fingerprinting- Rising Stars
    a. I placed Social Fingerprinting in the rising stars category because it is a program of ratings, training, and tools designed to help companies measure and improve social performance. Companies can choose from the program components to make their existing social performance better. This is definitely something that is going to make a dent in today’s social networking. It will become increasingly popular because it offers tools and training that will help companies enhance their businesses and brands.

  42. The categories I would place social fingerprinting, Radian six, and Foursquare are:
    Social fingerprinting in my opinion would be under Rising Stars. The reasons why are because they pull all media information in one place, its fast, affordable, and you can post whatever you want employers and other people to know about you. In addition you can also upload your personal resume and keep it regularly updated. Social Fingerprinting is similar to Top 10 Rising Stars number seven, Visual Storytelling Engagement. Just like social fingerprinting, you can paint a picture of your life experience, work experience, pictures, animation, and tell people about your life that can get you a great job in your own words.
    Radian six in my opinion would belong under Top ten Marginal. The following reasons are because Radian six represents those social sources that have been somewhat, but not quite forgotten. It gives you opportunity to tap into customers that still like public relations, and sales and marketing there way. Radian six is similar to Top ten Marginal number ten Print Magazines for unplugged Audience. Just like Radian six, Marginal tap into the unplugged Audience for those that are not so technological savvy.
    Lastly, Foursquare would be under the Top ten Rebounders. The reasons why is because everyone or most people have a smart phone device with them throughout their daily lives. People like to use social networking websites especially when users get rewards for checking into websites through their social media account. Additionally, new technologies are based on these applications where users can choose to download them. Foursquare has also allowed users to use their mobile device to interact with their environment just like Marginal. On April 2012, there was 20 million registered users that had made and account with Foursquare. It is expected to grow by 50% outside the United States with supporters like Europeans and Koreans in the next few years.

  43. As pertaining to social media stars, RIPS, rebounds and marginals, I categorized three of the social content media below…
    Augmented Rweality (AR)—RISING STAR
    Augmented reality (AR) is a live, copy, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or G.P.S. data. Augmented Reality seems o be really cool and it reminds me of the type of technology that would be implemented in the facemask of the Marvel caracture Iron Man. With the ability to understand and process this amount of information so quickly I suppose there would be many unique applications that may be instituted for its use in the near future. I suppose if we are going to benefit from such technology we can be creative in the ways it can be more useful .There are many reasons why this technology may be a little before its time. Privacy and the constitutional rights of many individuals may be violated due to the free use of such devices. I am pretty excited to see how it can be used to bring a better quality of life for the world as a whole when it does become more mainstream and in demand. Because thre public seems to not have acclimated to wearable technology among the masses I believe it can be a future rising superstar when they marry fashion with function for the future.
    I am placing Groupon under Rebounders since it has gotton widespread acclaim for being a great way to take advantage of the best deals at some of the best prices. I would think it may rebound due to the use of coupons in general, however with the cutting out of the middleman and Groupon being the type of site that attracts those seeking the very best price the use of Groupon may be sporadic at best. I have used it but ended up unsatisfied with the process. Like Retail Me Not, Groupon may be used by some as a tool to get other brick and morter retailers to price match to save their sale, which ultimately will pull even more activity away from them. They also are seeking to strengthen their niche market so now they are going after the female shopper more who may be interested in fashion and beauty. I definitely don’t see Groupon getting big again anytime soon, but this may have a lot to do with the availability of alternative as time progresses as well as the way the other sights bring their content to the mobile users.

    RADIAN6—Rising STAR
    Radian 6 lets you listen to what people are saying about your company. You can tweak your message to build a stronger connection since you can watch your campaigns across every channel and know their demographics to know whats working best. Which channels people mention your company,products industry or competitors the most. Easily identify leads for your salespeople by discovering interest of customers. The attributes available on Radius6 seems to be the type and form which would be familiar and therefore attractive to small business wh are looking to gain simple more effective ways to monitor their web presence and fan base growth. The use of widgets to clarify demographics and statical information make Radius 6 fairly inviting to the new business owner seeking to find pliable webtools to develop their growing opportunities. I would categorize Radius6 as A RISING SUPERSTAR and would not be surprised to see several more copycat apps just like them down the road.

    Marginal—Digg is a website that highlights the trending articles on the web and analyzes the interest of web users. It seems in the past Digg had a pretty good following and was pretty well read by many. However after the big issue with sensorship from specific interested parties Digg advocates resisted this intervention and turned from their origeddit seemed to get their followers and now DIGG is seeking to revamp their platform with NO AD service to seek to attract more followers. I believe these efforts may be positive, but a little late…so with all the other DiGG-type services available and the plethora of information available I must place DIGG in the marginal category since people will still look on but not remain serious followers of them.

  44. The rise of technology and social media has sky rocketed over the years. There are so many different gadgets, applications, devices, etc., that are out in the industry that helps everyone attain information quicker. With the rise of technology, the expectations and usage of social media and technological products has also increased. Everyone including businesses all desire to gather information more quickly, accessible, and efficiently. The faster one can obtain vital information, the better their advantage. Furthermore, looking at the report of the top 10 different categories of high and lows of social media provided a better understanding of which are doing well and which are doing poorly and which are rising again. The different categories are rising stars, rebounders, RIPs, and marginal. Considering that, I decided to focus on augmented reality, Groupon, and foursquare.
    I decided to place augmented reality in the rising category because the updated application is very cool and has great features that can help enhance ones way of finding things. It provides the location, estimated time, a different view, a lot more vital information and more choices of what one wants to do with their time. It also provides more information with a different view and perception better known as AR technology. The technology is video game like which some people may. Considering anything new has its advantages and disadvantages however, this may be the next best GPS type system.
    I decided to place Groupon in the rebounder category because it is a good app and idea however it is not going to last in the long run with the top competitors. The app helps people save a lot of money on different items, vacation spots, restaurants and more. It is right at the consumer’s hand being that it accessible thru mobile devices which are very popular in this day and age. Many people are aware of the application but many people may not be users. There are so many different apps and websites that offer discounts, which Groupon could do some improving and make a strong comeback.
    I decided to place foursquare in the rebounder category just like Groupon in that the app and idea is good however there does not seem to be any growth of users. The foursquare app helps one find different places and restaurants and allows users to leave reviews and share experiences with friends. It is very accessible on mobile devices which are important in that everyone wants to be able to attain information rather quickly and efficiently. Just like Groupon, foursquare is bound to make some sort of comeback as it already is starting to.

  45. Digg – Marginals

    Digg is a news site that people can go on and read many different types of articles, from a wide variety of sources. Users can rate the articles positivity or negatively, which affects the visibility of the article to other users. An unfortunate side effect of this rating method is that groups or very active users can bury an article for personal reasons.
    This site falls into the marginal category. When Digg first began there where millions of unique visits to the site. However, due to the potential of only receiving basis news and not being able to easily read a less main stream view, its visitor rating have decline. They have introduce updated apps and a new design to attract new eyes to the site, but it still not one of the most popular or suggested news sites.

    Social Fingerprinting – Rising Star

    Social Fingerprinting is a new method of on-line identification which can be seen as a digital fingerprint. Companies using this technology search and analyze information found on social media sites such as Face book, Link tin and Twitter to establish patterns and information about users. Social fingerprinting can be used for on-line reputation management. For instance you hire an organization to research your on-line presence and alert you of any negative or untruthful statements.
    These sites can also assist to combat on-line fraud. On-line merchants can get finger print information on their customers and compare that to other users that may be trying to defraud the company. They can also use the patterns, information, ip address and location information to establish if your account has been compromised.
    This is a new and exciting technology that will only grow as we continue to use the internet in our daily lives. Social fingerprinting can definitely be categorized as a rising star.

    Groupon – RIP

    Groupon is a site that publishes coupons and discounts from a large variety of stores. In the beginning it was a very popular site where many users came for the deal of the day. It was an excellent place to find great savings on entertainments, food and services. Overtime, the site’s popularity took a hit due to bad customer service and the fact that you don’t get the deal unless enough people sign up for it. Companies offering the deals also found themselves getting slim (if any) profits from participating in Groupon so over time there have been less significant savings for consumers on the site. There have also been complaints by users that companies are using a marked up MSRP in order for their coupons to seem like a better deal.
    With the many issues plaguing the site and companies cutting out Groupon as a middle man and targeting customers themselves, it makes sense that their time is limited.

  46. Foursquare – Rebound

    Although the location based service Foursquare may have originally lost it’s footing in the social media realm due to the scarcity of contextual content and data bases, in addition to the limited amount of niche audiences it reached due to its format, interest has been renewed in location based services through its integration with mobile devices plus social media. The more recent incorporation of geo-social applications and data into popular social media networks that were not present when Foursquare first hit the scene will now provide a more powerful spatial analytics which will help enrich customers in-store shopping experience and create a platform for ads that are better tailored to the consumers’ needs than ever before. Therefore, the Foursquare can be categorized under rebound as the technology behind the service is making a new and improved comeback.

    Social Fingerprinting – RIP

    Although Social Fingerprinting can provide consumers with a report that allows them to see what information potential employers capture from various social media websites as well as the internet at large, a simple search of one’s name through the use of search engines such as Yahoo! and Google as well as an image search can help one obtain similar results as entering that criteria will bring up all of the websites where that information is available without having to pay a monthly fee. In addition, it is not economic for consumers to pay $6.50 a month for a service that is not needed once the consumer gets the job. Therefore, Social Fingerprinting can be categorized under RIP, as it does not offer the consumer any services that they can’t do on their own.

    Groupon – Marginal

    Although Groupon has approximately 44.9 million users across the globe and was one of the first websites of its kind to offer large discounts on everything from vacation packages to apparel, the company has reached somewhat of a plateau as far as innovation (after the release of it’s mobile app), although they still remain ahead of their competition. However, with the company’s recent acquisitions of Ticket Monster and Ideeli in addition to their diversified portfolio of revenue streams, they should remain a front running competitor as they have become a household name even with the rise of similar companies. Therefore, the company can be categorized under Marginal, as it is a stable company that has already seen it’s time as a rising star when it presented itself as having a new and different concept before gaining competitors, is still way ahead of it’s competitors as far as the amount of customers they have and profitability, which prevents it from being buried to rest in peace, and doesn’t have to rebound because they have consistently performed well in their market as well as the realm of social media as a whole.

  47. (Groupon- RIP)
    I believe that Groupon should be categorized as an RIP for many reasons. Though the company showed great potential and rapid growth in its early stages, their stocks went from an initial $20 per share (after their 2011 IPO) to an astounding $2.76 nearly one year after their IPO. This is not only sad, but it also parallels to the track record of Groupon’s CEO, Eric Lefkofsky. The stocks have since increased in value, but they are still at about $11 per share, which is a little more than 50% of what they started out as. Some may believe that they can still make a comeback, but I think there is little growth left for Groupon to obtain. Many consumers were ecstatic about the opportunity to save money in such an easy way, and even business owners were happy to get new customers in this struggling economy; however, the popularity has decreased. Additionally, one of the key dynamics in 2014’s social marketing trends is Social business. Though the economy is still not booming as many Americans would like for it to be, Groupon is still not where it was in 2011. In order for me to reconsider my categorization, and for them to rebound, their marketing team needs to formulate a plan, and they need to do it quickly, because other similar companies are quickly taking their place. I honestly believe that if Groupon could capitalize on their mobile friendliness, then they’d have the opportunity to continue at the rate that they are going, but overall growth would require a brand new marketing strategy.

