Contextual Mobile Marketing – A Day in a Life 2022

The day is Friday, February 4th,  2022, and Claudia and I are planning a night alone in West Palm’s Cityplace. Meanwhile, my daughter is left alone. I am sure I could trust her. Our favorite spots in Cityplace are Apple Movie Theater , Sloan’s, Lost City Cigars and of course, Macy’s.

Claudia and Me

Around 4PM, I check on the movies and noticed there are no exact matches for “an action thriller where a Navy Seal with a dysfunctional nature falls in love at the end.” Apple Movie Theater does, however, match our combined movie preferences as close as possible by rank ordering our list based on combined Netflix, Amazon Prime and cable preference histories.


As I arrive within the 5 mile geofence surrounding Cityplace, I search for available parking spots and select one near a trolley stop.  Meanwhile, Apple Movie Theater shows a crowd building up for one of our chosen movies, thereby  suggesting we wait for the 8PM showing instead.


As we approach the trolley, Claudia puts on her smartglasses and is having a field day on offers through Snapchat.  Sure enough, she gets an offer from Macy’s on a new line of shoes. Earlier in the month, she had scanned a Macy’s purse through an Apple iBeacon to follow them on Instagram and embrace with a “love.”

Facebook is working with Ray-Ban to produce smart glasses by 2025.

She then checks her social currency account and sees she has enough reward points accumulated from her AMEX check-ins, loves and rewards.  Meanwhile, I kill some time checking on local attractions. My Apple Watch app is pinging away with deals at my favorite spots.

Lost City Cigars has Patron 1926 Shorties in stock! Right then, the owner live streams me a short video with: “Hey, Jim, stop by and check out our new cigars…Do you want me to hold the Patron?…I also have Rocky Patel’s and Alec Bradleys for less than $10.” He holds the Patron and uses my social currency for payment.

Meanwhile, I check on dinner reservations through Instagram while waiting for Claudia’s shoes. Opa Taverna is one of the choices for available seating and food choices. Looking at their menu, I recognized some fried cheese thing called κεφαλοτύρι σαγανάκι.

The menu also shows kefalotýri saganáki, but that doesn’t help much. Nor does the “KEE-fah-loh-TEER-ee  sah-ghah-NAH-kee” pronunciation shown at the bottom of the screen. Reviews look good and they are serving Zorba shots.

We confirm our reservations for 7PM, which gives me plenty of time to pick up the cigar. Claudia has finished her shopping and gets pinged with a promotion from CityPlace as we cross the street toward Opa Taverna. On February 8th, CityPlace is sponsoring a Krush Band Music Festival at the Pavilion Grille which Claudia acknowledges with a “love.” This gives us 50% off an hors d’oeuvre at Opa Tavernas.

As we get seated, my Apple Watch cross-references my movie end time with the trolley schedule, and it alerts me about the departure time of the trolley that will get me to the parking lot before the meter exceeds my Sunpass credits.  We then book a ticket, but not a seat.

Image result for apple watch

As we finish our meal, I catch a review on what desserts not to touch. And it’s from a friend I trust. Meanwhile, Claudia mentions there is enough time to get an ice cream at Sloan’s next door. I try to talk her out of this as I notice an old talkative acquaintance of mine heading that way through Apple’s check-in geofence.

Instead, I check on the movie crowd and recommend a snack at the theatre. Of the seats live casted, we have a choice between a talkative lady and a guy with a hat. But further up in the center there seem to be two good seats. I quickly reserve them. I am about to order 2 small buttered popcorns when Claudia reminds me we could get them on the way home.

Related image

We pay for both the movie and dinner with Claudia’s social currency; and a credit for attending both goes toward my parking. The credit was from a poll. During the movie, I answer the text poll on who gets killed in the end. I guessed right, so Apple Movie Theater offered me 50% off parking. We show love for the movie and it updated our Netflix choices.

As we embark the trolley, I tweet my parking location to the driver. We then leave the parking lot where Sunpass acknowledges the credit. Shortly after departure, they notify me via Apple Maps of an accident blocking the intersection of Australian Ave. and 95S. No problem, we take Southern Blvd. instead.

As we approach the Delray Beach geo-fence, Amazon Go Groceries pings Claudia with an offer for oatmeal and blackberries at 50% off. Before we enter, Claudia updates her short grocery list and is instantly generated a maximum savings opportunity using outstanding reward points and deals for items and quantities entered. Some of the credits came from Claudia’s scanning NFCs off a truck promotion earlier in the day for Proctor and Gamble.


As we enter Amazon Go Groceries, we are alerted in each aisle as to what items to consider as bargain alternatives for our short-term shopping list. I remind Claudia of her suggesting we get popcorn on the way home.  I then find a reasonably good deal. Unfortunately, Claudia finds a more nutritious selection.


Meanwhile, my daughter sends me a “love you” text just to calibrate my ETA. She now knows I am 5 minutes from home, where there is plenty of time to send off the boyfriend.

day in 2016

But it is too late, I noticed from my embedded Facebook Live app that the boyfriend is 5 feet from her geofence check-in. Then I see that they have been binge watching Space Force Season 4. I respond to her text knowing I left the cam on in the Smart TV. I turn on my cam and respond “Hi, sweetie; I love you , too!!”

So how would you describe your day in a life 2022?











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  1. So how would you describe your day in a life 2016?

    My b-day in 2016
    I wake up at 7:30 a.m. on December 22, 2016 a day before my birthday I am feeling extremely happy because I created and app that is helping millions of people around the world to find a healthily way of living. I created an App called Orgalife an App that specializes in bringing you all the restaurants around the area in the palm of your hand. Using Geo-fencing this App can identify all the local organic and vegan restaurants nearby. It rates them for you and also compares the menu items; this App also keeps calorie track and it tracts at what time you eat your meal to let you know when is the next approximate meal.

    It has a built in calendar so that you can plan ahead, this App allows you to share on all social media places and when you do, it gives you points or percentages off your next meal. It also allows you to send pictures back and forth with your friends so they can also see how healthy you are eating. By doing this you are encouraging others to be healthy and live right. Also has a built in motivational quotes system where it encourages you to continue eating healthy every day. It is about 12:30 p.m and my Orgalife is letting me know that is time to eat I open up the notification and it has already selected a few restaurants for me that are less than 1 mile away it already knows that I don’t like eating the same thing every day so it took out the one I went to yesterday. I don’t want to spend that much money today because of my birthday tomorrow but fortunately , when it notified me “time to eat” it also notified local restaurants nearby and I also received a couple notifications from the restaurants personalized just for me letting me know there specials of the day. One particular restaurant let me know that my favorite meal was going to be 20% for an early birthday present. Of course I go with that one; this App is so cool that it makes you connect with people in a deeper level. I finish work at about 6:30 p.m. and I am ready to go home and eat something good but my orgalife sends me and alert as I am passing by Whole foods that I am out of food. So I stop by and pick up the essentials my app has a shopping list ready for me a little bit different then the week before it is covering all the different vitamins and proteins that I didn’t eat last week. I would have never known that, I eat so healthy that I thought I covered everything but apparently not. I arrived home and make then most amazing meal with the help of my App of course it gave me and amazing recipe. I go to sleep and I am woken up the next day on my birthday by my family and friends that love me, they organized this birthday brunch with the help of Orgalife that notified them about my favorite foods and threats. I am amaze at all the people that were in my house I am so happy because even if I had planed it I don’t think that so many people had showed up. That is my b-day in 2016.

  2. May 18nd 2016, my IPhone has alerted me to confirm my flight time on May 23rd 2016. Then Victoria Secret and Boston Proper sent me an alert for a $20.00 off my purchase for swimwear and free standard shipping and 5% off next day shipping. Awesome Sauce, now I can feel better order the items that were sitting in my shopping cart. With one click I order because they already have my account number, payment information and shipping address….
    After a long semester, May 14, 2016 is my day. It’s a beautiful Saturday and this day belongs to me, a few friends and my dog –Harmon Grey. It has been an exhausting semester and I thought I would have finished my final semester already, but few setbacks brought me here. I thought I would sleep in but thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, my iPhone picked up my sleeping habits and now knows if I snoozed 5 alarms in a row within an hour time span, using blue tooth, it will connect to my home in the den which is connected to a surround sound and play songs it knows I can’t sleep through. I just love catchy tunes. I did not wake up that way this morning, but my dog has an alarm of his own and if I’m not up on his schedule, he goes through the doggie door and the alarm goes off and the voice recording rings my iphone, which if I don’t answer by the third ring, alerts the alarm company who then alerts the police. So I got up as soon as I heard beep, beep, and beep.
    Back to technology, when I get up, my coffee is automatically brewed for me, thanks to like I said technology. Once my iPhone’s alarm goes off there is a 5 minute delay to start the brewing process, which gives me time to walk the dog and comeback in time to pour my first cup. About 15minutes later the computer in the ihome system programs the shower to start warming up. No time for laziness because my job is to prospect every day for business and since I start making calls at 8:00 am I need to make sure I’m dressed and ready to go. It does not matter if I’m making calls from home or the office.
    Today was a day for me as I said earlier. I scheduled a day for the dog to be groomed and at 8:00am sharp they were there to collect my baby, simply by clicking on their app on my phone to confirm the pickup. I would love it if I have a system that could boil eggs for me while I search Facebook and follow up on emails.
    The schedule was to hang with the girls for a few hours on the beach and have a nice lunch. So I voice group text them on my iPhone confirming the meeting spot. I have a city app that tells me where the bargains, discounts and festivities were taking place off Las Olas
    Found a nice little bistro that offered two for one and that was pet friendly on the beach. Perfect, since I would not be able to pick up my baby, I wanted them to drop him off to me. I simply paid them using a payment application linked to their store. I voice text my friends to confirm place and time and they were cool with that. Then I got a group Skype (group me) from Bev. She just woke up and wanted to speak to all of us face to face. She was amazed that I was up and groomed already and it was only 8:40am. She wanted to discuss possible doing some shopping and catching an afternoon play.
    Simultaneously, I reached for my iPad5, and explored what deals my iPad had to tell me in regards to our plans. Foursquare app, I found the deal at the bistro and made reservation from their app… I then put my iPad then told me that today is the last day for the 10-25% discount on dresses at Boston Proper, which was two blocks away from the bistro. I was not surprised to get that information since I have been looking at the website and putting things in my shopping cart. Though I was surprised, I was happy to get that information. Needless to say that would be one of our stops during the day. Just then, I remembered that I had to alter the groomers to change the drop off time for my dog. Easily done from their app on my phone.
    With that done, I went to get my keys, took my phone from its charger, and walked to my car. As I drove away, on perfect cue, my iPhone synced to the car turned on my favorite station. It is scary to think that a few years ago we functioned without the use of this type of technology. Now, I am thinking of purchasing the google glasses I hear and read about. Technology is not so scary after all, but Big Brother is always watching!

  3. It is June 15, 2016, and I am planning a trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, so I decide to go to Coral Square Mall to buy all the things I need and some gifts for my family. My car is in the shop, so I open an app to check the status and it says it is not ready to pick up yet. I have to walk to the nearest trolley stop on Atlantic Boulevard. Google Maps says that the next trolley passes at 2:00pm. When I arrive at the mall, I check in on Foursquare and I instantly find all the promotions and sales that all stores have available at the moment. I can find on the top of this list the stores I frequent the most: Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, Express and GNC.
    I receive a notification from JC Penny (I never go to this store). It says: “This is the 3rd time you come to the mall this month. You should see what we got!” and I receive a $15 off if I spend US$50. This is great because I am sure I can find some gifts for my family at this store. I also check my points balance in Macy’s and Express, so I decide to go to express first because I have more points available.
    Before going to Express, I open Pinterest and check for the last fashion styles in the Dominican Republic. I find some great outfits and sync it with the Express app to see if they have something similar, and they do! I can use my points to get it.
    After buying the clothes and gifts I needed, I stop at the beauty salon to get a pedicure. I can use this time to look for flight tickets and compare what the different airlines have to offer. I not only select the dates of the trip, I also select all the airlines I would like to compare. I also want to take my family out for dinner the day I arrive. I check on my iCalendar app and see if my parents and sisters have this time available. My sisters have this day blocked, so it will have to be the day after. I check on Travel Advisor to make a reservation at our favorite restaurant.
    By the time I am done there are no more trolleys passing by. In my iTaxi app I introduce the route and 10 taxi options appear available with the fee I would have to pay and the time it takes them to get there. I select the most expensive one but it will be there in 2 minutes, and I need to get home soon to cook the chicken that my icook app announced me that is already marinated.

  4. It’s 9:15 of a beautiful Saturday morning, my alarm wakes me up when I am in a low level of sleep. I am wearing the nike band which tells my alarm that I am in deep REM sleep or a lighter sleep and is able to wake me up during the lightest level of sleep in a given time range. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get some breakfast. My local grocery store was able to tell that I was running low on eggs and sent out a grocery bag filled with eggs and other essentials to my apartment. My bank account was automatically charged with this bill. After breakfast I decide to go to the mall with some friends. I get in my eco friendly solar powered car and drive to the mall. I tell my iphone synched car to text my friends letting them know where I will meet them. I get to the mall and my car is directed to an empty parking spot so I don’t have to drive around looking for one. I park my car and take the elevator up to the main level of the mall where I see my friends waiting for me.
    We all have a couple of stores we want to go to before seeing a matinee movie. I tell my phone what stores we need to go to and it tells me the most efficient route to hit all the stores before the movie starts. As we are walking by the stores in the mall my phone makes me aware a sale at Macys. I decide to head inside and take a look. The screen in the store shows a nice pair of shoes in my size and style based on some purchases I made. I like them so I decide to buy them.
    We go to the rest of the stores and all decide to head to the food court. I put on my google glasses and all the deals from each of the restaurants appear on my screen. I am in the mood for Italian food so I tell my glasses to only show those two stores. Once we finish our meal we realize that we haven’t decided to catch a movie. I pull up all the movies showing at the theater on my iphone. I tell my phone what types of movies each of us like and it gives back the recommended titles based on that information. We enjoyed the movie and an exceptional day.

  5. It’s June 5th 2016, time sure does fly. After a long week, I decide to take a little time for myself and do some retail therapy. While walking through the mall I open my iBody app, which contains full measurements of my body captured through find your fit body scanners. As I peruse through the stores my iBody app alerts me of special deals and sales based on my location within the mall. Further more, my iBody app alerts me to what size I am in each store. This information is based upon cross-referencing my find your fit body scan and the measurements used for sizing in the store. As each store has different measurements for sizes, what is a size 4 in one store may be a size 6 in another, therefore cross-referencing this information takes the hassle out of having to try on various different sizes within a store and trying to remember what size you are at each retailer. Additionally the app also provides suggestions based upon my purchase history, likes and browsing. Upon finding a garment I like I head towards the register, where I am able to use my Apple passbook and Google wallet. Both my passbook and Google wallet enable me to check out quick and easy through my mobile device, which hasn’t left my hand since I walked in to the mall. After being checked out and leaving the store I look down at my iBody app which has a list of all the stores in the mall, I check to see if there is a Starbucks. Sure enough there is a Starbucks but at the other end of the mall. As I begin to walk to the other end of the wall I open my Starbucks app and order my usual drink. My usual drink is based on my recent purchase history and my list of favorite drinks, I place my order for my chia tea and pay through my Starbucks rewards. When I finally reach Starbucks my drink is waiting for me at the end of the counter, I simply pick it up as I walk past the kiosk and continue browsing the stores in the mall.

  6. Its July 7th 2016 my alarm goes off at 7 am. Today it’s the sound of my mom and siblings singing happy birthday. The posted their performance on Facebook and selected the sync with alarm option. Normally I wake up at 8am but on my agenda today I have a 10am meeting. Given the traffic patterns and my average commute time my “wake me” app has determined this is the best time to wake me. I should have been up earlier to disable it as I usually do but because I went out drinking last night I have decided to rely on its lovely functionality.

    I place my order with Joe’s coffee before I shower. I’m not in the mood today so I go with a simple voice command. “Joe the usual” my usual is determined based on the last 15 purchases I made. Currently it’s a large espresso with 2 sugars. It sounds disgusting but it gets me moving. The moment I leave my condo the order is put in. Joe’s is in the lobby of my building. Joe’s knows I’m on the move based on my geo locator. The minute I walk into the lobby my account is charged and my coffee is waiting.

    Today’s meeting is unlike my usual conferences. Mr. Chan is old school he prefers face-to-face meetings. He wants to shake the hands of the man he is entrusting with the future of his company. I have my team with me they are logged into my mobile conference. I feel sorry for Jason he is on his honeymoon in Tahiti. Fortunately he can link in through his mobile device and is wearing his Google glasses. They not only provide a live feed of where I am in the presentation, it also lets him know when I need him to interject. A simple tap on my mobile device in his quadrant notifies him his expertise is required (he is my logistics guy). I concede to him momentarily and chime in when its time to close the deal.

    After leaving Mr. Chan’s I simply deactivate. I detach from the world by turning off my phone. It’s my time now.

  7. So how would you describe your day in a life 2016?

    It is a new year, January 1, 2016 and still exhausted from a night of celebration. I am probably awake by 6am, check my phone for any new messages, then proceed to check my social media such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram to see if there are any comments or likes from the pictures and videos we uploaded last night. I quickly adjust the temperature in the house using my Nest app to get it to the right temperature I like when I get out of bed. I turn on the TV using my AppleTV app to check on any breaking news that I should be informed about before I go on with my day. As I get out of bed, I open up MyFitnessPal app to begin logging in all of my meals I will be eating today. Before I cook breakfast I must always know how many calories, carbs, fats, and proteins I am consuming to make sure I stay in check with my physique. While I eat my breakfast, I open up my laptop to see how many new customers have signed up to my Link To Fitness App. This is the year where Facebook or Google buy our company for over 3.2 billion dollars in cash. This app has grown tremendously and it is the industry leader of exercise technology. I see that there are currently over 5 million users and I already know it is going to be a good year. I then jump in the shower using my iShower app where it automatically turns on my shower and gets it to the perfect temperature. Once all showered, I use my voice command app to help me pick out a nice outfit since it is New Years Day and we must continue celebrating. Once all ready, my boyfriend and I rush over to my family’s house where the party continues! We get into our self operating hybrid car, and using the voice command it will automatically get us to the location we tell it. We make a quick stop at Publix because I got a message on my phone that there are some great deals on snacks I can take to the party and not show up empty handed. As we party all day and it begins to get dark, we get back into our car, get into bed, check my phone once again, emails, and TV, and I am off to sleep.

  8. With the conclusion that I will be engrossed in the best of technology by 2016, my day begins with my latte.
    Starbucks might be few and scarce as my new latte machine can be activated from anywhere with my handheld coffee app. Spent some time at my boyfriends? No problem. One click of a “brew my brew” button in the app (conveniently placed on the screen) and my coffee will be ready for me at home. That saves time while I dress for work.
    My geo-fence alerts me how far I am from work and begins to ping me of traffic delay and ETA from any direction. I look down; meeting and to-do list pop up on my screen with, “good morning Vanessa. It seems you are out of your routine this morning.”
    Then pings following one another as I was on my cab ride:
    “You are 5 minutes from home currently.”
    “There is 45 minutes to arrive to work. Your taxi will be waiting at 8:30 a.m. to get you to work at ETA (with current traffic) of 8:54 a.m.”
    These settings set by me for my inability to keep my spontaneous life together.
    I run into my apartment and get immediately notified through another ping where my cab driver is and whether they are running on time. If not, it will also let me know the location of a second one with ETA.
    Once ready and notified that the taxi is downstairs, I leave my apartment, latte in hand. Luckily the machine is set to clean itself at my disclosure. I also have information on what I need to replace and what coffee I have at my disposable. Love the coffee, love the app.
    As I climb into the cab, and drive a couple blocks down, I am reminded from my geo fence that today is the last of sale for the Macys friends and Family and my current available balance on my credit card. It also cross references my upcoming weekend schedule and gives me an additional coupon for the clothing section. If I “love” it, then I will get an extra 5% if I make it in by tonight. I “love it” and plan to make it in by tonight.
    Because my favorite restaurant is within the mall my Macys are located, I get a ping with my favorite restaurant offering a free meal with purchase of another. Ill “love it” and call off making dinner for friends tonight.
    Marketing at its finest one you are in tune and integrated in the social local system.
    Convenience comes at a price.
    Although if marketers can get it right, the convenience can and will trumpet its encompass on a person’s everyday living ritual.

  9. Today, June 5, 2016 I woke up at 7:05 with my Pandora account playing my favorite morning song based on my music preferences and my recent likes on Facebook and youtube video watched. In a glance my room was illuminated by the sunshine, while my curtains open automatically opened as my alarm started to sound. My Google calendar had scanned my day activities and realized I needed to be up by 7:05 to have enough time to get ready to the gym and be at work at 10am considering the amount of time I usually take to get ready and the traffic forecast on my commute to work based on the past traffic trend and satellite information.
    I trained hard at the gym today, according to my Polar watch I spent over 500 calories and kept my heart rate on 75% average. Its definitely paying off! I stepped on my bluetooth scale right before shower, and it made my day happy as it showed I 1% body fat since last week in a consistent trend. Right after my iPhone reminded me to prepare my multi vitamin vegan protein shake with an extra scoop to balance with the exercise just completed and that I should have quinoa for lunch according to my body composition information sent via bluetooth from my scale to my Loose it! application on the phone and my lately eating habits.
    So, I drive to work and as Im approaching the garage, my car computer system advices me the closest available parking spot in on the 7th floor and that would take me extra 5 min to make it to my office, so my calendar automatically sends a note to my 10am meeting to move it to 10:05am.
    Lunchtime was approaching and my iPhone remembers me all the nearby restaurants that offer exquisite quinoa salads, so I request a reservation at “Crazy About You” for 1:30pm.
    After work google traffics informs me there is a delay on the way back home, so I decide to stop to do my grocery shopping and as I’m shopping my iPhone remembers me the missing items from my refrigerator.
    Once I get home I want to take sometime to read and rest, so I get my iPad and browse the books and TV series recommendations and new releases that I might like on Netflix based on the collection of all my personal data and updates from my social media and pins though the last days. I decide to watch a documentary called Samsara and was impressed with the world images and message.
    Finally I hear a bip, is my iPhone which is connected to my Polar watch that is reminding me I need to sleep 8 full hours to have a rested body and recovery from the missing sleep hours from last few days (it tracks my sleep quality and time). So I’m ready to sleep now and start a new day tomorrow!

  10. A day in my life, 2016:

    It’s Monday morning and I’m awakened by my iPhone 8 that with a simple wave is able to shut off the alarm. I then eat breakfast like usual and then I get ready to go to work. While getting ready I’m able to easily pick out my working clothes due to an iPhone App, called “Fashion Forward” that helps me organize all my clothes and accessories days before.

    Once, I’m ready to go I get the keys to my Eco-friendly car that saves plenty of gas, (paying $20 for a full tank) and its super equipped with the latest technology. Like a 3D incorporated GPS, neat back-up cameras and amazing sound system. It takes me 15 minutes to arrive to work; once I’ve arrived I head to my office. However, before I enter my office I need to check-in and with just getting my iPhone close to a sensor chip it lets me in the building.

    Once in my office, I start working with my iMac that has a beautiful new design and with the new iOS 10 system it runs super fast and quite smoothly. As for my co-workers some of them are using the new iSee glasses that Apple has developed, which provide a quite fascinating experience in comparison to the Google glasses. A couple hours have past and its time to go home again! I arrive home and I lie on my super comfy, modern couch and start watching TV in my curved and flexible screen. Before I go to sleep and go to work the next day I start searching on my MacBook, about the new upcoming self-driving cars that Volvo will launch in the market. Super thrilled for the cars of the future and all the new gadgets that make our life easier and exciting.

  11. Event Planning Coordinator

    “You have 5 hours until the event”, says my personal assistant app on my phone. I realize I quickly have to grab a few items for the event. “Siri, how far is the Party Store from here?” I ask. She displays a map on my phone and lets me know that it is 3 miles and I will get there in 10 minutes if I leave now. I rush out of the office. I click on the start my car app and get the engine running, it also synchronizes the map on my navigation system in the car. I get closer to my car, it automatically unlocks with a Bluetooth signal.

