The Real Story behind Brand Storytelling (Part 2: HEARTFELT Emotions)

Without a doubt, content strategies are reaching new heights. Brands are not only becoming their own publishers, they are turning to stories to connect emotionally with their audiences.  And as we saw from Part 1 of this series, emotions rule the day. So what kind of stories strike this emotional chord?

Creating H-E-A-R-T-F-E-L-T Emotions that Trigger Content Sharing

An examination of audience reach and engagement leads us to nine story techniques that show the most promise for connecting emotionally. And by connecting through emotions, research suggests that the brand benefits from:

  1. Greater awareness
  2. Quicker grasp of the brand message
  3. More lasting recall
  4. More powerful brand association
  5. Greater opportunity for sharing content

brand storytelling

Humanitarian Acts Tug at the Heart of All Souls

When acts are performed by a person to protect life or human dignity, it rarely goes unnoticed. Like the Parable of the Good Samaritan, stories of personal sacrifice touch us all in a deep way. And when they are based on random acts of kindness or involve personal risk, it summons the compassion in many that long to see fresh glimpses of a benevolent world.

Arguably, it’s among the few story themes whose moral fits almost every culture. And because it follows a familiar story arc involving a hero, obstacles to overcome and a favorable transformation, stories of humanity seem to have universal appeal.

Some great stories of humanity involves brands that stepped up to resolve a food or water shortage.  DuPont stirred the hearts of many in their film showing how their hybrid rice approach helped sustain rice production in Vietnam. 

Similarly, Charity: Water’s role in solving a water crisis gained notoriety through the world. The founder, Scott Harrison’s “Water Changes Everything” story is featured in conferences around the world. The popularity of their videos are testimony to the strong emotions roused when we witness people surviving hardships. 

Exhilaration Tops the List of Positive Emotions

A study of the emotions most likely to generate social video success rated ‘exhilaration’ number one. From scenes of jubilation or ecstasy, this form of emotional connection typically lasts longer and gets shared further than any other form of entertainment.

WestJet’s Christmas Miracle garnered over 200,000 ‘likes’ that brought tears of jubilation to the 35M+ watching unsuspected passengers getting their Christmas wish. The real-time giving turned a fairly unknown airline into a fun and caring brand.  

Others like Red Bull and GoPro went the euphoria route with jumps from the sky that pounded the hearts of audiences sharing the exhilaration. On one notable jump, Felix Baumgartner broke the speed of sound in a 24 mile jump out of a stratospheric balloon that stunned millions. Stories like this inspire us to reach beyond our limits.

Astonishment Dazzles Us with the Spectacular

For centuries, we have marveled over athletes and magicians that entertain us with the “wow” factor. Our fascination with the extremes of beauty, craftsmanship and human potential can especially stir emotions when we take it in with all of our senses. 

Extraordinary Beauty
astonishment in storytelling
Master Craftsmanship
astonishment in storytelling
Incredible Human Potential

Rebelliousness Let’s Us Escape from Our Roots

A common story form used by brands today taps into our rebelliousness natures. Consider how this was done by The Pioneer Woman as a way to encourage other women to escape from their uneventful life styles. Others like the Mini Cooper appeal to those trying to stand out as they make the case that “normal is not amazing.”

In her book, The Fortune Cookie Principle, Bernadette Jiwa discusses the mystique of the Vespa and the joy of riding uninhibited with the wind in your hair. “To these people, the Vespa was a style statement that helped them to feel like they could escape their own working-class roots. (p. 105).”  

Another technique involves an appeal to independent thinkers. This is done well by Virgin Atlantic as well as Nike in their Nike Girl Effect videos.

Tenderhearted Moments Bring Tears to the Eyes

One way to connect your audience through emotions is through tear jerking stories. Many stories went viral on YouTube when they featured sentimental memories in scenes of puppy love, cute romances and nostalgic connections.


Stories that cry out for animal care or reveal families reuniting can especially provoke a tenderhearted emotion. Hallmark, Google and BERNAS all use this story technique in very dramatic ways.

Similarly, tears of pride can stir an emotional response. Tributes to our heritage can foster a community bond that runs deep and lasts long. Consider how New Zealand mustered up team spirit while reaching millions with their “Haka War Dance” and “This is Not a Jersey.”


Following 911, Budweiser’s commemoration to New York City led to YouTube video shares in the millions. Other stories, like Volkswagen, tap into these tenderhearted moments with their farewells to the good old days.  

Feeling Savvy Fuels a Sudden Glory

Another way to provoke emotions with our brand stories is to poke fun of bureaucratic institutions.  This often leads us to a feeling of ‘sudden glory’ as we bask in the sunlight of our superior choices.

Oftentimes, we revel in our removal of unnecessary middle men. Consider, for example, how Amazon makes an emotional connection with us by removing retailers who stand in the way of efficiency. Similarly, Nespresso, Warby Parker, Zappos, and Spanx all represent cases where audiences celebrate their “feeling savvy” from saving money.

One of the most viral of videos in this domain are the razor blade putdowns sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. One of their videos reached 13M views as an amateur acting host describes how their more sensible approach to purchasing razors avoids unnecessary overhead costs.

This “feeling savvy” story-line technique especially works well when aimed at the socially irresponsible or artificial foods. Brands like Bahen & Co. and Chobani tap into our desire for real natural ingredients. By reaching 2.6 million views on YouTube, Chobani’s Bear Game Day Commercial is a testimony to this story telling effect on our emotions.

Encouragement Comes from Witnessing Turnarounds

Audiences, for example, love to witness a remarkable turnaround. Consider how popular Marcus Sheridan became after turning around a near bankrupt swimming pool company to a world leading installer of fiber glass pools. His story resembles that of David and Clare Hieatt, who resurrected legendary jeans brand, Hiut Denim.   

Other stories that rouse emotions through encouragement are those involving life-altering choices. Weight Watchers and Splenda do this in their stories of living healthy or losing weight.  

Legendary Sentiments Tap into Better Times

Following the saddened demise of Detroit’s car business, Chrysler’s YouTube video tribute to the Motorcity reached millions. Like other legendary stories, tributes like this rouse our emotions from a sense of pride and longing to return to better days. The NFL and Budweiser often use these story techniques as a way to rekindle our ties with the past.

Microsoft’s ‘Child of the 90s’ Internet Explorer ad is a sentimental trip back to when Gen Y’s appreciated a simpler, slower and more affordable life. The fact that it reached over 50 million views attests to the power of stories that are reminiscent of better days. 

Triumphant Against all Odds Makes us Thankful

Everyone loves the success story of an overachiever. And like any story of triumph, we pull for an underdog or a handicapped individual to overcome their obstacles.