    (Four Square-Rebound)
    I’m placing Four Square under the Rebounds, because it definitely incorporates the key dynamic of mobile friendliness at its core. With the increased popularity of smart phone usage, this company has nowhere to go, but up. This social networking site is golden, because the concept is very simple for the users. All they have to do is check into the places that they go (and this is now easier thanks to the increase in wireless internet in most places) and they receive points. Though the company’s popularity declined after 2012, it is making a comeback! I think that revamping the visual appeal and the user friendliness of the app will help it grow even more, because more people will be willing and able to use it.

    (Social Fingerprinting-Rising Star)
    Social Fingerprinting is a rising star. Though I personally disagree that employers should be able to view what people do in their personal lives in order to find out how they might do their jobs, the concept of it is golden. Why? Because, so many companies are using it, and many more will begin using it in the near future. In today’s world, we all know that once something is on the Internet, it is there forever. Many companies are worried about potential employees that might lead lives that are embarrassing to their company or that make the company look bad as a whole. This social media site allows companies to see what potential employees are like beyond their suits and ties that they display during interviews. Though the use of such sites by employers is highly debated, there is no doubt in my mind that companies will discontinue using it, because hiring an employee is an investment, and no one wants to take a chance on a bad investment.

  48. I am placing Foursquare under rebounds because the number three in the top ten rebounds in location based services transformed to SoLoMo. Foursquare is a location based, geo-social app that gained popularity very quickly. The add allows users to “check-in” to stores, restaurants, and other locations that reward them with points based on how many check-ins they use. Users compete against their friends to have to most points and compete to be the mayor of a location if he or she has the most check-ins. Some stores and restaurants offer incentives to those who check-in because it helps their advertisement. Social plus location plus mobile (SoLoMo) apps like Foursquare are arguably too game-oriented and lack contextual content regarding users’ shopping histories and social profiles.
    I am placing social fingerprinting in rebounds because it is becoming more popular again. People are becoming displeased with cookies. Fingerprinting could potentially replace cookies. It looks at the computer to form a unique identity of each user much the way a fingerprint does. Cookies will eventually be gone because smart data retrieval is on the rise.
    I would place groupon under marginal because online shopping has been growing a lot over the past few years. Many people think it is easier to shop and return items if needed online. Groupon stands out from other sites because it helps users find the best deals. It also helps users find deals on goods and services based on a specific location. It is easy for a company to get lost in social media but groupon has become a popular and well known app used by many people.

  49. Groupon-RIP

    Groupon is a website that features discounted gift cards for local or national companies, including online websites as well. When Groupon launched in 2008 they were a rising star and even rejected a $6 billion buyout offer from Google. However, I would place under RIPS for 2014 because businesses are tending to move away from it. Also, Groupon and the whole daily deal business are under pressure because a lot of participants offer a money-losing proposition to merchants. There are also too many random offers and they send their customers too much random emails that most customers are not even interested in. Furthermore, according to the New York Times, Muddy’s Coffeehouse, which serves coffee and granola, had to take out a loan to cover its Groupon losses. Daily deal media reported that in 2011, 798 daily deal websites shut down. Therefore, I do not see a very profitable and positive future for Groupon right now.


    Foursquare is a location based social-networking website for mobile devices. It rewards its users when checking-in places by giving them points. The more they check-in to places the more points/rewards they accumulate. Foursquare is depending on ads that will pop up instantly when you are near stores. I think that Foursquare has potential to further expand some of their ideas that can enable users to share and connect socially with one another.

    Radian 6-Star

    Radian 6 is a social media-monitoring tool, which aids companies in engaging actively with its customers through social media platforms. Social media has been rising extremely the past years and is very important for businesses. Radian 6 makes it possible for companies to be aware of what customers are saying about their brand and can therefore better themselves. Feedback is vital for companies to succeed and is very beneficial for them.

  50. I am placing Social Fingerprinting under Rising Stars because it is a virtual CMS system that allows businesses to take measure, manage, and improve marketing efforts through social media. This website allows companies keep track of customer interaction with their marketing campaigns. By comparing measurements of multiple campaigns companies can better improve their marketing efforts and even test out new ideas. Social media is a great way to build a brand and by using a website like Social Fingerprinting companies are able to do exactly that. Social Fingerprinting offers more than just tools, it’s focused on training companies to build their brand.

    I am placing DIGG under Marginals because it is a website the compiles news for multiple types of readers and shares it on their homepage. This website focuses on what’s “trending” on the web. The genius who dreamed up this website decided to find the most popular topics on the web and compile them into one website so that readers only had to go to one place. This idea is brilliant because it brings readers of all types into the website and even allows them to share what they are reading through social media. Many websites have integrated DIGG plugins that let users share pages and articles on their DIGG account.

    I am placing Foursquare under Rebounds because it’s a location-based social website. Foursquare can also be considered Rising Star because businesses are added by businesses and users, not by the company. Foursquare was built with the idea that consumers trust their friends more than advertising. Foursquare allows users to check into locations and post them into their social media feed. Consumers see where their friends have been and will often be more enticed to going to the same location. This is especially effective for retail stores and restaurants.

  51. Augmented Reality: Rising Star
    Augmented reality (AR), a true up and coming rising star, will become a dominant factor in all forms of marketing as it continues to evolve and expand. Because of the opportunities, the reach, the influence and impact it will have on everyday individuals, it would be considered impossible and irrational for marketers and businesses not to utilize AR itself. According to Layar—the global leader in augmented reality and interactive print technology—AR can provide consumers a greater, highly enjoyable digital experience with ads, magazines, business cards, and even a whole aisle at the super market.

    DIGG: Rebounds
    DIGG’s purpose is to collect trending news from politics, science, and viral issues for the Internet audience. It sounds great at first until you realize that this is not the only site that offers interesting news to the Internet. Competitors such as Reddit and StumbleUpon are continuing to grow and are taking a bigger share of the pie that DIGG desperately needs. It doesn’t help either that DIGG split into three parts and never regained its fan base and former glory after a failed deal with Google. The only reason that DIGG is not resting in peace yet is that they integrated Facebook and Twitter into their system and they allow users to choose and vote for stories that they care most about. Because of that user interaction and engagement, they are surviving and they still have a chance for a comeback. All it takes is to stare down their completion and continue to find ways to make themselves stand out and create a unique experience other social news sites can’t.

    Foursquare: Marginal
    According to their site, Foursquare “helps you find the perfect places to go with friends, helps you discover the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in your area”. This sounds perfect for the mobile world, to have a means that allow smartphone users to engage their surroundings wherever they are. The problem: there are many different applications that provide a very similar experience in this mobile world. It is comforting to know that Foursquare understands that fact and they are doing something about it. To make their service stand out, they built a software that allowed users to gain access to coupons and deals to local vendors but my thoughts were that Groupon does the same function too. Although competition is severe, I can imagine Foursquare growing in influence as long as they continue to take steps to tailor their service to something unique and different.

  52. Foursquare: Rebound

    When Foursquare first launched into the market in 2008 it attracted a lot of consumers. People enjoyed that it was an exciting and easy way to meet up with their friends and business partners. Although Foursquare seemed to have a promising plunge in the market, the lack of wifi and people with direct Internet access lessened the apps popularity. It was not until four years later that Foursquare success took off. In 2012, most people had full Internet service on their phones and GPS tracking had become very popular. Foursquare’s app once again began to be downloaded at a fast rate.

    Groupon: Marginal

    Groupon hit the market with a boom of increasing popularity. People loved the idea of getting discounted deals on restaurants, hotels, and getaways. Although Groupon started off offering mostly activity related Groupon’s, they quickly expanded into offering a variety of shopping products as well. Groupon not only gave consumers the ease of finding the cheapest date night or family outing, but offered companies a chance to advertise their business. Many newer companies used Groupon as a way to advertise their services. From my own experience with Groupon I have used many services through them that I would not have normally purchased. Groupon has been a steady competitor in the market as they continue to attract customers.

    Radian 6: Star

    Radian 6 is a tool that helps businesses organize social media conversations regarding their company. This app has taken off and done well in the market. I think with the rise in social media this app is going to exponentially increase in popularity in the next few years. Every year there are social media sites and programs being added to the market. With the intense amount of social media blogs and Internet communications, businesses can lose site of how to connect with their customers. Radian6 is an amazing tool that helps business to organize customer’s comments on many different websites. Instead of an agent having to go through each social media site and respond to individual customers, through this program they can have easy access to internet conversations and can quickly respond.

  53. I would place Groupon under rebounders because now that everyone has a smartphone people are more likely to download the app and scroll through groupon’s deals when their glued to their phones. This site offers deals for travel, food, shopping and beauty. More companies are now putting ads on groupon for their business because if someone is in a certain area and goes on to groupon to do a search your business will potentially come up which will draw in more consumers. Online marketing has become more and more popular. Groupon not only benefits consumers by providing discounted goods but also a good place for companies to market themselves.
    Radian6: I would place Radian6 under rising stars. This keeps track of the comments being written about a certain brand or product online. Radian 6 will help the company a lot to find out how their brands are perceived online. This will give companies a lot of feedback. Having feedback is vital for companies, if its positive feedback then you know that you are doing something right and if its negative feedback that’s a great way to know what you’re not doing right and make changes. Customers are the reason business stay open so their feedback is very important to increase business.
    I would place Social Fingerprinting with the Marginal. I think companies want to go the extra mile to protect themselves from fraudulent transactions. Not only companies but consumers are also worried about fraud and want to be able to protect themselves. Social Fingerprinting gives you the same technology employers use to screen job applicants and it gives you the tools to manage your overall online brand and reputation. There are so many instances when hapless employees and applicants have posted negative, malicious, or otherwise unprofessional updates on their profile.

  54. Rising Star: Augmented Reality

    I would put Augmented Reality under rising stars because of the current generations addiction with high tech toys. We love using top of the line technology so its easier to adapt to something like Google Glasses, that super impose images or a phone with an app that gives every object its own information. Rise of the smart phone has giving a new life to Augmented reality Apps. It has tremendous potential to be a game changer. It was the thing of the future. Finally the technology and the people are ready for it. AR is no longer ahead of its time.

    Rebound: Foursquare

    I put Foursquare on a rebound because they seem to have worked out the bugs. It became super popular during 2012 but couldn’t capitalize on its success. Locations to location-based apps are more common now. People are not reluctant to let apps know their location and want deals around them as well. Even though social media sites have the same concept going on Foursquare does it better and I feel like they might be bought by asocial media site anyway. So they have a chance to grow this year.

    Marginal: DIGG

    I put Digg as marginal because of so many negatives aspects to it. It’s hard to get your blog posts on the main page of Digg, Top users control much of what gets on the main page of Digg., Traffic that comes from Digg is generally short-lived, Spam content finds its way on Digg frequently, People pay the top users and other companies to generate diggs for content and move it to the main page of Digg leaving less chance for your posts to get to the main page. Digg does not like it when users submit their own pages or blog posts and will penalize users who do so too frequently.