    As I am driving down in a speed frenzy, the navigation alarms lets me know that there is a cop car nearby. So I reduce my speed avoiding a speeding fine. I tell Siri to open my list for the things I need at the store. Siri tells me she can’t find the list. I then realized it hadn’t been transferred. So I tell Siri to open the filed named “Party store list” from my Dropbox app. It immediately loads. As I enter the geo-sensing zone for Party store, it recognizes the item ids from my list and notifies the employees to collect the items. The parking app from the store lets me know that there are a few parking spots available on the west lot and updates my map to give me directions.
    I enter the store feeling a bit anxious. An employee knows my name and greets me. “Hello Marie, we have the items ready for you.” The party store app then alerts me that I may need a couple more items and gives me the list. I click on the items I need and it automatically sends me the receipt. I then do a simple one click touch to pay and it automatically pays for the bill with the stored credit cards on my phone. I was literally in the store for less than 3 minutes and the app has reminded me of items I may have forgotten on my own. Not only that, I saved money automatically from the rewards program stored on my account.

    I thank the store employee and exit the store. Again my engine is started through the app and the Bluetooth signals my trunk to open. I am in the car and on the road again. Siri, understanding the stress I was under (data collected from time of meeting, speed, and heart sensing monitor), sends a ping to my favorite coffee spot. The Green Bean sends me a text, “Your favorite muffin is freshly baked and a fresh cup of tea is ready for you! Your rewards indicates you have 50% discount. Would you like us to place your order and have it ready for pick up?” I click YES and the balance is automatically paid from my store credit cards. The map updates and directs me to the coffee shop. I return to the office and realize I was only gone for 10 minutes.

  12. Its March 2016, Sunday morning and I wake up to my Google glasses paired with a normal cell phone telling me the results of the sports teams I follow or ones that played last night, my messages, my social media notifications and so on. The message is an advertisement from my favorite local coffee shop down the street that they will be having a new type of coffee at a discount and the loyal customers with coupons will be getting to try out their new secret recipe donut.
    ince the coffee shop is only a few blocks from my house, I just leave in my sweats and hope to not be late. On my way out I grab something I never leave the house without (besides my smartphone that is) and this is the google glass. The google glass is the best invention so far and I love them. I have several reasons for that the first being that I get to take photos and record videos of funny occurrences and events on my way to the coffee shop without attracting the attention of people and hence little chances of being caught doing so. These pictures and videos I later share with my friends on facebook and instagram and we have a laugh about. It is also easier for me to get directions from my google glass and especially when my hands are full like they are about to be once I get my steaming hot coffee and free donut.
    The photos I got on my way to the gym on checking their site are no exaggerations as the gym is a work of art. The massage is the best ever and nothing can be compared to it in this part of town. I have to check in and write a positive review in their facebook and twitter account and get more people to come and enjoy this amazing feeling. The feeling is mutual with my friends and them having positive reviews is actually shocking being the critics and snobs they are on very many occasions. Surprisingly, my positive review has earned a few likes and comments and by the time I reach home to change in preparation for the night activities, I have text message from the gym manager with a few gym membership registration as a token of appreciation. The evening will be filled with hitting a lot of clubs that have promised a wonderful time with great drinks through their location based marketing. The other great thing I am looking forward to about the evening is having fun with snapping photos and taking embarrassing videos with my google glasses what with the infrared rays and night vision making the viewing as great as it is during the day and tomorrow will be another great day with mobile marketing and technological innovations. Life is definitely way easier, quicker, and less stressful that it was two years before.

  13. I wake up on a Friday morning and tell my fiancé that we are going to do a date night tonight. She happily agrees and expresses her excitement. I like to do surprises so all I tell her is what type of attire to wear based on the place that I have in mind. I know that I want to go somewhere in the Wynwood Arts District because there are a lot of new trendy restaurants open in that area of town. Also, it is not far from home. First I get on Yelp, search for restaurants in the Wynwood Arts District/Midtown area, and look at the reviews to help me with my decision. There are tons of reviews on each restaurant (depending how long it has been open), but I have to filter them because some people are either unreasonably harsh or too overzealous. So once I find a nice happy medium with the reviews, I make my decision for Wynwood Kitchen and Bar. I know this place is super popular, especially on Fridays, so I make a reservation using the OpenTable app for 8pm. I usually make reservations on OpenTable for all of our date nights so I have accumulated a great deal of points (100 points per reservation). I have 2500 points, so I qualify for $25 off the total bill! Great! This restaurant is a little pricy. During the day, I am casually perusing Facebook when I see a targeted ad for a new “Speakeasy/Lounge” which opened in MidTown Miami called “Prohibition.” Since we were going to be in Wynwood for dinner, I figure that we could swing by this place for some after dinner drinks and check out the new lounge. I “like” Prohibition’s Facebook page and it offers me free cover charge and one free drink per person in my party. Even better! So now that the evening’s entertainment seems to be set, I need to figure out something to wear. I want to get a new outfit but don’t want to spend much money. Then, I remember that I have accumulated a ton of points from using my American Express Card. American Express offers Gift Cards to several retailers once you reach a certain amount of points. I don’t swipe my AMEX very often, but I have all of my bills automatically to be paid by the card so that I can quickly gain points. I see I have enough for a $250 shopping Spree at Banana Republic. So, not only can I get an outfit for the night, but a few extra ones as well. In addition, I can use my Military Discount when I present my ID! So I go shopping and come home, clean up, and prepare for my date night. Once my fiancé is FINALLY done getting ready, I realize that since we will be drinking a little tonight, that I don’t want to drive. Therefore, I get on my Uber app (JUST launched in Miami yesterday!) and order a car. The app shows me the proximity of the car to my location, the approximate arrival time, and a photo of the driver to be expecting. The fare is automatically charged to my credit card which I registered to the app so I don’t have to worry about carrying cash. So the night begins!

  14. 28th May 2016 is yet another normal day only that on this particular day, I have a list of tasks that need to be accomplished within such a squeezed timeline. It is very difficult to imagine everything falling into place as it should. I wake up at the buzz of my iPhone. It is 6.30a.m. As a default setting that runs every morning, this buzz toggles the NFC setting attached to the coffee maker to brew some hot coffee and keep it at a steady 120oF. Soon after I am done with my coffee, I gather everything I need and step outside the house, but my iPhone buzzes again. This time it is a notification that I just forgot to carry my office keys, which are also NFC-tagged. I pick them up and walk towards the car. A snap on the lock and a slight red light on the knob indicates that the house automatically powered down and locked all doors, inside and out.

    As I pull out the driveway and leave the estate, I get a Google Maps notification of a parking spot that just became available nears my dentist’s office. I had scheduled an appointment on my Google Calendar at 9.10a.m., so I book it and have it marked as ‘Reserved’. Once the check is complete, the dentist prepares a note of the prescriptions and synchronizes them with me. This helps save time considering I have a scheduled meeting with some new clients in an hour, to which I do not plan to arrive late. A chemist nearby suddenly announces the availability of the indicated prescription based on the doctor’s entry and inquires if it should be packaged ready for pickup. It belongs to my neighbor’s daughter, who happens to be very kind-hearted, so I approve this request. I arrive and make the payment with my iWallet, which adds onto my social currency.

    I arrive at the office just in time to find the conference table being prepared. Foursquare alerts me that the clients just pulled up at the parking lot, which is my signal to go receive them at the lobby. Sadly, two of those scheduled for this meeting have not shown up, but they sent mail notification requesting inclusion via Google Hangouts. This is facilitated and all goes well. At 12.45p.m., I get a foursquare notification that the girls just checked into Antonio’s Place for lunch. Our waiter there Vines me a video of what they ordered being prepared, so I have her request the chef to include an additional serving. Lunch is great, but I soon get a reminder from the My Cab App that my parents just left the airport. I had made a booking two days ago pending their arrival. Figuring I cannot make it there on time, I log in to my Smart Space Security (Triple S) App and generate a temporary unlock code for my place. It is going to be a long night with those two around.

  15. iLive.
    It is June 1, 2016 and I am awakened by my iTrainer app on my Apple television. The TV turns on at 7AM and my iTrainer, Angela, pops up telling me it is time to exercise. I stumble out of bed towards the kitchen, and the fridge opens as I approach to get my water for my morning workout. Today we work on the legs, because yesterday was core, and tomorrow will be upper body. After an hour of intense workout with Angela, my shower turns on to my preferred temperature. The soap, shampoo, conditioner and shaving gel are all dispersed at the set time and amount that is required for each morning via the iWash app.
    After my shower, my iStylist app pops up and displays specific outfits suitable for today’s busy schedule. I don’t see anything I like so I ask iStylist to find me something else. In seconds, a variety of options that can be delivered in 30 minutes appear via the iShop app. I find a nice crème pants suit with a pair of nude Christian Louboutins that looks perfect for my meeting. My sizes were already stored based on previous purchases and Likes/Loves.
    With 30 minutes to spare, I log into Instagram to check out friends on social media. I do my hair and makeup using iBeauty which is an app that offers different makeup styles that coordinate with certain hairstyles. I select a smoky eye look to go with my long loose curls. Not long after hair and makeup are done, I hear my iButler tell me that my package has arrived. I can’t wait to try on my new suit, and of course it fits perfectly.
    I order an Uber (car service) to pick me up to take me to my meeting, which comes in 10 minutes. On the way to the office, I pass Ralph’s grocery store and create a list of things I need to get before the day is over. With my iEat app, I am able to log in, create a list, provide a pick up time or request delivery, and prepay for my items. As I pull up to work, I am automatically clocked in as I walk inside, and am greeted “Good Morning Nicole, your meeting will start in 10 minutes in conference room 101” by my iWork app.
    For lunch I go to Ruth Chris with some colleagues, in which I am able to make reservations with my phone only moments before walking in. Based on my previous experiences, the restaurant knows exactly what I want to eat and how to prepare it. This allows more time to speak with my co-workers about business. I decided to pay the bill early via my iEatOut app, that way there is no discussion about who gets the bill later.
    My meetings go smooth throughout the day because I am organized and my presentations automatically pop up at the right time in each meeting. Once 5PM hits, I walk out the office and am greeted by car service. I completely forget about my groceries, so as we drive pass Ralph’s my iPhone alerts me with the “Pick Up or Deliver” option. Since it was such a long day, I select Deliver, which brings my food in a matter of 30 minutes.
    While I am away, my iButler feeds my puppy and house trains him, so I have no accidents to find when I get home. My favorite tunes come on as the door unlocks, which only happens with my iHome app. As I approach the building, my floors are heated, the temperature is set, and my mail is delivered at the most appropriate time.
    I decide tonight I want to try a new recipe, so I search the iCook app for some Indian meals. The app knows exactly what ingredients I already have at home, so it finds a recipe that will work with what I have and what is appropriate for my diet. After a long productive day, my iWash app runs me a hot bubble bath at 8PM in order for me relax and get ready for bed. As I get into bed, my sheets have been pre-warmed and my favorite show is already on my Apple TV. Once my eyes close, iSleep is in effect and everything in the house shuts down to sleep mode. iLive in 2016.

    1. Wow Nicole, that was impressive you kept me super entertained. Although it was also scary to know that we are almost there, and in fact many people live there lives based on Apps. I believe that this concept that you brought up made me realize where this generation is going. We are becoming robots, we get told what to do when to do it. Even though I do agree that it would keep us more organize it would also take away from humanity. I really liked you story it was super realistic even though we are still not in 2016.

      Thank you

  16. Fast-forward 2 years in the future and it is June 2, 2016. Time flew by so fast it seems. I am awoken by the alarm on my iPhone at 5am, which happens to be playing a ringtone from the Top40 Hits of the week connected to my iTunes library on my MacBook Air. After hitting the snooze button several times I finally manage to jump out of bed and get into my running gear, which of course includes my armband for my iPhone so I can listen to my favorite tunes as I run through Victoria Park and then down Las Olas. I return home from my run around 5:45am and switch on my iPad as I pull down my Nutribullet from the cabinet. A coworker just told me about this great new application that has a variety of different Kale smoothie recipes. Yum. While I’m enjoying my smoothie and catching up on the latest news on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, I figure why not send a snapchat of my delicious meal?

    After finishing up my smoothie it is time to hop in the shower and get a move on it. I have to leave for work in an hour if I want to beat traffic and make my stop at Publix! While showering I’m able to charge my phone and once again listen to my tunes thanks to the iDock on my bathroom counter Mom got me for graduation from grad school. Who says getting ready in the morning can’t be fun? While doing my hair and makeup I turn on my TV in my bedroom and am able to review my PowerPoint slides for my presentation that morning by using Airplay on my MacBook to connect to my AppleTV. Before I head out the door I make sure to place my order from the Publix Deli for pickup on their mobile app. After all, everyone loves a good pub sub for lunch on a workday. Upon entering my car I make sure the Bluetooth on my phone is synched with my Infinity so I can make my morning calls hands free while driving. Pulling out of the Publix after grabbing my meal I notice there seems to be a lot of traffic as I’m about to get onto 95 North. Turns out according to tracking traffic on my iPhone there are two major accidents blocking exits heading north. Think fast! I quickly command Siri to redirect my route to work using side streets instead of 95 until I’m driven far enough where the road is clear. Since I’m a nice person and want to help out my coworkers who travel the same usual morning route, I screenshot a picture of the new route and then by voice activation instruct Siri to send the image in a group email thread.

    Once I arrive at work safely I walk into my office and turn on skype to make sure the wifi in the building is working this morning. Did I mention my presentation was being done via skype because my direct boss and the CMO were currently on location in London meeting a client? Technology sure is great!

  17. It is Friday February 5, 2016, Its’s 6:00am and my alarm go off over and over again, until 30 min later I finally hear it and turn it off (I have a really deep sleep). The first thing I do after opening my eyes is check Instagram and twitter, Facebook can wait. I don’t need to be fully awake to do that, just one eye is enough to glance a few posts. Every night I turn down the screen bright anyway. After that I check the weather and decide what to wear to start my day. After being dressed and ready I make my morning cappuccino and have a quick breakfast, while doing that I check on Waze how is the traffic on my way to work, since it is terrible as usual I look for a better route option and since there isn’t any, I just leave my house with Waze on just to see how is the route going and see or send any eventual situation on the road to my Waze fellows (This is not too safe for driving, but seriously do they actually expect drivers not to use it while driving?).
    9:00am I am at work and committed to myself to not touch my phone during the whole morning, which of course is too much to ask, It is facebook time and Instagram and twitter again, it is always nice to be somehow in touch with my friends and family from Venezuela and beyond. I also read some recommended interesting news that pops up on facebook and watch a few funny videos as well.
    It’s almost lunch time and It’s time to check on Foursquare what restaurant I am going to today, since I am always on diet and I am pretty tired of Subway, I decide to go to this lovely gourmet salad place called Giardino, I have some credits on its app from the receipts I scanned since I found the place, therefore I will have a great discount on my meal.
    The afternoon is going slow and I don’t have too much to do in the office, so I check on amazon if my hurband’s birthday gift is delivered or not, and IT IS! Right on time thanks to Prime!!
    Right before getting out of work I check Waze again, and I decide to take another route since is Friday and I have a dinner reservation that I made from my phone 3 days ago in this Italian restaurant in Brickell. I’ve never been there but It has really good reviews, the price is acceptable and it matches perfectly the perfect romantic dinner I wanted for my husband birthday. Believe me I did my research. Of course it took me an hour to get home anyway, I picked up the mail, yes! My amazon package is here as I knew, I go upstairs and put on the dress I bought on express, at a really good price by the way, thanks to the offers I’ve got from RetailMeNot on my phone and the regular emails announcing the weekend discount on dresses which I totally took advantage of a week ago.
    We made it to our reservation, I took a lovely picture of us, posted it on Instagram and facebook with the specific Place check-in, and after that we went to our favorite dancing place which we found thanks to google months ago.
    Since we will party all night, I am planning a quiet weekend, just movies and that’s it, but I don’t need to worry about what movie or what time yet, I know I will figure it out tomorrow on my Cinemark App in which I also have some prices to redeem thanks to putting my phone on movie mode last time I went.

  18. As I wake up earlier than usual, 7:00am, on a Saturday morning as a result of my husband’s snoring, I decide to crab my Google Glasses and browse all my social media networks, specifically Facebook and Twitter, to browse specials for my favorite department store, Nordstrom. After doing some damage, I get up and decide to make breakfast. I remember that I had scheduled a brunch with my best friends so I decide to send them all a group text using voice command so that it doesn’t interrupt my cooking. After a few bath and forth messages, I decide to make reservations at the suggested restaurant through Open Table app using voice command. I realize I have a accumulated points for using Open Table consistently throughout the month and as a result, I’ll receive 30% off my tab. Excellent.
    Once breakfast is complete, I wake up my husband at around 7:45am and remind him to check into Golf on the GO to reserve his tee time for golf this morning with his group of friends.

    I get dressed, leave my house and head over to my much needed girls time. I decide to make my daily call to my mom using my voice command and blue tooth capabilities and catch up with her since she returned from a vacation in Italy. She rants and raves on how beautiful it was and send me picture messages I am able to see on my Bluetooth/gps screen in the car! Not going to lie, it definitely made me jealous. As I arrive to the restaurant, I search via geofone for parking availability, find a parking and pay using the improved app by phone app and made it right on time to my girls date. As I sit down, I check in and send a message to my husband letting him know I have arrived and will take him leftovers.

    My Saturday, while starting earlier than usual, turned out to be a great day!

  19. A Day in the Life of Belinda Duclos

    The day is Friday, June 3, 2016 and I wake up to another day’s work. 8 a.m I wake up to Morning Prayer and breakfast with my husband. Afterwards, I am off to work around 9:30 a.m to my clothing boutique located downtown. Once I get to work, I check emails and voice messages. I open new shipments and Google Image new ways to product place them in the store. Once I prepare my store for opening at 10 a.m I greet my first customers for the first hour and continue to the back of the store- in my office to allow my employee to maintain the store. In my office I load the website to my online magazine publication and check for new requests for writer contributions. Responding to contributor requests take a lot of time, so I send a generic, personalized, email to all freelance requestors. I update my website for the next few hours with the latest information using Google Collaboration, whereas all contributors have uploaded their new articles and information. After three hours or so, I go back to the front of the store, mingle with more customers and offer fashion styling advice. After a couple of hours, I call my husband on video chat using Skype to see how his day is going. Once I wrap up with him, I get back to my magazine upload a few tweets and promote upcoming community events. Nearing the end of the day, I’ll go home, get ready for an event where my presence was requested. Using my Google glasses to identify where the event is being held and use some spare minutes to learn more about the people or organization.

  20. As I wake up from a rough night of not sleeping due to my 15 month old being sick throughout the night, I try to remember everything I need to do today. Thankfully in the middle of the night I was able to put a list together on my iPad knowing it was going to be a rough day. As I start getting some oatmeal ready for my daughter, my iPhone starts dinging to remind me to call into work. As I grab my phone to call my boss I decide to voice command a quick email instead. After getting my daughter all fed and cleaned up we snuggle up in bed and start an episode of Sesame Street on my iPad. In the middle of the show I get a confirmation text from her pediatrician that they received my message in the middle of the night and we can be seen within the hour. As we wait at the pediatrician’s office we get a Facetime call from grandma. We go outside to take the call. Grandma has promised to drop off some homemade chicken noodle soup for her sick granddaughter. The pediatrician lets me know my daughter is going to need antibiotics and hands me a prescription. I immediately scan it with my iPad and send it over to our pharmacy. On our way home my pharmacy calls to let me know they are out of the antibiotics and will need to seek another pharmacy. I voice command my GPS to find me another pharmacy near by. Perfect! There is one a few minutes from grandma’s house. I call grandma to let her know we will be stopping by for soup instead. According to my pharmacy app there is a current 20-minute wait time for my daughter’s prescription. I take a quick snap and send it over to grandma for our ETA. Finally we are on our way to grandmas when my Starbucks app notifies me that when you buy a coffee today you can add a shot of espresso for free! I think to myself, how did they know!!! I’m very grateful as I am going on very little sleep. I head over to the drive thru Starbucks and get my energy for the remainder of the day. I take a quick picture of my Starbucks and post it to my Instagram to let my followers know what a great deal I got. As my notifications start appearing, I realize Starbucks has tagged me in a photo. As I go to check it out, I see that they featured my picture on their Instagram as a satisfied customer. How cool! We arrive at grandma’s and its time to eat lunch and take a nap. Thankfully I can pull up Pandora and put on my daughters favorite bedtime station where ever I’m at.

    1. It’s a typical Monday morning, I woke up at 6:00am and start to get ready for my morning workout, right after that, I check my emails follow by my Instagram and Facebook profile. After my one-hour workout I get back home and start getting ready for work, checking again my emails and listening to my voicemail from work. I receive a text message from Starbucks announcing a promotion that start today, a free coffee if I buy a breakfast, a good morning just start with a productive day and a coffee in my hand. So I stop at Starbucks pay my breakfast with my mobile application, and right after see that I have a notification for a free song to download, great news, the new release for one of my favorite singers. On my way to work, I receive a phone call from one of my clients, and excellent sale opportunity right at the door, I use my Bluetooth to multitask and assist him better. Close the deal right before arrive to the office. At the office I receive a notification from one on my favorite stores, a semi annual sale will start tomorrow with a 75% discount, what a lucky girl, I set up a reminder on my iPhone so I don’t miss that opportunity.

      At lunchtime, I receive a phone call from my best friend that lives in Dominican Republic; we use the Viber application, which allow us to talk and text with no international call fees. Right after I finish that call, I check that my realtor app, and shows an update of the rental apartments by the Miramar area that I will like to move at. Before I start working again, I check in thru the JetBlue app, my parent’s flight for tomorrow.

      After a very busy day, I finished reading a chapter of a new motivational book from my tablet. And set up the alarm for a great day ahead tomorrow.

  21. Today is February 10th, 2016 and I am woken up at 7am by my ihome blasting music from across the room so that I can’t hit snooze and go back to bed. Today is going to be an exciting day as my boyfriend has planned a birthday getaway for me! After I shower I head into the kitchen to pick up my coffee that is programmed to be ready by 7:30 and check on our flight which is delayed; but a delayed flight only means we have more time to grab breakfast! After we throw our luggage into the car I put on my Google Glasses and see that my favorite Café has offered me 50% off on my birthday so we head there to enjoy our meal! I ordered our breakfast on their app and indicated it would take us about 15 minutes to arrive. Sure enough our meal was ready and served once we walked in along with mimosas on the house!

    As we turn on the car to head to the airport my boyfriend gets an alert for traffic on the highway due to an accident so we are forced to take a back road but we have plenty of time so nothing to worry about. As we approach the airport I check the available spaces in the economy parking lot through the Google Glasses and select the closest one to the bus stop and also see that a bus was on its way to the economy lot and should be arriving in less than five minutes. Once we arrived to the airport I checked in and was awarded 1 free bag to check-in!

    While we waited for our flight I updated our check-in time at the hotel in Costa Rica while also booking some excursions. I’ve always wanted to go zip lining through the jungle so I used my frequent traveler rewards to book this excursion for tomorrow and was rewarded a dinner voucher for tonight at a new restaurant that just opened near the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we get alerts for tons of deals from top rated restaurants, bars, shops, and tourist attractions. We choose a few and head to dinner to redeem our voucher. During our meal my boyfriend tells me to put on my Google Glasses for a surprise and it’s a hologram of my parents and family back home wishing me a happy birthday! What a great way to end the night!

  22. It’s 4:55am and I naturally wake up in order to hearing the annoying sound of my alarm. I wait out the 5 minutes turn off the alarm before it goes off and then go back to sleep. 15 minutes later the secondary alarm goes off and wakes me up. This time I have to do the puzzle to turn off the alarm. I hear the coffee pot beep and in minutes the fresh coffee smell lures me out of bed. It’s now about 5:20 and music starts to play on my laptop with speakers connected all over the house. It’s time to check emails. Waiting is my daily schedule. It seems like today I have a pretty normal day. So I let my dog out and refill her water and food bowls. Then I get my coffee and head to my home office. I start to work and look over last night’s emails. There are 5 new orders and it seems a thousand requests / changes. I work for an hour while drinking my coffee.

