Top 25 Social Media Books for Academia: #7 How to Measure Social Media

Nichole Kelly nailed the long awaited question on How to Measure Social Media with her common sense oriented but highly rigorous approach to tackling ROI. 

How to Measure Social Media ranks as top social media book

Nichole Kelly as author of top social media book

The book, in my opinion, qualifies academically as a supplementary reading for MBA level courses in social media marketing and social analytics. The recommendation is based on the following:

  1. Nichole Kelly provides a complete guide to calculating ROI for brand awareness, lead generation and retention using real CRM software tools, analytics and practical approaches to building the case for social media adoption.
  2. The book is well organized along the sales funnel as a syllabus format. This allows its use as a reference for measuring brand awareness, lead generation and retention as it is often rolled out in class.
  3. This is perhaps the only book that deals head-on with the issue of convincing skeptical management of the merits of social media. But instead of copping out with return on influence, return on relationship, and other intangible excuses for not measuring ROI, Nichole shares her extensive consulting experiences with clients on how isolated, close-looped measurements can gradually convince the C-Suite that social media marketing is worth the investment.
  4. Numerous up-to-date examples and cases are covered with “do it yourself” exercises that could be easily adopted for class projects. 

What keeps the book, however, from qualifying as a primary text for MBA social media courses is the following.

  1. The book is restricted to measurement. Though it ranks among the most important topics of 2014, its coverage in the classroom is normally restricted to a 4-hour class. 
  2. Many of the exercises are tactical in nature leaving it to professors to extrapolate a more strategic approach to the subject.

Overall Evaluation of Social Media Book

Category: Highly recommended supplementary reading for an MBA course in social media marketing or social analytics. 

Social media book evaluation

Evaluation of How to Measure Social Media as top social media book

So what is your take on this book being qualified for higher education? Please share your own criteria or what disagreements you have with this book’s academic influence.

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