But we also experience a moment of truth when realizing our lives have been spared against all odds. Chevy and the American Cancer Society celebrated survivors of cancer as well as those who support them on the road to recover. Their 2014 Super Bowl commercial reached 1.7 million views in just three weeks.

Knowing this could happen to all of us, it is easy to live vicariously through the grateful hearts of the triumphant.

So what other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?

Stay tuned for “The Real Story Behind Brand Storytelling (Part III: HEARTFELT Elements)”



79 thoughts on “The Real Story behind Brand Storytelling (Part 2: HEARTFELT Emotions)

  1. So what kind of stories strikes this emotional chord?
    Well let’s see for starters I think that as seen in the comments below everyone has a different perspective on what strikes them. Depending on personality, gender and even age, I believe that heartfelt elements of the brand storytelling are great marketing techniques. However choosing the appropriate type of heartfelt elements could be the challenging part. As stated earlier in the blog in The Real Story behind Brand Storytelling (Part 1: HEARTFELT Emotions) I discussed about the Budweiser commercials because as a women I find anything that has to do with cats, dogs, horses or any type of cute animal adorable. The interesting part is that even if it is tenderheartedness, legendary sentiments or feeling savy they will all probably appeal to the majority of the people. Keyword “Majority” not everyone in my perspective I have to agree with my fellow blogger Mercedes Macias that Humanitarian acts strikes a special chord in the people hearts.

  2. I feel that humor is the by far the most effective way to strike an emotional chord with consumers. The Dollar Shave Club video is a perfect example of the use of humor to strike an emotional chord. Any man who shaves regularly and knows the crazy price of razors can definitely agree that he is paying too much per month and also knows the hassle of forgetting to buy new blades. The use of humor in poking fun at the current leading brands not only gives consumers a quick laugh but also vocalizes a pain point for anyone who can relate. Therefore, leaving a lasting impression and ultimately leading consumers to at least give them a try.

  3. The heartfelt elements of the brand storytelling technique are all great marketing concepts. However, I do feel that “humanitarian acts” strike a special chord in audiences’ hearts. A great example of this would be a commercial that went viral on Facebook a few months ago. It is a Thai Mobile commercial that tells a story of a little boy who is caught stealing medicine for his sick mother and is being yelled at by the storeowner when a man who owns a restaurant nearby stops the commotion and pays for the medicine asking “is your mom sick” and when the boy answers yes, the man asks his daughter to bring him some veggie soup for the boy to bring to his mother.
    It seems the boy never forgot this heartfelt moment as 30 years went by and we see the nice man who gave him medicine and soup suddenly have a heart attack and his daughter crying at his bedside and even putting a “URGENT for sale” sign on the restaurant because they can’t afford the medical bills. When she suddenly finds a revised medical bill at her father’s bedside stating “0” and a letter accompanying it saying that this bill was paid 30 years ago with some painkillers and veggie soup, we see the daughter remember who the doctor was as a boy. This was definitely a tear-jerker and enjoyed by millions of viewers on social media sites!


    1. Wow Mercedes I just cried like 30 mins for that. Thanks!!! But I do I agree with you the humanitarian acts are by far the videos that are shared the most. They touch the heart of many people.

  4. When it comes to transmitting strong emotional content there are my options available that can be explored. Overall, human beings like to relate their situations to others to see if they can overcome and or find a solution to their problems. Therefore, one brand storytelling technique that could evoke a strong emotion is by taking everyday tedious tasks and turn them into extraordinary moments in one’s lives. It could be interesting if a brand could just develop simple moments and turn them into memorable and interesting ideas. Another way could be that instead of showing artist on commercials they could show everyday people so they can relate more to the regular audience.

  5. All of these HeartFelt elements are great marketing concepts. However I believe EXHILARATION ranks the highest. From scenes of jubilation or ecstasy, this form of emotional connection typically lasts longer and gets shared further than any other form of entertainment. Why, because it is always unexpected acts of goodwill and charity on a grand scale. Like Oprah 2010 Ultimate viewer vacation

  6. What is a better way than hooking an audience than shooting for the heart? In my opinion, this is one of the best marketing techniques companies can do. People remember and connect with brand stories. Take Chipotle for example… Chipotle is not only a logo, but its a story. Anyone who has ever been to Chipotle or even hasn’t, knows the story behind the logo. I think one of the best marketing events I have seen, is the one WestJet did during Christmas. When I viewed the video in this blog, it made me feel part of that event, and now associate WestJet with more of a family feel. Using HEARTFELT moments allows companies to distinguish themselves from loud “crowds”. I think something that is missing in the HEARTFLET acronym is definitely inspiration. I know encouragement could be seen as similar, but it is different in my eyes. Everyone wants to be inspired. Nike does very good commercials, that capture their audience because they are inspired to be that person in the ad.

  7. Another brand storytelling technique that can be used to strike an emotional chord would be humor and irony. These two techniques will make the brand memorable. Humor and irony are especially important, as more consumers are likely to view your ad if it is entertaining. Humor allows companies to break out of the norm and reach far more consumers than other techniques. Consumers are able to identify with humor and may relate it to their own lives.

  8. Another technique is to engage the customer in the storytelling allowing the customer decide how it should end.

    Rather than just telling a story, it allows the customer to follow along and get involved in the development of the story. This web series has generate over 2 million views a video, with a total of 5 videos. The first video actually had over 3 million hits, over 30,000 likes, and over 10,000 comments because customers wanted to give their two cents on how the next webisode should be played out.

    “Away We Happened” is a new and unique web series where you help decide what happens! Wong Fu Productions (Wes, Ted, and Phil) has teamed up with AT&T and their friends Victor Kim and Jen FrmHeadToToe for this one of a kind project!

    The video is centered around AT&T’s mobile devices and highlights it through character use. I can say I fell in love with the characters and watched every webisode because I wanted to see what happened.

  9. Another brand storytelling technique I feel that has a powerful effect on its audience, especially with the younger generations, are ones dealing with empowering customers to have a positive effect on the world. A brand that has exemplified just that and is currently one of the fastest growing mid sized retailers in the United States is Alex and Ani. Alex and Ani’s “Made In America,” which encourages growing economies on a local and national scale by making their handmade bangles here in the states and building jobs, along with their “Charity by Design” campaign which aims to educate its customers about giving back in a philanthropic way has helped create brand loyalty. Customers like their story first and then they begin buying and eventually grow to be loyal consumers.