    I really don’t want to but I know it’s time to work out. I will never be in shape if I’m not consistent. I pull up two workouts off my cell and connect it to the flat screen in the gym. I work out for the hour and then get back to work. 30 more minutes of work then I will shower and get dressed. I check in with everyone but avoid any video calls until later on.

    Later, I need to plan the evening. It’s Wednesday and true to form I plan on seeing a movie in the evening and having lunch in the afternoon. I have to see check the movie times and decide what restaurant. Last week was a fail so this week I’m choosing – hopefully an action thriller. I check reviews and ask my friends which movie was the best out of the available options. I get the consensus and buy the tickets online and then work on making a reservation at a restaurant. I want a panini and a cold lemonade so I check the menus and reviews online to make sure I can get it. We have been trying new restaurants and I don’t want to be disappointed. I make the reservation then post the lunch and movie plans on Facebook so we can all meet up later on. I then get back to work.

    Hours later after completing a few video calls I am ready to head out for lunch. I post I am leaving and will meet everyone at the restaurant. Once there I check in and see that everyone is on their way. I order appetizers and start to enjoy a large pink lemonade that received great reviews online. We enjoy lunch and later on a movie. I end the night reading on my tablet some of a new book that I recently started and adding last minute thoughts to the todo list for tomorrow. Then I set the alarm clock for 5:00am tomorrow morning.

  23. I feel that we are living in an amazing time. As we get closer to 2016, I think that Mobile Marketing with continue to be a major part of our live. We now have apps that we can use pin drops to locate our cars when we park, we can create events on FaceBook and track everyone’s journey to the event, we can even use our phones as our boarding passes to board a plane vs printing a paper ticket now. Smart phones have changed our lives forever.
    A great example of Mobile Marketing and how it continues to evolve happened to me earlier this week. I purchased tickets to an event for this coming weekend and I chose the option to scan my phone instead of having a paper ticket. I opted in for marketing and communications for other events when I purchased my tickets and shortly after began receiving updates. I learned of other related events that would be happening this weekend, which prompted me to purchase tickets to those events as well. It also allowed me to inform my friends of the additional events so that they may attend. To me, the natural progression of Mobile Marketing is helping us lead better informed lives that may had not been possible with this technology.

  24. It is Wednesday April 13th 2016. Today is my 27th birthday and I’m feeling 22! It is 7am and my Fit Bit silent alarm goes off but for the first time ever it doesn’t wake me up(maybe too much partying the night before). No need to worry!! My Fit Bit senses that I am still asleep and sends a signal to my iPhone, my iPhone then plays a song while turning on my Bluetooth coffee maker. Of course being a coffee lover I cannot resist the smell and I have no choice but to wake up. I then step into my sower and turn on my iShower ( an iPod that plays music in the shower) and it plays a song that best suits my current mood.
    After my shower I put on the latest version of Google Glasses. As I turn to my closet the latest feature on the Google Glasses shows me how I would look in different outfits based on what I feel like wearing.
    I’m all dressed and ready to go! I pull out my iPhone 7s and say “video chat with Tiki”, I automatically pop up on her screen. During our chat we decide to meet at Blue Martini with 2 of our other girlfriends for 3:00 pm.
    On my way to Blue Martini I was about to pass a mall in the next 3 miles. A Macy’s coupon popped up on my phone offering me a free makeover at MAC with a purchase of a lipstick as well as 50% off any clothing item in Macy’s. How could I pass that up!? Knowing I would be late I got the makeover and changed into the beautiful pink cocktail dress that I purchase. After all it is my Birthday!!
    It was now 4:00 pm, as I entered Blue Martini everyone shouted “surprise”. Tiki had been tracking me the entire time and was able to set up a Birthday surprise for me! I had a blast! Without technology I would have went to my surprise party “looking a mess” and Tiki ma not have been able to pull it off!

  25. Today June 1, 2016, I am sitting at the local coffee shop getting ready for my day. The coffee shop I have stopped at was actually referred to me via my mobile device as I approached the area. Brew Urban Café alerted me of a 50% iced coffee special using geofencing. What an enticing offer, just what I needed to start my day.

    As I finished up my coffee, I wanted to go run some errands. As I got into my car, my RetailMeNot app alerted me of some specials happening at retail stores around me. Just a typically Saturday, buying some things for the house, dinner with friends, etc. I needed a new curtain rod because the one I currently have has fallen down and is broken. My app has alerted me that Bed, Bath, and Beyond has an online coupon for 20% one item. How perfect! Who needs those coupons that we get in the mail? Even if my mobile app did not alert me of specials, I could still visit the Bed, Bath, and Beyond website to check for coupons that I don’t have to print and the store would scan off of my smartphone.

    As I got in my car again, I did a quick Facebook check before driving. Turns out, my favorite boutique is running a Facebook promotion. They were giving 30% off your entire purchase to anyone who mentioned the code word that they found on Facebook. Grocery shopping can be postponed. This is a store that I can always find something cute for work and weekend wear, of course I had to stop. I was also close by so it all worked out perfectly. Who knew Facebook could be so handy? People really do use social media to stay in touch with their favorite brands and find out about events and specials.

    After a bag full of new clothes, I headed on home to relax and get ready for an early dinner with friends. I am always the event planner with it comes to dinner dates and organizing get togethers. There were 8 of us going out to dinner on a Saturday night in Miami, what a nightmare! On top of that I have some extremely picky eaters in the group to accommodate. I hopped on the Internet to see where I could find a reservation at one of the better restaurants in Miami. Life got easier thanks to the Internet. I was able to search for restaurants in Miami, with open tables, at the time we wanted, and in certain food categories. Our reservation was booked in 5 minutes.

    I arrived on Miami Beach where parking is also a nightmare on Saturday nights. I used a mobile app to show me where a decent priced parking lot was, huge help! Finally I get to the parking lot and I see that I can use Pay by Phone. This makes life ten times easier because I already have my credit card programmed in the app and I don’t have to go to find change to put in the meter. I also can extend the amount of time if I need more and it even texts me when my meter is about to expire. This restaurant embraces technology to make it easier on its wait staff. We are able to order our food and drinks from an interactive tablet on the table. It tells you what it is in each dish and drink by ingredient and even shows you how many calories! What a great night this was with friends and all of the conveniences that technology provides us.

  26. Let’s go to the Zoo!!! As we leave home, we are receive an alert indicating that the traffic headed down the highway is clear all the way to the zoo. Next we receive an alert that our local Chic-fil-a is offering a buy one get one (BOGO) free on their chicken sandwich meals. With a family a large as ours, we can’t pass up on this; so, we stop by Chic-fil-a and grab some chicken sandwich meals to snack on while we journey down the highway to the zoo. We are alerted by our google glass that our expected arrival time is 45 minutes based on traffic. As soon as we are on the highway, we receive alerts from Old Navy and Toys’R’us indicating that they are having a customer appreciation day and that we can obtain 40% off our total purchase. These, of course, are opportunities that we can’t afford to miss, so we make plans to hit these stores on our way back home.

    Upon arriving at the zoo, we receive an alert in our Foursquare telling us the scheduled times for all of the shows at the zoo for the day, as well as, a map of the zoo. We pull up the map and the schedule on the google glass and make plans to see the reptile and bird shows, and to attend the feeding of the gorillas and giraffes while we stroll thru the zoo. To our surprise we get an alert from the elephant exhibit telling us that they are having a special opportunity for members to feed and ride the elephants in 10 minutes. We consult the google glass for estimated arrival time from our current location, just beyond the entrance. We find that our estimated arrival time is 5 minutes, and google glass gives us a path to travel to get there in that time frame.

    As our turn to ride and feed the elephants comes up, we receive an alert indicating that we have 20 minutes before the reptile show begins. We check google glass to determine how close we are and how long it will take us to travel to this exhibit. Lucky for us, is just around the bend. Less than 3 minutes away. As we finish up the elephant exhibit, we head over to the reptile exhibit with 5 minutes to spare. As soon as the show is finished, we receive an alert indicating that the ice cream vendor right outside the exhibit is having a BOGO free on their ice cream dots. A deal we can’t pass up. While in line, one of our children asks about going to see the lions because the google glass just alerted that the cubs were out playing with their mom.

    After we purchase our ice cream dots, we make way over to the lion exhibit, only to get an alert concerning the bird show… it begins in 5 minutes. Well, we had to make a decision, and decided to head on over to the lion exhibit since the google glass indicated a later time (in one hour) that we could catch the bird show. We had an amazing time watching the lion cubs interact with their mom and each other. And received an alert concerning the next bird show. We had 10 minutes to travel an estimated 5 minutes to the exhibit before the show started. The bird show was amazing too.

    Funny thing, right after the bird show the cafeteria, sent a message about their 40% off any pizza purchase. That made our decision about where we would have lunch. After lunch, we took a stroll on thru the zoo and rested at the playground. We proceeded to leave the zoo and checked with google glass about the traffic. It was clear…but was expected to begin building up in the next 30 minutes. Thus, we headed on up the highway with an estimated travel time of 45 minutes. This was great!

    As soon as we were about 10 minutes from our exit, we received another alert about the Old Navy and, shortly after, ToysRus specials. We got off the highway and went over to Old Navy and made some significant purchases for our children. From there we headed over to ToysRus and made purchases for ourselves and our children. As we leave ToysRus, we receive an alert about Lego Movie 2 at our local cinema that tickets were half price. This was a movie that we had planned to await the DVD release, but this deal determined how we would end our day out. We attend the movie and went home!

  27. I wake up on a nice Sunday morning in 2016 and put on my Google glasses to check the day’s weather and any important news. I then check through my social media sites and my e-mail for any important information.

    I start my day with a nice walk with my dog. My Google glasses tell me a fun route to take and along the way help me identify different birds and plants that we encounter. I am then alerted that there is a dog meetup at the local park this afternoon. Add it to my calendar please and alert me an hour before.

    Next, I head out to do my Sunday shopping. Stopping at the outlets first, notifications pop up on my iPhone to great deals and sales at my favorite stores. When I enter each store, the coupons pop up for easy access and to entice me to purchase. I then head to lunch and check-in at one of my favorite restaurants. My check-in is greeted with a coupon for “regulars” and some friends join me shortly after my check-in when they see that I am at our favorite hangout spot.

    The forecast calls for rain later in the day, so my phone alerts me that I may not want to attend the doggy playdate. Yes, cancel that on my calendar please. Would you like to see a movie instead? Great idea, what’s playing? I am then given movies and times based on my likes and attendance history. I purchase tickets with one click and the app in return gives me a free soda and candy.

    After the movie, I decide I need to head home to get my homework done. I put on my Google glasses to see what assignments are due and realize there’s a lot due by midnight. I ask Google maps to find me the quickest way home. Along the way, I pass my favorite coffee shop and the app alerts me to a good deal I cannot pass up. I stop in, check-in and am given an even better deal after the check-in.

    I then head the rest of the way home. I get my homework done and check in with my social media apps again to see if anything is going on. I see that my friends have checked in at our favorite bar. As I notice their check-in, the app sends me a nice offer. I’ll pass on it tonight, I’m tired. I put on my Google glasses to check the occupancy rate and guest satisfaction rating for the hotel where I work and the projections for the following work day. I then ask for the weather and have an alarm set to start tomorrow’s day.

  28. It’s a typical Sunday afternoon and I plan on running a few errands. First, on my list is running to the grocery store. I head to the fridge and using the latest GE technology I press a button which lets me know all items existing in the fridge. This gadget has been a great help as it can also assist with recipes depending on which items are in the fridge. In addition, it also prompts me for items I need to buy and connects to the local Publix displaying real time costs and deals. As I send my list to my phone, I head to the car and my GPS notifies me of a car accident at the end of the street, directing me to an alternative route. On my way, I receive notification of a low price on gas as my tank is getting low. Once at Publix, my Facebook app lets me know that my neighbor is also close by. I run into her in the bread aisle and discuss the latest movie she caught yesterday. From my phone I purchase two tickets at my local theater based on our conversation and plan on attending the movie that night. At check out, I hand over m phone which contains my list of items, to the cashier which she scans and the total is deducted directly from my banking account. As I exit, I receive a text for both my movie and grocery purchases because my bank offers this as an option. Using the latest app and technology my day has gone much smoother and required less time for searching making my shopping experience more efficient.

  29. Wow! “A Day in a Life 2016” really gives a great example of what I believe we can expect in the future. While I have not embraced the Foursquare app because I found no real enjoyment from earning badges and titles, I have always wondered when we would start widely using mobile technology like geofencing to receive context based offers driven by location and consumer history/preferences. As consumers and younger generations incorporate mobile technology and social media into their everyday lives, the evolution of marketing will combine information building better consumer profiles almost on an individual level.

    While I feel that by 2016 the technology will exist, will it be as integrated into our lives as the story shares? There are a few concerns that make me believe it may not. First, there will always be three distinct types of consumers, those who embrace technology and its capabilities, those who feel its separates them from reality and “living in the moment,” and those who fall somewhere in the middle. What I mean “living in the moment” is that there are still a number of individuals who refuse to live through social media. To be actively engaged on several social media platforms can feel like a full-time job. Rather, these individuals would rather put technology aside and participate in a real life environment of socializing and exploration versus directing those efforts towards an online community, app, or search. Not to say that these individuals are completely removed from the online communities, but rather they still find just as much or more enjoyment outside of the connected online world. It sounds like the story and future mobile marketing efforts will require an individual to actively participate through “check-ins, likes, and loves,” but not everyone engages social media to that level. I fall somewhere in the middle. I like what technology can do and would love to receive context marketing offers based on geofencing and appreciate social media in being able to stay connected, but I’m not an active participant like others I know. I don’t know if I would “like” or “love” or even “check-in” enough for marketers to get a strong sense of my preferences. Rather, I would just want to receive notifications of any special offer based on crossing into a geofenced area, and then make decisions based on being informed.

    Secondly, and another relevant thought as I was reading the story, people like to share but to a certain extent. Privacy is still important in most of our lives. How much of our lives are we willing to allow others to see? It sounds like that in order to advance to the level of mobile technology that we are capable of delivering we must become more acceptable of allowing ourselves to be tracked on a constant basis, building an ongoing and ever updating profile for marketers. At what point do we draw the line between wanting to stay connected socially and having marketers constantly bombard our phones with offers? Even beyond marketing efforts how much do we want to allow others – friends, family, colleagues, etc. – to be able to track us? It comes down to the question of how much of an “open book” do you want your life to be. As the story shares, the daughter was trying to gauge the ETA in order to send her boyfriend off, but through mobile technology the father was able to detect what she was trying to do.

    I feel these two thoughts will affect how much we allow mobile technology to integrate into our lives. As long as we can have a simple “on/off” switch when needed, we will be more accepting of its capabilities.

  30. The day is April 29, 2016, and I have just received my final transcript from Nova Southeastern, showing my final grades and my MBA posting. I look to go out and celebrate, so I call up my sister Brittany and ask her to go to lunch. She agrees and decides that she wants to drive. While driving, she decides to wear her Google Glasses. As we leave the Coral Springs area and enter into the Sunrise area, my iPad alerts me of an out traffic light on Sunrise Blvd and the traffic buildup, and Google Maps reroutes us to exit on Panther Parkway, instead of Sunrise Blvd. As we approach the Sawgrass Mills Mall, we receive notification of numerous parking spots near the front, so we head in that direction, and get one right across from the Cheesecake Factory.

    As we exit the car, Brittany looks at the different restaurants and see’s in her Google glasses the different lunch specials. She then decides to want to have lunch at P.F. Changs, and while I look at the menu on my iPad, she heads towards the mall because she has been alerted that there are numerous stores with 50% off sales, including Victoria Secret and she wants to get a new bath robe (and women just cannot say no to price cuts at the mall). As she walks into the mall, my iBeacon alerts me that someone just bought the last bathrobe, so we take a seat near a fountain to think. I search for stores in the mall with bath robes tailored to match the color and size she wants. According to my geo-fence, my iPad picks up the closest store, and we get directed to head in the direction of Burlington Coat Factory, who has one similar to the Victoria Secret robe, but at half the price. As we walk near the store, my iPhone 9S alerts me of a new coupon from Burlington Coat Factory, and Brittany pulls it up on her Google Glasses to read the fine print. While she’s reading that, I’m ordering lunch and putting down our names on the reservation list to ensure our food is ready upon arrival.

    As we leave the Mall, we get into the car, and receive a Tweet from the local AMC movie theater near my house of the new Paranormal Activity 12. I love horror films, so I suggest we see it and go online and purchase tickets and reserve our seats. As Brittany’s heart races (because she hates horror films), her iWatch reads out loud her pulse, and I decide we don’t see the movie, so I cancel the tickets, and accept a credit back to my American Express. We decide to call it a day, and as she enters my community, I start singing a song to myself. As I do this, my iPhone 9S recognizes the words, and streams the song via Bluetooth to the car radio. Today was certainly a great day.

  31. It’s a typical Sunday in sunny Fort Lauderdale—June 5, 2016. Sundays are my favorite as they’re often filled with brunch, day drinking, outdoor activities and lots of friends. This day was not unlike any other Sunday, and at 10:15am I was working hard to round up the troops and head to our favorite brunch spot, Tap42.

    Upon arrival we instantly check in on Facebook via a status update, and follow it up with an obligatory mimosa bucket picture upload to Instagram: #sundayfunday #brunch #tap42 #ilivewhereyouvacation. Since we’re regulars at this spot, and Tap42 follows me on Instagram, I immediately get a comment on my picture from the restaurant saying “Welcome back! Appetizers are on us!” and our waitress comes by and delivers us their new special, candied bacon bites. Of course we then snap a quick photo and upload our thanks to Instagram: #loyalcustomers #thankyou #Tap42rocks. I shared the post to Twitter and got a bunch of tweets back. My friends all wanted to meet up and partake in our awesome time, and a few first timers became anxious to check out this new spot!

    After our bellies were full, my friends and I decided to blow some of our paycheck with some afternoon shopping around Las Olas/Fort Lauderdale. After putting on my Google Glasses, my favorite Boutique, Etiquette, let me know that they’re having a huge sale and a trunk show of my favorite bracelets. From the side of town we were at, Google Maps brought us to the closer Etiquette location and we spent the next couple of hours buying a haul of cute outfits for the next few weeks and stacking up our arms with bright, beautiful baubles. Snap chats were sent showcasing our newest additions, and I tweeted the details of my awesome day. “Etiquette sale. Fab finds. #armcandy. #etiquetteboutique.” Etiquette later that day tweeted me back and offered me a 15% off coupon for the next time I come in.

    Later that evening as we were headed home, we passed a geo-fence area where a deal for 50% off yoga classes popped up on my phone. I was quickly reminded that I needed to book my early spin class for the next morning, but decided I would consider purchasing this yoga deal after talking to my roommates.

    Before bed I checked my bank account, along with my social currency account and saw that I had enough points racked up to redeem some great deals from a few bars down Himarshee. Our next Sunday had already been planned :) . Now only 7 more days…

  32. I really enjoy technology and the advances that make people’s life easier. Years ago I saw this kind of marketing coming and have been waiting for it to hit the Miami area ever since.

    Before technologies like Geofencing and Location-based Mobile Marketing could take place the underlying infrastructure (hardware and software) had to have been developed and adopted by consumers and businesses in their particular geographic area. I had become aware of location based marketing’s existence while doing research for a paper I was writing on marketing several years ago. Many Americans because of pride think the U.S. is number one in all things in the world, having the best of everything. They would be surprised to find out that their country had been quite behind other nations in mobile technologies, their adoption and applications. In Japan, for example, companies had already been utilizing location based technologies and cell phones in target marketing strategies long before consumers in the U.S. ever heard about these things. It also turned out that the Chinese preferred cell phone ownership over laptops and used them to surf the web more so than Americans, making China a probable better place for companies to further expand into using Location-based Mobile Marketing techniques and applications than the U.S.

    This type of marketing has since, though, been rapidly picking up speed and acceptance here in the U.S. At first the initial markets these technologies expanded into were highly populated areas like NYC. Digital ads on sides of buses in Manhattan, for example, would change according to the shops and restaurants passed by on the bus routes. Likewise, Geofencing seemed to have been adopted by numerous Manhattan businesses early in the LBMM penetration years. Text messages of local sales events began appearing on mobile devices to entice business patronage, especially lunchtime visitations, by those who worked nearby.

    In Miami, LBM and Geofencing implementation seemed not quite as quick as NYC, possibly due to the city’s smaller size and population demographics. But about ten years ago strong evidence could be seen concerning the LBM stage being set here, for consumer and business adoption of these technologies and their application in target marketing, with the increased usage of mobile map devices like Garmin. As an increasing number of businesses saw the marketing potential that these devices could offer them, the devices became more than just maps and driving directions. They worked great for finding gas, food, shops, and lodging when traveling.

    I don’t have any iPads or Google glasses, but do have two iPhones. After reading on the blog what all the mentioned apps can do, how they can save people time and money, it is inconceivable how any wise, busy, budget conscience or even an impatient person could want to live without apps like FourSquare, iBeacon, and the hardware that’s needed for them, as well as Facebook’s Local Search and Twitter apps. Some of these apps can do wonders for people’s blood pressure and relationships. They can avoid frustration, disappointments, and fighting, with crowds and friends, which could occur as a result of a lack of adequate and advanced information. Examples are like those mentioned in the blog. They could involve the long movie theater lines, sold out product inventory upon store arrival or unwanted crowded places when peace and quiet is desired.

    As for payment technologies, in light of the fact that current password based systems’ security strategies are still, after more than 17 years in use, subject to break-ins, I’m not too keen on adoption of such probable newfangled social currency due to security issues. Password systems definitely need to morph dramatically before social currency and any other new payment systems acceptance and adoption can be expected by users.

    Thinking on all these life simplifying apps makes my imagination wander off in anticipation of what’s next on the mobile horizon that I would like to see happen. In addition, I am now enjoying the contemplation of what extravagant indulgence I can have as a result of all the savings I will earn from possible app usage. Yes, I am a typical female when it comes to these matters!

    Thanks for writing this blog and about the futuristic typical events in your family’s life. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  33. The day is Monday June 8, 2016 and I have been awaken by my smartphone to the hype sounds of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. Today is a huge day as my business partner and I have a big presentation today. Before I shower, Siri informs me of the weather and advises me to grab an umbrella, as it is expected to be a wet one in Miami. I pack my briefcase and use my smartphone to get my Kuerig going, right from my phone, the controlled power outlet is one I absolutely love. After my shower, I get dressed and head downstairs, I immediately get alerted that my business partner is just a 10 feet away from my door so I meet her there before she can even knock, being careful not to wake the kids as it is the first day of summer. As we greet, my smart watch notifies me of an email from a close friend who wanted to wish me good luck.

    At the office we quickly review and prepare for our presentation using our interactive tablets. I forgot to turn off the light in the bathroom, no problem I can do that from my phone. We enter the conference room, full of confidence as we know this new product will be a hit with parents as we always want to protect of children and these new insoles that allow parents to track location will help do that. We go in and absolutely wow those in the room with not only the product by with an excellent marketing program to go along with it. Our billionaire investor says send the contract, but before he could finish my business partner already has the paperwork staring back at him on his tablet.

    After the successful meeting, the billionaire investor offers to take everyone to lunch to celebrate our new partnership. The restaurant he suggests has a wait time of an hour according to beacons. Knowing I have a love for cheesecake, I receive an alert that a new restaurant has opened with similar choices and that they have high ratings for best cheesecake plus extra deals. Before we enter the restaurant I check my cell to peak in on the house and the kids, with the camera from my iPad, who is being looked after by grandmother. All is well, so I sit and enjoy a great day of work and an even better contract signing.