  55. Augmented Reality – Rising Star
    I think augmented reality is going to be a rising star this year. A few companies have started to integrate augmented reality into their websites. For example, the XBOX Kinect allows you to try on clothes, and Fits.me allows you do it as well. The Lenscrafters website allows you to try on glasses frames virtually so that you can make a decision before you ever walk in a store. There are many mobile apps that are incorporating augmented reality as well. There are apps like Type-n-Walk and Walk-N-Text that give you a transparent screen (using your camera) so that you can still see in front of you while you text. Perhaps one of the biggest possibilities with augmented reality is Google Glass. We’re still waiting to see how it will perform when it’s finally released, but it’s had a huge buzz since its initial conception.
    DIGG – Rebounder
    DIGG has the potential for a serious rebound. DIGG is basically a social news aggregator that allows you to view various trending news topics, particularly in science, technology, and politics. “Social Network Aggregation” was mentioned on the list of Rising Stars. You can approve or disapprove an article by “digging” or “burying” (essentially “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”). Even though DIGG is a news website, at first glance they are similar to Pinterest, which was also mentioned on the list of Rising Stars under “Photo and Imagery-Based Websites”. When you go on the website, there are large thumbnails for you to select your article. Besides news articles, DIGG also includes videos, something many internet users prefer, and DIGG Reader, a personalized RSS reader/news aggregator. Perhaps one of their best moves was creating a mobile app available on iOS and Android, as well as a Google Chrome extension for DIGG Reader. I believe that DIGG’s adoption of a mobile app as well as their general movement towards SoLoMo will ultimately help them find renewed success.
    Groupon – R.I.P.
    Groupon is a creative idea that I think is fundamentally flawed. Basically, you sign up you’re your email address. There’s a deal of the day, a coupon that you can purchase for whatever the listed price is and redeem for a product or service at another establishment. Groupon receives half of the profit, and the other company receives the other half. The problem with Groupon is that there are many offers that just aren’t interesting and only appeal to a small segment. You also end up with a lot of unwanted email. The point of Groupon, at least from the other company’s point-of-view, is that you would come in to use your coupon and end up being attracted to the other services that they offer, but this often isn’t the case. Because you actually purchased the coupon beforehand, you don’t feel obligated to buy anything else. On top of all that, Groupon has had too many times when their system didn’t work properly and you didn’t get your coupon or it took long to receive it.

  56. Groupon:
    I would place Groupon in the Rebounders category. Groupon is a website that features a daily deal with discounts and gift certificates that can be used in local and national companies. Groupon has been around since 2008 and has grown greatly in size. Their popularity decreased but with their new App they have become more popular since it is more accessible to customers. People can now have their coupons on their mobile devices instead of having to print out their coupons. Companies are now putting more offers on Groupon since this serves as a way of marketing. I bought a kickboxing class recently and will show up at the place and show them my barcode on my cellphone. This is the first time I have used Groupon, and I will definitely use it again.

    I chose to place Foursquare under the RIP category. Foursquare is a social network website and application based on the device’s (person’s) location. Users can check into places so others can see where they are. Users also receive notifications of nearby places and recommendations based on their location. I have never used this application, but have seen update statuses on other social media websites. I have also heard people talking about this application, but I have never downloaded it because it doesn’t catch my attention. I used to see more Foursquare updates before, I am placing this company under the RIP category because I feel like they are not as popular anymore.

    Radian 6:
    I chose to place Radian 6 under the Marginals category. Radian 6 is a social media-monitoring tool. Social media is something almost every company has. I work at Ocean Drive magazine, and social media plays a big roll in the company. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are very important for us. This is also a way to get feedback from our clients. Radian 6 gives us easy access to different information using keywords, #hashtags, and phrases. Radian 6 gives companies the opportunity to get customers’ feedback, comments, and complaints. This way they can improve their products and/or services.

  57. Foursquare: Rebounds

    As a location-based social media site, foursquare is perfect for smartphone users allowing them to interact with their environment. It allows users to check in their location by various means. Depending on how often the user checks in, he or she is awarded badges or points. Foursquare quickly became popular during its 2012 introduction. However, the apps popularity fell due to complexity and lack of visual appeal. Like other rebounders, foursquare has recently resurfaced the social media scene. As smartphones have become increasingly vital to most people, many companies have taken notice and increased the amount of in-store WiFi. In store WiFi allows users to easily connect with their environment and friends based on shopping similarities. As technology continues to improve, the app can apply the improvements and apply it for a higher success rate. The app will continue to become successful with both users and businesses.

    Groupon: Marginal

    Although Groupon was launched as a rising star in 2008, the app has been consistently popular. Groupon allows users to purchase various coupons from their website and redeem them with accepted vouchers. For example, on Groupon you can buy $30.00 worth of food from McDonalds but only pay $10.00 for it. The company would receive 50% percent of the profit and Groupon the other 50%. Although customers will continue wanting the best deal for their money, Groupon does not have much room for improvement. The continuous technological advancements cannot be applied to their app nor does the app receive much recognition. Although smartphone users can download a Groupon app and redeem vouchers with through their phone, users desire change and improvements. Additionally, because Groupon was so successful many competing sites have been created like Living Social and Half-Off Depot which can potentially cause a loss of business for the company. Despite increasing competition, Groupon still remains a front runner.

    Augmented Reality: Rising Star

    The app Augmented Reality combines real-world environment elements and ‘augments’ these elements with the addition of computer images and effects. The app can easily be considered a rising star as it incorporates many qualities of other rising stars. Photo and imagery based sites are considered rising stars and augmented reality will help aid in their growth as well as its own. As users create unique images, they can save them and upload them for friends and other social media users to see. This will quickly boost the introductory popularity of the app.

  58. Rebound/ Transformation- Foursquare

    Foursquare being the second creation of the same idea used to create Dodgeball (now known as Google Latitude) is definitely an impressive rebound/ transformation. It separated itself from its competition by allowing users to gain points, badges, and mayor status. They launched a major redesign in 2012; which included the addition of a rating system based on previous check ins and a ‘recently opened’ feature. For the future they envision the app moving towards learning your behavior and food taste and actually recommending where you should go. Probably good to know that if you are a Fousquare user your behavior is being observed but then again can we expect anything less? This feature is fairly infantile as of now and is called real-time suggestions. The fusion of social network and travel aid are what keep the users interested in Foursquare.

    Rising Star- Augmented Reality

    The capabilities of what Augmented Reality can do are endless and it is changing the world. The future of automobiles, medicine, art, and so much more will rely on AR. The era of the smartphones has opened the platform for such awesome technology! AR is the union of real life and the virtual world. To some it is something of the future but others will debate that we are almost there. One thing that impressed me (being an interior design aficionado) was reading about how AR can assist you in decorating your home by previewing how a painting or sculpture would fit. Also, the future of policemen and firemen rescues where AR will allow them to see a virtual map of the area in order to better know their surroundings. So impressive!

    Rebound- Radian6

    Radian6 partners with Salesforce.com, Webtrends, Omniture, and Google analytics to offer companies a place where you can review all your social media activity, comments, and even create social advertising campaigns. With the whole world on this social media craze I believe this monitoring tool is something to watch out for! After reading a few articles I learned that they upgraded their interface and use widgets to sort data in a flexible dashboard.

  59. Radian 6- STAR
    I put Radan 6 in the star category because it’s a great tool for any size company to hear what customers are saying about your brand. Social media is something that companies have to be heavily involved in order to get brand recognition. The days of just marketing on T.V, magazines, and other Medias are over, if a B2C company is not involved in social media the competition will kill them. There is so much platforms of social media and billions of people are on them every day talking about products good or bad its imperative that companies know what customers are saying about them. Radian 6 gathers that information for you so you know what customers are saying. This information allows you to personally reach to that customer to fix their problem and make the customer feel valued. To respond to that customer is invaluable when a customer dosnt expect the company to reach out to them this will likely gain that customer back and create a positive brand image for that company.
    Groupon – Rebound
    The concept of groupons is fantastic I think the company is losing money because of management not the idea. They have the mobile app that can give consumers deals on the go this is key to the company’s success because mobile commerce is in the star category. With a price sensitive market people are always looking for the “deal” I think groupon helps consumers get that deal. Groupon helps businesses get new customers so it is a win win for both parties.
    Foursquare- marginal
    I placed it in marginal because it’s a cool idea but I just do not know were it is going. It could be a great travelling tool to see what to do and were to go in cities and countries it can be a great travelling guide but It may be biased because it will only recommend business that pay for advertisements so I do not know if a customer will experience the best in what the city has to offer. Im also concerned with privacy issues letting people know were you are in real time I don’t know if that is the way of the future because of safety and security reasons.

  60. Rebounders: Foursquare

    I believe that Foursquare is due for a significant rebound and rise in use this year. First and foremost, Foursquare touches on all of the key facets of the SoLoMo revolution. The app is inherently social, as it is an opportunity for the user to share their location with the world. This could be for one of several reasons. The user could use the service to allow friends to know where he/she is at the moment, for others to meet up. The service falls into the local category, as this is the heart of the Foursquare concept. Finally, Foursquare is mobile, with nearly all of its use coming from smartphones.

    Business owners are just now tapping into the marketing potential of Foursquare, using it for advertising potential and offering specials (a form of Social Influence Rewarding) for those who check in to any given location. Once this value is converted to Social ROI, the true potential of this app/service will become clearer and more widely recognized.

    RIP: Groupon

    At one time, Groupon seemed poised to take over the world. In recent times, however, they have gone through many issues – both internally and externally. Groupon has gone through several corporate shifts as they cope with a shrinking audience.

    There is a significant flaw in Groupon’s model. Initially, it was popular between both business owners AND consumers. This, of course, was when the market was relatively new and undiscovered. While Groupon is still the biggest name in their market, business owners are moving away in droves. The main reason is that they are getting customers/clients on a low margin, and then those customers/clients are not renewing or repurchasing at prevailing rates. As the market stabilizes, I feel that Groupon will struggle to reclaim their spot at the top.

    Marginal: Augmented Reality

    I’ve listed Augmented Reality as a marginal product, as I feel it is just ahead of its time. Although Augmented Reality is a tremendous technology that can be accessed via a growing number of tools (smartphones, Google Glass, etc) its implementation has been very gimmicky and/or expensive until recently. Once it can be used in most every day lifestyles and actions, it will gain traction.

  61. Social Fingerprinting – Rising Star
    I would categorize social fingerprinting as a rising star. Social fingerprinting gives employers the advantage to research potential candidates for a position based on their practice and past history within social media networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). It allots employers to view their candidates outside the interview process, giving insight to their day-to-day activity. As social networks become more of a norm and daily routine in one’s daily tasks, employers will turn to these resources to ensure their next applicant is the right fit for their company and worthy of being a brand ambassador to their consumers. Technology continues to rise and people continue to put their lives on social media networks. It is easy gains for companies to research potential candidates through already existing platforms and those that have yet to come.

    GroupOn – Marginal
    GroupOn, along with the application Living Social, were the first on the scene to offer its consumers great products at discounted rates. Partakers of the apps could browse through categories to find products at 50% or more off, or they could receive daily deals sent to them by email. This application is marginal because after the success of it’s launching and the services it provided many new companies and applications have emerged that offer the same services and discount. Although it has added extra features such as travel packages to exotic places and within the US, GroupOn is going to have to continue to reinvent itself in order to stay relevant and alive in the competitive world of offering consumers great products and things to do at reasonably low rates.

    Foursquare – Rebound
    Foursquare emerged into the social media scene and conquered location services with users. It gave its members the ability to check-in to locations they were at, see reviews, gain coupons, and take over mayorships of different locations. Although it hit it’s 15 minutes of fame as its own independent application, Foursquare has rebounded in the game by providing top social media applications such as Instagram and Twitter with their location based services. Users who may not utilize Foursquare itself are partaking in what it has to offer through these other avenues.

  62. 1. Augmented Reality – Rising Star
    I would place augmented reality under the category of “Rising Star” because of the many features and elements it brings to the table. It is defined as, “the interation of superimposed graphics, audio and other sense enhancements over a real-world environment that is displayed in real-time” (Cassella, 2009). The world around us today is so interactive; therefore, this technology essentially allows people to be in two places at once. Augmented reality proposes so many opportunities in so many different industries that there is no way that marketers and business people will not take advantage of it.
    2. Foursquare – Marginal
    Foursquare used to be “the” application that people would use whenever they were going to be out and about. Now, I feel as though Foursquare is under the category of “Marginal,” due to the fact that there are so many different applications that provide a very similar service. Defined by the company, “Foursquare is a free app that helps you and your friends make the most of where you are” (Foursquare, 2014). With other social media sites really focusing in on the same concepts that Foursquare brings to its market, the company will stay mediocre. Although, with the use of innovation, Foursquare has the ability to stand out significantly and achieve the success it once had over their competitors; therefore, Foursquare has the potential to rebound towards success.
    3. Groupon – Rebound
    I would place Groupon in the category of “Rebound.” Although going through some troubles in 2013, Groupon seems as though they are making their way back to the strong, successful company that they are known for being. Groupon’s Mission states, “Groupon’s mission is to become the world’s commerce operation system. By connecting buyers and sellers through price and discovery, we have the opportunity to become one of the world’s essential companies, a daily habit for our customers and merchant partners” (Groupon, 2014). The company really focuses on the needs and wants of their customers, and by doing so has created a loyal customer base that is bound to grow through word-of-mouth and the growing success that they are experiencing.