  10. Team Spirit

    Another brand story telling technique that is effective in striking an emotional chord is teamwork. This involves the creation of a scenario whereby companies invoke the feeling of togetherness as a requirement towards achieving what seems impossible to an individual. People do understand that the world is currently a highly segmented society, whereby everyone tries to fend for his or her own in pursuit of achieving his/her own sets of goals. This has partially been spiraled by capitalism, a social norm advocating that everyone needs to work hard on a personal basis to meet his or her own individual needs.

    However, people always yearn for that feeling of togetherness as is often portrayed in national disasters. As such, some companies have taken to holding events that bring people together as they work towards a common goal towards the improvement of societal problems that need attention but lack initiative. An example of such companies is the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) through its show, The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In this show, the host, Ty Pennington, and his team help less fortunate families and community schools construct habitable shelters after being unable to do so due to a series of hardships. Through the show, ABC taps into their viewers’ empathy and creates a connection in them that advertising could not easily achieve. This has helped it grow to become a household company that cares about its viewers’ wellbeing, as opposed to just their viewership. An example of one of the beneficiaries of the show is available on

  11. First of all I would like to say reading this was an experience .. I went from crying to laughing all the way down watching the videos lol.. quite intense. I reaffirm how touching these brand storytelling commercials can be.
    So what other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?
    I think another technique would be the one used by Spanish Mixta Beer with their “liberen al pato Willix” (Free Willix the duck) set of commercials. For those who can understand Spanish here is the link
    These commercials are a multiple part series of videos that relate the story of a duck that personifies a person having a hard working life, that went to youtube to change his life and get 1.000.000 likes for its freedom and to be famous. It is super funny and at the end of each video it lives the audience with the intrigue of what is going to happen next, so it invites you to wait and see the next part of the story. It is funny and entertaining and it resonates with that part of society that always complain about their jobs and it also make fun of how people can get easily cheated on the web. I haven’t tried that beer but for sure if I ever go to Spain and see it I will try it out.

  12. While techniques such as rebelliousness, astonishment and exhilaration allow for instant emotional connection, I think an emotional chord can be struck by highlighting the beauty, courage and greatness of things we often consider mundane. While Mini took the approach of highlighting why normal is boring an equal argument can be made for why the things we consider “normal” are extraordinary. Because something occurs frequently does not mean it is simple or boring. An example of this would be highlighting the amount of mental calculations necessary for a baby to take their first steps. Detailing the likely hood of a fall and how difficult it is to replicate that activity with artificial intelligence (in a robot) would be the backdrop for a phenomenal diaper commercial.

  13. Personally I think the best story telling methods are those of soldiers coming home , children, or animals. These three subjects are relatable to every type of market. People want brands they can relate to, using these there topics has proven to be affective in creating a bond with any person. Not everyone may have the same taste, but most people can relate to these topics. This Disney commercial is a great example on how they use kids to engage their audience.

  14. So what other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?
    I think another story telling technique in striking an emotional chord could be using the storytelling technique of motivational speakers as the voices of the product. Influencers such as Eric Thomas or Tony Robbins could set the stage to move an audience with their powerful words and distinct voices to get a crowd inspired. These life coaches have mastered the art of public speaking and also understand what influences people through emotions. Just like a professional athlete drives people to purchase a fitness product, using these life coaches can help a company build instant reliability, and trust by millions of people through their familiar voices and accomplishments.

    Eric Thomas: “How Badly Do You Want It.”

  15. Another Storytelling technique that marketers should implement is creating a feeling of tension or fear, and finish the story with a peaceful ending. With this technique companies are sending the message: “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be OK.” This will help companies increase the trust people have in their brand.
    Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Banks, Hospitals and other industries that help people trough difficult times can take great advantage of this technique.
    They should be careful on the level of tension they want to create on the audience. If this is done in a wisely and creative way, people will connect and emphasize with brand.

  16. In my opinion this is definitely another technique that I feel is extremely effective in catching the attention of the viewers. From the outside perspective seeing a large company, people don’t tend to think or picture there beginning. (for example apple, starting out of a garage). When the consumers sees and acknowledges where it came from it sort or forms a invisible bond with the consumer. There are many different ways to use this such as sad stories, comedic portrayal and well as simple facts. When the story presented correctly the consumer feels a number of things such as joy, shock, excitement, or surprise. When this is achieved the company has captured the consumer. For example as one of my fellow classmates mentioned the animal rescue commercial that plays the song “in the arms of an angel”. Showing video clips of animals who have been beaten and neglected. With that song playing with the commercial It automatically grabs you and if your not completely heartless may donate to the cause.

  17. Definitely triggering personal emotions on targeted markets by displaying unique stories in common heart feelings subjects is a won game for the brand. “HEARTFELT” moments as a marketing tactic can be communicated in different ways: paid commercial, virus internet video, blog posts, printed media and can also appear on popular TV shows as part of their content. A brand storytelling technique frequently used in Brazil for example is to have them inserted as emotive content at weekly massive TV shows. A specific brand or company sponsors parts of the show where they randomly choose a low-income family or a person that asks for help to build their house or do their small business. The TV show sponsored by the Brand helps the person, dedicates a whole section of the show to that story and how the person’s life changed all efficiently provided by the sponsored brand. This technique is very effective in striking emotional chord and brand awareness.

  18. To be quite honest, I can’t think of any other brand storytelling techniques not already included in the blog above that are effective in striking an emotional chord. I think all the HEARTFELT examples given did a great job in covering those I feel are most effective in striking an emotional connection with the audience. Heartfelt moments such as Acts of kindness (tenderheartedness), acts of heroicness (exhilaration), sacrificial acts (humanitarian), and encouraging and triumphant storytelling techniques all are extremely effective in making an emotional connection and engaging the audience. I will say that I think that combining these storytelling heartfelt techniques with an inspirational component or even a humorous component will give them that extra factor that will make them more memorable and in turn fully engage the audience.

  19. The best part about using “HEARTFELT” moments as a marketing tactic is that it can be accepted and used worldwide. Some of the humor that is used in the US can be offensive in other parts of the world, therefore companies are forced to spend more money on advertisements that accommodate each country. Also, nudity is accepted in some European countries but are banned in the US. If a company can create one advertisement that can be used all over the world, using heartfelt moments, they can cut costs and increase profit.

    1. Brand storytelling techniques that I feel are effective are the motivational ones, this type of storylines talk about how people can overcome any circumstances and become stronger, better person or just accomplish a goal. Also another techniques like the “heartfelt” are the ones of those soldiers that risks their live and family for our country. This type of storyline touch the heart for everybody in different aspects, as a mother looking for her son, a wife waiting for her husband or a pride citizen that feels emotion about the courage of that soldier. The storylines from the army, navy or air force are motivational for those man that are willing to give everything for their country and also for a better family life, as well they are heartfelt, as they touch the emotions of the audience. It’s also great how we can feel identify in these nine story techniques, in one point or the other, they touch or feeling from humanizing to laughing. Our job is to keep enforcing the audience emotion, this attract their attention as well as touch the the most deep sentiments.