  34. It is Friday, June 11, 2016 and it is the night before my graduation from NSU. My kids and I rented a car to drive down based on my Groupon app that popped up on my computer based on my search for a rental car. It worked out really well as I was able to save some money since this is going to be a big weekend for me. I utilized the school’s website to book our hotel room and from a few times where I had come down before and used the same program, it remembered my preferences and booked a very nice hotel. On the way down we stopped for a bite at a small eatery that the kids found while playing on their tablet. Based on the reviews on the restaurant’s Facebook page, it appeared to be a decent place to eat and I have to agree the reviews were right. After our long drive we made it down and were able to find the hotel with no problem thanks to Scout giving us turn by turn directions. Check in was a breeze since they had all my information already, which was helpful, as I am so tired from all the driving. I need to get everyone to bed anyway since tomorrow is my big day. The day is Saturday, June 12, 2016 and it is Graduation Day at NSU. I am excited because the alarm I set up on my phone rang on cue even though I could not sleep well anyway from all the excitement. The kids are hungry and do not want to eat the continental breakfast here at the hotel, so we are going to leave early and get breakfast. We found a place using Google maps called Eats Good 33; it was not too far off the beaten path and worked out well since I did not want to venture too far away from the area where we were. We ate our breakfast, which was very good, not too much and not too little, it was perfect. We used Scout to tell us how long it would take us to get to the location of the graduation from where we were and it did not take long as we were not that far from it. We all arrived at the arena and I went to where the graduates were located but not before taking some before pictures with my family. Graduation day was a success and it was culminated with more pictures of the highlights of good times with family and friends to be shared on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for all those that were not able to come down and experience this moment with me. Yay!!!

  35. March 14, 2016, I wake up at 6:00 am with my wife, we head out to the beach; we do some stretching, then we both put on our head phones, start up Spotify for our favorite music and our Nike Running Aps, so we can track our mileage and pace, then we start running. After our run we head over to our favorite cafe, we get some fresh squeezed juice and bagels, we get a discount because they scan our GroupOn. We discuss the day not sure what to do, so we look up movies on the Fandango App, check out events on Eventbrite and check Facebook and Instagram to see what our friends are doing. While she is mulling over some decisions, I get some work done on my Chrome app, send some emails, pay some bills with my Chase App and say hi to my Mom with WhatsApp. We finally decide to go to a local farmers market, I am getting directions with my GPS and my wife is checking the list of vendors and comparing their products with our grocery list. While we are wrapping up the farmers market I place an order at Chipotle, prepay with my stored credit card info then we walk in, grab our lunch and leave before the doors even close. I was tweeting our activities the whole day and we discovered our friends were nearby, so we met them for coffee at a local cafe that gives you half off if you post a picture of yourself in the cafe on their website. While we chatted and laughed, I hopped on my iSmartAlarm app and discovered our neighbors dog broke into our backyard again, so I sent a screenshot to the neighbor, who quickly apologized and said they were not in the area to get him, because we don’t have a fence, so I did a three way video skype with our other neighbors and found someone who could get the dog and watch him for a few hours. I then made a dinner reservation with Table 37 app and pre-ordered a personalized ice cream cake on the Publix app. After dinner we grabbed the pre-payed cake and headed to a birthday party, we tweeted our picture with the cake to announce our arrival. We said hi to everyone and left early, I went to bed without worrying because my alarm is set to ring for my daily rise automatically.

  36. It is November 15, 2016. It is one day before my birthday, I am awoken by gifts and offer alerts given to me via text message. I notice that amongst these alerts are some cool free things that are given to me because of my status within my industry that gives a constant Klout score of 70. As I walk over to breakfast downstairs, my Nest thermostat turns off the air upstairs and since it knows my timing, it starts cooling downstairs to my desired temperature. Since I always have fresh juice smoothies in the morning, I like to prep my smoothie before I go to bed. An app alerts me that the smoothie is blending and should be ready at my desired time. I come downstairs and take the smoothie and off I go. As I am approaching my job, I am alerted by that my anniversary is coming up in a couple of days as well and recommends the flowers I bought last year through a one-click order. I order the flowers and save myself the grief of missing that special occasion.

    Tonight, I want to celebrate my birthday. Since I work in the industry. I contact one of my friends at my favorite bar to reserve me a table. He sends me a drop down list of what I would like including exact ingredients in the punch I will order for my table. I am essentially building a punch from scratch. This gets sent back to the bar which they will use later that evening. An hour before heading to the bar, my invited friends are alerted about traffic times and available parking spots in the area. I show up early and see my table is ready with the punch and snacks that I ordered earlier. This birthday reservation is connected to a lifestyle website, they check the importance of the birthday and notice that there will be some socialites and influential people. By the time I get there, a photographer is already waiting to document my birthday and get pictures of the influencers. I have a great birthday. I wake up in the morning and with a click of a button I send out thanks you that I had pre-written to the invited guests. What a day!

  37. It is May 28th 2016, which just so happens to be a Saturday, my day to sleep in and not be disturbed by anything work related… ahhhh me-time. As my mind drifts off into mid-morning dream world, my phone lights up and sings an awful tune reminding me of a brunch I had scheduled weeks in advance with friends from college. I turn over in disgust, phone in hand, and figured I would lay in bed just a little longer to get the latest news updates and social media trending talk. I use my apple remote via my IPhone to turn on the news, seeing a restaurant called Tap 42 offering bottomless mimosas, my mind decides that this will be the location for today’s brunch, for I do not think a place as yet to be chosen. I quickly open my urbanspoon app to see what Tap 42 has to offer on the menu, also scanning Groupon quickly for some extra deals to save my wallet from crying.

    Once I get out of bed, still with phone in hand, I am able to see if any other friends have checked into Tap 42 this morning or in the past, maybe to receive some recommendations on what to order or maybe to just try to avoid some people. After seeing this was a popular place and an outside venue, I searched through my Pinterest pins to see what ideas for an outfit I have posted in the past for an afternoon brunch in the Florida sun. Of course, I pinned the perfect outfit and found a similar one in my closet, completing the process of preparing to leave the house.

    Using Siri, I am able to call my college friends, while brushing my teeth or doing my hair, to assure that they have not forgotten about our brunch. All confirmed they would be attending, but since I was rather early to get ready I had some time to scan social media before I left the house.

    I browsed through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter seeing what I missed on a Friday night out in Fort Lauderdale. I wasn’t feeling the thought of going out, a movie on Netflix and Facetime with my long distance boyfriend sounded more appealing to me. All my friends went to local bar/pub and not many photos or tags were posted, so it seemed like a dull night.

    The clock struck 11:30 a.m. and I was out the door, still phone glued to my hand. I hopped into my car and instructed it to take me to Tap 42, since I had no clue where it was located. I was able to get directions successfully and quickly and I headed off to reconnect with my fellow graduates that I haven’t seen in two years, excluding social media connection of course :) .

  38. I decide not to tap snooze on my phone screen on May 27th, 2016. As I swipe at the screen, trying to shut down the alarm my eyes finally manage to focus on the display and notice a coupon for a 50% off drink at the coffee shop next door. I tap on the coupon and ask Siri to submit an order for a half price soy chai late.
    Back in 2014, this place that emitted the coupon was a small coffee shop and has remained small throughout the past two years, but nowadays all business managers have access to sites that allow them to create mobile applications that respond to voice commands using friendly drag and drop tools. Siri also has my card information, and when I enter the coffee shop, I avoid the line at the register and go straight for the pick-up bar, where my chai sits waiting. I’m running a bit late, but as I grab my drink, I notice today’s New York times sitting on one of the coffee tables, there’s an article that catches my attention from the Arts and Culture section of the paper, the title reads “Common Joes Pen Broadway Plays.” As I mentioned, I’m running a bit late, and don’t have time to read the article. I simply take a eye-shot (does anyone use the term snapshot anymore?) of the article with my Google glasses camera and a podcast version of the article starts playing on the earpiece of my glasses.
    As I climb into the driver’s seat, I for traffic levels on 863 West, it doesn’t look bad but I decide to take an alternate route and an arrow displays directions on the tiny glass before my right eye.
    My attention goes back to the audio podcast from the NY Times article. A new Broadway play, the narrator explains, gives audiences the opportunity to decide the outcome of four act play titled “A Fickle Groomsman.” The closing of Act One in “A Fickle Groomsman” is the only Act that’s written the traditional way, with a beginning, middle, and cliffhanger ending. For the second, third, and fourth acts, audiences send their suggestions through their smart device. The director and writer of the play, who sit through each and every show, choose their favorite plot and line suggestions from the audience and display them on the actors’ new version of Google glasses. The glasses the actors sport are third generation, the Google Glass 3.0, and were donated by Google as a marketing strategy before the release of the new, more aesthetically pleasing version of the Google Glasses 2.0. “There were many challenges in casting “The Fickle Groomsman. We needed quick wit and strong improv skills since after the first act, the play never ends the same. We’ve had the main character die tragically at the beginning of the first act, no show is ever the same twice.” The director goes on to explain how lucky they were in finding newcomer Howard Arsister, who plays the fickle groomsman, “finding Howard Arsister was a blessing, I’ve never seen any actor dead or alive that can improv and ad-lib like he does. He can hit any curve ball the audience throws at him, and the audience loves that…”

    Despite some bashing by the critics, “The Fickle Groomsman” is fairing extremely well at the box office. Audiences love the feeling of interaction with the actors, and if an audience member’s “plot twist,” or dialogue suggestion is performed on the stage, he or she is instantly (is the word “instantly” even used anymore) sent two courtesy tickets to another showing of “The Fickle Groomsman.” Broadway conservatives are worried about the effect the “screen in theaters” might have on future productions and on the traditional experience of theater plays. Some theaters have, according to the director of “The Fickle Groomsman,” prematurely boycotted the idea of allowing audience interaction in the performances. But a production of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” by Tennessee Williams is in production already, which only exacerbates the reaction of Broadway conservatives, who claim that tampering with William’s play is nothing short of “an act of defilement.” As the audio news report comes to an end, it announces a discount of 25% off on tickets to “The Fickle Groomsman,” to listeners who re-tweet or re-post the podcast. The show will be hitting the road soon and playing at the Adrienne Arsht Center in about a month.
    Call me old-fashioned, some of my friends call me an e-hermit, but I’m still not comfortable displaying all my interests online to save a buck or two. But I do want to attend a show of “The Fickle Groomsman,” so I ask Siri to place an order for two tickets at mezzanine level at full price.

    Santiago Garza

  39. A day in the a life of 2016

    Before we know it 2016 rolls around. Due to technology and our fast paced, busy lives, it seems that every day has less and less minutes, with hours being taken away from us over and over. A day in 2016, means doubling or tripling the numbers that were given to us at the beginning of the blog.
    My day, along with many other peoples, starts with gadgets in ever corner of the room. An alarm clock on the iphone in 2014, has now turned into simultaneous triggers that turns on your TV, idock, iphone, and light. There is no way to sleep through this, or just hit a simple snooze button, so waking up is your only option, unfortunately. When showering, you check your phone for any new notifications or urgent emails that have come in for that day, obviously because all smartphones will be water proof, and we try and multitask as humans and be as efficient as possible. When brushing your teeth, you put on your Google glasses that are no longer a luxury, but have become a normal good, where every household has a pair. The statistics will change to more people owning Google glasses than toothbrushes. The Google glasses tell me the news for the day and tips for my day, such as take an umbrella or not to forget to take my daily vitamin pills.
    I then go out for my daily run to train for my marathon, where it gives me instructions on how to get a faster speed or where to stop for water, which isn’t out of the way. It’s a new and updated Siri, that talks to me without having to probe questions.
    When I arrive back home, I cool off, start breakfast, shower, and get ready for my day. I pull out the 2016 Ipad and tell my ipad I want to wear neutral colors to work today. It pulls up an app with all of the neutral business clothes in my closet, and has tops in the top row and bottoms in the bottom. I switch around the options to see what works best, and choose an outfit for my day. For woman, this is probably the longest process of getting ready. Im running out to get to work, and of course, as usual, I left later than I should. I need to get to work by 9 and have left in the midst of rush hour. The GPS in my car tell me exactly where to go, back roads and where traffic is piling up. Once I reach the parking garage, my phone tell me how many parking spaces are open on each level and how far away they are from the entrances.
    Once lunch comes around, I know im going to enjoy what I packed from home. The Ipad showed me which recipes I can make with the food that was currently in my pantry. Every step I take during my work day, I receive endless advertisement and coupons about locations I am close to and that I have previously purchased at. I would be able to look at new products that came out that day, put it on hold through my mobile, and go purchase it at the store after I try it on.
    I finally get home at 5:30 pm and when I enter my home, I voice deactivate the alarm. Once that is successful, the fridge pours me a glass of wine, as its my time to unwind. My parents give me a phone call, but when im at home, motion sensors turn on the tv, instead of going to my phone, skype style. Then my morning routine is the same as my night routine, and the next day is just a repeat.
    Lets just say, a day in the life in 2016 is filled with technology right, left, and center.

  40. I definitely agree that Geofencing, and Location based Mobile Marketing are the future of marketing, and are for brands a necessity nowadays to be part of it, or to be left over. More than ever now we can see how mobile based applications and mobile website merge toward this geo-location movement. Logging-in Instagram, Facebook, Waze, and even Whatsapp offer locations on not only friends but also stores and much more. Stores and brands finally understood the power of geo-location and as the blog says: not only “real time” but “right time” ads. I had never heard of subway’s O2 before reading this blog and have to admit that the idea is genius, I often go to subway, and my fiancée is always looking for promotions: for a 6inch sub, get a 12inch, for 1 drink get the second one free, etc.
    I believe that we live in a world that becomes every day more interconnected. Many times before going out, my fiancée will watch her phone, and look at the location of some of her friends on Instagram or find my phone and suggest me to go there. She very often, looks at foursquare for restaurant recommendations. I personally do not use these applications a lot, apart from: Netflix, Amazon, etc. and even these application incorporate memory of previous purchases and seen movies. There is this application that she often uses called: Trendabl, where they suggest new fashions and designers clothes, and then offer you a link to redirect you to the website of the brands, where you can purchase the “new look” clothes.
    I believe all these application will keep gaining more power and more followers, and as the blog very well explains, one of the examples would be with Instagram adding location to its pictures, and people are posting more pictures than before.
    I realize how many of my friends use these applications when going out, and the number is increasing. Many of them will look at Groupon before going shopping, they will also check inside the store as I often do on Amazon or other website for price comparisons when purchasing electronics or clothes.
    The technological advance of Google Glass for example is amazing and brings marketing to a whole new level. The time of billboards and radio ads are ending, and marketers’ need to catch the train for this new era of marketing before it leaves. Natives ads are a clear proof of mobile ads that works. Many times while on Facebook on my phone have I had ads very interesting leading me to visit the webpages. Contextual mobile marketing is increase, is more relevant, is real and right time advertising, it is location based and we can see that every phone based application that uses it have increasing numbers of followers and users. With the increasing number of smartphones nowadays, marketers need to focus more and more on contextual marketing, location marketing and Native advertising.
    I on an everyday basis check out my phone and look at Instagram, Facebook, and see location based ads, taste related ads and where my friends have been, and often go there if they recommend it. By offering all these locations based application, marketers and brands should be conscious of another kind of marketing arising: social marketing, where people between and solely by publishing where they are, have been and will be going, advertise to their friend stores, brands, clothes, restaurants, etc.
    Even though I do not use all these application in order to find items to purchase, I use them on a day to day basis and they have often led me to make a purchase. Airsoft ads showing new rifles, Netflix showing new releases, Facebook Native Ad making me want to buy a Coke, Amazon related purchase leading me toward the purchase of a new item I wouldn’t even have thought of before. Groupon offering amazing discounts leading me to go some places I would not have gone if not for Groupon. Shazam automatically redirecting me toward ITunes store for my favorite songs. All these applications are part of my everyday life and lead me more often than not to purchasing item I did not even thought of before I would not even have bought if not for the applications and Native ads.
    I therefor most definitely believe that the future is very bright for those who advertise in these applications and know how to use them to their benefit.

    Martin Tavernier,

  41. It is Monday January 4th, 2016, the busiest and best time in the fitness industry. Everyone has set their New Year’s resolutions, and many of those resolutions deal with getting fitter. It’s 5:15am, and the my gym looks dark and immaculate, so I take a picture, post it to Facebook, and say, “This is the place where resolutions turn into success stories.” One of our athletes “likes” our post and checks in when he arrives. This athlete always checks in to our gym, and so Facebook tells him to head over to Reebok’s online store and purchase the newest Reebok CrossFit shoes. He orders them and tells me to, “check ‘em out!” the next time he sees me. Coincidentally, I ordered the same pair in the same color, so he took a picture of us in our shoes and tweeted it.

    That afternoon, I put on my Google Glasses, and on my way to get some lunch, Reebok tells me that they are having a blowout sale on rope climbing socks. I click on the deal and Google Maps takes me to the nearest Reebok location. I check in at Reebok and tweet about the sweet deal I just got on my new socks. My wife favorites my tweet and responds by saying, “did you get me some of those sweet #Reebok socks?” I leave the store and head to my favorite local restaurant. They have one of those community-style tables where everyone eats together. Most people are on their phones playing a the restaurants awesome 90’s pop culture trivia game in hopes of winning a complimentary ice cream float. I pull out my iPad5 and do the same, not because I’m so interested in playing, but because my wife is on her way and I know she’ll want to play. She arrives and I am already connected. I have also already ordered for both of us because the digital menu gave me a list of all of them menu items we had ordered before and we always rate our meals before we leave. I check into Facebook and share that “my wife is kicking ass and taking names at #90strivia.” Facebook then recommends that I head over to a new bar that just opened that has trivia on Wednesday nights. I search the bar with Google Glasses and see that it is close to the gym. It would be a perfect spot for a gym social event.

    That evening, after classes, we head over to the new bar. We take a picture, check in, and tell everyone that we found a new, cool spot for our next social. We get in the car to head home, but before we can leave the parking lot, Google Glasses automatically brings up the gym calendar helps us pick a date for the social. Meanwhile Facebook asks us of we’d like to create an event for the social, and recommends fun and cool names for the event. The event is created, the right people are invited, and we start 2016 off by getting people together, sharing stories and creating memories.

  42. It is May 27, 2016, and the NSU rowing team has just won its 3rd consecutive NCAA national championship title. As we cross the finish line, our coach has already tweeted the news to her 10,000 followers and has been retweeted by President Hanbury. We’ve made it onto the trending topics list, and have received 5,000 likes on twitter before we even row back to the landing dock.

    As we row back, our coxswain (the team member responsible for steering the boat and motivating rowers) uses her waterproof iWatch to take a picture of the officials congratulating us. She sends the picture to Nike and we all receive a complementary Champions Offer of 50% off an item. Once we reach the dock, and bring up our boat, our coach is enthralled and has President Hanbury on face time on our team’s iPad5 and he happily congratulates us.

    The NCAA officials present us with our trophies and medals on the podium, and most of the crown snaps pictures using their Google Glasses. We all await the precious moment in which the NCAA Commissioner reveals the coveted prize that each winner receives. As he unveils the prize, we are all excited to see that we will be getting iBikes. These bikes will help us navigate our way around and also tell us the best place to park. The commissioner says that the bikes will give us an alert when there is inclement weather on the way. Whenever ride our bikes to a local ice cream parlor or coffee shop, all we have to do is check in using a GPS button on the bike, and we’ll receive instance coupons and offer. We can’t wait to receive them in the mail once we get back home.

    As we pack the vans to leave, our coach uses his uses his Google Glasses to check the waiting time at the restaurant that we’ll be having dinner. After we’ve gotten all our equipment into the van, we head over to the hotels to change and shower for dinner. As we check out of the hotel, our coach gets a Snapchat from the owner of Miguel’s Cuban Bistro welcoming us to come eat dinner for 30% off. Apparently he also owns our hotel, and would be honored to be in the presence of NCAA Champions. Our coach accepts the offer under the terms that he must tweet that we are having dinner the restaurant.

    We load up the vans and head to dinner, which will be followed by our plane ride home. Coach uses his iTraffic app to find the quickest way without running into the 5 o’clock rush hour. He then receives another Snapchat from the restaurant owner saying our tables are ready and we have a private room. Once we reach the restaurant, a pleasant host greets us, and asks us to breath into an iTaste machine. The device calibrated our taste buds with the menu and figures out what we would most likely like to have for dinner and dessert. We are all amazed and receive the best meals we’ve had in a while.

    After dinner, our assistant coach surprises us by using her Google Glasses and A+ rewards to upgrade all our flights to first class!

  43. After a long semester, May 14, 2016 is my day. It’s a beautiful Saturday and this day belongs to me, my friends, and our plans alone. Thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, my iPhone picked up my sleeping habits and now knows if I snoozed 5 alarms in a row within an hour time span, using blue tooth, it will connect to my iHome at the living room, and blast off songs it knows I can’t sleep through. Hence how I woke up this morning. I undoubtedly snoozed after alarm after alarm and woke abruptly to Lecrae’s ‘I’m Turnt.’ I had to sprint to turn down the volume in hopes of not disturbing my sister sleeping at the visitor room. If that was not going to wake me, it would’ve been my sister and a bucket of water. Whichever the outcome, my iPhone would be to blame but I never complained since my phone makes sure I get up.

    Now around 7:30 PM, I handled business, put on my clothes, and my brand new Google Glasses. My first goal was achieved, wake up early so this day lasts as long as it needs to. While fixing breakfast, I used the upgraded glasses to log into my Facebook, and using its new ‘speak’ feature, voiced a message to be sent to my friends. “Hope you’re up. We have a long day ahead of us. Better not have forgotten and for you all who’ll need a ride, don’t forget I demand gas money lol.”

    After the glasses completed my request, I took my warm breakfast to table, put my phone in my pocket, sent a prayer of thanks, and ate my heart out. Simultaneously, I reached for my iPad5, took off my glasses, and explored what news and deals my iPad had to tell me in regards to my plans. Going straight into the FourSquare app, I was ecstatic to have found a steal at a favorite restaurant of mine a few miles away from my house. I then put my glasses back on, Googled the restaurant with my previous reservation, canceled that reservation, and made the new reservation. With this update, of course, I had to let my friends know and so, I sent another message concerning the change (not to mention, I loved using the glasses—even the smallest things). My iPad then went to tell me that today is the last day for the 10-25% discount on shoes at a nearby Footlocker. I was not surprised to get that information since I have been looking around for shoes reasonable priced at different websites and retailers. Though I was surprised, I was happy to get that information and so I added to my calendar to stop by Footlocker later on at 3 PM and watched as it synchronized to my glasses and my phone.

    With that done, I went to get my keys, took my phone from its charger, and walked to my car. As I drove away, on perfect cue, my glasses and iPhone synced to the car and on its dashboard, I was reminded not to forget that after I bought groceries (again technology picking up my habits), I was to head to Shawn and Caleb’s place to pick them up. Immediately after I processed this, I laughed to myself thinking, “How in the world would I have survived or be this organized without technology?”

  44. If I had an an iPad, google glasses, and beacon this is how I would use throughout my week as a student athlete.My day usually start with track practice at 5:30 in the morning and it ends at 9:30 am. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have an 8 week class at 9:45 in the morning to 11:45 am, I would used my iPad to video record the professor just in case I missed some important points said in class. Since the iPad has retina display, I will be able to see the notes clearly and good sound quality which allows me to hear the lectures more clearly than my phone. After going to class I will officially take shower and start heading to Walmart. I would use my google glasses to show me the nearest Walmart by voice command. This feature on the google glasses helps with good direction by showing where you are going which helps people from getting lost. Since google glasses has wifi, it can give information on anything you want to know. I would ask what year was walmart founded, and it would give the answer in a matter of seconds. After using getting grocery, I would typically hangout with friends, I would use the google glasses to capture instant moments from my personal view. In the weekends I typically have track meets that are far away I would use the iPad to play movies that I want to watch to enjoy the long trip on the bus. It also allows me to video record my teammates races or jumps during the track meet to show their mistakes and how they can improve on it. On the way back from the track meet, we usually stop at a restaurant for dinner. The google glasses can help me find the closest restaurant, information on prices and foods. When we get back to our dorms, I usually like going to the mall. It is difficult to find the store you are looking for with a mall full of stores. The iBeacon can be used on on any iPhone higher than a 4s, tablets, and iPods. It is used to connect to other devices and use Bluetooth at the lowest energy. This will allow you to save your battery. I could use the beacon to navigate my way through the mall to find a specific store that I want to shop. The mapping system will lead me to the right the direction of the specific store and it could show me other stores that have the same items. These technological advances allows us to make people’s lives easier with work and school, share memories, and also could be used for entertainment.