    Cassella, D. (2009, November 03). What is augmented reality (ar). Retrieved from http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/what-is-augmented-reality-iphone-apps-games-flash-yelp-android-ar-software-and-more/
    Foursquare. (2014). About foursquare. Retrieved from https://foursquare.com/about
    Groupon. (2014). Our mission. Retrieved from http://www.groupon.com/press/about-groupon

  63. Groupon (Rebounder)
    I would put Groupon as a rebounder. Groupon has been a favorite for a long time and is still very popular. Groupon is already a very internet based type of marketing and I think the more they integrate with social media, the more they will benefit from it. Even though Groupon is doing quite well I think there is still room to grow and more potential to grow through social media.

    Radian 6 (Star)

    I would put Radian 6 as a star. Marketers are using social media for all it is worth with marketing, but Radian 6 brings something professional to the table and something that is actually set up for ads and marketing. Radian 6 makes it easier for marketers to track and respond to trends more quickly and everything is set up for marketers to try and fail and eventually succeed. I think this easy and efficient way to do marketing is a game changer and can be very beneficial for marketers in the future.

    DIGG (RIP)
    I am placing Digg in the RIP section even though it might be unfair to already write them off. The reason for this is because of the competition they have with mainly Google but also sites like Reddit. In my opinion people will turn to other sites for the same stuff Digg is offering. I would probably say Google is there biggest competitor and Google is not a company you want to compete against, at least not at this time. But who knows, it might be a sudden success with help from various social media outlets and it can quickly gain a solid reputation through social media. But right now I do not see a bright future for Digg.

  64. RIP

    Groupon is a “deal-of-the-day” type of website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies, including online websites. I placed this group in in the RIP category because many business and companies are starting to stray away from using it. Groupon is converting from a once-prosperous ideal of daily deals, into straighter e-commerce sales, which was a very bad idea from my viewpoint. With a powerhouse company such as Amazon having different daily deals, Groupon will not be able to compete with them in the long-run, thus sending in to the graveyard in the near future.

    Rising Stars

    Augmented reality is a live duplicate view of a somatic real-world environment whose features are created by a computer. It takes virtual reality and replaces what people see in the real world with a computer-generated one. It generates sensory inputs such as sound, video, and illustrations. This is something new that I never heard of and gives a different viewpoint on the real world. I placed this in the stars category because everyday technology seems to change and so do peoples viewpoints.


    Digg is a news collection with a journalistic driven front page that aims to select stories specifically for the Internet audience. This website collects news such as science and trending political issues that go on in social media. I placed this company in the marginal section because it has news that I can find on popular sites such as Google and Yahoo. So why would I waste my time searching on Digg, when I can just find news in less than one second on either of these sites? Additionally, Digg was sold into three parts a few years ago, and never seemed to regain that momentum it had before. It was close to being placed in the RIP category, but by allowing its users to vote on the popularity of the trending news saved it from being RESTING IN PEACE forever!

  65. I see augmented reality as being a rising star among social media circles. With augmented reality and location tracking technologies getting more and more advanced, it seems logical that the two are bound to infiltrate the social media phenomenon sooner than later. With augmented reality already having shown practical uses in the spheres of medicine, entertainment, and gaming, and the market as a whole projected to increase in value by nearly 15.25% annually, the likelihood that its influence will be seen in advertising via social media seems great.

    I am inclined to place Groupon in the marginal category. Though not as popular as when it first came out, the company still holds a significant following, and finds itself in a compelling position. The success or failure of their next major project- intended to compete with Amazon as a portal for e-commerce sales- will determine whether Groupon turns into a Rebound or a RIP.

    Similarly, I view Foursquare as a rebounding company. After waning in popularity as an app that allows you to track the locations of your friends, the company has reinvented its brand as a source of local information and social recommendations. As such, the company has seen tremendous growth, expanding sixfold overall in 2013, and posting returns in Q1 of 2014 that were 500% greater than those in the same time frame a year earlier. Because Foursquare went from making $2 million in FY2012 to $21 million in Q1 2014, it must be viewed as a legitimately successful rebound.

  66. Foursquare (Rebound)
    Currently Foursquare rewards its user when checking in by gaining rewards, points and mayorship. The more they check in the more points and rewards they gain. Foursquare could have a rebound in 2014 in social media-marketing field. This application and its geological features give foursquare and advantage to growth due to luring in people in the social communities by sharing places near users have checked in to. Foursquare can also gather information about each user and associate it with others to see what users have in common. This is a great idea and has great potential in order to expand to any place in the world. By combining all of this information foursquare has a great potential for expansion by associating the users locations to their interest and sharing with others.
    Groupon (RIP)
    I would place Groupon in the RIP category. This is because it was a good idea but it overflowed its customers with random offers and to much junk in their emails. This type of social offer has to be more organized and tailored to every individual. Many people give it a try but when they see that it is just an overflow of offers they lose interest in the whole concept. .Another reason is that Groupon is a little slow when it comes to delivering. There are many orders that people pay for but they take a while to arrive or actually be purchased, this is why a company with a more real time purchasing operation will succeed more.
    Radian 6 (Stars)
    I consider Radian 6 under the Star category. Social media is a very important part of today’s business world and without it many people would not be able to be successful today. Radian 6 is a tool that makes it possible for companies to listen in on the consumer’s comments, complaints and opinions in order to better their products. This helps companies achieve a more perfect and well round product. Feedback is a very important factor in many successful businesses. With Radian 6 the customers voice will be heard and will help the company improve their product and services by analyzing all the positive and negative feedback.

    1. During 2014, companies have their own futuristic view and are place in different positions depending how well they are performing.
      Augmented Reality
      Augmented Reality, I think will fit in the Rising stars. Rising stars includes the latest technology that connects with real life or more lifestyle oriented. After looking at an augmented reality video, I could see how successful it’s going to be in the society. In today’s world, people are never satisfied with technology. We are always waiting for something more advance and unbelievable to come out and be one of the first ones to try it. For this reason, augmented reality is situated as rising star because is something updated, never seen before, that resembles our lives.

      In my point of view, Foursquare will be placed as a rebounder. Rebounders include SoLoMo (Social plus location plus mobile.) The service was created in 2009, is has a build in GPS, where people write reviews and tips. They were doing really good at the beginning but as people start realizing that smartphones have GPS and you could go online to look at reviews of places, they stop using foursquare to check-in or become a “Mayor.” Nowadays, not too many people talk about this app and as we can see Facebook has a check in, where people will be able to see where they have been at.

      DIGG, I would give them Marginal position. DIGG is a help full app to find, read and share the most interesting stories over the internet. RIP’s are noted in the 2014 social media predictions are that users not on google+ are RIPs. DIGG and Google+ serve as a personalized search experience but google+ it’s the second largest social network globally. Which means google+ is more advance than DIGG, many people prefer google+, and the ones that are not in google+ could be DIGG users. DIGG has the opportunity to grow in its video section that has been developing, as they see significant improvements because many people prefer to watch videos of their interest than reading.

  67. GroupOn
    I see GroupOn as an RIP. Reason being, the company that I work for is a smaller based regional insurance company located in only 5 States. About 2 years ago we reached out to GroupOn to promote one of our products because we wanted to go more into the B2C realm versus the B2B that we traditionally work in today. Well on top of the fact that GroupOn charged us 50% for all our sales, on the launch day, they actually messed up and launched our GroupOn in a state that we don’t do business, thus, we got no sales. Even after bringing the mistake to their attention, all they did was apologize and told us that we could go through the setup process all over again, needless to say, we haven’t reached back out to them since. I think it GroupOn made this mistake with us, there’s no telling what they’ve done to other small businesses out there.

    I would consider Radian6 to be a rising star. Recently at my company, in the last year, we’ve actually transitioned from a traditional marketing approach to the Inbound Marketing techniques. We have been working with HubSpot for over a year now and have seen a tremendous increase in our google analytics and website traffic due to focusing on creating workgroups/funnels for consumers and displaying content that is pertinent to our business. Recently, or at the end of last year, we also decided to switch our CRM system to SalesForce.com as opposed to Microsoft CRM which we have used for years. Why? Well because we wanted a central location to track our brand awareness, while cultivating bottom of the funnel hits, so we could provide quality leads to our Sales team, which I am a part of. Radian6 is the SalesForce.com add-on that bridges the gap of brand awareness into your CRM software.

    I see Foursquare as being marginal. Yes I do still have a number of friends who use the app to check-into places on FB and IG. But there still are a growing number of people who just use the FB or IG tracking device in the program to check-in as well. Ultimately I think that Foursquare really needs to get creative and come up with something to survive the shift in social media. Although they do have good reviews that I go through before trying new places.

  68. RIP to Groupon:
    Companies have started to fade away from using Groupon. I’ve seen many businesses close their doors due to lost minute marketing strategy like groupon. I use to work for a company that went out of business trying to draw customers in by using Groupon. The thing about that was it was there to save you money right. Well when they came in with a groupon coupon that was usually all they wanted. Beside that more and more companies are marketing the own saving programs and saving a lot more revenue doing that then using Groupon. So with that being said rest in pace Groupon.

    Time for a Rebound: (Foursquare)
    Foursquare is rebounding because more and more people love the hold idea of the social media world. Stay connected with friends and family where ever you are is starting to become a part of many peoples so call lifestyle. I was reading an article that stated more and more teenagers are not meeting up with friends due to social media. For one they are waiting to get their driver license until they turn 18 and then they rather use things like foursquare and facebook to communicate with friends. So the hanging out with friends is starting to fade away.

    DIGG: (Marginal)
    Finally I put Digg in the marginal category. People are always looking for something to talk about. Digg is giving them just that. It will be interesting to see how far they go or how long they many last. Digg is trying to do something that google and yahoo has been doing for many, many years. It’s a crazy world right now and a lot to be reported, but it’s all about where you hear it first. It takes in one big store and Digg will take off from there.

  69. Groupon: Will be placed in the marginal category. It burst onto the scene a few years ago and was a hot topic among many users. As for today’s functionality for those who like to plan ahead it is an ideal platform to find great deals. Likewise its location services allow users to find content wherever they are in real time. The slight disadvantage for is its everyday-real time use. Someone who is in a daily routine day in and day out cannot really use Groupon to its full advantage. Sure restaurants are prominent on the app but if I were to want a deal 10 minutes before I leave work for lunch I am not browsing Groupon to find it.

    Radian 6: I am placing in top 10 stars. Feedback is vital for any businesses success and the combination of social media usage with reviews and feedback is foremost today. Social media users put out so much information whether intentionally or not about products and companies they use. Gathering all this information can be a hassle but with the increased use of key words, hashtags and phrases, Radian 6 is an outstanding platform to attain it. Radian 6 captures the flow of traffic and displays fundamental data for companies to use when assessing users trends and tendencies.