  20. Finding a way to hook the audience in at the very beginning and keeping them hooked throughout the story is a great way marketers can brand their content. This can be done by creating an interactive storyline that the audience has to participate in to complete. I believe this is an effective way to reach an audience as it allows them to participate in the story, giving them an attachment to the story and making it a memorable experience to share with others.

  21. I feel that another technique used is inspiring people to be better and make the world a better place. The Anti-Defamation League did this with their Imagine a World Without Hate commercial. The commercial pulls at your heartstrings while creating a story around famous people who have died due to hate crimes and bigotry.

  22. So what other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?

    Brand storytelling techniques that I feel are effective would be homecoming or home-going. When a person is gone away for a while and comes back into town and rejoins with family members and friends. Or when a family member comes in town for the holidays- these moments provoke happiness and joyfulness. One example of homecoming is soldiers returning to their loved ones to lots of hugs and kisses. This technique is effective because missing someone for a length of time is sometimes heartbreaking, it’s a void one cannot fill until that person returns or shows up. I believe this is why this technique is so effective in it’s nature- the emotion is indescribable.

  23. Allot the techniques mentioned above are effective when it comes to striking an emotional chord with the audience. Companies can use the approach of trying to relate to the audience. They can research situations that most people go through as well as common obstacles people may face in life and find a way that they feel as if they are not alone. This can help them to build a relationship thus striking an emotional chord.

  24. All of the techniques mentioned above are effective it comes to striking an emotional chord with the audience. Companies can use the approach of trying to relate to the audience. They can research situations that most people go through as well as common obsticals people may face in life and find a way to relate to them in such a way that they feel as if they are not alone. This can help them to build a relationship thus striking an emotional chord.

  25. The assortments of storytelling techniques featured in the blog are going to be hard to top. The Exhilaration example with West Jet’s Christmas Miracle literally brought tears to my eyes. To witness a company do something so generous and out of the norm strikes a huge emotional chord inside. Another technique that comes to mind is the military commercials. We’ve seen families reunited, kids surprised by an appearance of their dad at a special event, people saluting soldiers in public, soldiers telling a little of their story and even couples using Skype to talk over seas. I believe whether you personally know someone who is in the military or not, you will always appreciate a good story about someone who serves our country.

  26. So what other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?

    The best way for a brand to effectively utilize storytelling is to do so in a way where the audience is engaged while the brand is still somehow present. The best example I can think of is the Apple commercial: “Misunderstood”

    This holiday spot depicts a teen during Christmas time with his family. The teen is shown as being aloof and completely absorbed by his iphone, rather than being engaged with his family. Shots of family traditions are shown, all the while the teen is off to the side on his phone. It isn’t until the end of the spot where we see the teen was actually on his phone capturing heartfelt, family moments. He shows the video to his family on Christmas morning. The audience is able to connect emotionally, all the while being subtly sold on the benefits of the iphone.

  27. The above blog covered a lot of storytelling techniques that struck an emotional chord with me, but here I believe are some other techniques or a twist on the above techniques that I feel are also emotionally moving. In addition to patriotic pride mentioned in the blog, patriotic and non-patriotic heroism acts will no doubt capture the emotions of every person, especially women if it’s a good boy saves girl story.

    Other than exhilaration stories are “journey to the unknown” storytelling techniques. These can stir up viewers’ emotions of fear or amazement. Examples where this method has been utilized are commercials for gaming software, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and sci-fi and Disney movie commercials, to name a few.

    Besides physical transformation storytelling, there is also “character change” storytelling, which engages emotional responses through the telling of a dynamic character change story. Examples would include a “rags to riches” real-life story, or a personal wasted, depressed or illness life story turned into a happy and/or healthy life story, with the helped person positively affected and motivated afterwards to help others. An emotional response from viewers could be that they get convicted and motivated to do the same for others, giving, caring, and helping the less fortunate instead of looking down on them just because they are perceived by them as being different, penniless, low class and/or “poor white trash”. This kind of storytelling could also be presented from a positive to negative point of view, as when a healthy and or wealthy person becomes diseased and/or poor because of the bad choices he made in his life. Anti-tobacco smoking and anti-illicit drug use organizations currently use this technique to get their message across.

    Lastly, “child storytelling techniques”, where a particular story is told by a child in their own words, or kids give their point of view or opinion on something is another kind of storytelling method. Seeing things through a child’s eyes or having them tell the story or give their point of view will almost always catch audience’s attention making them laugh or cry at such innocence. You never know what a child will blurt out. Two examples would be a certain currently aired commercial where a little boy with an angry face blurts out the words, “It’s disgusting”, and the Crest + Oral-B Halloween commercial, where a group of kids exhibit their honest, unrehearsed, negative attitude at a candy treats replacements taste testing (see ).

  28. Another storytelling technique is to combine the listed techniques. For example, Tenderhearted Triumph through storytelling of athletes’ stories or Humanitarian Acts and Triumph through storytelling of acts of human kindness that start from a place of defeat and rise above it. Any combination of these techniques makes for an even greater story and will appeal to even more consumers.

    An example of the Tenderhearted Triumph is the use of storytelling by Duracell to portray deaf NFL player, Derek Coleman: This is an example of both Tenderhearted and Triumph, because Coleman overcame many obstacles to get to where he is today as a successful NFL player which illustrates triumph. The story in itself is a tearjerker (even with a happy ending) with Coleman recounting how he was told he could never overcome his “impairment” and how he was picked on. As a viewer, we empathize with the storyteller and it tugs at our emotional senses. This shows that by combining a triumphant story, because he was the underdog that eventually came out on top, with a tenderhearted story, because he pulled at our heartstrings throughout the story, the end result is a powerful message that pulls consumers in and puts the Duracell brand in the minds.

    Another example of a more powerful technique through the use of combining the mentioned techniques is Honey Maid’s Love commercial: This is an example of both a Humanitarian effort and Triumph. Humanitarian because, while different than the humanitarian efforts listed in the blog, Honey Maid sought to support love in all of its forms and show human compassion and support for all of humankind. Triumph because they took something that should have been seen as negative in the bad responses and turned it into something great; thus showing that they will not succumb to those that oppose their compassion for all forms of love and instead they will make something better out of it.