  45. It’s late April 2016 and I’m looking forward to earning my Master’s Degree. I have somehow stopped hating Apple and abandoned my strictly Android stance in the last two years because I now own an iPad 5 and Apple iBeacons, in conjunction with my Google Glass. I’ve decided to spend the day with my nephews who are now in that slightly obnoxious preteen phase. As I walk out the door and get into my car, I remember that I left the lights on in my house. I use the WeMo app from my iPad to turn them off remotely. I pick up my nephews and we start brainstorming on what to do. After about 45 seconds of deliberation (because how much are our opinions really going to differ), we head to the mall. As we near Sawgrass, alerts come through on Facebook, while my nephew uses my iPad, about sales in the mall. We park the car, and walk in, using the virtual map on the iPad to navigate the mall. Just then, a message pops up in front of me on the HUD display of my glasses: all shoes at Nike Factory Store are 50% off.
    After buying all the pairs we wanted (because one cannot have too many), we head to a few more stops. We go into The Ecko Unltd. Store, FYE, and Lids, all of which we were alerted to sales and promotions for by iBeacon and my Google Glass. Thanks to the iBeacon, we were able to see a lot of information on the products in-store before we bought them. Our next stop is the food court. A notification comes through on my phone, telling me that I’ve earned free meals at many of the “restaurants” there (because apparently my food court consumption has significantly increased over the last two years). I pull up the redeemable coupons on my iPhone 8SS (the updated, updated version of the newest iPhone) to claim our free meals. As I’m eating, I get an email which I check through my Google Glass. It’s a reminder from LensCrafters reminding me of my appointment the next day. I quickly choose the confirmation option and the email dissipates from view.
    Once we’re finished eating, we visit a few more stores. Then we decide to go watch a movie. I pull out my iPhone 8SS and order tickets at Regal Cinemas to watch X-Men 6: Wolverine’s Still Alive. We watch the action-packed film, in which—spoiler alert—Wolverine lives. After leaving, my nephews are still hyper, but I’m running out of energy, so I decide to buy some coffee at Starbucks. I use my Starbucks mobile app to order my coffee ahead of time so I can avoid the lines. After I get my coffee, we spend about another hour at the mall before we finally leave. As we hit the road, I get a traffic alert on my HUD display and we decide to avoid the Sawgrass Expressway. I drive my nephews home before heading back to my own house. As I walk through the door, I get alerts from my What’s On app about a new show premiering that night. I relax on my couch and prepare for a welcomed, uninterrupted night.

  46. It is Monday, April 20th 2016, me and my fiancé suddenly decided to go for a vacation trip in fort lauderdale and it is 12 noon. She used the newest app called the TravelPro on the iPhone 7 to make a reservation at the Ritz Carlton. This app saves all hotel and flight preferences. Unfortunately for me my fiancé chose the location because she got an update on the sales on Las Olas Boulevard. Now that we are all prepared to go she gets a notification that corresponds with the TravelPro app that gives her a list if items not to forget to pack. Luckily for us because I had forgotten my wallet with my ID in it, and my fiancé almost forgot to link all her things from iBeacons. Using her google glasses to track the taxi it also gave her the driver profile and driving history. Not only that but as soon as my iPhone7 linked to her google glasses it sent me a great coupon for the taxi trip to the airport and many more deals and specials for golfing and spa services for me and my fiancé. Not only that but the Google glasses than sent her the links for all the services needed for all of our trip. Long live technology.

  47. It is 6:45 am and my personal alarm (my daughter) goes off. I get her out of the crib and check my phone at the same time. It’s Saturday, but my itinerary is full and my calendar lists today as my shopping day. Knowing the type of day I have ahead of me I start to get myself and my daughter ready. The notification alarm goes off on my phone and I see that Carter’s is having a huge sale, yippee. I told my daughter that our day is going to start with some shopping for her. I add that to my itinerary and finish getting ready.

    I got my baby ready and as we made our way out the door the GPS on my iPad chimed to let us know that there is a large fender bender blocking the inter-section that I usually take, couple minutes from the house. So I end up taking an alternate route to the store.

    My baby’s shopping is done so now it’s time to look for stuff for myself and my husband. Earlier we look online on our iPad to see what type of things he would be interested in. As I am shopping, I call him up on the Google Glass video chat so that he can see exactly what I am picking up for him. He can be so picky sometimes. As I focus on the items, I am shown prices for the same items at stores within the vicinity. However I will stick with this store since my iPad has already found useful coupons based on my location using iBeacon.

    While I am shopping, a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a long time gives me a call. We decide to video chat via facetime on the iPad. Was really good to see her, she hasn’t changed a bit. We finish up the conversation and she offers me store credits that she won’t be able to use before they expire. I quickly take her up on that offer and immediately redeem them on the store app. Yeah, now I get an ever bigger discount; this day is really looking up.

    Seeing my location on his iPhone, my husband calls and suggests we do lunch at a great restaurant right around the corner within walking distance. I make reservations and choose outside dining since it was such a nice day. I pack up my purchases and bring up the directions on my Google glass. As soon as I reach the restaurant I see my husband there waiting for me. Then my phone goes off again. What do you know, a discount offer is available on our food. This really has been a good day.

  48. It’s Saturday, March 5, 2016. It’s my birthday and getting ready for an eventful day. With the current advancements, it’s easier to turn your house into a smart house. As soon as I wake up, the bathroom begins to set the water temp to the right setting and the TV inside, begins to display and read out my daily schedule. After which it updates me on which route to work I should take. After getting dressed, I put on my google glasses and walk out the house. The car is set to automatically start as soon as I’m near it. While driving, I’m getting updated traffic routes fed thru my glasses. All while the car is catching me up on my meetings, schedules, and news. While I’m driving, I notice a particular motorcycle I like and ask my glasses to take a pic and search information on it. It takes a pic and displays the price and information on the vehicle. I tell my glasses to throw hints about this bike to my wife. By now, the glasses are advanced enough to memorize all your data and patterns, almost as if they’re your real life assistant. Asking glasses anything is possible and it’s able to realize that I want to subtly hint at wanting that bike for my birthday from my wife. While I’m driving, my estimated arrival time is being projected to my secretary at work. This allows her to notify my clients and my boss. When I arrive at work, I begin a chat with my wife through my glasses. Telling her that I have arrived and asking her if she needs me to pick up anything. She reminds me to buy some milk, and I tell my glasses to remind me. Glasses not only sets a reminder, but also can notify the store, that a customer is coming to pick it up. This allows me to pay for it thru my customer’s rewards card and pick it up quickly when I drive by the store. During work, I’m able to take pictures of my notes and have them become editable documents on my screen right away. I can also broadcast what I’m seeing to anyone I’m working with, so we’re productive. After work, I get into my car and my car displays the reminder and the route to the store for milk. The glasses are able to sync throughout all my devices and anything tech related. When I arrive home, after talking to my wife, I’m being notified on important events by the house, while I’m showering and getting ready to relax. After which I get ready for bed, while the house it playing my soothing music automatically.

  49. It is July 10th 2016 and I am awakened by the alarm on my iPad 5 at 7:00am. I have to go to the airport because I am flying to Trinidad for my cousins’ wedding. As I wake up, I put on my Google Glasses and say, “Give me the update on Flight 777 from Miami International Airport to Trinidad.” The Google glasses then show me that the flight is on time and that there is no delay. I quickly start getting ready and call my driver from my iPhone 7 to make sure he is coming. As he arrives, I put on my Google Glasses again and search for a route with the least traffic so I can get to the airport on time. While looking at the route through my Google Glasses, my favorite restaurants start to pop up that are close by. I start getting very hungry when seeing the names, however, I cannot stop for food because I would then miss my flight.
    As soon as I arrive at the airport, I get out of the car and go directly to the check-in desk. After checking-in, I am informed that I have 45 minutes until boarding. I then decided to go get something to eat because I didn’t eat breakfast. I was craving French toast, so on my iPhone 7 I then look up where I can get French toast nearby. It gives my 6 restaurants in the airport that serve French toast, which made me very happy. I look up which one is closest to my gate and go eat breakfast there. While waiting for my food to come, I decide to check-in on Facebook at Miami International Airport and write, “Trinidad bound“ as my status. My friends in Trinidad would then see that I am coming and I wouldn’t have to call or text each one individually.
    After eating breakfast, I go to my gate because boarding is about to start. I then board the plane and find my seat. The flight is 3 and a half hours long so I was thinking what I can do to kill some time. I decided to switch my Google Glasses to “flight mode” and started reading the latest sports magazine that I downloaded earlier. I end up falling asleep and was awakened by the landing. As soon as I landed I called my driver from to let him know I just landed and that I should be out soon. Due to this new top class technology I was able to make to Trinidad worry free and excited to see my cousin get married!

  50. Its March 2016, Sunday morning and I wake up to my Google glasses paired with a normal cell phone telling me the results of the sports teams I follow or ones that played last night, my messages, my social media notifications and so on. The cell phones knows this from all the times I checked my sports scores, my messages and other social media in the morning. So it knows I regularly wake up at this time during weekends. Than either my music app like Pandora’s station labeled motivation or just he music I have in my cell phone starts to play to motivate me to wake up, shower, sort for get going for the day. Next thing on my mind is the plan for the day. Have my phone let me know if my family or friends want to go out to get breakfast, than search my location for good breakfast dinners within certain miles. Than cell sends text to my friends the location of the dinner and the time to meet. On the way there I put on Google glasses because Florida out lawed use of cell while driving. Immediately Google glasses starts to give me deals of the day than using super imposed images I see deals with local stores on my track to dinner. I save some of the deals for latter, where I might want to check them out. At the dinner my cell part of the Google glasses sends all the deals of the day to my email. Than looks for any near by family members or friends near by and than sends them a text automatically asking them to join me for breakfast. The day is filled with all these retail and other consumer techs sending me deals and free deals as well.

  51. It’s Friday April 21, 14 and I wake up peacefully to the new app I downloaded that recognizes my rem sleep. I am excited to start the days since me and some girl friends are off to explore the Caribbean. As I get into the shower I am rushing because I still feel like I haven’t packed everything I needed. As soon as I get out of the shower, like clockwork, my phone gives me an estimated time that I need to leave my house to be able to be on time and stress free at the airport.

    As soon as I got to my car to leave to the airport, I got an automatic message on my phone of the estimated time from my house to the airport and different routes with less traffic. It was a rainy day, so traffic was expected. As I choose the requested routes with less traffic, all 4 of my girl friends called in my on FaceTime on a group conference. We had fun sharing our excitement, while sharing our location as well.

    When I arrived to the airport, I was able to locate all four of my girl friends and share my location, so they can come to me when they arrived. When all four of us where together, we were able to check in pretty fast with our iPhones, which had our boarding passes in them.

    As we were waiting for our plane I decided that I would kill some time looking at some duty free items. There were great smelling perfumes, my favorite was from juicy couture, I saw the price and decided to check if there were other places like amazon that sold it cheaper, since I knew the expenses touring the Caribbean was going to be highly expensive. I also so a great waterproof phone case, I also scanned that item to see the comments of the product to see if it really worked, I thought it would be a great idea to have a waterproof case at the Caribbean, we could take some crazy pictures.

    When we got to Jamaica, our phones immediately shoot us with great deals on everything from taxis to hotels from recognizing our location. We grabbed the best-rated taxi service and went to our hotel. The hotel had all our information, and check in was really fast. We left our bags at the room and went straight to the beach. As I lay there in front of a clear blue ocean, I wanted to shore it with the world. I didn’t want to get my phone full of sand so I grabbed my Google glasses and posted beautiful pictures of the beach of Facebook.

    Later on at night, I grabbed my phone to see the closest and the best rated restaurants, with tropical cocktails, to start our Caribbean getaway right.

  52. Today is April 21, 2016. Technology is as revolutionary as ever and a multitude of my struggles have been alleviated. Because I have entered my entire schedule, using the latest and greatest Macintosh Operating System (OS), my iPad, iPhone, and MacBook all know what needs to be accomplished and when. My iPhone recognizes it is time for me to wake up to head to class so Siri plays the default alarm tone “Opening.” My OS system knows me, personally, very well (almost too well) and she doesn’t bother to play a real song because she knows I won’t like that. After I verbally engage with my iPhone, tell my OS I have awakened and am ready for my day, Siri tells me all the information I have preprogrammed her to tell me every morning.

    1) the weather (this gives me an awareness for what I should wear and also train in later)
    2) my class schedule for the day (side note: one of my classes was canceled, and Siri read through my new emails so she clued me in on this one)
    3) my unread emails
    4) my basketball schedule for they day
    5) what I should have for breakfast

    I am very loyal to my OS because she never screws me up. I know am awake enough that I can start getting out of bed. I turn to my nightstand and put my Google Glasses on. They are charcoal framed cat eyes that just seem to fit my face perfectly (usually I wear my Google contacts if I do not want to wear glasses). My lovely OS has already engaged with my Google Glass app on my iPad, telling Google Glass the five things she tells me in the morning. I launch the app and go to my checklist for the day, which, of course, was created by Siri. I click on ‘breakfast’ and through my Glasses appears step by step instructions of how to make my power meal to get me through the day. Once completed, I check ‘breakfast’ off of the list.

    Next, Google Glass shows me a few options of today’s outfits through my lenses. I put one on and right before I’m about to leave, Siri reminds me to pack a bag with my basketball training essentials. As I take the stairs, Google Glass recognizes where I am and gives me a preview of the weather forecast outside. As I am on my way to class, I walk past the library. iBeacon recognizes I am walking by the library and reminds me that I have a book on hold and two movies to return. Siri notifies me that I have time to stop into the library. As I am sitting in my class, on my fully synced iPad, I record my teacher’s lecture. The lecture is sent to my MacBook into organized note files. I leave class and my OS directs me to the arena, where I train for basketball.

    We aren’t in season right now, so I do my own workouts with the help of Siri and Google Glass. Google Glass leads me through a series of basketball drills, where I can see defenders on the court and the stimulation of teammates on the court, even though I am alone. Google Glass sends my shooting percentages and other training data to my iPad where I can review my workout.

    I go back to my room, eat lunch recommended by my OS and shown by Google Glass and do everything and more with my amazing technologies.

  53. I cant believe it’s another run of the mill day today but I still feel totally connected because yesterday I found all my powercords to my ipad5 tablet as well as my son who “borrowed” my iphone 9 holographic cellphone. My wife recently factimed me to share my daughters first steps as I flew home from California returning from an international social content marketing seminar with Jay Behr and Dr. Jim Barry. My mind wanders as the movie I ordered with a couple gestures from my blinking drones on. I saw this film several times but the reward points I accumulated from my Hulu account left me using it or having them soon expire on me. I got an alert on my tablet as soon as the turn off all electronics sign turned off and it reminded me that my Hertz rent a car was availiable and waiting at the chek in downstairs right next to baggage pick up. I tweeted my chauffer to take the job he was offered last week as he shared this with me through my Linked I n account. I Appreciate his beautiful black limo when he lets me cruise around town and meet up with him at the best eaterys. We never wait to be seated because I always use my WaitBuddy app in my iphone 9 to reserve a spot with the AutoHostess and we end up enjoying a pre dinner drinks at the Bar that emailed us 2 for 1 specials as soon as we entered the geofence that surrounded the resteraunts vicinity. My i Beacon alerted me of the special camera that I lsaved to view later online through my Pinterest account. My wife met me at the door after I checked in to foursquare and by then had the candles ready for our romantic dinner which was only possible since she located the new nanny on Linked In. Her reviews were outstanding and she also was personally connected to several friends who used her in the past. I alerted Siri to let us sleep in tomorrow morning so we can enjoy the time before the kids come back. “Your appointment for tomorrow has been rescheduled for next wek and I hope you both have a good night”, Siri Announced. It was a great Day! I gotta share this on Face book so I get more points on my DD account.

  54. It is July 8 2016, and it is my birthday so I begin with wearing my Google glasses. Google glasses begin with a happy birthday song that was previously synced by my girlfriend onto my glasses so I’m surprised. Google glasses then displays all my birthday texts and display holograms of birthday wishes from friends and family. I then hear a knock on the door so I open it and a package has arrived for me. As I open it I realize it’s the newest iPad with the latest technology. As soon I open it and start it, the IPad immediately recognizes me because I already have an account with apple and had the previous iPad. As my iPad finally charges fully I begin to see the new features when I get a message with all the deals that I’m receiving for that particular day due to it being my birthday. I scroll through the offers and see that my favorite restaurant the cheesecake factory will provide any cheesecake of my choice for free with any meal I purchase because of my birthday. This sounds like the plan for the day so I contact my girlfriend through a simple command on Google glasses, which then transfer it to the iPad. I let her know what the plan is and send her the reservation information through a message. I notify my iPad to create a mass group message so I can invite all my friends and family also.

    Later that day the girlfriend and I are heading to a new cheesecake factory that we haven’t been to before so I use the guidance of my Google glasses. This location just opened not to long ago and the restaurant happened to be located at a mall so we decided we would arrive early to walk around. As we arrive to the desired location Apple beacons notifies my entire invited guest that I have arrived and they use this to be reminded not to be late due to the reservations. Of coarse I arrived earlier so I’m walking around with my girlfriend. As I enter through different stores my Google glasses showed me offers and discounts only available for Google glasses owners. I am also notified of places were I can get a discount because Apple beacons notify databases that I’m near certain stores and also lets them know its my birthday. I purchase a few items through different stores so Google glasses updates information of stores I’ve purchased items so I can receive emails of future offers. It is finally time for dinner Google glasses and the iPad both notify me of the reservation so I wouldn’t forget or let time pass. Apple beacons calculate the estimated time it will take to travel from our destination to the restaurant and we prepare to head back to arrive just in time. We arrive to the Cheesecake Factory and the greeters know my name and wish me a happy birthday due to my Google glasses and Apple beacons. They seat us and friends join us for a wonderful evening.

  55. It is March 3rd 2016, and after seeing a bunch of pictures on our friend’s Instagrams, Facebooks and vine videos, my fiancé and I decide it is time to bring a new family member to our home! We will finally be going shopping for a puppy today, something I have been wanting for months now. We wake up to an alarm set on his Ipad5- it is a special alarm reminding us of what we will be doing today. Our Google Calendar reads out loud today’s itinerary: 10:00AM- Get Breakfast; 12:00pm- Look for Pet Stores; 1:00-5:00pm- Visit Pet stores. From bed we look up different restaurants on Facebook Locals Near By. From our past likes and favorites, Facebook knows what we like and recommends us a new spot to visit. At breakfast, the waiter tells us that if we check in on Foursquare, we can get 15% off our bill, a great day to start the day!
    As we eat, we begin researching different breeds, and which one will be best for this hot Florida weather and our small apartment. We both decide that going with a small dog is the best idea. Using his Ipad5 and my Google Glass we read about different small dog breeds and how to take care of them. We look up reviews, ratings, tips and advise from past dog owners and trainers. However, we don’t want to get to ahead of ourselves because when we meet our new family member, we want there to be a connection and not to have been pre-chosen. We also look up different pet stores in our area and ratings on them. Using Trip-advisor, Yelp, Face book and Google, we come up with a list of 5 different pet stores we want to visit today. All these pet stores have the breeds we want and have excellent ratings. As we visit their pages on Face book and like them, we start receiving different offers for supplies in the stores. My Google Glass receives coupons on dog food, dog grooming, etc. The GPS takes us to the first closest pet store. The employee greets us and asks how she can help. We explain what we are looking for, and show her some pictures on my fiancés ipad5. She takes us to a small room and starts bringing in the different puppies. While I play with them, my fiancé is busy looking them up. He takes a snapshot of each dog with my Google Glass, and gets different facts about each of them; we did this until the 3rd pet store.
    As soon as we walked into this store I knew something good was coming out of it. According to the online reviews, they had a large selection of puppies, very clean, super organized and full of dog essentials. On the way there, I was reading excellent reviews on the health of their puppies. I also got a voucher on Groupon for 25% of on a puppy sale. From the moment I saw the second dog they brought in, I knew it was the one. She was a playful, fluffy Maltese that ran right up to my fiancé. I could tell he felt the same way by his neglect towards his of the ipad5. He didn’t even bother to research all the facts about her. I took a picture with my Google Glass and send it to my best friend who replied back “that’s the one” with a picture giving us thumbs up. We proceeded to check out with our new puppy, show our 25% voucher, and get all the needed essentials with all the coupons we had received from liking this store on faceboook, checking in, and scanning some products. We saved a lot of money on this purchase thanks to location-based marketing technology. The next process will be choosing her name…

  56. Today is the 21st of April 2016 I am in New York on a business trip for four days. I wake up early to organize all my stuff for my meeting at 10am. I sign into Facebook as I do every morning and Facebook realizes that I am in New York and Duncan donuts sends me a coupon to their nearest location. I get dressed and put my goggle glasses on and start heading to Duncan Donuts. I get a ping that Star bucks is right around the corner and also sends me a coupon I decline the coupon and I get a phone call. The call is from a Star Bucks employee he says Hi and everything and asks me if I have experienced something negative with Star bucks because the last time you were there was two weeks ago. I told him yes and he gave me a week’s free of coffee. He also informed the star bucks shop I was going to that I was coming and to make me feel welcomed.
    After all of this I was walking to my meeting I was going past some clothing stores and my glasses realized that I haven’t shopped for any new work cloths in quite some time. My iPad new that messaged my glasses to say he is going to a meeting so automatically I was getting deals on work cloths near to where I was. I decided to go and get some new cloths to look good for the meeting. From there I went to my meeting looking very professional. After the meeting we went to lunch my Facebook page recommended places to eat in the area that would be suitable for the clients. They also gave me coupons and asked me my name to impress the clients as if I went to this particular restaurant often.
    After lunch and saying good bye to my clients I headed back to the hotel on my way back my glasses reminded me of the basketball game coming on at 5pm and recommended a few bars to go and watch the game. I declined all the offers and went back to my room to watch the game instead. I checked my iPad and Facebook in my room knowing that my meets were done for the trip they recommended places to see and things to do while I was in the city.
    All of these devises new what I was doing were I was going and planed deals around my schedule that would be convent to me. The deals and sales were planned to fit my day and not be inconvenient but to help my day go smoother. It helped me find local stores and recommended places to shop and eat to impress my clients without the help of these devices I may of looked unprofessional and my of not impressed the clients. So thanks to the technology it helped me organize my day better and become more productive in my busy schedule by taking care of the simple things.

  57. This particular day was a sunny afternoon in June yet I was home bored with nothing to do. I decided to download the new latest app my friends were telling me about called “Make Plans.” By downloading the app it immediately connected me with my Facebook friends who were in the area and looking for something to do. It showed me which different friends wanted to hangout and gave me a list of fun ideas in the area. After scanning through my friends preferences I saw that a lot of them wanted to go to the beach. Through the app I was able to quickly invite specific friends to go to the beach with. Within a few minutes I got replies back that some of my friends wanted to go. I proceeded to grab all my beach supplies and jumped into my yellow jeep. On our way I put on my Google glasses and asked it to navigate me to the quickest route to the beach. Because of the settings I programmed my Google glass, as I drove it informed me of any accidents, changes in speed, and cops in the area. As we were approaching the beach I got a phone notification of a nearby Mexican restaurant that was having half off tacos. I was super hungry but did not want to inconvenience the rest of the group so I didn’t say anything. Within seconds I got a text from my friend John that he wanted to go get tacos at the same place I wanted to go. Because most of my friends got the same notification about discounted tacos, it was really easy to change our plans from the beach to the restaurant. We ate at the Mexican restaurant and it was delicious! We also got to order our food through their company’s app, which gave us a twenty percent discount on next meal. After that everyone was ready to go to the beach. We left the restaurant and started on our way down Las Olas. The group really wanted to play volleyball on the beach so I asked Google glass to find us a spot that wasn’t too crowded. Since Google glass has a GPS built in and most people are linked in with GPS locations, it was easy for Google glass to locate the perfect spot on the beach! When we finally put all our beach supplies on the sand I got a notification that there was dangerous man-of-war in the water. Since we didn’t want to risk getting stung we stayed out of the water and on the sand playing sports. The weather was so amazing and the lighting was perfect for pictures. However, I totally forgot to bring a camera so I used my Google glass to take some pictures and videos of everyone playing volleyball. After I took some of the pictures, Google glass sent me as notification that there was a volleyball event happing on the beach one mile from where we were. My friends and I were curious to see what it was so we walked down the beach to find the volleyball event. It ended up being a really cool beach volleyball tournament and we all stayed and watched. Night came upon us very quickly and so we all made the journey back to our cars using Google glass to guide us through the darkness. Instead of my day being boring as expected, it was filled with many moments I will never forget!

