Top 25 Social Media Books from an Academic Perspective: #24 Influence Marketing

Continuing our countdown on the top 25 books that could qualify for classroom reading, number 24 is Influence Marketing by Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella.

Influence Marketing ranks as top social media book

Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella as authors of top social media book

Do a search on influence marketing, and you will likely stumble upon these two pioneers What makes their book especially appealing to academia is its modelling of influence paths that shape our customer’s buying decisions.  This fits well with sales funnel concepts discussed in marketing and lead management.

And rather than romancing high Klout scoring individuals that could amplify our messages, the authors help us dissect the situational factors surrounding a customer’s affinity for our brands. This centers the influence exercise more around the customer than the influencer.

The book, in my opinion, qualifies academically as a recommended reading for an MBA level program. Its appeal is limited to influence marketing topics in social media for which it has the following advantages:

  1. The author’s provide numerous cases and stories related to the mapping and modelling of influence down to micro-influencers.
  2. The modelling takes a bottom-line view of influence that transcends the more popular approaches to merely counting followers and likes or measuring Klout.
  3. High academic rigor is applied to understanding the customer’s influence path with their Customer-Centric Influence Marketing and the Customer Life Cycle Continuum.
  4. Their 4 M’s of influence marketing offer a structured approach to deploying influence strategies.

What keeps the book, however, from qualifying as a primary text for MBA social media courses is the following.

  1. The topic, itself, covers less than 20% of a typical curriculum that covers content marketing and social media.
  2. Following a great MV-1 Canada story of how the influence modelling process works, the rest of the book takes a more technically descriptive approach to sharing insights. This dispels some of the early energy gained from a fascinating example at the onset.

Overall Evaluation of Social Media Book

Category: Recommended reading for MBA-level course in social media marketing.

Social media book evaluation

Evaluation of Influence Marketing as top social media book

So what is your take on this book being qualified for higher education? Please share your own criteria or what disagreements you have with this book’s academic influence.

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