  29. I think another storytelling technique that is effective in striking and emotional chord is telling the story of a rebranding. Many times a brand has to rebrand itself because it is not connecting and successful the way it is. American Airlines is a great example of a brand that got into troubled waters and as a way to climb out of the weeds and create something new for the brand, they engaged their audience with the process of the rebranding. “The New American” was their message and they used that to show the world how they are transformed into what American is today. It opened the door to new opportunity, it won back many who have shied away from the brand before. It gave their audience and potential audience a way to emotionally connect with the brand by engaging them in this transformation. They used social media as a way to connect with their community by having the power to dictate the conversation. They told their story by building relationships and measuring the sentiment. After their #newamerican campaign, they saw a 20% brand lift and more and more positive affinity and sentiment!

  30. So what other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?
    Storytelling is very effective in creating an emotional connection with viewers; they use many techniques to strike an emotional chord. I think the most effective brand storytelling technique would be the use of extraordinary beauty. All the preparation and planning in the world will only get you so far if you don’t know anything about the art of storytelling. A lot of people put themselves down and dislike themselves because they may fail at doing a lot of thingsTheir selling their story as if it was the product that was being offered its giving a voice to the brand. storytelling techniques are usually always successful in striking an emotional chord.

  31. These examples are tough to beat and even more difficult to come up with an additional storytelling technique that strikes an emotional chord. I’ll give it a try…

    I enjoy stories that relate to real life and how parents relate to their children, each other and their lives together. One story that strikes an emotional chord is the recent reunion of a family of twelve (mom, dad and their 10 children) on the Today show where the children gather together to honor, celebrate and appreciate their mother. This one is a tear jerker.

    Another more entertaining, yet emotionally striking Toyota commercial that tells a story of parenthood will always be remembered and liked in my household; even though our family is too big for the Sienna. This one is so funny is could also be a tear jerker for some.

  32. So what other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?

    Triumphant against all odds Is one of my favorite storytelling techniques for brands, especially when one can relate to the situation. Consumers like to feel connected to their favorite brands and being able to relate to the story the brand is telling can be extremely effective. The above example shows a couple driving on a long road, the woman being a cancer patient possibly survivor. The long drive is one many can relate to as some have cancer, or other illness, or know someone who is suffering and is perhaps on the road to recovery. Companies that show that they care about consumers and are dedicated to being socially responsible have an advantage and create overall value as reputation can bring long-term customer relationships. Striking an emotional chord can be done in many ways but if a brand can tell a story its buyers can relate to and find an emotional connection the technique can be successful.

  33. Humanitarian organizations that demonstrate where your proceeds are going definitely strike an emotional chord. For example, when the ASPCA takes in abused animals and brings them back to health. Anytime a brand can show a before and after type of scenario it is very effective.

  34. So what other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?

    I think one way a brand can emotionally get to its audience is through the use of telling the story of how the brand overcame a struggle to make it where it is. Many people love to see testimonies on how the once bad moment of tragedy became the moment of triumph. When companies use techniques like this, they sometimes resort to show how the company or brand got started. It leaves the lasting impression that we should never give up. It also shows the strength of the brand or company, and allows the audience to gain confidence in knowing this brand cannot be stopped. A great example of this can be when the auto industry crashed during the financial crisis. Chrysler not only resorted to telling the story of how they got started, but they went as far to show how they were affected, and faced a setback, and once they overcame the obstacle, gave back to help others in need. They use the slogan “Imported from Detroit” and speak of hard work. In their commercials, they use celebrities and athletes who also struggled in life, but are now one of the top in their industry, showing the areas they came from. Overcoming an obstacle to make it to the top, when all odds seem against you is a great way to emotionally connect with potential customers.

    An example can be seen in the Chrysler commercial below:

  35. I have always appreciated storytelling techniques that stimulate inner reflections of one’s character and help develop, if even for a short period, a sense of humility; humbleness. To me, that is a powerful marketing effort. Too often people start to take things for granted in life and fail to appreciate either simpler things, or nature, or other people’s efforts in general. There is the saying that “someone always has it worse” and when this is expressed through storytelling it has the power to change the way we think about ourselves and other people and things. I feel this technique triggers some of our deepest emotions and reestablishes our position/hierarchy on a global level versus how we feel about ourselves in our immediate environment. A company that can use this technique will captivate its audience.

  36. So what other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?

    I feel that was one of the most effective ways of storytelling is tying in the trials and tribulations that the brand went through to get there. Showing how small the brand once was. I think the biggest trait that consumers share is the want and need of success and aspirations to be great. Being a big brand doesn’t make you great, but the way a brand got there really shapes the values that the brand thrives for. Consumers love seeing resilience and the way that some brands overcome obstacles.

  37. When it comes to striking an emotional chord in storytelling, there are many different angles that you can take to reach the specific target audience that you want your story to capture. By telling stories about emotional distress, you are able to capture the hearts of all those that are currently in the same situation in which you are writing about. Having the feeling of being understood is what consumers look for when they shop around for products/services in which they need.

  38. If there’s one section of the HEARTFELT theory that I would contend, it would be that of amazement when it is used to showcase physical beauty. With the advent of YouTube, many personalities who are now YouTube superstars are not leveraging on “looks” in order to gather massive following. More specifically I’m referring to the image of the model on the upper left hand corner of the Astonishment section. As “normal” looking people, those who don’t look like models or movie icons have access to create their own YouTube channels or blogs, “normal” seems to be on demand and ironically, creates a sort of Amazement that is based on the antithesis of earlier conceptions of beauty. Take for example the American Apparel ads featuring the 60+ underwear model ( with a tag reading “Sexy has no expiration date.” The reversal of the term “sexy” also creates Astonishment by re-defining long held “requirements” for beauty. A similar case is Dove’s line of ads presenting “real women with real curves” and a growing trend of TV shows that feature actors and actresses that do not conform to the typical standards of beauty. I believe featuring NORMAL and COMMON PLACE personalities will continue growing as an advertising trend amongst companies such as American Apparel, Dove, TV shows, and other companies that for many years and even decades showcased a standard of beauty attainable only by some who came out on top of the genetic lottery. The claim that NORMAL in regards to personalities featured by brands will become a growing trend can be associated with the H in HEARTFELT, where the Humanized aspect of a company’s message starts to focus on more common place human looks rather than extraordinary physical attributes.

    Santiago Garza

  39. I think using stories of soldiers coming home are extremely effective brand storytelling technique. As Americans, most of us know someone that serves in our military or has served in our military, and it warms our hearts to see those brave men and women join their families again. Even if you don’t have loved ones in the military, every patriotic American still has a strong emotional connection to the men and women that fight to maintain our freedom. This a really good technique, because regardless of their religious or political affiliations, most Americans love and respect the men and women of our military, so if they could use that in an ad to attract them to their company, it would be brilliant.