  58. Two years from now, the use of technology will drastically increase and the need for it will also be elevated. The reliance on technology will be so high that almost every simple task will be dependent on it and therefore will require the use of multiple pieces of advanced technology. Two years from now, I can use my iPad to look up the weather, stream online movies, and even read up on some notes for one of Medical School classes. Considering I will be in Medical School in two years, it’ll also come in handy in times that I need to multi-task. I can use my google glass to alert me of any traffic jams or slow traffic on my way to an exam or boards test while I have my iPhone read aloud the notes I had written out. Overall, technology is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, and with that marketing through technology will be the best bet for many future companies. Siting locations of the consumer and marketing based on proximity will be to a company’s advantage and may even lead a customer to a random visit to his or her store. With the ever increasing advanced in technology and the human dependence on it, companies will have to try harder and harder to specialize their marketing and change up their plans in order to meet the standards of new technology.

  59. I wake up in the morning to the sound of the alarm clock on my phone go off. After sleepily turning over I slowly blink myself away to see a digital image of a clock. The sound playing isn’t the usual annoying ringing I used to deal with years ago, but a song selected by Pandora-Iphone 10 integration. It chooses new songs every morning that it believes I will like, that it is also categorized as having ‘good morning vibes’. I grab my iPhone off the night dresser, flick back the built in kick stand, and rate my morning experience as 4/5. The iPhone takes that into account and will continue to choose morning wake up songs it believes I will like.

    I unlock the screen while still in bed and look through today’s daily ‘Morning Brew’; it’s a customized blend of things that matter to me; I initially had chosen to be updated on technology news, local news, appointments for today, comic of the day, and trending recipes. Ooh, it looks like twitter is linking to a hot new dish; a vegetarian lasagna. I ‘favorite’ it and it goes to screen on my iFridge. It’ll be saved there and I’ll access it tonight when I need to cook. It looks like I still need a couple more ingredients to cook this vegetarian lasagna so I’ll have to stop my the super market on my way home tonight. With a single click I schedule a trip to the grocery store today so I don’t forgot.

    As I’m getting dressed my phone beeps. It’s a text; apparently Whole Foods is letting me know that 4 out of the 5 ingredients I need I can get with their 15% discount. It then texts me a barcode. I save it to my SnipSnap app, a coupon collection app, and happily agree to visit Whole Foods since I usually don’t get too many discounts there. They must know I’ve been shopping less there since I haven’t been using my VIP Whole Member Card lately.

    I’m dressed and I’m almost out there door when I grab my Google Glasses at the last second. I choose the yellow frames today and clip it on. It goes with my outfit. I ride the elevator, going over the latest technology news; looks like Apple be releasing the new iPad 9. They claim to have the most advanced hologram software than any other tablet out there. I’ve played with it before when I visited the Apple Store and I can’t deny I agree. As I’m skimming through the article on my Google Glasses I get a Facebook Office chat message. My co-worker is wondering if I remember we have a meeting today. Thankfully Facebook has made an work-friendly website so our company can integrate all work related messages, chats, calander updates, and news into one place. I get off the elevator and activate voice chat, then tell him I’ll know and I’m on my way there right now. As soon as I say ‘send’ the message flicks off my screen and a new ad pops in. ‘Start a meeting the right way — Start your meeting with Starbucks.’ Suddenly I remember how long it’s been since I’ve had a white chocolate mocha. There’s time to stop so I look through my phone and find a nearby Starbucks. Within minutes I’m there. The line moves quick as everyone now pays with Paypal on their phones, activated with only a barcode swipe. I’m sipping on that coffee in minutes. I continue to walk to work, glad my automated iPhone’s Nike pedometer is tracking how many calories I’m burning. It links to my Google Glasses and congratulates me on taking the ‘long way to work’ and losing 120 calories in the process. It subtracts that from the 220 calories my coffee added since Paypal and iPhone integrated and informs me of my net calorie gain for today so far. After taking my last sip I dump the trash and head inside.

  60. It’s a bright sunny day in Florida. It is August 19th, 2016 to be exact. Technology has become a way of life over the past couple of years. My whole life revolves around all my technological resources. I’m at work using this technology, at home using this technology, and even on vacation using this technology. Why though? It’s a technological age and everything has just become easier with the new advanced technology that has been developed.
    I begin my day being awaken at 7:30am since I’m at home and it’s Monday. It’s time for work. When I’m not at home my alarm clock wakes me up at 12:00pm because my phone knows that when I’m not home I don’t have to get up early for work. This is the great thing about iBeacon. It allows my GPS location to set certain alarms to my different locations. As I’m getting ready for work I initialize my mood censored music that plays morning music for me from my phone to get prepared for work to. Not only does this get me in a good positive vibe before work, it does it with little to no work involved. On my way to work I have my phone automatically GPS’ing my route to work. I get there in the exact amount of time that it initially said which was perfect. Once I got to work I was able to active my google glasses and begin checking my emails virtually. I checked my emails, made phone calls, and scheduled all my appointments all through my google glasses which was quick and convenient. Now that I’ve done all of my duties I’m kind of bored. I work my way through the day and end up going home.
    On the way home iBeacon notifies me that I am passing by pollo tropical which I frequent often. I end up stopping there to get myself some quick dinner. Once home I am forced to do my homework which was done through my good glasses. I talk my entire essay into my recording device and finish my draft f my essay in about 20 minutes, which is a record. I go to sleep with my mood censored mellow music playing and dream about a new day.

  61. Contextual Mobile Marketing – A Day in a Life 2016

    As I start my morning and begin the journey to my employment, I receive a message from my Gold membership account from Starbucks. I have been a loyal member for at least 8 years now. My Barista is fully aware of my routine and just how I like my upside down Caramel Macchiato. This morning has been a little different. As I approached my favorite location I received a text message inquiring if I wanted to get my normal drink this morning, have it ready and pre-billed on my account before my arrival. It further inquired if I would be interested in trying a new drink at a substantial discount that closely meets my taste requirements based on other products I have purchased from them in the past. Needless to say, I took advantage of the new drink, which awaited my arrival.

    I continued my journey and as I got closer to my job, I again received a buzz from my mobile device informing me that I have not visited Krispy crème, a doughnut shop in a while. They were offering a buy a dozen, get one free. This must have been my co-workers lucky day. A doughnut craving led me to make this purchase and some to share upon my arrival at the office.

    The day progressed, I received multiple offers of deals I can have when planning what activities I will have for the weekend. These offers included things I like to do. A common theme appeared to be outdoor activities such as a zip line tour and a local getaway in the North Georgia Mountains. These are things that I have done in the past and just needed a reason to do them once more. So I planned for them both. The phone just seemed to have predicted the nudge I needed for making these plans.
    As I prepared to leave work and make my pilgrimage home my wife calls. She received a “Scoutmob” on the cars video display. This is a web service that maps your location and lists all of the restaurants with “try me” promotions. The more she drove the greater the offerings. Every food type was represented and even pictures of the meals we may enjoy were nicely presented on this digital screen. We made our choice Thai for the evening. As we paid for our meal using our PayPal account, we then received a message to finish the evening with a comedic movie from our favorite comedian.

    So much for thinking about what we should do for the day.

  62. It is April 19th 2016 and I just remembered that it is one of my best friend’s birthday today. Feeling guilty that I almost forgot about it, I wanted to plan a party for him tonight. Since I wanted this to not be a lousy party and I had only 6 hours to plan it, I relied on my state of the art technology to give me a hand. Among these are the Google glasses, the Apple-Foursquare app on my smartphone, and the Apple iBeacons.

    As I leave the house, I put on my Google Glasses to have hands free capability as I drive to the mall to get things ready. Using the Google glass I voice command to go on my friend’s Facebook page and send a private message to all the mutual friends we shared. I simply read out the message, which stated “Hey Im am a close friend of Adam Z. I was wondering if you weren’t doing anything, if you wanted to go to his birthday bash tonight at my place”. I continued to provide more details and the address. Once I stated my address, the Google Glasses used its Google maps capability to drop an image/pinpoint of where exactly my house was and personalized directions to each person based on their Apple-Foursquare location. Within five minutes I was able to invite about 80 mutual friends. As I approached the busy mall, I used geo-fencing to pinpoint available parking spots. With the help of this, it only took me around two minutes to find a spot. I looked at my smartphone and my Apple iBeacon kicked in. I was getting notifications on many deals stores in the mall had to offer. One stated “buy the new android tablet, at the mall’s electronics store, for $250 dollars and get another one for half the price. This most likely came up on my phone because 3 days ago I was searching the web for tablets because my mom wanted one and I was going to buy her one for Mother’s Day. I went to the mall looking for a gift for my friend and once I got the notification for the tablet, I knew exactly what I was going to get him. I knocked two birds with one stone and got great gifts for my mother and friend. That notification saved me lots of time that I needed to plan the rest of the party.

    The next thing on my list was to get food for the event. As I drove to the store, I used bluetooth sync with my phone and car to call Publix. I call ahead and am able to place an order for a cake and a party sub package. Using Apple iBeacon, I am able to pay the cost for the items ahead of time and would only need to pick up the items later on in a couple hours. During those hours, I get my place ready for the party and check out replied messages of the people I invited through my Google Glasses. I also tell my friend to come over tonight for a birthday dinner, I wanted to make it a surprise.

    One hour before the party, I picked up the sub and cake and to my surprise Publix offered me 2 bottles of Pepsi, for spending more than $50 dollars in the deli/bakery. I claimed that deal to use those drinks for the party. I rushed back home and people started to arrive at my house. Using the Apple-Foursquare geo-fence I was able to know exactly where my friend was and his estimated time of arrival. As he approach the house, I told everyone in the party to hide and when he walked in to yell “surprise”. My friend had no idea and was shocked to see all of our close friends there. The party was a success and my technology was a big part of making it that way in a short 6 hours.

  63. The sun rises on April 20, 2016.

    “Hello iVee.”

    As I wake up to my voice-activated, wifi-enhanced iVee Sleek alarm clock (, I get to see some really cool technology in action. That’s right – my iVee alarm clock is connected to my whole home, and as I wake up, my house comes to life. My Nest thermostat ( turns down to 68 degrees. My Phillips Hue ( lights turn brighter (and shift from blue to red to white) to help me wake up gently. My WeMo-enhanced Mr. Coffee/Keurig K-cup brewer brews me a perfect single-serve portion. My day begins….

    “Ok, Google – show me the latest headlines.”

    That’s right – my Google Glass shows me the highlights from last night’s news, including all the biggest news and sports action. I down my last drop of coffee, and head to the car.

    “Ok, Google – tell me how to get to Royal Caribbean’s main offices in Miami.”

    That’s right – I have a BIG meeting this morning with Adam Goldstein – the newly promoted Chairman of Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited. We’re discussing a partnership between my agency and the company, under which all of my clients are given iPad 5’s to use while they are onboard any of Royal Caribbean’s 24 megaships.

    I arrive at Royal Caribbean, and take a seat in the waiting room. I break out my own iPad 5, and begin to look over (and fine tune) my latest presentation on PowerPoint 2016 for iPad. The intuitive interface makes even the most tedious adjustments a breeze. I am able to integrate up-to-the-minute sales, revenue, and yield numbers.

    The meeting is a resounding success!

    I’m feeling a little hungry, but I live up in Broward county.

    “Ok, Google – where can I get a great lunch around here?”

    Google Glass not only makes an excellent suggestion (Burger & Beer Joint at Mary Brickell Village), but gives detailed GPS directions. On top of that, Google Glass gives me a “promo code” to give to my server, to receive a free appetizer! Thanks, Google Glass!

    I head back to the office, and plug in my iPad 5 to pull down all of the notes I took at my meeting with Mr. Goldstein. Thankfully, apps like Evernote’s Penultimate make it easy to take notes and have them translated into typed-text for future reference. Additionally, they are stored in Evernote’s cloud, so that I have access to them anywhere.

    After several more meetings, I leave work for the day. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make a great dinner for my wife tonight?

    “Ok, Google – I need a recipe for Miso Glazed Seabass.”

    Google Glass scours the web, and brings up a fantastic sounding choice. This one I a winner! Using my iPad 5, I pull up the latest Publix app. I select the necessary ingredients, and let the app know that I’ll be at my local Publix within 20 minutes. The store received notification, and the automated stock picker pulls my items off the shelf, so that they’re ready for my arrival. I arrive at Publix, wave my iPhone 7 against the NFC reader, and my groceries arrive at my feet. Again, I wave my iPhone 7 to claim all of those digital coupons I’ve been clipping, and pay for my purchase. I’m on my way home.

    “Ok, Google – which path home will have the least amount of traffic?”

    Google Glass helps me find the path of least resistance.

    I arrive home, make dinner, and welcome my wife downstairs. She and I like having the TV on in the background as we have dinner.

    “Ok, Google – play The Big Bang Theory on my DVR.“

    Dinner is excellent, and the show hilarious cast makes for a relaxing evening.

  64. A Day in the Life
    Two years from now amazing things are going to happen – new advances in technology and assets on the horizon. As I get into my Eco-friendly/iPhone Synced car I sync my Pandora app to the blue tooth in my car and connect the maps app to my Bluetooth to get directions to my destination. I arrive to the clothing boutique that I own and I get into the store and use my IPad to turn the lights on as well as adjust the room temperature and play the boutiques playlist for the day. Working in a clothing store it is very important to keep everything organized. The POS system in my store will keep track of all customer information, Customer birthdays, inventory etc. This system also tells the employees what customers spend the most and to mail out a digital gift certificate for $25.00 to show our appreciation for shopping at our store and continue to support small businesses. I walk next door during lunch time to get coffees for my employees and I am checked out on a swivel iPad that is on the coffee shop counter, after I swipe my card and sign on the iPad , the employee hands me my coffees and asks if I could fill out a survey of service on the iPad. As I walk back to my store I decide that we should purchase a second iPad to put by our register so that client can evaluate their experience shopping with us.
    When I get to work, it is time for me weekly meeting at the company and the fun thing is, I can use my Google Glasses to see the whole presentation, and participate from the meeting from my own office.
    It is time to have lunch, my work colleagues and I always like to try new places, and today is my turn to choose the spot, so I log in my Where to eat? App and based on my geographic location it shows me several dinning locations, from bars to restaurant and I can choose the type of place I want to go according to several categories such as price, waiting time, cuisine, etc. Everyday this amazing app has featured places and these places have special promotions for the Where to eat? App costumer, all you have to do is show the QR-code in the app, and you have the discount instantly.
    On my way home from work, I end up in some heavy traffic. Since we were at a standstill I put on my Google Glasses to utilize Google Maps for an alternate route. There were no alternate routes available to get me to home any faster.

  65. Two years from now, I will be in Dental School. So I will most likely be spending a lot of money on school books and supplies. So I would basically wake up early morning, eat breakfast and then go to class or workout. After class, I would study and do home-work/ class-work for most of the day. However, on leisurely days or if I am not in a serious relationship with a girl like I am now, I would out with friends, meet new people or go shopping. So for example, I plan to hang out with a group of friends after a long semester and have some fun. I go to the mall in the morning and I get several marketing ads from places I like to shop at like express, holister, and jcpenny, on the sales and special offers they have. Now I am getting clothes to prepare to hang out with friends to go to a water park in Disney World then go Salsa dancing. So I’m looking at express offers on my iPad through facebook, and they have offers of 40% off any purchase. So I go to their store looking for a nice red dress shirt and black dress pants so I can look nice when we go Salsa dancing. Then, I look at the offers holister has in search of some really cool swimming trunks, surf clothes, and some sandals. They have a good offer of 25% off any on-line and in-store purchases. So I get two really nice t-shirts, swimming trunks, and some shorts. Next jcpenny is where I usually like to buy jeans at, so I looked at offers they might have. However I decide not to get anything from there because I can get them for the same price at holister. Now that my shopping is complete for clothes, I head to Wal-mart in search of food to eat so I won’t have to spend a lot of money, since I’m on a budget. When I looked online I get tons of special offers, but I’m in search of my favorite candy and popcorn to enjoy on this trip. But, while leaving the Mall I get a message saying that there was an accident on Biscayne blvd near the entrance I usually go. Therefore, I go to a different exit to Wal-Mart. Now, I’m finally at Wal-Mart and I get more offers that I probably didn’t or couldn’t find when I was looking for them at the mall. They have a special for my favorite candy sour lifesavers and I buy two packs. Next I look for some ice tea, popcorn, tangerines, strawberries, pineapples, water and other goodies for my trip I then call my friends on the way home using skype to see how there day is going. I am feeling great because I have saved over one hundred dollars. Last but not least, I look up what gas station we can stop at (with the cheapest gas) while driving to Orlando, plot are course, check the weather for tomorrow, all the specials in the area if we went to check out Disney Land or Universal Studio, the dinner specials and prices at Red Lobster, and prices to go Salsa dancing. Now that I’m prepared for my trip tomorrow with friends, I go home eat dinner and go to bed early so I can get some rest and prepare for the tons of fun I will have tomorrow. Wow!!! I can’t wait. Going to bed now, good night.

  66. The day is April 20th, 2016 and the alarm clock on my iPad 5 just went off. I am not one that usually likes mornings but my iPad wakes me up using my favorite tunes; it gathers this information from the songs I usually replay on Pandora. It is amazing how this device is learning my behavior. A message pops up asking if I would like coffee and once I select yes the coffee maker downstairs begins brewing some of Starbucks finest vanilla bean blend. My husband, who is ending his graveyard shift at the police station, sends me a message using his Google glasses. It is our six year anniversary and he hasn’t forgotten! The message includes a video of our three babies wishing us a happy anniversary. My hearts melts!

    After I am done with my coffee, I use my Facebook app on my iPhone to see what my friends are doing. I see that some of them are meeting up at Aventura mall for lunch and some shopping. Using my Google glasses, I send them a voice note that I will be joining them. I then call the Cheesecake Factory and add myself to their reservation and already choose my meal. I love the fact that some restaurants now take your orders while making your reservation. I drop the kids off at a spring break summer camp. My nerves are at ease knowing that I can tune in to the camp cameras using my Google glasses as I please. As I arrive to the mall I receive a notification on my dashboard that there is an available Macy’s Loyal Customer parking space. Being a frequent shopper sure has its perks. I check in at the Cheesecake Factory on Facebook and I am immediately alerted of nearby friends.

    After lunch, it is retail therapy time. I check in with the kids who FaceTime me from the Seaquarium. As I pass Sports Authority, using Apple iBeacon, I receive a notice on my phone stating that they are having a sale on my husband’s favorite Under Armour shirts. I love how the message was personalized; it read: “Say Happy Anniversary with your husbands favorite shirts!” I could not resist. I walked in a grabbed a few and check out right through my iPhone. Technology really has a way of getting rid of lines and waiting. In the past, I was known to lose my check cards and credit cards on a weekly basis; having a virtual wallet has really helped my cause. My personal shopper at Macys knew I had arrived at the mall the second I drove into the parking lot all thanks to the locations pings which were sent to her from my iPhone. By the time I reached the store, she had already picked out some items for me to try on based on some of my past purchases. Little did I know that my husband would be there to surprise me with a beautiful floral arrangement. He did admit that if the florist had not sent him a special anniversary rate two weeks in advance to his iPhone that he may have forgotten.

  67. I woke up and put on my google glass, I can see the weather forecast for the day and will help me decide what to wear. With the touch of a button I asked my glasses to display the traffic condition so I could establish how much time I have to get ready for work. Today is a good day, traffic is fluid and it won’t rain!

    While taking breakfast, I asked my ipad 5 to read my emails, and while doing so, my boss called asking for an early meeting, and reminded me about tomorrow’s, so when I hung up, I asked by Ipad5 to set a reminder on my iWatch about the 12o’clock meeting for tomorrow.
    With my augmented reality app, I synced all the clothes in my closet, and I can assemble an outfit on a digital character, the app also keeps track of my dirty clothes and can remind me to do my laundry; yes, I am still taking breakfast.
    My ipad alerted me of an accident, which happened near me, so with location services it advised me on a new route to work, and provided alternative options.

    My iphone 8 has memorized my schedule, when I approach my office, my iphone goes into vibrating mode which prevents my phone from ringing during meetings.
    My iWatch reminded me my car needed gas, so it pulled up a list of nearby gas stations ranked by price.
    Since my house’s AC is synched with my iphone, when I am away, the AC runs in at economic temperature and when I get close to home, it activates to reach 70F by the time I get home.
    I had a great day, but when I got home I realized I forgot it was my wife and I’s anniversary, so I sneaked an order to my iphone to make a reservation to the closest fine Italian restaurant.

  68. The day is Friday, April 22, 2016. My husband and I are awakened at 5:30 a.m. by the alarm set on my iPhone and I reach over to my nightstand to grab my Ipad5 to see what’s on the agenda for today and check the news through the FlipBoard app. For today’s schedule, I have to do my morning jog until 6:15 a.m. , get the children ready for school by 7:00 a.m, go shopping after I drop the children off and finish before 2:00p.m. to pick them up and begin cooking dinner in the evening at 6:00 p.m.. As me and the hubby head out the door for our daily run, we grab our Google Glasses and decide to use the “Race Yourself” app to add some fun to our exercise routine. When we return from our run, we each take a shower and then as he’s getting prepared to go to work, I start getting the children ready for school. After dropping them off at school, I go to a nearby shopping plaza to window shop and while I’m walking around, I’m drawn into an attractive shoe store through an Apple iBeacons alert I received on my phone that advertises a beautiful pair of shoes at 50% off only for today. Not ever being able to resist a deal, I enter into the store and find the last pair of the shoes in my size. At the register, I show the cashier the notification indicating the deal and I get the shoes with the discount. After leaving the store, I continue to walk around the plaza and decide to go into Sephora, which is my favorite store for facial products and makeup (besides MAC Cosmetics). As Very Important Beauty Insider (the loyalty program for people who spend about a minimum of $350 a year), I had accumulated enough points to redeem a 500 point reward which consists of 4 beauty products so I entered into the store, purchased a blush I had been eyeing, and redeemed my points when the cashier scanned my loyalty card through the Passbook app on my iPhone. To prevent myself from being tempted to spend any more money in the mall as my sole intention was to window shop, I then head to the parking lot and get in my car. I turn on my GPS system to route me to the new Whole Foods that has opened in the area and begin my journey to the grocery store. I had planned on cooking something that I normally cook every other week, however, as I was driving I decided that it would be great to surprise my family with something completely different that we never ate before. So when I got to the parking lot of Whole Foods, I pulled out my iPhone and began searching for a recipe until one captured my attention. I then left the page open on my phone so when I entered the store, I knew which ingredients to buy. As I was approaching the store, I began receiving notifications from Facebook’s location-based marketing function as I had previously liked Whole Foods before. Before the new location opened in my area, I used to travel a further distance to another location prior to this visit so now I guess I receive personalized deals from this new location. Fortunately, there were deals for quite a few of the products I needed to purchase so after gathering my items and heading to the register, I was informed by the cashier of how much I saved because of these coupons which was a whopping $20! Satisfied with my savings, I used the GPS system which directed me back home and put the groceries away. Shortly after, it was time to pick up the children so I picked them up and brought them home. In what seemed like no time, the hubby was headed on his way home and I began cooking dinner. When I finished preparing the meal, the family praised me for the wonderful meal and asked me what I did today. I told them how all of the different technology that we have helped me save so much money on everything I purchased today and they all replied about how they couldn’t imagine themselves living without it.

  69. It’s Sunday April 20 2016; I have a huge Galla in three days. Thanks to technology I have been able to keep track of all the people attending our annual Galla, it has become so modern that i always relay on it. Everyday up in-till my event is here i check on my tablet the number of people that have RSVP’D so i can prepare for seating, food, gift bags, etc. I have submitted my orders for final numbers and i am waiting on everything to arrive. I used overnight shipping, and i was able to track my package all the way in till it arrived at my door thanks to technology.
    Meanwhile my phone is ringing non stop with confirmations on venue, directions, entertainment etc. The venue emailed me a layout where i can click on each chair and seat the guests right from my tablet. I set my seating up for all my guests.  Our entertainment arrived for the event the sounds, background images, and slide show is done right from my tablet. We have check in at the front of the venue on several tablets, the guest enter there last name and it pulls up where they will be sitting. The event is about to begin we play a video that was made right on the tablet. Our volunteers are taking pictures from their smartphones, and some where recording videos. Each table had a tablet where they can enter what they need and it would buzz the server. It is amazing what modern technology can do to better events and make them easier.
    After the Galla finished and it was a major success. We combined the all the information from the tablets and where able to get a final count of who Rsvp’d, checked in, and no shows. This is very helpful for future events and making sure we don’t over spend. With the use of Google glasses and my tablet we where able to set up what the entire Galla looked like from start to finish. This helps us with future advertising of our events, and being able to share with multiple people through email, text, apps etc. Many people like to see videos or information on prior events before attending, I’m sure with the use of modern technology and our video that we made we will only continue to grow our events and make them more successful.