    Foursquare: Is being placed in the rebound category. Foursquare fizzled out as a fad the past couple months as it never took off with many users due to its adherent entertainment fixture. There was no real value behind the platform as there was not a lot of vital information being processed. Now however, Foursquare monitors the users location and places advertisements of the surrounding area. Now there is also user reviews and ratings that promote the best locations based on different categories. Similarly to Groupon, now users are able to locate deals around them easier with interactive maps. Businesses will now invest more in the platform to promote themselves and this will generate better revenue for what was an unprofitable fad in its early stages

  70. Foursquare
    I would place Foursquare as a rising star. Yes foursquare has been slow on its rise, but it has absolutely grown in it own and is growing as we speak. It ability to be used by both the web and mobile devices gives customers more options and opportunities to use Foursquare. It has become a worldwide expansion to cover all the countries; there fore you can check in all around the world. In just a year Foursquare went from 5 million users to over 30 million. The service is still growing great, and they pick up more than 1 million users every month, and are around 60% international at this point
    I would place Radian6 under Marginals. Social media has become a huge part of marketing in society, and it is very important that different businesses are on top of their customer’s feedback. This is important because many companies are now utilizing popular social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. With radian6 companies are allowed to track different information based on keywords, making it simple and fast for progress.
    I would put Groupon in the rebounder category. It has been said that the local mobile marketing is exploding and Groupon has utilized this tactic in its development and growth strategies. As marketing strategies lean toward division through location-based services, companies are placing a much larger importance on finding out what consumers want and addressing these needs particularly. The key will be for Groupon to stay applicable by providing their users with real-time savings on the go, like they have been doing since they launched their Groupon Ap. Groupon is ahead of the game in offering local deals and continuously expanding its offerings, but it is now facing competition by companies such as Amazon Deals.

  71. Groupon: I would place Groupon under rebounders because even though it was not use as much for a period of time, with the app it started to attract people again. In it you can find good deals in everything you need, restaurants, travels, and beauty. I believe it is growing overtime. Nowadays, everyone with a smartphone can download the Groupon app in their cellphones and carry it to every place they go to making it more accessible. They would also send emails to remember about their good deals. Groupon not only benefit the consumer with good deals, but also the sellers and owners of the companies to attract more people into their businesses.

    Radian6: I would place Radian6 under rising stars. Being Social Media important to companies, Radian6 keeps track of everything that is being said about a brand or a product online and this is important for companies to know the perception of people about their products no matter how good or bad this information could be. This has made a lot of companies more involved in it.

    Foursquare: I would place Foursquare under marginal because I did not know what it was until I read about it. It is an app that lets you tell your friends the place you are at, in order for them to tell you what is around and things you could do to make the most of your visits. I do not see this app growing that much; I believe that have not a lot of potential. Also I realized that many other apps do what foursquare does.

  72. “2014 Top 10 Stars, RIPs, Rebounds & Marginals”

    I believe this year companies will start to turn away from using Groupon because of the high fees and low returns. I used to work for a small company owner who used Groupon to market his new business, but his costs ended up being higher than his benefits. The small business owner had to pay Groupon 50 % of his sales per coupon, he ended up cancelling it after a couple months. Also, after reading Groupon reviews I noted that the marketing strategy that Groupon is using (E-mails) seems to annoy many consumers, and Groupon products have received many bad reviews. Here is an article I read about reasons why consumers are turning away from Groupon:

    Foursquare: Rebound

    I placed Foursquare in the rebound category because just like other apps in this category, we see that mobile marketing and Location-Based-Services are going to be used differently this year by making it more personalized and on-time towards the consumer. “2014: The year Foursquare will finally be in the right place at the right time” (Owen, 2013). This article tells us about the plans that Foursquare has for 2014 with the advantage of “few services matching foursquare for its collection of quirky, noncommercial points of interest.”
    Owen, T. (2013, Dec 20). 2014: The year foursquare will finally be in the right place at the right time. Retrieved from http://readwrite.com/2013/12/20/foursquare-facebook-bidding-war

    Augmented Reality: Star

    Even though this is the first time hearing about AR, I’m placing it under the Star category because of the new enhanced technology it uses. AR uses real-life, sensory graphic, and engaging technology. This is what consumers today are looking for and this type of new technology is what draws them in. Since the population is relying heavily in mobile devices, I can see both an advantage for costumers and firms.

  73. Augmented Reality offers personalized, micro-visual, engaging, entertaining, real-time marketing. Clients no longer have to imagine how a certain paint color would look in their living room, or how a dress would look on their bodies. Now they can simply take a pic of their living room or themselves, upload it to the website and apply the paint color to the wall or the dress and it’s as if they are viewing it in person. People are visual. The more visual marketing, the better. I’m placing Augmented Reality under Rising Stars.

    Groupon is definitely one of my favorite brands/websites hands down! The brand definitely nailed it with their mobile friendliness! Consumers can search, purchase and redeem Groupons directly from their mobile device. No need to print out a receipt to redeem your services anymore. Groupon is definitely a Rising Star!

    With Radian 6 brands can identify and analyze conversations about their company, products and competitors with the leading social media monitoring and engagement tools. Route important insights to sales, customer service, PR and community managers for outreach and engagement. It is also very user friend which I think is awesome for the small business owner who may not a big techie (like myself). I am also placing Radian 6 on the Rising Stars list.

  74. I would place Radian 6 under rising stars. According to the blog the rising star #5 Cloud-based CMS are services that “simplify the process of brand communications,” which makes Radian 5 a candidate for rising stars. Radian 6 is a merger of two companies, salesforce.com and exactTarget. Their goal is to improve the transformation of companies in helping them connect with customers in the fields of sales, marketing and service. Radian 6 can help target specific customers to make sure that companies and entrepreneurs are maximizing their time and money in the fields of marketing, sales, and services. I think it is a rising star because its popularity is slowly but surely gaining footage, and it facilitates a process that otherwise could seem overwhelming.
    After much debate, I think I would place Groupon under rebounders, although I was also considering it under marginals. However, because of its ability to come back strong with the addition of new apps that allow convenience to customers, it has allowed itself to become more present in the eyes of the current customer Groupon’s main goal is to connect buyers and sellers by giving buyers discount prices and exposing sellers to more customers. When Groupon first came into the scene it became very successful quickly. However, after going public it lost a lot of money which put a hole in stockholder’s pockets, but I don’t think was really noticeable to the public. However, with the adaptation new apps that allow users to carry their coupon anytime and anywhere and the addition of many types of new merchants, Groupon is still going strong.
    I would place foursquare under marginal, because they have to figure out something else or something innovative that will keep them relevant. Foursquare is a free app that connects people and their friends when you go out on the town, and has a gps system that connects you with restaurants or other services that you may be interested in at the time. Their popularity is not as high as it used to be, however because they are always willing to improve by inviting outside developers to collaborate with them, they may actually have a chance of rebuilding or expanding their app.

  75. 2014 Top 10 Stars, RIP’s, Rebounders, Marginals
    By: Karen Wallace
    Groupon: I am placing Groupon in the category for Marginals . This site is dedicated to offering daily deals on traveling, restaurants and hobbies. The reason I am placing Groupon in the marginal category is because it offers consumers to engagement whereby consumers are able to submit product reviews and rank products according to their experience,but unfortunatley it is not mibile friendly, which is important aspect towrds reaching a target range of consumers. Groupon uses a hybrid of marketing strategies to include, hyper focused marketing whereby data is collected such as email, and zip codes are collected as a part of the consumer’s individual profile. However, little is done by the company to expand their marketing strategy specifically to streamline the mobile shopping experience so that is quicker and more accessible to users. This would benfit the company as users will feel the urge to “buy now” .Groupon will most likely move upwards towards the top 10 as the company focuses its strategy on generating profits, and creating more opportunities for app friendly content.
    Foursquare: A growing number of users are connecting with social media websites not only to communicate but also to engage. Users want an experience or “real time” method of communication. I rank foursquare as top ten rebounders.Using SMS technology this site allows users to check-in, identifying their location while simultaneously connecting with friends. Land based Services of this type should enhance the in store shopping experience by introducing smart data solutions which consider user buying habits thereby producing analytics or a way to measure their targeted audience.

    Digg is a social media website offering web content with newsfeeds. Digg formerly referred to as Digg reader features a web and iOs application for android users. Based on unfavorable experience with users I’m ranking it as a Rebound. Users argue that while the content is valuable they find distaste in the company’s tolerance of corporate blogs taking control over the publishing of content. Although, the site has made an increasing effort to limit posts from special political interests groups, much work lied ahead as they attempt to increase the speed in content delivery while making the content more specific to its users.

  76. I am placing Radian 6 under rising stars. Social media keeps growing and becoming more important day by day. Social media is the best way for companies to advertise themselves because people are on their phone quite often. Radian 6 is a social media monitoring and engaging platform. Radian 6 listens to all the online conversations that happen online and will then use the data that it gathered to develop a picture of how a particular brand, product, or service is being seen by the online community. Radian 6 will help the company a lot to find out how their brands are perceived online. This will give companies a lot of feedback (positive and negative) about how their products are doing. Feedback is an important aspect for companies in order to improve their products or services.

    I am placing Groupon under the rebounders. Groupon has been around for a few years now and have been successful as well. Groupon is a marketing service that offers its subscribers daily discount coupons by email, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Typical Groupon deals focus on local restaurants, stores, services, events and regional products. There was a period were I barely heard people talking about Groupon. I am thinking that people did not like the fact that you had to print out the coupons because not everyone owns a computer. Groupon now has an app, which makes it much easier. You can just show up at the location and pull out your purchase from the app. Many places will just simply scan the barcode you provide them on your phone. More and more companies are now putting deals on Groupon because email marketing is now very effective. For example, I went to the Miami Zoo and they even had a special line for people who purchased their tickets on Groupon.

    I am placing Foursquare under RIP’s. Foursquare is an app that uses a phone’s built-in GPS to display nearby restaurants, bars, parks and other attractions. When you visit a location, you are able to “check in” on the foursquare app. This will broadcast your locations to your friends. You are also able to see where your friends have checked in. Once you have checked in you can write reviews and tips about the location, which will be available to other foursquare users. I have honestly never really looked into the app or downloaded it. There was a period when I saw a lot of Foursquare “check ins” on my Facebook’s News Feed or when I would go out with friends I would hear them talk about checking in on Foursquare. In my opinion Foursquare is now almost faded away because I don’t hear anyone talking about it anymore. I also do not see anything on my Facebook about Foursquare.

  77. Stars

    I would place AR in the Stars category because consumers are relying more on their mobile devices daily. This is advantageous for both the consumer and the firm that will enable their customers to use the true power of AR. In an age where time is money…firms can capitalize on consumers who don’t have time to visit their showrooms and consumers can actually see how an item they like will fit into their life. Having this ability as a consumer is incredible. According to LayAr, consumer value perception has increased for AR products versus non-AR products. Firms can benefit because customers can make purchases immediately. If a purchase isn’t made it can be shared via social media…that’s free advertising! AR provides a win-win situation. The future and possibilities of AR shines so bright…it is destined to be a STAR!


    Radian 6 will take its final rest below the cloud. Do brands need a 3rd party to monitor them? The social media landscape has made it mandatory that brands know exactly how their consumers feel at all intersections of the buying cycle. Many firms who used companies like Radian 6 were unhappy about the results because they really didn’t learn anything they didn’t already know. With that being said, can’t you have the same results if not better by handling this task in-house? Their services just aren’t needed…


    I would place Groupon in the Rebounders category because it is positioning itself to capture the flash-sale market. The company just acquired Ideeli. If consumers are searching for the best deals, why not have actual product to sell to your audience instead of always sending them to other retailers. Ideeli gives them a competitive advantage in the e-commerce market. Groupon will have to capitalize on this new acquisition…to alleviate their profitability woes. The key will be for Groupon to stay relevant by providing their users with real-time savings on the go.