  40. Another brand storytelling technique that I feel is effective in striking an emotional chord is escape. The person is trapped in a horrible situation and somehow (usually due to use of the product) the person escapes. This techniques also works good with humor. For example someone is stuck at their boarding job but then a stranger walks by and drops a package on their desks then disappears. Upon opening the pack they discovers it’s their favorite chocolate bar right then the whole office “turns up” and has a party. I think as humans we like to escape our normal life every once in a while. This technique effectively connects to that desire.

  41. Truly memorable ad campaigns create a visceral response one of joy, wonder, shock, inspiration, motivation, compassion or surprise. If this is achieved, chances are the message will break through and stay with you. I think that other brands that use animals and connections that are built between those animals and people or other animals are very effective in striking an emotional chord. For example the commercial that everyone immediately turns off, not because it is a bad commercial but simply because if you are an animal lover it is very hard to watch. It is the animal rescue commercial that plays the song “in the arms of an angel”. Showing video clips of animals who have been beaten and neglected with that song playing , I mean how could you not pick up the phone and donate.

  42. 1. Another brand storytelling technique that I feel is effective in striking an emotional chord is seeing and understanding where a company grew from, especially if it was from humble beginnings. People love to see the success of others just like them and therefore will feel a personal connection with the company and it’s story. It will also give the person a bigger face to put on the company that has an emotional response to it’s branding.

    2. Another element of a bran story that I find effective is one in which the consumer feels like it needs to “support” that group or company. When the consumer feels like they can play a role in benefiting or helping that company and thus making their local area or world better they would be more willing to respond to branding marketing.

  43. I inadvertently posted this answer on part 3 instead of here in part 2:

    What other brand storytelling techniques do you feel are effective in striking an emotional chord?

    One technique I find effective in striking a chord is seeing the type of brand story that tells a tale of humble beginnings, illustrating the individual(s) going through struggles, but eventually finding success and experiencing a happy ending despite their challenges.

    Another might be a parent who reminisces about all the good memories they have with their kids as they leave for college, or an inspirational story of an underdog who overcomes adversity and comes out on top in the end, etc. All of these strike a chord with me, and I’m sure it does with others.

  44. The first thing i read was the question to this blog. I had many thoughts but the first thing that came to my mind was emotional storytelling. But at the same time I believe that brand storytelling is only as successful as you make it. I feel the emotional storytelling scene is a great way to catch your audience. I like to watch things that are inspiring, tear jerking and successful stories. I feel those tear jerking moments will attract any audience and can be a great techniques to marketing. These commercials can inspire and give encouragement, & hope to its viewers.

  45. I feel that all the techniques listed are very effective in striking emotional chords when it comes to brand storytelling. I feel that happiness is another technique that can affect an emotional chord. Smiles and being happy can rub off onto other which is a great feeling. I also feel that it is important to use the technique of doing better for one’s self. It is good to inspire one another to do what is best for them self no matter what. It is important that people learn to inspire the people around them because those are the people who can help you succeed in life. I feel that another important technique that can be used for brand storytelling is to prove others wrong, show others that you’re worth more than what they presume. This shouldn’t be taken in a negative way, but instead as a way of encouragement.

  46. Emotional brand story telling is a very interesting technique to use in marketing. Another example of a brand of commercial that could strike an emotional chord with an audience could be patriotic commercials that stir one’s pride in their country. This commercial could make a viewer feel accomplished and proud for being an American and living in the greatest country in the world. It encourages feelings of unity, that we as citizens stand as one and stick up for another. Associating a company with this would make each purchase seem like a patriotic duty.

    Another type of commercial that could strike an emotional chord would be those centered around parenthood. It could focus on the tender, nurturing, and rewarding aspect of raising children. The audience can ‘aw’ and smile as they emphasize with the mother or father, thinking of their own children and feeling an emotional connect to the people on screen.

  47. In my viewing area, there was a mini-series produced for a lumber company. The main character was called “Yella Fellow”, a cowboy set to the theme of the old westerns that once populated the television line ups. The company produced five parts to this miniseries and told the story of this courageous cowboy who came into town to get rid of the bad guys who kidnapped a damsel in distress. Each episode provided a cliffhanger requiring the viewer to await the next episode to see what happens.

    I found this to be an effective form of marketing as I was able to connect to the message even though the story line had nothing to do with wood. The fact that the story tugged at emotion multiple times and had to be told over multiple episodes created a situation where the viewer had to see the outcome.

    This type of storytelling not only created an emotional chord but it placed its product into every ones memory banks. There aren’t many people in this area who couldn’t tell you who the “Yella Fellow” is and what the product was. I have often heard while I was in the lumber store especially from female consumers asking for this brand of lumber by name and insisted on it.

  48. I think the storytelling of “getting knocked down”/perseverance is another technique in emotional storytelling. This story would show people that were told they can never do something by many people. This may include never being good enough to make a team, never being smart enough to get a good job, or never being able to overcome a physical injury. All those statements would be told to them by someone else and the story would be that they ignored the comments and persevered to do what they were told they couldn’t do. I believe this technique would relate to many people and would be a great marketing tool.

  49. Striking an emotional chord will most likely cause the audience and the consumer to see the product from another angle and thus it might convince them to buy more of it. Creating heartfelt emotions/moments will make people reflect on their own moments and thus make the brand stay in their memory longer and maybe increase sales because people will like it more. For example, when commercials use family moments, heartfelt moments (like first kisses…etc.) people will rejoice on it and make the brand much stronger. Lasting impressions are, in my opinion, the best thing marketing campaigns can aim for.

  50. What other brand story techniques do you fell are effective in striking an emotional cord? I believe that connecting a story with family members coming together for a special moment will strike emotions. When people see storytelling and storylines as a way of marketing, they want to see a connecting with the story. Something that a consumer will always be attracted to will be the togetherness of a family. Whether we see a family out together, smiling on vacation, or just simply a family coming together at the end of the night to spend time together. Love is an emotion that everyone will have a soft spot for inside their heart, whether they admit it or not. As long as a company can include, togetherness or love in their storylines I believe that they will always draw in the audience.

  51. I believe many charities make effective use of storytelling techniques in many of their commercials which are primarily used to obtain donations or inspire others to volunteer their time or service. These community or international based organizations could be for hunger in Africa (Unicef), caring for the elderly (meals on wheels), caring for others less fortunate in your community (Salvation Army) or even donating blood (Red Cross). Especially, during certain times of the year such as Christmas and Thanksgiving the stories community based services share about individuals in our community who cannot afford the basic necessities strike a strong and powerful emotional chord. It makes us feel thankful for what we have and creates a desire to help others in need . Many of the stories they share are very personal and most people can strongly relate with those who find themselves in need.
    Also, animal rights organizations such as the humane society for unwanted /abused pets strike a chord with viewers. In addition organizations such as Greenpeace also strike a strong emotional chord. Although the images these organizations show can be disturbing to some viewers (dogs abused and sitting alone in their cages or whales being hunted ) it is done purposely and effectively creates a powerful emotional response.