  70. It is a cool, crisp April morning in 2016. I am awoken at just the perfect time in my sleep cycle thanks to my sleep app. As I ready for work, the TV turns on with news stories that coincide with my favored choices. I used to change the channel when the sports or weather segments began airing on TV, but once my TV app learned my viewing habits and began adjusting, I am always able to catch the top news stories before I leave my home. Instead of commercials, unobtrusive banner ads scroll along the bottom showing me deals that I may be interested in based on my recent buying history. I notice that Milk is on sale at Publix and grab the remote to click the check box, which will add the milk deal to my store list and set up a reminder for me to stop on my way home to get milk.

    Heading out the door, the corner deli sends me a reminder that my co-workers birthday is today, along with a coupon for my co-workers favorite breakfast treat. Ordering is a snap, as I use their app so that by the time I arrive for my order, I simply drive through and collect my order. Instead of telling my name when I arrive at the drive through window, the deli worker scans the barcode my phone generates as part of the order confirmation and collects my order from the link – payment occurred in the app, which made my quick stop to work even quicker.

    My gas app uses metrics gained from my car to determine that I should stop for fuel today and helps coax my buying decision to a specific gas station, where I can use a special code provided by my Gas app at the pump to get a special frequent customer discount. As a bonus, the gas app detected that my tire pressure is slightly low and communicates exactly which tire needs to be addressed.

    Midway through my workday, my child’s school contacted me, as their app showed that I was the closest physical parent, to advise me that my child is sick and needs to be picked up. They transmit their health report to me, which I submit to the doctor’s office for quick evaluation. The doctor’s office indicates that my child’s condition is serious, sends a referral to the closest emergency room and schedules a follow-up appointment seamlessly connecting to my calendar’s schedule of availability. Meanwhile, the school received the auto-message from the doctor’s office with instructions how to care for my sick child until they can get to the ER.

  71. It is April 20, 2016 and I am in the midst of the most amazing journey around the world. I have been traveling for over a year now, soaking up every ounce of culture and experience I can possibly imagine. I am thrilled and impressed with the opportunities and privileges my journey has presented me with and grateful that technology has allowed me to make this all possible. For years I kept a bucket list of all the places I wanted to visit and experiences I wanted to accomplish; I still continue to add and check things off my list every day. As technology has advanced, I was able to upload some trips from my bucket list into a system online and it would help me make my dreams possible by helping to find flights and hotels. It could even show me personal reviews people have written and find secret spots unknown to typical tourists. I could even go on my iPad and go through my travel app to find friends that were making similar journeys or planning trips that could coincide with mine. I was thrilled at the idea of sharing experiences with my friends. We could chat and plan trips from anywhere in the world through a simple technological resource. The most important resource I have above all is my camera to save memories. My advanced camera allows me to take and store thousands of photos effortlessly. It even organizes the photos however I ask it to, by date, trip, or location, for example. I can even connect all my devices together and use my Google glasses to take photos and look through the ones I have taken to make sure they perfectly capture my memories. I can even use my Google glasses to check the weather for the day so I can properly plan my day. Google has become a great tool for my travels. It also helps me travel from place to place with Google+ and gives me the best routes. My Groupon account also helps me find deals on things I want to do and restaurants I want to try. It also makes me aware of many things I did not know were available to me and helps me experience new things by suggesting what I might like to do based on my previous purchases and interests. If I write a review on Groupon I get deals as well! Or if I check in to a restaurant with my Foursquare app I get coupons and deals as well! If I check in to enough places, I collect enough points to earn shopping points and bonuses. I am so happy technology has been able to make my life more efficient and has helped me achieve my dreams of traveling and new experiences!

  72. Today is April 23th, 2016 my niece is turning five and we are planning a secret trip to Disney in Orlando. My phone alarm turns on at 5:00am with my favorite song, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I immediately sent a message to my two sisters and mom to make sure they are awake, and they all answer yes, after sending a couple of message we decided to meet up at 7am in my uncle’s house. The day has started and I turn on Pandora to play music while I get ready for the trip. At 6:30am, I get a reminder to pick up the cake from the store for my niece’s birthday and make sure to put the gift on the car. When I get in the car, I noticed the gas is low and I must fill the tank to drive all the way to Orlando; I use Gasbuddy App to find the cheapest gas station on my way to my uncle’s. After everyone arrived to my uncle’s house, we decided on taking three cars as eleven family members and friends are going on the trip. We made the reservations to the Hotel, including the tickets to the parks through the tripadvisor app. It was amazing how everyone had the same apps on the iPhones and we were able to go on the trip without worrying about printing reservations or tickets, even about having cash. The majority of us had iPhone’s and used the GPS to get the directions to the hotel, during the trip each car had an iPad5 and we were able to watch movies while driving to the hotel. After we arrived at the hotel, left our bags in the rooms and went to eat something at a restaurant, were we received 30% of our receipt by checking in the restaurant and other coupon for the desserts that iBeacons popped out. When we arrived to the park, everyone start spreading as some were older and wanted to go on roller coasters, others wanted to go to the children’s attractions and we conclude to meet at 3pm to see the Disney Parade. My mom was afraid that someone would get lost and since everyone had an iPhone, we connect them to have their location shown in one map in each phone. Also, my mom put on her google glasses, to take pictures, find the places that she likes and find everyone. She was able to ask, where is Paola and google glasses will tell her how far I was and a map with my location, Also each adult had an app that let us buy things with our phones, without having to carry on cash nor cards, only with an scan we were able to pay, as well as, buy the pictures that were taken at the end of the ride through the phone and receive the picture on an e-mail without the need to carry around the pictures. Around 2:30pm, each one received a reminder about the parade and the direction to the place that we had Pin to meet up at 3pm. After the parade, we went to sing Happy Birthday to my niece and took pictures with the phone to upload them on Facebook and check in at Disney, instantly we received a message from our friends liking the picture and saying that they were also at Disney; with one click we were able to share our location and meet up. After we finish visiting the park, I invited everyone for dinner, thanks to iBeacons that I had love a fancy restaurant one time, when I came to the parks not too long ago; I was able to received coupons for that expensive restaurant. Everyone end up happy!

  73. I awake on Friday March 6th, 2016 at 6am, not my usual 7 am. That is because my phone knows my daily route and calculated that due to the accident on i95 it would take me an additional hour to get to school 30 mins before my class starts. As I take a morning shower my Pandora will play my favorite music as well as the occasional commercials about products that are specially selected for me, and since I love bargains it will also remind me of coupons I have saved on my phone. As I get ready for school my coffee machine turns itself on, it notices I am running low on my favorite coffee so it automatically add the item to my shopping list and send a text to my phone to alert me of the new addition.

    I’m driving to work while playing Pandora and my car alerts me that the accident causing traffic earlier has been moved to the side of the road and I would have an extra 10 minutes free during my commute. My phone then suggests I use those 10 minutes to take advantage of my Starbucks coupon I have saved. I accept the offer and drive over to Starbucks while my order gets sent via text to them ahead of time. By the time I arrive I can pay through paypal and walk up to the counter, show the receipt image on my phone and grab my cup to go.

    I put on my Google Glasses on during class so that I can look up anything I don’t understand while still taking notes. 5 minutes before lunch time my Google Glasses that sync to my phone asks if I want my usual sandwich from subways. I nod twice and visual recognition accepts my request and submits my order. When I arrive to Subways I can once again pay through paypal and simply pickup my sandwich. Heading back to class (not wearing Google Glasses while I drive) my phone alerts me of a delay on my usual route and reroutes me to a faster route.

    When I get to class I put back on my Google Glasses and go about my day. When the professor announces homework I put my Glasses into record and make sure it takes down my assignments. While walking to my car my Google Glasses ask me if I’d like Google to begin searching for information on the assignment topics. I nod twice and Google begins creating an alert (sent to email) on quality information provided online.

    On my way home my car alerts me that it is low on gas and there are 5 gas stations less than 5 miles away. My phone also lets me know which of the gas stations is cheapest and doesn’t take me out of the way. I decide to stop by the grocery store and as I walk in I pick up a sales booklet and begin scanning things that I want to purchase. If the item was already in my list the new sales price will replace the original for that day. As I look around with my Google Glasses on I see the prices for all items virtually. As I put items into my cart they will automatically be crosses off my list. If I am in a hurry I can even order all of my groceries ahead of time. As I begin charging my items my grocery list alerts me of an item I forgot. My phone then asks if I want someone to bring it for me to the register, I nod twice and before I scan my last item an associate brought me my forgotten item. When I process my payment the coupons are automatically downloaded to my phone and are shown through my Google Glasses on command.

    When I’m 10 minutes from my home my phone detects my gps location and send a message to my a/c to turn on to my favorite temperature. I walk up to my door with my hands full of bags and my camera scans my face, unlocks, and opens my door for me. I go into the kitchen and put in all of my groceries. As groceries are put into the refrigerator they are recorded into a list. If there is an item that was not there before my Google Glasses ask me if I’d like to and the item permanently. This keeps track of the weight of each item, if the item is running low I will receive a reminder and it will be added to my shopping list.

    As I check my voicemails Amazon’s drone gets a message that I’m at my home and heads to my house to deliver my package. When my package arrives I scan the invoice and let the company known I received it. Coupons and sales for items similar to that one now show up in my phone and Google Glasses. My Google Glasses show me a great pair of pants I own that would go great with this top and suggest a pair of shoes that I can purchase nearby for a cheap price. I go out and buy the shoes and head to visit my sisters. Since my phone knows I always get frozen yogurt with them it texts them a question “what flavor?” By the time we get to the yogurt store our yogurt has already been served and we can add anything we want to it. Since I have purchased multiple frozen yogurts I get a special discount at check out.

    As I’m arriving home my phone lets my tv know I’m arriving so my favorite show is on at home. Again, only commercials that directly relate to me will play. Off to bed I go, knowing my alarm will always go off at the right time.

  74. We are rolling up to the fourth month of year 2016. It is finally the time that my boyfriend and I fly out to Sofia, Bulgaria. “Bulgaria?” some may ask. My boyfriend and I decided to go there because I have not seen my best friend, Emi, of life in 4 to 5 years, she would finally get to meet my lucky guy, and it was a much needed getaway.

    Before the time arrived, we had to do a lot of shopping to do to make sure we was bringing and packing the right items. Items needed included shorts, shirts, hats, gifts, new shoes, etc. Therefore, I pulled out my iPhone 7s to search stores and nearby malls. I wanted this shopping extravaganza to be short and simple yet fun-filled due to the hatred my boyfriend has towards shopping. Using my updated Facebook app, it suggested going to the Nike store, Burlington coat factory, and Old Navy at the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL which was approximately 15 minutes away from our home.

    The trip to the mall was short yet successful. So as we are leaving the mall in our new 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLS550, I hear my boyfriend talking to himself until I looked up to see he was using the google glasses. I asked, “What was he talking about?” and he told me, “oh, nothing”, with this huge smirk on his face. I knew he was up to something but I left it alone for the time being. As we pulled up to our home, I quietly took the google glasses and looked up the recent history. As I put them on my face, I see a plethora of web pages with diamond rings with a recent purchase and I saw he made a reservation for J. Alexander’s for 9:00 pm. I immediately become overjoyed, anxious, nervous, happy and excited all at the same time. I even started snapping pictures of myself without knowing it.

    As I am jumping up for joy and snapping pictures, I hear a usual ring from my Skype app on my IPad 5. Guess who it is calling me?!?! It is my best friend Emi. I immediately told her about my juicy discovery. She was just as excited as I was to the point we both just started yelling and screaming very happily. Besides, she also shared her excitement and joy with me about coming to her town. She started showing me where my boyfriend and I will be sleeping, what activities she had planned for us, she even started showing me her pets, although she knows my fear of them. I started packing.

    By this time, it is now 7:05 in the evening. I am looking everywhere for my Ipad 5 so I can check our flight times and the weather. As I search the closet, I so happen to see a note on a dresser in the closet. It reads:

    To my lovely girlfriend, I have a very romantic night planned for you. Wear the black and white dress I left in the closet for you and those heels I like. I’ll be picking you up by 8:30 pm sharp.
    Love, Jamal

  75. It’s Friday April 18th 2016, let’s pretend that I’m finished with school and I’m living life to the fullest. Tonight is me and my wife’s anniversary, we had planned a trip across the state for a weekend getaway. However, we both have a few things to do and get before we can embark. As I wake up, my phone knows the date and recognizes it is our anniversary. As I programmed it, it send an order of flowers to the local florist and I send in the time I wish to pick them up. My devices and car sync up together to give me full access to my device while I am driving. My car/device knows that I always must stop for coffee at Starbucks before I get to work. It automatically pops up with the nearest Starbucks as well as the volume that they are at. It will automatically direct me to the Starbucks with the least amount of people, so I can go in and out in a flash. Upon pulling up to the window my Starbucks card has already linked up with the store and pulls my history of what I generally order. The barista follows up and I confirm my order. After receiving my coffee, I continue on my route to work. I get a notification from my office that my first patient has checked-in, and waiting for my arrival. Upon my arrival, my phone and office system link up and I see my schedule for the day. Since it’s our anniversary I only have 2 patients and after I am able to get ready for our trip. After leaving my office, I head over to the florist who was sent my order earlier in the morning. Arriving in the parking lot, I get a pop up on my American Express that states a local coupon from the florist I go to. If I use my American Express I get double the points for the purchase. As I beat my wife home, I’m scrambling to get everything ready for her. Receiving a phone call from her, I am able to pin point the time she is due to arrive. As she get’s closer I am able to set up her floral arrangement and we can begin our journey across to our resort for the weekend. Packing up everything in the car, my phone calendar sync with my car GPS linking the destination that we are heading, this automatically routes the quickest and less traffic route. During our traveling, my gas light comes on, but lucky for me I have an app on my iPad which determines my location and sends me gas stations near by that take my Mobil Credit Card. As I’m pumping gas, I get a pop-up on my phone that states if I show this message to the cashier inside I will get 20% off any grocery items. I quickly send the message to my wife, and she heads inside to grab some drinks. Upon arriving at the resort my iPad automatically send me a message welcoming my to the resort and hotel also noting that my room is ready for check in. We also get notified of all the great amenities that the hotel is offering for the weekend, as well as lets me book reservations for dinner, and the spa for the next day. I continue to confirm the reservation on my iPad, and send the link of our room key to my phone. We are able to use our phone to open and unlock our room and enjoy our stay.

  76. Today is it April 19th, 2016 and I have just been awoken from my Iphone 8 that has synced with my TV, speakers and lighting system in my home. Almost all forms of technology can be controlled in the palm of my hand through my phone or through my Google glasses. Everything is set on a precise schedule that can be altered with a thought or simple touch. My refrigerator is monitoring the level of my pre selected food that I have and sending notifications if things need to be replaced or thrown out due to expiration dates. I get news updates sent to my phone, glasses and visual displays are around my home. TV’s can have any of my personal content transferred on them by hand motion or voice controls. I have LCD displays embedded in special parts of my home where I spend most time in. On these displays I have total access to the Internet and television channels. If I run out of fruit or my milk has gone bad, the alert is sync’ed on all my devices and my Ibeacon lets me know where the best location is to retrieve the desired item. I can choose the closest place, best price or the preferred selection. A simple voice command can trigger the Ibeaon to triangulate your position and calculate the best move depending on your preferences and list of tasks to complete. It is a great feature as I barely ever have to charge my devices because of there is barely any use of power with the latest technology. On top of that almost all devices use alternate energy to charge. Almost all use solar power while out of the house as they connect to my electric powered Porsche 918 Spyder. The Ibeacon, Google glasses and Iphone are displayed on the screen of the car and controlled by voice commands. I realize on my drive to work that I had forgotten to turn off some lights and lock the door. This isn’t a problem as I voice my concerns to Siri and the house locks the door and shuts down the lights. When I am out of the home by a certain distance Ibeacon notifies the system at home and shuts down all unnecessary devices and power. Most homes work this way to conserve energy. My work days goes by quickly as everything is completed much more efficiently and work can be done even easily on the road and out of the office. On my drive home when I reach 5 miles from my home, the power runs back on and the kitchen starts up, peer heats and begins the cooking process for my desired meal. My fridge measures the proper ingredients and as I walk in everything is lighten up and I am notified as what to do while my Google glasses follow the process. As the night progresses I sit and enjoy my on demand programming from my AppleTV while I also browse the internet and get up to date news. My alarm notifies me when its time to turn in and my sleep app monitors my sleep to help get me the best sleep cycle to be most productive for the up coming day.

  77. Today is April 19, 2016 on a beautiful Monday morning. About three months ago, my job at Global Technologies gave me a promotion that allowed me to travel to help seal contracts with other companies. Since we were a technology company, we were all received the latest technology that consisted of google glasses, the apple iPad 4 with retina display, and Apple iBeacons. I was preparing myself to leave the country on a business trip to Japan. The company I worked for was in the process of sealing a deal with a top technological producing company in Japan.

    As I prepared to enter the airport at Miami, I had my google glasses on needing a sense of direction to where my terminal was. I was able to enter my terminal number and it gave me to step-by-step directions to the terminal. I had some extra time before my flight, so I ordered my specialty mocha frappe and a danish through the new app from Dunkin Donuts on my iPad. I was able to walk right up show my Dunkin Donuts reward card without having to pay and get my order.

    Once on the plane, to my amazement, I pulled out my iPad and looked to make reservations at a hotel. With the new Facebook location app, it allowed me to view a list of hotels in the specific area where I was to stay in Japan. A cool feature that helped in my decision of choosing a hotel was the 360-degree view of the hotel before I made my final decision. I ended up making my reservation at four-star hotel overlooking the city of Japan, with very good reviews by other people who stayed there before.

    It was a lot easier with the new “iMeet” app that enabled me to see what meetings I had just by just saying meeting for April 20. It popped up on my google glasses, making it real easy to see what I planned for that day. I ended up dosing off on the long flight to Japan, but had an alarm set for my arrival time. Once I arrived at the airport, I enabled my iBeacons to sync all of my devices to Japan Time Zone (UTC+09:00) and local restaurants. While walking to get my bags, a notification popped up on my google glasses from Facebook asking me did I want to share my location with my friends. I declined that notification, and proceeded to video chat with my boss that I made it to Japan. After the video chat, I used my google glasses and iBeacons to see the closest cooked sushi restaurant by the airport. It popped up with over 20 places, so I ended up picking one with a catchy ad about free desert.

    The next day, I was awakened by an alarm. I popped on my Google Glasses and it showed me my complete schedule for the day and asks would I like to order Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. I placed my order and it was delivered to the hotel within 5min.

  78. The day is April, 18, 2016 and like any Monday, it’s another typical work day. My first alarm goes off on my iPhone at 7:30am; I snooze a few times before realizing that if I don’t get up soon, I’ll be late for work. From my phone, I also turn on and warm-up the water on my Keurig, using the trusty app.

    After brewing my coffee, walk out to the kitchen and pick up my Google glasses from the charging station. Start scanning through the headlines while enjoying my cup of joe. Realizing that I’m already behind schedule, I start-up the hot water in the bathroom so I can figure out which suit to wear today. Going through the MyCloset app, I pick out the pants, shirt, belt, jacket and tie that I’m going to wear for the big meeting.

    Getting in my car to head to the office, I go through the car screen to scan through any important emails from the day before. As I put my car in reverse, Google Maps offers 2 routes to get to the office today. Route 1, takes the Turnpike and as usual is congested for the early morning rush hour. And route 2, takes local streets Commercial Blvd and University Drive. I decide to take route 2 which puts me at the office 11 minutes earlier than route 1, and won’t cost me any tolls.

    As I approach the Commercial Blvd, geo-fence, Dunkin Donuts pings me to get buy 1 get 1 on a dozen donuts. I check to see if they have my favorite Boston Crème, which luckily they do this time (last week they were out). So I place the order for the 2 dozen donuts, and through in another cup of coffee for myself, and pay with the social currency.

    As I arrive to the geo-fence around work, I search for available spots in both the parking garage and any regular spots closest to the building. Realizing that none are going to be a close walk, I tweet the free valet guys to let them know that I’m pulling in.

    Walking up to the building at 9:02am, I’m back on my Google glasses for my boss’s teleconference which started at 9:00 am sharp. Walking into the office and at my desk, I quickly switch the teleconference to my computer screen.
    Getting closer to lunch, I check Facebook local searches to see who’s having any specials and what’s on the menu for my various spots inside the Fountain Shops.

    Decided on sushi today and make reservations for the work crew at 12:15pm sharp. Since it’s the normal lunch time rush, on our way to the restaurant we check the currently open tables on Foursquare to see if we can get one closer to the window that will fit all 6 of us.

    Getting to the restaurant, we see from the menu on Facebook local search that they are out of the tuna tower appetizer, looks like we’ll have to switch to miso soup today.

  79. Two years from now, I will be waking up to my alarm that is going off on my iPad5 on Saturday morning. I then check the weather on my iPad5 to see what kind of day I can prepare myself for. After I get out of bed, I walk down into my kitchen and begin to prepare breakfast. Once I am finished eating I decide that I need to get a workout in; due to the fact that I just moved to Colorado, I use my iBeacon to determine where the nearest yoga studio is. I search through studios that are near my house, and I go through reviews of the highest rated ones. I decide which studio I will go to, and I head back upstairs to get ready for the day. I get into my car and realize that I need to figure out the directions to get to where I need to go; therefore, I use my iPad5 to pull up Maps and I am then on my way. As I pull up to the yoga studio, my iBeacon alerts me that there is a coupon available for the class that I will be attending today. I am happy that I will be getting a great yoga session in, and saving money while I do so, I head into the studio. After I get out of the yoga class, I realize that I am, once again, hungry. I decide I want a juice from Whole Foods; although, I yet again need to use my iPad5 to pull up Maps to get me to the grocery store. I get to Whole Foods safely, buy a juice, and then decide that I will do some exploring in this new home of mine. I get into my car and begin to drive and sightsee. On the right side of the road I see a State Park; I decide to go in considering it is my day off and spending time in a State Park will be relaxing. As I get out of my car, I decide to put on my Google Glasses so that I will be able to take pictures and document all of the beautiful scenery. Once my boyfriend gets off of work, he calls me through his Google Glasses so I can screen share to him what exactly I am seeing. I realize that it is getting late in the day and I need to go home to cook supper, so as I am walking back to my car my Google Glasses tell me that the main road that I came in on is now blocked off due to traffic jams. I thank my Google Glasses and decide to take the back roads back to my house; therefore, I use my iPad5 for Maps to do so. Once I am home safely, I make supper for my boyfriend and I and we get a reminder through our Google Glasses that our favorite show is coming on in ten minutes. We sit down to enjoy the show and fall asleep on the couch. The next morning, my iPad5’s alarm wakes me up again to start a new day.

  80. Its 5:30am on April 15, 2016 and my iPad moderately starts waking me up with the smart alarm which finds the best time to wake me up with a sleep tracking algorithm. As soon as I wake up, my nutritionist app tells me what to eat before my 6am workout. After eating, I wear my atlas wearable fitness watch and my google glasses to go to the gym. On the way to the gym, my google glasses have a pop up saying my supplements are running low and that there is a discount on so I can order the new ones. As I start my workout my Atlas watch tracks my heart rate, my workout log, and how efficiently I workout. As soon as I am done with my workout I send my training file to my iPad and then head home.

    At home, my nutritionist app lets me know that I need a high protein breakfast and that I should up my intake on carbs since I just had a high intensity workout. I have breakfast and log it into my nutritionist app so it adjust for the day.