    I would also place Foursquare in this category. Location based services are going to increase along with the development of the technology to enable the successful use of it. Foursquare can help build traffic for businesses. Businesses would have to figure out how they could encourage their patrons to use foursquare. Foursquare would then be able to build relationships with business owners and encourage advertising because they could provide data about their patrons. The company has to continue to focus on discovery and perhaps allow users to “follow” others instead of “friending” them. Foursquare has to enable their users to discover new and exciting places and people…


    I would place Social Fingerprinting with the Marginals because it isn’t a totally necessary service. Firms are taking extra steps to protect themselves from fraudulent transactions furthermore; consumers are beginning to take fighting fraud into their own hands. The true test here is to show that this is a value added service that online merchants need that can provide a boost in the bottom line or decrease shrink. Both firms and consumers need to see the value or it can just be folded into the internal operations of each firm.

    DIGG is a Marginal treading towards resting in peace. The company is attempting to revive itself by focusing on original content. It’s a last ditch attempt to get the formula correct. We can get top news from any source…why do I NEED DIGG? DIGG has to communicate the answer to that question to potential users while maintaining their current user base. Can DIGG dig itself out of the abyss and get users to DIG them again?

  78. Augmented Reality – Rising Star
    AR is a live view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. The hardware required for the use of AR software, today, is in the pocket of nearly every american. An average smart phone has all that is required to utilize AR software it simply needs to be made. The applications of AR are so broad, from entertainment, which can already be experienced through Xbox and PS4, to educational tools, medical and military applications and design applications. AR is the next progression in integration of technology and everyday life usage. Its the next step in content and media richness and that is why I believe it is a Rising Star.

    Radian 6 Marginal
    I believe Radian 6 will be marginal in 2014 because its not the only service out there, and it doesn’t cover ALL the major social media sites, for example, they don’t cover Pinterest. While it will not be a rising star, it certainly will not RIP. The service is exactly the type many businesses will be seeking in order to manage and make sense of this new marketing world, especially small businesses who will most likely being taking on the social media marketing in-house. The tools provided will give users valuable information and ROI data, but its completeness, user-friendliness, and stand out performance required to be a Star is debatable.

    Foursquare- Rebound
    As the year moves on social media outlets will be bombarded with brand created content and advitorials, as much as we’d like to predict all brands will make the transition from selling to conversing quickly and effectively, many won’t. Foursquare seems to have created a great balance between Location based service and social media. Users get to talk about what they are doing, share their opinions, and learn from friends and other users about places near them. Foursquare is a place where users can see information about places from other users, a more trusted source than the actual company when trying to decide if the pizza is good or not.

    Tatiana Smidi

  79. Foursquare: Rest In Peace. Foursquare was slightly addicting for a moment back in 2011. I’d check in at different airports and see who else visited, leave reviews at restaurants, see what was nearby in a foreign city, or check in at work enough times to become the Mayor. Then, one night I thought “Why am I using this? Where is this information going?” And deleted it promptly in the middle of the night. The location based / geo tagging technology is pretty much here to stay, but the concept behind foursquare is dead in my opinion.
    Augmented reality apps can change the landscape of e-commerce over the course of the year. Augmented reality systems such as Cimagine Media “…uses a combination of internal sensors in the device and image processing that continuously scans the environment the camera sees, resulting in a near reality visualization of the product using live video (and also saved scenes),”. I’m a HGTV fanatic, and love seeing renderings of a redesigned space. If that technology was integrated into ecommerce and we could redesign spaces in real-time, It would be a tremendous advantage over companies that do not offer the opportunity to “try on” furnishings or other elements in a desired space. For this reason, I’d say Augmented Reality apps are a rising star, maybe not immediately, but definitely. Early adopters will latch on first, but it may be a while until the masses adopt it.
    Social Fingerprinting: I’d deem this marginal. Moving towards the future, CEO’s and company employees will be becoming much more transparent in order to keep up with the times; PR and damage control will go cyber. Similarly to the way Prince had his media removed from the internet, and Beyonce removes her onstage mishaps, the common man/woman will need to “clean up” their own mishaps or control the things that are said publicly about them with ease. Although public records cannot be removed, having access to their source or seeing yourself/ your history through the eyes of others will be ideal. On the other hand, This technology is subject to being misused and can be very invasive.

  80. Groupon

    Groupon will be considered a rebound in 2014. It has been said that “mobile is local,” and Groupon has utilized this methodology in its development and growth strategies. As marketing tactics gravitate toward segmentation through location-based services, companies are placing a much larger emphasis on finding out what consumers want and addressing these needs specifically. Groupon is ahead of the game in offering local deals and continuously diversifying its offerings, but it is now facing competition by companies such as Living Social and Amazon Deals.

    The “reserve” option allows users to book a reservation at upscale local restaurants and receive discounts off of their total bill. There is even a tab entitled “Just For You” that offers deals based on personal preferences and individual buying patterns. Although greater competition is now out there, it can be expected that Groupon will likely continue to grow in 2014 with new innovations that target submarkets at a much more intimate level.


    I am placing Foursquare under Rising Stars. The world of marketing is shifting towards one where a high level of interaction exists with consumers. A location-based social networking site called Foursquare allows users to “check in” to different places they go and receive merits such as “mayorship” and “badges.” Users can also leave reviews and tips for others and receive information about places they visit. This participative approach generates a social aspect to marketing that gets consumers more involved and enthused to be a part of it.

    With over 20 million registered users and an excess of 750 million check-ins worldwide, Foursquare will very likely continue to grow over 2014. Integration with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also allows for even more involvement in this mobile application. Marketers will undoubtedly take advantage of this growing location-based social network in advertising to the appropriate consumer.


    Radian6 will be placed under Marginals. As social media becomes a tremendous part of marketing in today’s society, it is crucial for businesses to be able to track both positive and negative feedback being generated by online consumers. Radian6 is a very useful tool with technology that allows companies to track this information based on keywords. Although there are many marketing companies that offer digital marketing services, very few utilize the same technology as Radian6.

    Many companies are now utilizing popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to advertise their products. It will be challenging for Radian6 to continue to grow over the next year with these different avenues of competition available. However, Radian6 is well positioned in terms of its web analytic technologies that most other companies do not possess. This will make critical marketing decisions based on consumer input more attainable and accurate.

  81. Social Media Marketing
    The growth of Internet and increase in literacy levels has effects across the world. Social media has grown to meet demands of people. Today, social media have made communication easy. In todays world, information can be shared as fast and efficient as possible. Several social media channels have emerged due to the growth of Internet. Corporate organizations are also shifting their advertising and marketing strategies to respond to this social media behavior among consumers. Every social media company has its own future and its positioned in a different way than the other one. Some of these company’s are, Social Fingerprinting; Groupon; and Foursquare.

    Rising Stars
    Placing Foursquare as a rising star is no mistake at all. Since it’s beginning, it has grown, although not as fast as compared to other well established social sites. The mobile devices and web social site is expected to grow even more for following reasons:
    • Its ability to be used by both web and mobile devices users.
    • Its worldwide expansion to cover all countries
    • Increase awareness among organizations leading to increased usage with an aim of increasing check-ins in businesses.
    Barry (2014, p. 10) argues that growths of mobile ups are quickly becoming primary means in which people do things. Foursquare has exploited this by having apps that are compatible with most phone operating systems. The growth of mobile commerce also will come as a blessing to foursquare in that, phone users can be able to check their best shopping destinations and social places (Barry, 2014, p.12). What fascinates even more is that users can share with friends their check-ins in other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

    In my opinion, Social Fingerprints is headed to RIPs section. This is because of its concentration on administrative functions such as supply chain management. Barry (2014) argues that due to social media, today everyone can do strategic planning. Corporate organizing is targeting social media to expand their consumer base. Social Fingerprint is working on having worldwide coverage but it doesn’t have it yet. Advertising is being made mostly in social media sites. Social Fingerprints seeks to assess performance in social media for corporate firms. This is likely to disadvantage its growth.

    Groupon has been for a while but has faced many issues and challenges in its growth. In my opinion, Groupon falls under rebound for many reasons. Firstly because the growth in mobile commerce, which enables people to get what they want at their desired prices, will push it back to the competition for new costumers. Barry (2014) says that today mobile device users like mobile shopping. This will help Groupon resurface.

  82. Groupon should be considered a rebound in 2014. We saw the introduction of app/email based discount sites such as Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Deals and CoupTessa, among others, explode a few years ago. However, the retailers offering “deals” on these sites were losing money on the initial sale and not retaining customer loyalty as initially hoped by getting the customer through the door. These “deal-seeking customers” are looking for the best deal, not an avenue in which to introduce them to their new favorite restaurant or spa. However, Groupon seems to have become the front runner in these apps and seems that it is on the rebound with the retailers offering deals on their site!

    Radian 6 appears to be marginal in 2014. While the company seeks to provide its consumers with a “one-stop shop” to use and monitor all social media outlets, it still seems a bit confusing and not capable of truly providing the personalized touch and content based information consumers are seeking today. That being said, if Radian 6 can continue to develop easier and more personalized execution of a company’s message, it may just be able to rebound into the one-stop shop arena.

    Foursquare can go one of two ways, rebound or RIP. As discussed in the 2014 predictions, Foursquare is one of the apps that had the potential of capitalizing on personalized user data. However, it failed to do so. If Foursquare can realign its structure and business model, it should be able to gather personal information from its users that would greatly benefit any company’s target marketing data. However, if Foursquare doesn’t rebound quickly, it will find itself in the RIP category as other apps and social media have already began using the “check-in” option to their users.

    Christina Kitterman

  83. I am placing DIGG under the Rising Star category because the DIGG platform is up and coming for most people. This platform has uses information such as world and entertainment news the way both Instagram and FaceBook uses pictures and posts. By doing this DIGG is allowing world news to trend and get out to the masses in a fun way by allowing users to like and repost. It also seems as if DIGG allows individuals to post not only information that is in world news by also their own personal experiences (blogs). I feel that this type of sharing will catch on just a fast as Instagram and Pinterest because the user can pick and choose their interests and personalize their feeds. In addition, I feel that DIGG falls under #2 on the top 10 list, photo and imagery based sites. I have never heard of DIGG before this assignment but I plan on signing up with the program and sharing it with my friends.

    As for Foursquare, I am placing it in the Rebounding and Transformation category. The reason for this is that Foursquare has been around for a while but has yet to be exposed the way I feel that it should be yet. Foursquare has died down a bit but it is a great way to get recommendations based on where you are in the world. It is my belief that if this application gets a little more exposure it will become what its creators intended it to be. If Foursquare is marketed better and may be offer some type of incentive for using it such as coupons and discounts, it would become more attractive to the average user of social media driving more traffic to the program as well as restaurants. Foursquare is an application that I haven’t gotten a chance to use as of yet but I’m sure with these improvements I will find a reason to use.

    Groupon would also be placed in the Rising Star category. Groupon just happens to be one for my favorite applications because I find it useful. I can always log into the application and find something that is useful to me or someone that I know. As with all things, a person needs to find some type of need in order to continue to use a particular item. I feel that Groupon is great at getting deals out to its customers depending on the specific interests of the particular guest. With Groupon, things can only get better.