  52. In my opinion, another brand storytelling technique that is very effective, especially in striking an emotional cord with the audience, would be providing an inspirational story. If I was to watch a commercial that presented a story that in some way inspired me to be greater or to achieve something in particular, especially if it was with the help of the product being advertised, it would be a huge selling point. This would be one of the most strategic brand storytelling techniques.

  53. Brand storytelling is only as successful as its message. Brand names use many different stories in order to pitch their product to the people. There are many different examples such as romance, American made, or other forms of marketing. I feel that the underdog storytelling technique is one of the most compelling techniques used in marketing. No one never expected the United States to be the country it is today due to its young history, yet through innovation and resiliency we have become one of the most popular countries in the world. Brand name means something such as American made or made in the USA. We have always been counted out, yet we are a marketing juggernaut which is why we use this as a marketing scheme that has made us very profitable in business and marketing.

  54. Brand storytelling is an effective marketing strategy as long as the information being used is genuine and relevant. People like to know what they are getting into before they buy it. Product marketing is the most important aspect of business when trying to make a profit. People want to buy a product which has everything that comes as advertised so the most important aspect that should be focused is what is relevant. As long as it is being advertised as is, then the product has a good chance of being very successful. Brand marketing is successful as long as the brand is as good as advertised. For example you have Coke and Pepsi which have been around for many years and despite many years of large sales, their marketing strategy doesn’t change due to it being marketed as the same great taste since it began. A brand is only as good as its original, and the original is good due to it being advertised as it should be.

  55. I think the most effective brand storytelling technique would be the use of extraordinary beauty. I love seeing the message brought to life with dazzling eye candy. There are so many aspects of our day to day lives that can be slowed down and when looked at just right, they become art. People can appreciate their surroundings by stopping to smell the roses. With a thought and a beautiful image, the imagination can easily grab onto the story and run with it. I am also encouraged by stories where people show incredible human potential. These stories bring you up when you are down. They give hope and ignite a fire inside the viewers. I find them also very effective.

  56. The other brand storytelling that I feel are effective I striking an emotional chord including, the dating commercials. I think the iPod of apple is another best one that adding in compelling to storytelling. I like those commercials that make tears on eyes these imply emotions among us. I can include all others brand storytelling that have an emotional twist and attract people mind. Most of them are stories that have vision and remembrance of people mind. When storytelling strategy is utilized, the advertisers kept the foundation of the ads and stick with it. That the best and the difference over the old fashion advertisements.

  57. I believe that the most effective ways for striking an emotional chord include rebellious spirit, turnarounds, and legendary moments. The rebellious spirit intrigues the wild spirit in everyone. No one wants to be normal and a commercial or ad can change the mindset of the consumer and they can decide to do something they haven’t done before. Another benefit of the rebellious spirit, is that it isn’t always the worst thing, and could just be a trigger to encourage something spontaneous. Turnarounds show improvement, from weight loss to athletic performance, and change make the consumer want to change something about their life and want to improve. These types of ads show possibilities and results based of the product they are trying to get the consumer to purchase. The final emotional chord is legendary moments. Many legendary moments can trigger other thoughts. From your favorite team winning the super bowl or the US Olympic team winning gold, you remember those good moments. In contrast, you remember legendary moments, such as 9/11 and the Boston marathon bombing as bad events, but can encourage unity and promote a positive outlook in the future. All of these tactics encourage the consumer to be changed emotionally based off the marketing strategies of the suppliers.

  58. I think using stories of soldiers coming home are extremely effective brand storytelling technique. As Americans, most of us know someone that serves in our military or has served in our military, and it warms our hearts to see those brave men and women join their families again. Even if you don’t have loved ones in the military, every patriotic American still has a strong emotional connection to the men and women that fight to maintain our freedom. This a great technique, because regardless of their religious or political affiliations, most Americans love and respect the men and women of our military, so if they could use that in an ad to attract them to their company, it would be brilliant.

  59. Desire for control- Showcasing how your product or service can help them in their lives. Which offers them have better control over their work, school, relationship, fitness, and allows them to make better decisions. Like how the smartphone changed how we lived our lives. Allowed us to be more productive, connect with people anywhere, get work done, and help us find information we require at any given moment. Another example is car ads, where the auto maker displays the owner of the car behind the vehicle. The vehicle is showcased in a way that allows the driver more control in his life. The car can connect to your phone, drive very fast to get somewhere, or even get good gas mileage. Giving the driver a sense of control.

  60. I think another storytelling technique is to target ads to family emotional, cancer related, sharing family time, and pets oriented. Customers like Ads that touch their heart, and in which they can relate to. In my personal experience I love those commercials that make me cry and really put my heart like a raisin, I find them very accurate and make a connection with my personal experiences. I think this strategy is goo because customers like to feel appreciated and understood by their product developers.

  61. I believe that using sad emotional appeal, such as suffering animals, or even children can be effective in striking an emotional chord. Audiences from all ages feel sympathy for those depicted as suffering. When humanitarian societies broadcast commercials showing starving children, or dying animals, this creates a feeling of injustice on the audience, which makes the audience more vulnerable. I also believe that using heroes and role models creates a connection for those who are in need of structure and models such as youths.

  62. Some other brand storytelling techniques that I feel are effective in striking an emotional chord include common memories and creating a surprise twist. These are both things that have been discussed in other blogs. If a marketer can create a memory that triggers the audience this will create an emotional connection. Also, if a surprise twist is involved in the plot, the audience will experience surprise (obviously) and whatever other emotion they feel when they find out what happens at the end: sad, happy, confused, disappointed, mad, etc. Overall, storytelling techniques are usually always successful in striking an emotional chord.


    I think that other brands that use animals and connections that are built between those animals and people or other animals are very effective in striking an emotional chord. As an example, I attached the Super Bowl XLVIII Budweiser “Best Buds” commercial that tugs at my heart a bit. In the commercial, you see a puppy that creates a bond with a Clydesdale, and the owners of both of the animals cannot keep the two away from each other. You then see the puppy being sold and taken away in a car; although, all of the Clydesdales team up to stop the car and get that puppy back. Essentially, the commercial really strikes at your emotional through the bonds that the animals created with one another.

