Top 25 Social Media Books for Academia: #3 Your Brand

Michael Brito’s Your Brand, The Next Media Company is an excellent resource for MBA courses in social media marketing. Professors will delight in its academic rigor, social business strategy perspective and link to traditional branding and media concepts. 

Your Brand ranks as top social media book

Michael Brito as author of top social media book

The book, in my opinion, qualifies academically as a primary reading for MBA level courses. The recommendation is based on the following:

  1. The book sets the stage for the growing demand towards brand journalism and the enterprise-wide processes needed to adopt your own media approach to marketing your brand. The focus is on building a trusted brand from a socially driven organization, not the other way around. Most books lay out tips and other tactics on content awareness, social engagement and sales nurturing. When done, they highlight the infrastructure elements to consider in support of their social content marketing recommendations. The flaw in these alternative approaches is that they fail to capitalize on the people and process side of the equation as a way to create superior content and social connection. Brito, on the other hand, emphasizes the importance of brand advocate groups, cross-department collaboration on a brand narrative and enterprise-wide platform tools over the magic of fan engagement tactics or SEO schemes.   
  2. Listed among the top 20 social media educators in the world, Brito not only understands social media marketing, he is a world renown brand expert and guest speaker for prestigious universities. 
  3. The book  is perfectly organized for a brand struggling to go mainstream with content and social business development. Starting with arguments for adopting in-house media for brand development, the book progresses through the steps required to create an effective social business strategy and center of excellence. Staying on course with social business development, the author then lays out the steps for building a command center leading to infrastructures for brand advocacy and a continuous flow of content creation. This fits in well with MBA courses entering the program with expectations for strategy adoption and organization building. Once the social business framework is established, Brito then goes into concepts for creating great content, developing an effective brand story, and leveraging syndication and social networks for content distribution. The book concludes with tactics for measuring success and governing content. 
  4. The book is highly current and covers in detail such topics as influence marketing, the convergence of paid, earned and owned media, real-time context marketing and the impact of search and thought leadership on making long vs. short form content decisions.
  5. The book is packed with case examples in nearly every chapter from well known and smaller brands. 

What keeps the book, however, from qualifying as the number one book is the following:

  1. The book’s underpinning philosophy is that brand journalism and employee advocacy offer new avenues for building brand trust in a world where consumers have chronic attention deficit. In Brito’s words, these advocates will help their brands “demonstrate thought leadership while influencing others through the buying cycle and feeding the content engine with relevant and trusted content.” The book is perfectly organized around this principle. Unfortunately, those professors new to this social customer mindset will struggle grasping the book’s organization. Most are just now getting comfortable with “first comes the eyeballs…then comes the fans…then come the communities…then comes the sale…”    
  2. Intended more for established brands, the book requires some supplementary materials to cover start-up entrepreneurial topics like social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) context marketing, social selling and social analytics. 

Overall Evaluation of Social Media Book

Category: Highly recommended primary reading for an MBA courses in social media marketing and related topics. 

Social media book evaluation

Evaluation of Your Brand as top social media book

So what is your take on this book being qualified for higher education? Please share your own criteria or what disagreements you have with this book’s academic influence.

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