  84. Groupon is a Rising Star
    I am placing Groupon under rising stars because it is a website that features discounts that can be used at restaurants, hotels, and stores. Groupon has become so popular because it allows customers to use coupons electronically. Everyone is always looking for a good deal, so each day an email is sent to customers with the deal of the day. Groupon has become in tuned with the generation now because it uses technology and delivers these coupons through mobile phones. They have an app that you can download, and it becomes easily accessible for its users. Groupon is targeted towards the younger generation and helps them save money, but it all around helps everyone. One of the best features of this app is that it sends customers deals within the area that they are located. Groupon will become successful because it fits in with all of the social networks. People are able to promote it through their social accounts and make it go viral. I think it fits in with mobile commerce because it is helping to encourage shopping. Since people are more tech savvy today and do most of their shopping online, they can use these Groupon deals. It can also serve as mobile advertising because it offers people new places to try and help promote those places, whether it be restaurants, hotels, or any package deals. Groupon can be a rising star or rebounder. I say it can also be a rebounder because of their email marketing. They communicate with their customers through the app and also through emails that are sent out. When users sign up, they are basically subscribing to Groupon in order to receive the coupons and deals.

    Foursquare is a Rebound
    Foursquare is another mobile app that helps people check into places, and share their locations with others. They are able to save the places they have visited as well. Based on your locations, foursquare can recommend places to visit and give deals. Foursquare can fit into the location based services category. They can redeem themselves with their launch of a new system. It can now let you know what the best dishes are to try when it senses your arrival at a new restaurant or even a place that your friends recommend. They system also does automatic check ins. They believe that the experience has gone from a pull to push experience. Meaning that instead of having users pull out their phone to check in, they can just have the app do it. (Foursquare, 2013).

    Foursquare. (2013, 08 29). The future of foursquare lands today: location aware
    recommendations without the check in. Retrieved from http://aboutfoursquare.com/the-future-of-foursquare-lands-

    Radian6 is Marginal
    I believe that Radian6 can be considered marginal There are a lot of companies now who are turning to social networks in order to advertise their business. Major brands are turning to Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook to help promote their business. Radian6 is a tool that is used to monitor brand mentions across the social landscape. As I read about the product and the comments people mentioned, I saw what the problem was with this tool. The problem with Radian6 is that it does not monitor public comments, such as those that are posted on public Facebook pages. It only looks at the RSS feed of the content published by the page’s administration. If they are able to incorporate this tool into their program, where everything can be monitored then they can be considered a rebound. If people are able to use hash tags using the brand or mention it in a post and the monitoring tool picks that up, then they may have a chance. What makes this tool effective is the fact that it collects all of the company’s data and analytics. It can see what people are saying about a brand or company, and track the trends. People are seeking out social networks for everything, so this is where this program will be beneficial to a company.

  85. Rebound of Groupon

    I consider Groupon as a rebound because after going through major issues and firing its CEO in early 2013 the company seems to be back on the right track. Groupon went public on late 2011 with a good business concept, more exposure and new clients for businesses and discounts for customers, a win-win situation for everybody. Unfortunately by the end of 2012 the company’s share price went down 77%, a net loss of $81 million. Unclear accounting practices and poor financial performance eroded the confidence of many supporters. However the company has come to life again under the leadership of a new CEO. Groupon has moved its focus to the mobile market and changed its “push” strategy for a “pull” strategy. I believe that Groupon will keep growing if it can keep up with the new social media trends.


    I decided to put DIGG into the rest in peace category because it failed to stand to what it was its main purpose, and alternative way to read news in a more democratic way. The problem with DIGG was that not the best articles were put on the front page but the loudest. Another complaint of many users is that the articles are mostly related to technology or celebrities. I believe that DIGG has lost its focus and forgotten that what readers are looking for is content, quality and diverse content. For these reasons RIP

    Foursquare (Marginal)

    We can all agree that SoLoMo is a growing trend. Foursquare understands this and offers its members real-time information of what is going on near them, for example what other people are saying about a nearby restaurant or an ongoing sale across the street. I have decided to put them on the marginal category because I do not see growth potential for the company. There are big competitors that are already working hard to bring similar technologies to the market. One of them is Apple, who is working on implementing a similar system on their iPhones. Because of this I believe the future of Foursquare is not clear or very promising.

  86. With social technology always evolving by the second, I would I have to place Social Fingerprinting, Groupon and Augmented Reality as the top three social media winners of 2014 in that specific order. With organizations create their websites for consumers to browse, Social Fingerprinting is a Star because its key to boosting sales, building brand loyalty, and creating a place where there’s a sense of familiarity, which cana be taken by consumer’s as a sense of security. Social Fingerprinting will have another edge by websites using this technique verses the old relic of using cookies and crawlers, thus allowing websites to come off as creative versus creepy.
    Groupon is placed a close second (being a Rebound to eventually reign again as a Star) because while its respect for consumerism is great, I feel that this next generation of consumer’s may want to tie their consumer identity closely behind their identity in their social following. An example of that might be seen in the way most people use social wesites verses Groupons, while discounts are great – your social fingerprint will always be priority.
    I placed Augmented Reality last because I believe its a marginal. While consumer’s want a huge say in what their reality is online i feel that their priority is secured identity.

  87. Foursquare – I would place Foursquare as a rebounder, because now more than ever being mobile is a big deal. Most people want to be able to access personal accounts through mobile phone and/or tablets because it is easier and faster than logging in a computer. Being able to show what you are doing, where and with who is even bigger, people like to share daily activities and experiences. Not only share the location, but it would be an improvement to be able to see what people around you are doing and meet people through the a simple app like Foursquare. There is a great market opportunity here that could be better explored.

    Groupon – I would place Groupon under the RIP category. I consider that Groupon did an overflow of offers at its consumers without any plan of action, what so ever. Boosting the customer email with all sorts of deals is not smart or a proper marketing strategy. Having bargains is interesting, but targeting the consumer is the most important part. My belief is that the consumer just got lost in it and stopped noticing it and got tired of the whole concept.

    Social fingerprinting – is definitely a star. Companies who are able to direct the marketing content to its specific target market through fingerprinting will have a great opportunity in hand to explore and a vast change to squeeze profit out of it. It is very easy, but at the same time very efficient; profiling the consumers, tracking his/hers “online behavior” and what are their interests. All types of data can be found now a days inside the social medias and it is valuable information about the consumer market. It is possible to change an existing product or even to develop a new product based in what can be found online. It can be more effective than an extensive market research that could lead to nowhere, because it is more detailed.

  88. Foursquare (Rebound)

    Foursquare currently allows its user to gain rewards, points, and myorship. They gain these things by “checking-in” into places more and more often. I picture foursquare to have a very big rebound towards mid 2014 in the social media-marketing playing field. This can be viewed as a geologically based application. This feature gives Foursquare a huge growth advantage within the social, mobile, and local communities due to the feature of allowing other users to see the places that near by users have been to. Foursquare can also generate a new feature for generating more personal information about their users so other users can additionally pick if that person is like them. This idea has a huge potential to expand to almost anywhere they can imagine. They can even have real time “check-in” of users that other users can view and they can promote store features and product promotions trough there as a customer is going into the store.

    Groupon (RIP)

    One of the big reasons companies have begun to turn away from the use of Groupon is due to the company’s sluggish movement when it is time to pay their customers for consumer purchased Groupons. The innovative companies future model for purchasing seems kind of dull. They will have many limitations and will decrease their value as the year goes on. There are many mobile applications coming out which give their users these options in real time. Groupon instead has the user purchase something that they will “supposedly” use in the future. That being said, a consumer is more likely to use an app that deals with their real time location and gives them options for current time and not only “future” use.

    Radian 6 (Stars)

    The reason why I have placed the Radian 6 in this section is due to the fact that it is a social media monitor tool, which can be immense. Lets assume that you (the reader) is a business owner. You would like to gather information about your customers to make an existing product better or to make a product that our consumers want. Radian 6 can be a crucial tool to your success. This tool will gather customer data (which can be gathered in the form of surveys, questionnaires, etc…) and gives the user tools to analyze the data depending on the nature of one’s business. In today’s market in order to have an effective product and marketing campaign, a company must listen to their consumer’s opinions in order to make a product that suits their particular needs. This is why Radian 6 is in this category.


    I would place social fingerprinting as rising star. Social fingerprinting searches social media to understand a little more about a person. For example, employer will use social fingerprinting to get to know there new employee’s they search through popular social media like Facebook, twitter and Pinterest to figure out a person interest and how they portray themselves when they are not on the job. The software will also be great for a marketing team, because they are able to use this software to find out what their customers are interested in and what they like. I think as the years go by more and more company will use this software.

    I would place a Foursquare as a Rebounders. I honestly never heard of this company. I did my research and it’s basically an App that you are able to Check-in when you visit a certain place. While you’re in the location Foursquare is able to give you coupons for that certain location if there is any available. Foursquare is similar to what Facebook has about able to check-in. It’s an awesome app but sooner or later it will fade away because it doesn’t offer anything different from what other apps already have. What may help Foursquare to stay popular, is the fact that it’s an App that customers are able to see through their mobile devices. 2014 will be the year that most Application will go mobile which is what customers want.

    I would place Groupon as a Rebounders. First reason because it has great deals for customers, many of my friends are obsessed with groupon because of the great deals that are offered. It’s a great marketing tool for companies. A lot of Starting up companies use groupon as way to make their company known and also as way to increase sales. For example, if a customer purchases a groupon for a restaurant they pay $20 but get $50 voucher to spend at restaurant. The company will eventually will make their money back on the free $30 they lost to the customer because customers go there and spend more than what the voucher said which is awesome for the restaurant and also if the customer has great experience they will come back and tell friends about it. Word of mouth is the cheapest form of marketing. What I like about groupon is that you don’t have to print out the voucher, all customer have to do is show there mobile device and scan the barcode.

  90. In the list of Stars I would place: Augmented reality. What this means is a real-world image that is enhanced digitally in some of its elements or all of them. It can be by adding sound, graphics, even video to create a different reality, hence (AR) Augmented Reality. Until now this tool was not very much used before, it was a neat way of getting interesting effects but no real use. Since the usage of smartphones and ipad have become more popular in these past few year, this little tool of Augmented Reality has started to rise. Now, users can take a photograph of anything and add sound, graphics, etc; creating a completely different image or video, a three dimensional one. This will definitely be a rising star in 2014.

    I will also place Radian 6 in the Stars section. Radian 6 is a social media monitor tool. If you are the owner of a business and would like to get information from your consumers to better your product or service this can be a very helpful tool. Radian 6 gathers all this data and gives you tools to analyze them depending on the business needs. It can tell you what topic or product is trending in the moment, who is the brand that is most popular,etc. This will be a great tool to have in a business to know how the brand is perceived by the public/ consumer. The only way to create good marketing today is to have the feedback of the audience and turn it into a tool to better your brand/ business.

    In the Rebound list I would place: DIGG, which is a social voting web site similar to Reddit, that has been very popular in the social news webpages with their articles such as political trends, viral videos, etc. Since their release of version four of their web page they have had a big decrease in their popularity because it was initially very unstable. Since August, 2013 they launched Digg Reader which can be their key for a comeback in 2014, since the use of small screens such as smartphones and ipad is so popular at the moment and people will be using apps like this one to read “on the go”.

  91. Foursquare (Rising Star)

    I am placing Foursquare under rising stars for two reasons. Two of the 10 stars discussed in the e-book were: mobile commerce and social network aggregation. With mobile commerce expected to become even more mainstream in 2014, marketers will be utilizing apps more aggressively to reach their target markets, thus creating social network aggregation in the mobile medium. Marketers are just beginning to understand the capabilities and opportunities they have on social network apps, especially Foursquare. I predict that once marketers grasp a better understanding of the application, they will start offering more deals and creating “pins” on the app to further market their events, especially with location based services also on the rise. This application has potential to be a dynamic force for marketers and advertisers to drive traffic. Foursquare has already been around for a while and, although it hasn’t been forgotten, it has yet to reach its’ peak. As mobile commerce and social network aggregation progress, I foresee Foursquare finally taking center stage.