  64. Another brand story telling I feel is effective in striking an emotional response is a successful person talking about their failures, like Michael Jordan Nike commercial (failure). In this commercial he stated how he missed over 9,000 shots, lost 300 hundred games and missed 26 game winnings shots. However, because he kept working hard, learning from his mistakes, and pushing himself to be the best is the reason why he succeeded. A lot of people put themselves down and dislike themselves because they may fail at doing a lot of things. However, whenever you’re trying to drive down the road of success, you’re going to have some flat tires driving down the road. Success takes a lot of hard work, patience and dedication to keep your car on the road. Hearing this from Michael Jordan, who is known as the best basketball player to have played the game, lets people know that it wasn’t god given, but a lot of hard work and dedication. This promotes his Jordan brand shoes and clothing.

  65. For my internship I was asked to cover a story of a local business owner who was coined with the nickname, “Mr. Solar.” This person was a very well-known in the community and ran a very successful electrician business. He started a separate company focusing on bringing solar electricity to SFL. Unfortunately, this initiative was met with great resistance and the big energy monopoly, FPL, uses their high donations to politicians in FL, to keep solar energy from becoming popular or the average resident being able to afford it. Basically the reason why you don’t see more people switching to solar in their homes is; 1, they can’t afford it and it’s not cheap. 2, FPL won’t allow companies to come here and promote solar energy to the communities.

    Even with the adversity that this guy faced in the solar fight, he still donated solar panels to 5 public schools in a small community in Miami-Dade County so that the kids in this community could learn about solar electricity and advocate for it. Additionally, he donated $500 to each of the 5 schools so that they could be textbooks and other learning materials to learn about solar electricity.
    I bring this up in this thread because the logo that he uses for his company is actually a superhero titled Mr. Solar. And I believe this strikes an emotional chord to all those who read his story because we all, but mostly kids, want a Superhero to look up too. So in his own way, I believe this guy actually became a Superhero to these kids and that does help his branding recognition as well.

  66. Another brand storytelling technique that I feel is effective in striking an emotional chord. I think the most important element of storytelling that companies can use is the element of learning how to tell a good story. All the preparation and planning in the world will only get you so far if you don’t know anything about the art of storytelling. Brands are making sure your story includes the basics of action, character, emotion, and imagery. Their selling their story as if it was the product that was being offered its giving a voice to the brand. NIKE has done brand storytelling since before the existence of the internet. Its “Find Your Greatness” campaign was the first held entirely. Instead, NIKE used all the possible digital channels could to make the story, based on their “if you have a body, you are an athlete” principle; they reached out and touched their audience. It’s giving the audience that drive to become great.

  67. An additional strategy that can be used as a heartfelt brand story is making people feel like they “belong”. This type of strategy involves creating a sense of belonging, which helps make people flourish emotionally. Just think for a moment about all the people who put those sticker decals on their windows or bumpers. These people are honored to be a part of an exclusive group of a particular product. Another strategy that can be used is turning peoples “wants” into “needs.” When this storytelling emotional strategy is used, the product that is being advertised must create a sense of need rather than a want.

  68. I feel that marketing to unique target demographic groups with thought-provoking advertisement that strikes an emotional cord can make a great impact. When we watch dating commercials and they tell stories of people who fell in love thanks to their service that is an example of storytelling based on target demographic groups. Another example can be seen on life insurance commercials when you see two people conversing and one tells a story about how she/he or their friend lost their loved one and was stuck with all of the funeral costs. These marketers are targeting the elder who sometimes think about what will happen when they pass and these stories stike their emotions.

  69. Another brand storytelling technique that I feel is effective in striking an emotional chord are ads that feature and give the backstory of abused animals or underprivileged children in need. As abused animals are unable to speak up for themselves and children are unable to improve their circumstances in regards to obtaining resources to sustain themselves without the assistance of adults, emotions of sadness are elicited from viewers as a means of emotionally attaching them to the commercial, leaving them with a lasting impression as well as a desire to help. In turn, the image of the brand will come across in a positive light as they are showing that they care through raising awareness.

  70. Storytelling is very effective in creating an emotional connection with viewers; they use many techniques to strike an emotional chord. The most effective technique of brand storytelling is that they leave the viewer with more lasting recall and more powerful brand association. Not only that, but they also create greater awareness and a greater opportunity for sharing content. Emotional messages touch people in unique ways, and they are more likely to share the video with their friends or post on a social media site for many people to see. Videos that show people or businesses doing good things for random strangers or those who are less fortunate always creates a good feeling in the person witness to it. WestJet’s Christmas Miracle was incredible and gained millions of views and shares.

  71. Many people can relate to many commercials. For example, I have seen a Huggies commercial that shows a little girl wearing diapers and then shows the same girl as a teenager, it is a very cute commercial showing how kids grow fast and how Huggies was always there for them when they were little. Many people can relate to these commercials, new parents and babies, teenagers who watch this and see how far they have come. I believe than companies who have commercials that create emotions are the ones with the most success because they know how to touch people and get their attention.

  72. Before reading the blog post, I read the question and the first thing that came to my mind were family reunions especially when one has been away serving the country for a lengthy amount of time. Advertisements, viral videos, and commercials which use this story definitely always catch my attention and cause tears in my eyes. Some other brand storytelling techniques which I feel are effective at striking the emotional cord are ones that are relatable to you audience. For example, a soon to be bride or most women (and girls) would most probably be drawn to a story of an engagement or Cinderella style wedding. Men (and boys) might enjoy stories which deal with nailing your dream job of becoming a professional athlete. Stories must be tailored to your target audience in order to strike that emotional cord. Survivor stories might also be an effective route to take. After all, who doesn’t love a survivor story?

  73. I think that another effective technique of storytelling is the use of the hero and the villain. If you look deep inside the Nike brand strategy, you can find the story of the hero’s adventure. But what makes Nike’s strategy fascinating is their twist on turning the customer into both the hero and the villain of the story. By doing this, they have been able to build such a powerful brand; so powerful that it inspires customer loyalty. Nike isn’t the only group that uses the hero archetype to inspire customers; many other companies use this emotional technique. Most of the time the rival is external. The most common story of the hero is that of a man of humble backgrounds setting out to defeat a greater evil, eventually rising victorious. This same outline could apply to anything not only with people. It could be something like home security system against a house fire, or proactive against pimples.


    When apple released the iPhone 5 and Facetime I thought their approach for their advertisement was great. It is a slow commercial that shows families all over the world celebrating birthdays, new years, relationships and many other significant events. This helps the viewer bond to the brand due to the high emotional type of message that it advertises. I think apple used a very successful strategy in order to make the consumers fall in love with the product. By showing people that we cannot be with our loved ones at all times, Apple really takes advantage of Facetime to show how we could ideally share all these special moments with everyone that is close.

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