    I was planning in staying at home and watching tv and resting today, but Facebook notifies me that its a beautiful day to go to the beach and that more than 10 close friends are already checking in. So I get in the shower and and start heading to the beach. When I get to Ft. Lauderdale, my iPhone 6 warns me about an accident on a1a, it tells me to take another route to avoid any traffic on the way. I then park at las olas beach place and my google glasses notify me that there is a sale in Maui Nix on tank tops and bathing suits. I put a reminder on my phone to notify me when I’m leaving the beach so I can pass by the store to check then out.

    I get to the beach and I’m with a big group of friends and we are all having fun. Groupon notifies all of us that there is a jet-ski deal for $50 and we all go and enjoy the jetskis. When we get back we tan for a little and then decide its time to go eat. My phone lists all the restaurants near me with filters I have configured into it. It shows us that Rocco’s tacos has the least wait time and that it is happy hour so we can enjoy the margaritas. We all decide on Rocco’s and go eat!

  81. It’s April 19, 2016, and I have just recently graduated from Nova Southeastern University. I just woke up in the morning and got ready to start my day. As I ate my breakfast I used my new iPad 5 to do a google search for some clothes that I needed to buy for my lacking wardrobe. I found a list of clothing stores in my area, arranged by deals offered personally to me based on previous store credit and personal preferences. I was excited to get my shopping underway, so while I ate my breakfast I started to pre-shop by selecting items that looked appealing that were on the store’s site listed based on what was available in-store.
    I got into my car and put on my new Google Glasses, which allowed me to detect the directions as well as traffic conditions to the store I was going to (since I was headed towards downtown Chicago and there could be some traffic at times). Once I got to the store, the Google Glass was able to do something incredible for me; it provided me with directions within the store to the clothing items I had selected online! This saved me a large amount of time and was very convenient, as I did not need to do as much scavenging through the store. When it was time to check out, the stores iPad check-out station registered that I was a frequent customer and allowed me to purchase my items through my collected loyalty points free of charge! I walked out of the store a happy man and had a technologically advancing, progressive rest of my day.

  82. It’s April 19, 2016, and I have just recently graduated from Nova Southeastern University. I just woke up in the morning and got ready to start my day. As I ate my breakfast I used my new iPad 5 to do a google search for some clothes that I needed to buy for my lacking wardrobe. I found a list of clothing stores in my area, arranged by deals offered personally to me based on previous store credit and personal preferences. I was excited to get my shopping underway, so while I ate my breakfast I started to pre-shop by selecting items that looked appealing that were on the store’s site listed based on what was available in-store.
    I got into my car and put on my new Google Glasses, which allowed me to detect the directions as well as traffic conditions to the store I was going to (since I was headed towards downtown Chicago and there could be some traffic at times). Once I got to the store, the Google Glass was able to do something incredible for me; it provided me with directions within the store to the clothing items I had selected online! This saved me a large amount of time and was very convenient, as I did not need to do as much scavenging through the store. When it was time to check out, the stores iPad check-out station registered that I was a frequent customer and allowed me to purchase my items through my collected loyalty points free of charge! I walked out of the store a happy man and had a technologically advancing, progressive rest of my day!

  83. It’s April 2016 and I have just upgraded to the new Samsung Galaxy 6. I’m still figuring out how to use all the apps but before I leave Best Buy I make sure the salesperson has disabled all the annoying pop-up and banner ads. I also adjust the security settings that prevent stores from texting me every time I go near a store. More stores seem to be using these beacons which can entice you buy an item on sale just because you went on Amazon looking for a gift for your wife six months ago (darn browser cookies). It was fun at first but got old real fast (not looking for earrings right now!!), especially when you’re expecting a text from a friend who you are meeting in the next 5 minutes. I like seeing more of the native advertising that’s been going on lately and I make sure Flipboard is an installed app and same with the Palm Beach Post app since I like to support local companies.
    Finally my friend shows up – where to go? It’s Friday and heading out for Happy hour. I’m new to the Jupiter area so I download the Foursquare app for some ideas. I’m able to see a great sports bar near by – and the foursquare app asks if I want to make a reservation at Duffy’s. Of Course! Off we go – we get to the sports bar and are seated immediately. The bar and restaurant staff are super busy – I download the Duffy’s app and I’m able to scan my Duffy’s card so I can use the reward points. Another great feature which just came out with the use of beacons is the ability to pre-order. They are able to determine your location /table you are sitting at in the restaurant. We place our drink order without even waiting for the waitress – in two minutes my cold beer is brought to me by a Duffy’s employee (runner) who only serves the food and beer. Much faster! For fun we download some of the sports trivia games Duffy’s has – we get perfect on the hockey questions and receive a free appetizer. Paying the bill was easy – I was able to use my reward points and got 50% off our bill (which I paid through my mobile Paypal account) – did’t need the waitress after all. With the new minimum wage increases restaurants have been cutting back and there was only 1 waitress for 30 customers.
    Time to leave – before calling a cab I check my home security online – great I see my wife is up watching TV. I give her a call and request a pickup. While waiting I reward her with an electronic gift card to the spa – I even book the appointment…would have been cheaper if I used the Uber app to hail a cab.

  84. It’s the day of February 7, 2016. Kim, the twins and I decided to join the festivity if Super Bowl L (50). So much is going on here in Tampa, Florida, from the NFL Experience to the Gasparilla Extravaganza and even the Children’s Gasparilla Parade. Kim pulls out the iPod to check out the social world. As she does that she get an alerted of saving on folding lawn chairs at Wal-Mart from Groupon, I told her I thought it would be a good idea to purchase the lawn chairs for the Children’s Gasparilla Parade. As we enter Wal-Mart the twins’ scans a NFC they find in front of the cart for reward points and deals on Super bowl gear from the NFL Experience Redzone tent. We pick up the lawn chairs and headed to the car. As we get to the car I check Google map for a parking spot near the stadium. I drop Kim and the twin girls off near the Children’s Parade and I tell them I will park the car. I park the car and check Android Foursquare app to check in with Kim and the girls to see where they were. I noticed from the app that they were in front of the NFL Experience entrance.
    After the parade we headed into the NFL Experience. I put on my Google glasses to get the full experience of the event. As I surf the web, I find a deal on team jerseys. With all the NFL point I gained throughout the day. I had just enough to purchase my favorite team jersey. While I was doing that Kim remember she needed to purchase the tickets for the Super Bowl game. So she uses her iPhone and log on to Facebook and saw an ad that stated if she purchases tickets at the NFL Experience Redzone tent. We could receive 50% off on the second ticket. So we ran over to the Redzone tent before they sell out of tickets. Exiting the NFL Experience, now going into the game, the twins uses Foursquare to find more great deals throughout the stadium. Kim and I decided to go and find our seats so we can enjoy the Super Bowl. Halftime came and passed now it time to find the twins. So Kim signs in to Facebook to check out the twins location and she noticed that they was within 20 yards of us near the pirate ship.
    Shortly after departure Raymond James Stadium, they notify me via Google Maps of traffic delay on interstate 4 on the way home to Brandon, Florida. Kim tells me to take the Selmon expressway. Going under the toll plaza Sunpass acknowledges the credit. As we exit the expressway Kim want to stop for a midnight treat. We stop by Yogurtology one of our favorite frozen yogurt spot and order up some frozen yogurt and used the point we earned from the twins shopping at the stadium. So we were now on our way home. We made it to the house, man what a day of fun and festivity with the family.

  85. The thought of a day in the life of 2016 is overwhelming. Assuming I was equipped with all the fancy gadgetry, I could start my day off without a game plan. On a weekend morning for example, I would start my day off much the same as I do now, in search of caffeine. If I noticed I was low on coffee for example, I would use my Apple device to check for the best deals within my geo-fence. I could possibly use accumulated social currency at a local coffee house for a loyalty discount on a cup of coffee. This accumulation of coffee loyalty points would be brought to my attention because I was low on coffee. As I sip my coffee, I would be alerted of a local event including things I have shown interest in in the past. If I had shown patterns or past interest in art for example, a local arts and crafts festival would surely blip on my radar. My smart devices would allow for me to avoid routes with heavy traffic, and I would arrive less stressed and with time to spare. To kill time, could walk around a shopping plaza. I would equip my Google Glasses and stroll about. As I scan the storefronts looking for deals, the vivid ads would jump out at me. I may be pointed at a store which has a sale on a video game my son has “liked” on Facebook. He would think I was the coolest dad ever when I brought it home as a surprise later. My device may also notice a friend from work within my geo-fence who was also shopping in my area. After a simple click to show I was interested, a suggestion would come up pointing out a great place to go for lunch and link the suggestion to their device. The lunch menu would be highlighted on my favorite dish from last time I ate at the restaurant and the same for my friend. Friends on Facebook would also be automatically updated that we were eating at this restaurant. A tally system of times friends within my geo-fence could also be stored for view on loyalty apps and social media sites. This would ensure we were picking a good place to eat as well as supporting that establishment with advertising and word of mouth.
    The possibilities are endless and exciting. I see a great opportunity for small businesses to get their name out there without paying for billboard advertising. I think there will be creative ways of saving enough money to possibly justify these sure to be expensive devices. I think there will be more jobs in support and maintenance and this technology will boost the economy.

  86. The day is September 1st, 2016, and I am starting the first day of my PHD at NYU. I’m starting my semester off strong with four classes, and am excited for all the things I will see and learn. As I make my morning coffee, I take out my ipad and sign on to the NYU student page and check out my schedule to make sure I have the right time for my first class. I pour some extra coffee in my to-go mug and head out the door.

    As I exit my apartment I whip out my google glasses and ask them for walking directions to campus. I put in my ear phones and start my playlist with the google play option for my ten minute walk. I make it to campus and head into my first class. I leave my google glasses, take a seat in the first row, and avoid trying to copy down all the information on the teachers power points and opt for pictures through the glasses themselves. I finish class for the day and decide to head over to the nearest mall for some celebratory first day complete retail therapy.

    As I enter the mall, I enable the iBeacon on my phone and begin to browse. As I finish at the store, I check in on my phone to find the nearest register. I check out, purchases in hand, and use google maps to find the nearest Georgetown cupcakes to grab some sweets for a get together later on. I hail a cab and make my way to the bakery. After picking up a variety of goodies, I use my iBeacon informs me that I can use my saved credit card information at the register to purchase my cupcakes. I make my way to the cashier and pay.

    I return home to shower and change and get ready to head out for the night. I grab a cab and head to Greenwich. When I get to my friend’s apartment I’m told the host burned dinner and we are looking for options for delivery. I open my Eat 24 app and search through the variety of restaurants in a 10-mile radius with delivery. We decide on Thai and I place our order online. As we wait 30-45 mins for our meal, I collect cash to pay and conveniently all of the people without cash have Citibank. They send me their share through the Popmoney option in the Citibank application.

    After a great night I decide to walk back to my apartment. I ask my Google glasses for walking directions and start on my way. I remember that I have to book my flight back home to visit family. I use google search to look for flights and find the perfect fare and book it. I make it home just in time to catch up on my shows and prepare for the day ahead. I put away all my gadgets, set my alarms on my iphone, put it to charge and go to sleep.

  87. The day is April 23, 2016. Being this day the day of my birthday, I decided to invite some people to my house to a pool party. The invitations were sent through Facebook and 100 people confirmed that they were going to assist to my party. Every time people confirmed I would be able to see it from my Google glasses.

    Knowing the amount of people that were going to assist let me contact a food company that is going to be in charged of all the food that is going to be served at the pool party. The food company has its “friend-of-mine” application that I have on my iPad5, this application helps me order all the food that I need. By putting the amount of people that were going to assist it will tell me the amount of food I need for that night. Moreover, the application will give me the price and the calories.
    Right after I order the food online, I call some people from my Google glasses to act as waitress at my party.

    On my way to the beauty salon, my Google glasses detected that the route that I was about to take was closed so it recalculated for another route that will be also fast and will let me get there on time to my appointment. While walking out of the beauty salon my friend Andy calls and asks me to have lunch together, so I wanted to eat Mexican food, so my glasses found the nearest place and gave me the instructions to get there while walking to the place. I finally met my friend Andy at the Mexican place, and when my plate came to the table I took a picture of the plate to send it to my friend Karina, who loves Mexican food.

    When I got home my mom video-calls me and I saw her right from my glasses. I did not have to look for a computer to see her. She was calling to show me her outfit for the pool party.

    Finally at the night of the pool party, there were some ipads5 located around the house and they will facilitate people information about where the bathrooms are located, where the pool is located, and also the location of the bar. Moreover, waitresses where wearing Google glasses, so if the guests want something from them they will be able to contact them from the iPad in other to bring them either food or beverages.

  88. On a cool day in South Florida in early January, 2016 I will be making my way down university drive trying to keep up with my school work and all the thoughts going through my head. As I drive, I think about how I stayed so organized and on time with everything in school and outside of school. Right then, an alert goes of in my car via my IPhone 6, asking if I would like to hear what is on the schedule today… As Siri speaks through my speakers in the car, restating a list of things that have to be done and there due dates… suddenly I get a sense of comfort and easiness in my head, Siri has organized my tasks for me to do.

    As I’m driving down the busy road, I receive, an alert from Siri again, telling me there is a crash 10 miles ahead, it also gives me a detour to have no delays with the traffic from the crash. I take the detour.

    Continuing on to my destination, I realize I need to have my morning coffee. So I command Siri to make a pick-up order with my favorite iced caramel coffee with cream from Starbucks. I scroll through my Starbucks app to find that they are offering a birthday month discount to all their customers. So I get excited to scan my phone for my free coffee this morning.

    As I get out of my car to walk into Starbucks, suddenly, my phone slips out of my pocket, and fall into a puddle. Good thing it’s waterproof!

    Driving through my detour, I decide to multitask. I ask Siri to read out my emails so that I keep my eyes on the road. I just saved time by having to listen to them in a car, as apposed to somewhere else.

    I imagine the year 2016 to be filled with contextual mobile marketing. IPhones and other smart phones will be everywhere and almost all the time. Our entire life, connections and promotions will be through our phones. It will be important to have the right context for the right people, at the right time. Social media will be moving up the scale. It will be easier to discover things, engage in activities, offers and promotions. The world will become small and connecting to people will be a click away. Everything a person needs will be a click away.

  89. Location based services are the wave of the future. In today’s world, you can just grab your phone or tablet and be able to find anything you need to do. By two years from now I would wake up on April 17,2016 and I would turn on my Pandora app on my IPhone which would have my favorite stations which I hear almost every day. Afterwards, I would sync my iPad in order to show me what I would cook today. Using the IPad, I would make a list of what I need to buy in the grocery store and ingredients included. Two years from now I plan to be an accountant and I would use my iPad in order to check on my incoming clients flight schedules in order to know when they will arrive. I can get a confirmation on when they will arrive so I can prepare in order to do business on a normal day basis.
    Google glasses will help me to look at financial figures while I’m on the go so I can check financial applications such as the wall street journal, or the financial times. This will help me to advise my clients on how to make a better investment. Using this tool, I will also use my iPad in order to plan my day in order to not get caught with a hectic schedule. Using the right tools, I would make my schedule go in hand with my time limits so I can be more productive and not get stuck on any other tasks not involved in my work.
    While work may be hectic some days, I must also find time in order to enjoy myself. Using my laptop I will be able to book me a flight anywhere in the world such as taking a trip to the Caribbean islands or if not take a flight to Brazil and attend the Carnival during the summer. Using the applications I am able to book my flight and customize in order to suit my needs.
    But before I plan my vacation, I would continue to use my iPad in order to finish my work. Using the finance application, I would look at stocks and bonds and have a portfolio ready in order to show my customers on what investments to use and which ones not to. Technology will help in order to make my day easier considering how many tasks I must manage in such a short period of time. After my day is complete I would use my IPod in order to hit the gym while monitoring my heart rate and wanting to figure out my meal or what I should after a short workout.

  90. Today is June 20th , 2016 and my iPhone is plugged in too my nightstand in order to charge and read the schedule I have programed for this Saturday afternoon. The night stand has a software that reads exactly what time I want to wake up and therefore opens my shades and makes my alarm go off at Exactly 10am. I am waking up early to get a good workout before my daily activities. Thanks to my FIT application my phone downloads the latest workout routines from the web for exactly the muscles I need to workout today. Also, my Nutrition application downloads the perfect meal so I can stay in shape and be able to keep my 6-pack. The routine and meal is one click away and I am ready to get in my car and head to the gym. As soon as I turn on my car, it automatically picks my “workout” playlist as soon as I plug in my iPhone. The car is about to read my schedule and pick the perfect music for the event or activity I am headed to. Also, my car’s GPS pick the shortest route without any traffic so I do not get stuck in traffic and go crazy with my pre-workout. You gym rats know exactly what I am talking about! After finishing my workout my phones will look into my schedule and will notice it is time to eat lunch. The phone would tap into my Nutrition app and pic the nearest restaurant that serves a meal that corresponds with my diet. This would make my life very convenient and not have to worry about meal prepping or worry about cooking if I am not in the mood for it. Since it is a Saturday and I am done with my workout and lunch. My IPhone would then look up activities since my schedule is clear. Going to the beach if the weather is right, maybe taking my dog to the park, or even going to watch a movie with a friend. Once I picked the activity of my choice it would bring up my favorites on the call list to see if I wanted to invite any of my closest friends. I would just click on their name and an automatic invite would be sent telling them the time and place of that certain activity.
    My phone would be programed to keep up with my everyday schedule and advice me so I can avoid any inconveniences. Everything would be quick, organized and flawless. As we know, technology is becoming more and more advanced everyday. People are becoming more dependable on it and are having bigger expectations. I think that something as simple as our phone will have the capabilities to do all of these tasks and more. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for society in 2016.

  91. The day is April 14 2016; my wedding day is two days away. I am very happy that modern technology has made it easy for me to keep updated with the people in the wedding party and their travel itineraries. Technology has also helped me plan, prepare, organize, and order for my wedding. I wake up on April 14, 2016 and immediately get onto my iPad to see what time 4 of my bridesmaids are landing, one is coming from Los Angeles, one from New Jersey, one from North Caroline, and one from upstate New York. I see that all of their flights are on time and I then check to make sure that the car service I have provided for them is confirmed on time top pick them up. I then look over to my iPhone and see that I have multiple messages from the florist although a few years ago it might have been frustrating to read through all of these messages and decipher what is what now it is easy because all of the messages have links into the florists app on my exact flower arrangements and centerpieces that they are working on for my big day. There is also an ETA and map of when they will be at my wedding location to drop them off and set up on Saturday.
    My wedding planner has emailed me layouts of exactly what my wedding day will look like from the aisle to the reception. Through Google glasses and the iPad she was able to produce high tech plans and present them to me and other clients. They look real and almost like actual photographs. This puts me at ease because now I know it will turn out okay and that everything will come together. My bridal party is arriving in 1 hour to the house we have rented so I need to get showered and ready because after they arrive the make up artist and hair stylist is coming to do a test and trial so we can look our best for the big day. My bridal party arrives and are very excited. When the make up artist and hair stylist arrive they use a similar technology to the wedding planner, they are able to take a photograph of our faces with an iPad and do trials of make up and hair on the screen before actually doing it on our face, it saves time, product, and you don’t have to go through that many trial runs before finding the right look for you. Everyone looked great at the end of the trials and we all found the best look for us for my wedding.

    Being a real estate developer the work doesn’t stop the days leading up to my wedding. I tell the girls to lay by the pool and relax while I do an hour or so of work. I go to my large desktop iMac which has multiple architectural programs on it that are currently helping me design a hotel set for construction in a few months in Singapore. The resort is massive and for me to be able to see it all in one place at one time and what it is actually going to turn out like the iMac capabilities are the best and I am able to view and edit the renderings as I please.

    After an hour or two of work I join the girls at the pool. I bring my iPad out to show them the pictures and plans for the wedding that my planner had sent over to me, they love it. Later that night we all wanted to go out to a local restaurant and have a few cocktails and some great food. With Google glasses we were able to find a restaurant that fit all our needs through social media Google glasses. It automatically routed us there, it was a beautiful restaurant on the water in Jupiter Fl. Google glasses made it easier for us because it showed their happy hour menu, discounts, and deals for larger parties. We could put in our name through a reservation service so the wait time was less to none when we arrived and we were able to link up our American Express cards as well making it easier to pay.

  92. It’s Friday, March 4, 2016. I am awakened by the recommended Bruno Mars station playing via my Pandora app on my iphone 7s,c, (or whatever other model it will be by then!) Pandora thought I might like this station based on all the other stations I have saved in my Pandora library. Pandora was correct. Before getting out of bed I put on my Google Glasses 2s. “Hi Glass. Show me today’s weather please.” Up pops a 3D visual of the current weather condition outside with the day’s highs and lows listed to the right. Bright & sunny…YES! High of 84 low of 79. A perfectly gorgeous South Florida day!!! I have to pick my friends up from the airport soon so I jump out of bed, shower and get on my merry way. I cant remember if locked up or not so from Car Play I simply say, “Lock up the house” and all is secure. As I’m cruising down 95 I get a notification from Google+ via CarPlay notifying my friends flight will be landing in 10mins! My friends are picked up and now we’re heading to Sawgrass for lunch, shopping and maybe a movie. As we approach the Sunrise geo fencing area, Apple Foursquare starts pinging me offers for near by restaurants. We decide on the 25% off deal from P.F.Changs! I check out Facebook Local offers from my Google Glasses 2s and discover Guess, Juicy Couture and Aldo all have amazing deals going on right now! We shopped till we dropped! We decided to go see a movie after all. Not knowing what new movies are out, I access my Muvico app where my combined movie preferences are matched as close as possible by rank ordering my list based on combined Netflix, Amazon and cable preference histories. I purchase the tickets using my AMEX social currency account. I accumulated enough points from my check-ins, loves and rewards during my mini shopping spree earlier. I quickly reserved our perfect seats because the theater was filling up quickly from what I could see via my 3D Google Glasses 2s. The movie was awesome. After a very eventful day we just want to go back home and rest. As we approached the Geo fencing of my neighborhood all the info for the day is read to me via Car Play. I am told who walked pass my house at what time and in which directions. As I turn into my drive, my garage automatically opens and my house lights are turned on thru the LBS bluetooth connection between my car and house. All my techy toys definitely made my day much more efficient! :)

  93. It’s Saturday March 5, 2016 and it’s family day. My husband and I are preparing to take our five children out for a fun-filled day at the WOW Factory, some pretzels and cool down time at the mall, and finally some dinner.

    As we are walking out the door I remind my husband not too forget our family bag which contains our technology essentials in it such as Google glasses, Smart watch, and the latest tablet from Apple. We load up our five children in our mini van. Once we start the van our Apple iBeacon app greets us on the LED display since it is synced through our mobile Satellite radio and GPS services. Our ADT home security system is also synced to our van and mobile devices, so the garage begins to open once the engine on the van starts.

    As we are pulling out of the driveway, the ADT notification pops up on the vans display and notifies us that the garage door is now locked. The kids are so excited about family day, except our youngest daughter. No one is able to hear the customized playlist iTunes is playing for us because our two year old daughter is screaming at the top of her lungs. I ask her, “Mia what’s wrong?” And she tells me she wants her sippy. I look at my husband like, “no this didn’t happen again”. So we immediately change course and head to the nearest Target to get a sippy cup. Once we pull into the plaza where Target is located we get tons of notifications and coupon deals from stores located in the plaza. We see a coupon for $5 off any baby purchase at Target which is right on time.

    I tell my husband I will go inside I will be right out and he can stay in the car with the kids. He gives me a glare like, haven’t I heard that before. As I walk in the store I speak a command to my google glasses asking where can I find a sippy cup in Target. Within a second it directs me right to the appropriate section and pulls up the $5 off in-store coupon code. Within 5 minutes I am back in the van and we are headed to the WOW factory.

    Once inside the parking lot of the WOW Factory their app on our tablet directs us to the closest parking spot near the entrance. The app also suggests ordering the last meal we ordered from our last visit and suggests using the 10% rewards discount. So I agree to our food order before we walk in. Once inside we give the greeter our name and as she inputs it in the computer she asks if the payment information is the same, I say yes and she gives me the total I confirm with the finger scan, now all of our purchases are taken care of and we gave a limit of $125 which cannot be exceeded in the car on the way over. The app and the greeter confirm that our meals will be ready