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Contextual Mobile Marketing – A Day in a Life 2022

The day is Friday, February 4th,  2022, and Claudia and I are planning a night alone in West Palm’s Cityplace. Meanwhile, my daughter is left alone. I am sure I could trust her. Our favorite spots in Cityplace are Apple Movie Theater , Sloan’s, Lost City Cigars and of course, Macy’s.

Claudia and Me

Around 4PM, I check on the movies and noticed there are no exact matches for “an action thriller where a Navy Seal with a dysfunctional nature falls in love at the end.” Apple Movie Theater does, however, match our combined movie preferences as close as possible by rank ordering our list based on combined Netflix, Amazon Prime and cable preference histories.


As I arrive within the 5 mile geofence surrounding Cityplace, I search for available parking spots and select one near a trolley stop.  Meanwhile, Apple Movie Theater shows a crowd building up for one of our chosen movies, thereby  suggesting we wait for the 8PM showing instead.


As we approach the trolley, Claudia puts on her smartglasses and is having a field day on offers through Snapchat.  Sure enough, she gets an offer from Macy’s on a new line of shoes. Earlier in the month, she had scanned a Macy’s purse through an Apple iBeacon to follow them on Instagram and embrace with a “love.”

Facebook is working with Ray-Ban to produce smart glasses by 2025.

She then checks her social currency account and sees she has enough reward points accumulated from her AMEX check-ins, loves and rewards.  Meanwhile, I kill some time checking on local attractions. My Apple Watch app is pinging away with deals at my favorite spots.

Lost City Cigars has Patron 1926 Shorties in stock! Right then, the owner live streams me a short video with: “Hey, Jim, stop by and check out our new cigars…Do you want me to hold the Patron?…I also have Rocky Patel’s and Alec Bradleys for less than $10.” He holds the Patron and uses my social currency for payment.

Meanwhile, I check on dinner reservations through Instagram while waiting for Claudia’s shoes. Opa Taverna is one of the choices for available seating and food choices. Looking at their menu, I recognized some fried cheese thing called κεφαλοτύρι σαγανάκι.

The menu also shows kefalotýri saganáki, but that doesn’t help much. Nor does the “KEE-fah-loh-TEER-ee  sah-ghah-NAH-kee” pronunciation shown at the bottom of the screen. Reviews look good and they are serving Zorba shots.

We confirm our reservations for 7PM, which gives me plenty of time to pick up the cigar. Claudia has finished her shopping and gets pinged with a promotion from CityPlace as we cross the street toward Opa Taverna. On February 8th, CityPlace is sponsoring a Krush Band Music Festival at the Pavilion Grille which Claudia acknowledges with a “love.” This gives us 50% off an hors d’oeuvre at Opa Tavernas.

As we get seated, my Apple Watch cross-references my movie end time with the trolley schedule, and it alerts me about the departure time of the trolley that will get me to the parking lot before the meter exceeds my Sunpass credits.  We then book a ticket, but not a seat.

Image result for apple watch

As we finish our meal, I catch a review on what desserts not to touch. And it’s from a friend I trust. Meanwhile, Claudia mentions there is enough time to get an ice cream at Sloan’s next door. I try to talk her out of this as I notice an old talkative acquaintance of mine heading that way through Apple’s check-in geofence.

Instead, I check on the movie crowd and recommend a snack at the theatre. Of the seats live casted, we have a choice between a talkative lady and a guy with a hat. But further up in the center there seem to be two good seats. I quickly reserve them. I am about to order 2 small buttered popcorns when Claudia reminds me we could get them on the way home.

Related image

We pay for both the movie and dinner with Claudia’s social currency; and a credit for attending both goes toward my parking. The credit was from a poll. During the movie, I answer the text poll on who gets killed in the end. I guessed right, so Apple Movie Theater offered me 50% off parking. We show love for the movie and it updated our Netflix choices.

As we embark the trolley, I tweet my parking location to the driver. We then leave the parking lot where Sunpass acknowledges the credit. Shortly after departure, they notify me via Apple Maps of an accident blocking the intersection of Australian Ave. and 95S. No problem, we take Southern Blvd. instead.

As we approach the Delray Beach geo-fence, Amazon Go Groceries pings Claudia with an offer for oatmeal and blackberries at 50% off. Before we enter, Claudia updates her short grocery list and is instantly generated a maximum savings opportunity using outstanding reward points and deals for items and quantities entered. Some of the credits came from Claudia’s scanning NFCs off a truck promotion earlier in the day for Proctor and Gamble.


As we enter Amazon Go Groceries, we are alerted in each aisle as to what items to consider as bargain alternatives for our short-term shopping list. I remind Claudia of her suggesting we get popcorn on the way home.  I then find a reasonably good deal. Unfortunately, Claudia finds a more nutritious selection.


Meanwhile, my daughter sends me a “love you” text just to calibrate my ETA. She now knows I am 5 minutes from home, where there is plenty of time to send off the boyfriend.

day in 2016

But it is too late, I noticed from my embedded Facebook Live app that the boyfriend is 5 feet from her geofence check-in. Then I see that they have been binge watching Space Force Season 4. I respond to her text knowing I left the cam on in the Smart TV. I turn on my cam and respond “Hi, sweetie; I love you , too!!”

So how would you describe your day in a life 2022?