    Groupon (Rebounder)

    I am placing Groupon under rebounders for two reasons, as well. The revitalization of email marketing will have a strong impact on subscription-based services like Groupon. Additionally, when you add the growth of smartphones being utilized as the primary source to shop and buy, Groupon’s forecasted rebound is further justified. Groupon utilizes email marketing daily for their subscribers, in addition to having a user-friendly app for subscribers to make purchases and hold their deals. Users don’t even have to print their deals anymore, but simply show or scan the deal with their Smartphone. Although Groupon took a hit after going public, they have remained consistent in following the direction of mobile and email marketing, which will surely pay off in 2014.

    Radian 6 (Marginals)

    I am placing Radian 6 under marginals due to the shift from campaigns to customer-controlled conversations. As relationship building and engagement become increasingly more important and effective, tools such as Radian 6 will be more sought out and employed. There are far too many social media sites that marketers and advertisers need to be active on daily. Programs like Radian 6, that can collect all of your platforms in one place and provide analytics on engagement and traffic, make these customer-controlled conversations much more efficient and effective. Not only do they minimize the time it takes to post on each social media site, but also make it easier to reach your target audience and determine what is and isn’t working. However, I expect Radian 6 to gain a lot more competition as these sites become more essential to marketers. They will need to diversify themselves to maintain their volume.

  92. Augmented Reality (Star)

    As Augmented Reality (AR) is on the rise, we can anticipate what these major tech companies (i.e, Apple, Google, & Samsung) have vested in their vaults. Just recently, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 these high tech companies introduced great sorts of electronics from wearables to voice control, to whatever you can think of that requires less effort to functionality and is simplistic. There are a few ways augmented reality can benefit digital marketing, e-commerce, geolocation (or geofencing), educational resources, and industrial military and medical applications which could prove groundbreaking in the future (Total Immersion). I believe augmented reality will continue to become a shinning star because it would make interacting with our dreams possible. We can simply say that our dreams can come true as long as we have a creative mind to make it possible.

    Foursquare (Rebound)

    I picture Foursquare to have a huge rebound in the social media market towards the middle of the year. Currently Foursquare allows an individual to gain points, awards, and mayorship the more they “check-in” to places they visit. Foursquare, can be viewed as a geolocation based application that has potential for extreme growth within the SoLoMo (Social,Local,Mobile) communities because of its nature to allow others to view the places a person has been. If Foursquare were capable of generating more information about its participants and can target the customer that checks-in. By adding newer concepts to their business for geolocation, Foursquare can benefit from retailers by simply targeting the places people visit and promoting those places as people “check-in” with the stores features and benefits of that product or service as a customer walks by or into the store.

    DIGG (RIP)

    When we look for recent trends or headliners that stir-up buzz amongst the social community, we normally do not turn to DIGG for news. A majority of people tune to Google or even Reddit, since they are both highly trafficked websites for the “face of social discovery”. Myself included, has not used DIGG in quite sometime because the same information can be found from both Google and Reditt. These three separate websites do an amazing job at scanning the latest information once it hits the Internet, especially Google. However, Reditt shows its viewers what is trending with comments on the home page where anyone can post, whereas Google does not. DIGG delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now and allows others to share them (Digg). The challenge for DIGG is to adopt a strategy that will capture more views to its site.

  93. I am placing Radian6 under the Rising Star category. Radian6 allows companies to track conversations about their brands and track trends in order to respond quickly. This capability, along with the publishing and advertising options from Salesforce, will be extremely beneficial for companies in the future. Cloud based CMS is clearly one of the rising stars in social media and Radian6 is using this capability very well. Companies want a platform that can organize all of this meaningful material and present it in a simple way for them to make educated decisions. It is becoming increasingly important to understand customers and judiciously market your brand.

    I am placing Groupon under the Rebounders category. Groupon has been around for several years and has been successful overall. I think they have a great opportunity to find greater success in the near future with proper integration with other social media platforms. Companies will opt to market through Groupon because they can attract target customers and increase ROI. The companies that will find success will be the ones that can market to target customers and not waste time with the others. Just as cold-calling and outbound marketing are becoming ways of the past, inbound target marketing will be where companies find success. While a lot of marketing is done in real-time, there is still a place for Groupon and while it may not rise to the top of the industry I don’t see it falling all the way to the RIP group. Small and large companies will see the benefits of Groupon over other advertising possibilities.

    Finally, I am placing Digg under the marginal category. It will be interesting to see how Digg adapts to customers in the future with competition coming from reputable sites. They may very well fall off the map and lose customers to competitors because they are not the source of these stories. What Digg does well is aggregate all of the news and present it on its pages according to how users feel about it. This delivery is convenient for many but there are so many similar sites that they are very close to being in the RIP category. It was recently sold in a few different parts and hasn’t really established itself as a top brand but still has the potentially to be a top visited page with the help from leaders like Twitter and Facebook.

  94. 1. Augmented Reality – Marginal – The technology of augmented reality while entertaining and building ground is not at a place yet where it can become the primary choice of consumers. Ideally, in future years, a textbook may take a backseat to a more interactive display but we are just not there yet.

    2. Social Fingerprinting – Top 10 star – As companies become hyper-focused with how they target their primary audience, social fingerprinting will be an excellent source of monitoring their consumers’ traffic. Being able to see a condensed report of a person’s social media outputs will be increasingly more valuable to social media marketers moving forward.

    3. Groupon – RIP – Groupon’s forward purchasing model will mark the limitations and decreased value moving forward. As apps begin to target individuals in the time of purchase or as they near a restaurant, a consumer is less-likely to make a purchase of a “groupon” for something they will use in the future not related to what they are doing now. From a business prospective, companies have begun to shy away from Groupon for the company’s slow movement to pay their customers for consumer purchased groupons, creating a dilution in the quality of the company that comes to terms and advertises with Groupon.

    4. Radian 6 – Top 10 – In a movement where relying on consumers to tell brand stories for the company, the ability to view what people are saying about your product is even more critical. The other reason for Radian 6’s increased value is as more consumers take to social media, the more condensed the platform for monitoring traffic the better

    5. Foursquare – Rebound – Foursquare was a fast riser with the social media market but was produing more entertainment value than revenue. Foursquare is reinventing itself to begin advertising to consumers with a more “you are here, look at this deal for the store across the street” marketing. This will show a large increase in value as the use of mobile continues to rise.

    6. DIGG – RIP – News aggregator DIGG will show a decline in use and value in the coming year. What is currently hot on the internet comes from so many avenues that a site or app dedicated to just cataloging what is trending will not survive. As sites and apps trend their own media, a third party method will not be necessary.

  95. Groupon is one of the rising stars. As we saw this past year people were buying from their phones at a record high especially on black Friday. This is something that has never been seen but this was the year that shopping from mobile devices picked up and Groupon is a great and very convenient site to find good deals on products you need. The fact that you can find anything on Groupon from spa packages, to trips in different countries, to perfumes makes it so easy to shop for good deals online it is definitely a rising star in my opinion.
    Social fingerprinting is an RIP in my opinion. Although it is a good idea and something that can come in handy once in a while, there are many other ways to just google yourself or simply log on to your profile and see what others can see about you. An actual company that does it for you is useless. On top of that, let’s say people actually wanted to use it would probably only be used by a person once a year and not even. People will only search themselves right before applying for a job or an interview. The concept doesn’t fulfill a daily need for people and has no real purpose besides searching yourself and seeing what others can see about you.
    Foursquare is a rising star in my opinion. More and more people are becoming more active and searching for fun things to do in their area. Foursquare actually gives you things to do in your area and makes it easy to find something to do. People are moving away from Facebook and stuff and more into the newer websites and sources of social media. Foursquare is an easy place online to search for whatever you are in the mood to do and it’s so easy. It is more customized to the person actually searching. It is an updated and more modern version of yelp which that itself did great and is very popular.

  96. I’m placing Augmented Reality under Stars list for the following reasons – The wearable revolution will expand beyond Google Glass to tracking fitness and monitoring health. With Google investing heavily into their Glass product and rumors of their large office that is a large moveable ship that will focus on this product is completed, this is sure to become an emerging product that will fuel growth into Augmented Reality. Google Glass will increase the popularity of Augmented Reality by adding a layer of digital between real space and augmented reality. Imagine being able to receive information real time without the use of QR and bar codes through print media and the help of your phone, but through a display. Also, being able to receive information from your phone through descriptive imaging. This will be a new trend in marketing with several devices to follow from competitors and companies investing.

    I’m placing Social Fingerprinting under Start list for the following reasons – Social Fingerprinting will increase due to the implementation of this ability through the Apple 5 product line. This technology will decrease the use of passwords due to their increased ability of being used by a hacker, but also given their unfavorable state of remembering several passwords for every application. A concern would be government invading our privacy and being able to locate our information and location due our fingerprints now being used and stored in the information highway.

    I’m placing Groupon on the Rebounders lists for the following reasons – Groupon has been declining due to increased competition from the likes of Amazon Social. However, I believe they will make a rebound. Groupon currently operates in 500 markets in 44 countries and has been experience increased earnings and revenue over the past four quarters that has effected the stock of which has risen to $10.84 from a $4.24 52 week low. I believe with the recent purchase of Ideeli at a discount of $43 million you can expect Groupon to make a return especially in fashion offerings. It will be interesting to see how Groupon implements Ideeli into their operations.

  97. Social Fingerprinting (Marginal)

    Although an interesting idea, social fingerprinting is something that will likely move into a more marginal level of success as time goes on. Such an understanding is predicated upon the fact that although individuals are innately curious with respect to what is being said about them online, the majority of this information is readily available without contracting a third party and paying a sum of money for them to perform a function that the individual themselves might be able to do within merely a few seconds of research (Adams, 2013). However, with that being said, it must also be understood that this service will continue to maintain a level of relevance due to the fact that prospective job seekers will likely utilize it on a short-term basis as a means of determining whether or not they will be somehow considered as “ineligible” from a prospective job that they might be applying for. However, regardless of this level of application, a runaway level of growth or the sudden death of this particular Internet enterprise is not expected anytime within the near future.

    Radian 6 (Star)

    An analysis of Radian 6 lends me to believe it as a star. The underlying reason for this has to do with the fact that Radian 6 ultimately makes the process of social media marketing somewhat more understandable and able to be engaged by individuals and firms that might not otherwise venture into such a level of engagement with a third party. Ultimately, popular culture reinforces the fact that social media advertising is extraordinarily important to reach a demographic that spends a greater and greater percentage of their time connected via online devices. As such, an individual that is interested in marketing a particular good or service, or an entire entity that is interested in performing the same function, will find Radian 6 to be specifically useful and demystifying with regards to the confusion of where to start in social media advertising (Salesforce.com, 2011). The appeal that Radian 6 has is that it mines the individual for useful information that can be utilized in terms of a marketing approach and then crafts a tailored messaged that is based upon the information; all without the business owner or individual needing to be responsible for maintaining the involved elements of a social media marketing plan.

    DIGG (RIP)

    From a cursory review of DIGG, it is my understanding that it must be placed in the RIP sector. The underlying reason for this has to do with the fact that DIGG provides a service that is redundant to a litany of different firms. For instance, Google analytics can quickly and easily perform the same function, a litany of different news organizations, websites, and social media applications are also able to quickly report what is trending and why (Alsever, 2013). As such, the redundancy of DIGG makes it somewhat irrelevant to the world of modern social networking and computing. Irrelevant services such as iGoogle quickly fail and exit the market; an action that is soon expected for the likes of DIGG and similar services.

    Adams, S. (2013). An Expert’s Seven Tips For Using Social Media To Get A Job. Forbes.Com, 2.
    Alsever, J. (2013). Digg Makes a Comeback (Sort Of). Inc, 35(6), 78-80.
    Salesforce.com Acquires Facebook Filter Radian6. (2011). Channel Insider, 1.

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