Top 25 Social Media Books for Academia: #5 The New Rules of Marketing & PR

The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott is a top 5 book for social media educators to consider in their courseware. The book covers nearly every topic needed for a graduate level class in social media marketing. 

The New Rules of Marketing & PR ranks as top social media book

David Meerman Scott as author of top social media book

The book, in my opinion, qualifies academically as a primary reading for MBA level courses. The recommendation is based on the following:

  1. The book is packed with guidelines for content storytelling, thought leadership, mobile apps and numerous other subjects challenging today’s social media marketer.  
  2. As a long-time experienced marketer, David demonstrates the value of social media marketing from the perspective of a traditionalist. Every social content claim is challenged for its merit over traditional PR and buyer courtship. Topics like context marketing, building advocacy and engaging the media online are first rationalize before suggesting a “how-to” approach. This is key given the reluctance of many professors to dive into social media concepts that lack a familiar marketing framework.
  3. The book  is very well written from an experienced educator and social media influencer. Personal client experiences are shared throughout the book, thereby adding to its credibility and understanding. Moreover, the experiences are explained in a conversational style that makes the book very digestible and even enjoyable to read. 

What keeps the book, however, from qualifying higher on the list of top 25 books is the following:

  1. The organization of the book follows more of what David calls “new rules.” In a nutshell, the book is more about how we marketers should act and what we should exploit in a changing social era. It hits a home run in doing this. But it becomes challenging for professors more accustomed to a marketing planning framework to sequence the topics in a build-as-you-go manner. 
  2. MBA students are prepared to critique the confluence of social, content and search in a far more robust framework than offered by this book. Many of the chapters deal with isolated topics explained in a lecture oriented format. Consequently, professors are further challenged using the book as background for enterprise-wide social marketing cases; class projects that integrate the many covered topics and overall critical thinking exercises. 

Overall Evaluation of Social Media Book

Category: Highly recommended primary reading for an MBA courses in social media marketing and related topics. 

Social media book evaluation

Evaluation of The New Rules of Marketing & PR as top social media book

So what is your take on this book being qualified for higher education? Please share your own criteria or what disagreements you have with this book’s academic influence.

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